From Paris, With Love 1



Chapter One

Love is for those people who are brave, who act boldly in its name and for those who have courage to face risks, consequences, and the what ifs. It is for those who seek war just to fight for the ones they love. It is for those who are not afraid to lose everything.

It could be tiring. It could be very tiring. One moment, you have everything and the next thing you know, everything .. everything’s gone.

Truth is. I have everything. I had everything.

Ten years ago, I had everything. I had my everything. I met the most amazing woman. We met first when my cousin needed an engagement ring for her wife now. She was just a saleslady at that famous jewellery shop. I could tell that she’s still new back then. She was always fidgeting her hands whenever my cousin asks questions and she quickly evades my glances. Before we left that shop, I just couldn’t resist asking her name.


I could still remember how my heart leapt when she said her name with a smile on her face. I know for sure that I will always remember her name. And boy, I was not wrong. It’s been ten years but my heart is still screaming for her name.

We became a couple shortly after that. I think I’ve already fallen for her on the day that I first laid eyes on her. For five years, we’ve shared laughter and tears, ups and downs, heck, we even invested a condo unit for us to live in together. I know, in my heart, I am ready to be with her for eternity.

Until that unfaithful night.

I’ve told my cousin that I am thinking of getting married. But then, my cousin reminded me of the Chinese tradition that my father withholds – that I am only to be married to a Chinese woman. For days I’ve tried to explain everything to my father but his decision stands. He doesn’t want Chinggay for me.

For months, I’ve dealt with that dilemma. I spent night after night in bars, in pubs, just so something could make me feel better. I already have to woman I want to spend the rest of my life with, but it’s my family who’s pulling everything back. It’s the reason why I’ve never introduced her to my family.

I was so drunk one night that I was brought home by a woman. When we got into my bedroom, she started kissing me, so I kissed her back. It was dark and because of the alcohol, I don’t really have control over myself. Everything is a fragment, everything was dark and everything’s going so fast. Next thing I know, a woman was straddling on me. Then the whole room went white. I saw a woman standing on the door. Her hands on her mouth with tears in her eyes. She quickly left, leaving me in misery.

“Frank, tama na. Ayoko na. Itigil na natin ‘to.” She said as she got out of my car. I waited two hours outside of the jewellery shop for her. It took a lot of persuasion before I finally convinced her that I will take her home so that we can talk.

“What do you mean by ayoko na? That’s it? We’re over?” I furiously asked.

“Ano pa ba ‘yung nakita ko nung gabing ‘yon? Kitang kita naman na may kinama kang babae. Ano pa bang gusto mo sa’kin Frank? Ibinigay ko na lahat sa’yo! Tapos ‘yan lang ang igaganti mo?” She answered back.

“Last night was an accident! I was drunk at some bar. I .. I thought that woman was you.” I honestly said. “I’m sorry, okay? I’m really sorry. I’ll make it up to you. Anything. Just ask for anything Chinggay.”

She went mum for a bit but still fumed with anger. “Sige. Ipakilala mo ako sa parents mo.” She said. I opened my mouth to speak but words fail to come out. Chinggay mocked a laugh. “Kita mo na? Ipapakilala mo lang ako sa pamilya mo hindi mo pa magawa.”

“I-It’s not that easy –“

“It’s that easy Frank! We’ve been together for five years! I haven’t even met them, hell, I haven’t even seen them!” Chinggay exclaimed.

I sighed in defeat. Am I really losing her? It can’t be. “I’m sorry honey. I’m really sorry. I’ll deal with my parents first, okay?”

“Bakit ka nag-inom, may problema ka ba?” She asked.

“Yes –“

“Tungkol saan?” She quickly asked. I could only keep my mouth shut. “Tungkol saan Frank?!”

“I-I can’t really talk about it, Chinggay.” I replied. She just rolled her eyes at me and walked to their gate. I grabbed her arm but she quickly pulled it back. “Hindi mo kasi naiintidihan –“

“Yes I can’t understand anything! Kasi wala kang sinasabi Frank!” She shouted and tears began to fall from her eyes. “Anong nangyari sa’yo? For the past months .. nag-iba ka. You became distant. I can’t feel your presence anymore. Tapos nung pinuntahan kita sa bahay niyo, ‘yon ang binungad mo sa’kin? Tapos sasabihin mo hindi mo kayang sabihin sa’kin ‘yung problema mo? Anong iisipin ko Frank? Ano?” She continued. “Ayoko na Frank.”

“Chinggay ..”

“Frank, how can we continue to be together if we can’t be honest with each other? I honestly thought that you are the one. I … I could see myself growing old with you. I’m sorry pero .. pero after ng gabing ‘yon –“

“Don’t give up on me yet, Chinggay. I love you. I love you so much.” I quickly said. I grabbed her by the waist and hugged her tight. “I love you, I love you, I love you –“

“Love’s not enough, Frank.” She said as she pushed herself away from me.

“That’s it? Five years, Chinggay? And now you’re throwing it all away?!”

Chinggay looked at me in the eye, no, she looked through me. “You’re the one who threw everything away Frank. Kalimutan mo na ako sa America.” She said and entered their house.


Before I left for America, I would always drive by in the shop. I would just watch her from afar, sometimes even follow the taxi until she gets home, only to hear my hear shatter because whenever she reach their gate, tears start falling down on her face. I just can’t watch her like that. I can’t watch the woman I love crying because I didn’t fight for her. I failed. And for that, she doesn’t deserve me.

I spent seven years in the States. Dated few women here and there but my heart is still in the Philippines. I buried myself into work and before I knew it, I already made a name for myself. I didn’t notice the years that passed. By that time, my dad is too old to run our company, so my sister chose to take charge. She said that she needs help in patching up a few things in the business so she asked me to come back to the Philippines. Since I was also offered to be a speaker in a seminar, I obliged to her offer.

It was that day when I cross paths with the woman in my past.

“To the lady there, please don’t be shy to ask a question.” I spoke through the microphone. I am actually excited to have this talk. Then I noticed this lady walk with a folder covering her face. She looks like she’s going to leave so I called her out. The woman slowly stood properly and revealed her face. My heart leapt again when I saw the familiar eyes that I used to stare at. As she made her way to the centre, where the microphone is, my mind played that five years that we spent together seven years ago. That’s when I knew, that I am still in love with her.

“Well, for five years, I invested everything in a business pero hindi bumalik sa’kin.” She said.

“Nasaan ‘yung tanong don?” I asked with a smirk. I really miss her.

“Sabi ko nga. Paano malalaman kung aling investment ang hindi scam?” She asked with her brows furrowed.

My breath hitched. “Well that’s the thing about investments. It is always a risk. Kailangang alam mo kung alin ang pipiliin mo. You have to choose wisely.” I answered both on the investment side and on the unanswered questions in her head.

Another man raised a hand to ask a question but she quickly butted in. We exchanged a few more banters until I said something that made her shut. “Thing is, wala kasing mangloloko kung walang nagpapaloko.” I clenched my fists after I said that. I didn’t mean it to be that harsh, it’s just that I want the banters over. Whatever our issues, it shouldn’t be brought out here in public. After the seminar, I took her out to dinner.

Everything is just so familiar. I just watched her as she eat. I don’t care if I lose any client because she dared me not to answer my phone. I could lose all the client that I have. I just don’t want to lose her again.

“Favorite mo kaya ‘yung crème brulee.” She said. I just smiled. I thought she forgot about that.

“I stopped. We’re not getting any younger, Chinggay.” I replied.

“Saka ang lakas mo kaya mag-yosi.” She said.

“I also stopped.” I replied. “I’m a changed person.” Because of you.

“Hanggang kalian ka dito sa Pilipinas?” She asked as she picked the contents of her plate.

“Maybe a few months? Years? Or maybe I’ll stay here for good.” I answered. My eyes are transfixed to hers. “If I find a good reason to stay, maybe I’ll stay.”



I started seeing her again whenever I have the time. I even helped her out in picking a house for her sister. That’s when I noticed that she just wants me to suffer. I told her that I will take the label of friends as of now. But then, I want us to be the way it was before. I still want her. I still love her.

She suffered allergies when she joined me in babysitting my nephew. I should’ve checked her food first if there’s any onion in it. Damn it. It was really my fault. I should’ve known better. We admitted her quickly at a hospital and that’s when I met Ryan.I could feel the connection between Ryan and Chinggay. Maybe I am too late.


Months passed and I called her up. I fetched her from their house and as soon as she got inside, I already knew that something is wrong. I did not press on for answers since I’m not really in the position to do so. So I just told her that we will be going to the condo unit that we bought years ago. It was already finished and for years, no one took great interest of it. And it seemed like the perfect place for her sister.

“Akala ko dito na tayo titira, magkakapamilya, tatanda.” She muttered as her eyes wander all around the place. I placed my hand on her shoulders and turned her around so she is now facing me.

“Who says we can’t still do that?” I asked. I cupped her face and slowly, slowly, leaned in until our lips touched.  I pulled back and looked into her eyes. I was surprised that she held my face and she leaned in and kissed me again. How I missed everything about her.

“Bakit may bed foam dito?” She asked as she broke our warm embrace though her hands stayed on my chest and mine around her waist.

“My cousin used to stay here when he was looking for a job. He bought that foam since there’s no place to sleep in here.” I answered. I pulled the foam down, took off my shoes and lay down. “It’s actually comfty.” I added and she just answered with a laugh. She lay down inches away from me and my eyes just got heavier and heavier until I fell asleep. I thought Chinggay was going to leave me when I felt her arms on my waist. I pulled her close and sandman visited me again.

But something’s not right.


“Frank.” A familiar voice called me as I walked outside the seminar building. “Can we talk?” She added. “Or can we have dinner?”

I sighed. “I’m leaving tomorrow, Chinggay.”

Her eyes widened. “Bakit? Wala ka bang nahanap na dahilan para mag-stay? Ako? Hindi ba ako sapat na dahilan mo?” She replied with tears welling up her eyes.

“Ano bang meron tayo, Chinggay? We’re friends. We’re just friends. And even if I wanted it to be more, we just can’t. I know that you’re in love with someone else. And I just don’t want you to settle for me.” I honestly answered.

“So aalis ka na lang? Akala ko ba kapag nagmahal, kailangang ipaglaban?” She answered.

“That’s the whole point why I’m leaving.” I replied. “Gusto kong ipaglaban mo kung sino man ang taong mahal mo. And I know that it’s not me. Truth is, I am still in love with you, Chinggay. I always have. Pero I need to set you free.” I answered and with a heavy heart, gave her a warm embrace and a kiss on her for head. Without saying another word, I just left. I can’t bear to see her crying again.


It’s been three years after that unfaithful trip to the Philippines. I haven’t heard from her again. Maybe she and Ryan got together again, maybe they even got married. But whatever Chinggay is up to, I will always be happy for her.

But the next time I see Chinggay again without any ring on her finger? I, Frank Sison, will fight for her wholeheartedly. I don’t care what I lose. I don’t care what struggles I will face. If there’s a hundred men fighting for her, then be it. I won’t give up. I won’t lose her again.

I clutched the jacket around me. It’s colder here than I expected. I quickly grabbed my luggage and scanned through the crowd in the airport. Then I saw a man with a sign board with my name on it. I approached him and he smiled at me. We shook hands and he said. “Bonjour Monsieur Sison! Welcome to Paris!”


I removed some of the parts in the movie. And non verbatim po ‘yung dialogues. And that’s my version of Frank and Chinggay’s story. Kung meron po sa movie, di ko po kasi nasimulan. Haha! 

This is my personal take of the ending of the achy breaky hearts! Nabitin po kasi ako. Itatry ko pong pagsabayin si WYWG at ito. Intro part pa lang po ito. Haha.

Please do help me out. Ano pong pangalan nung nephew ni Frank, saka po ‘yung kapatid ni Chinggay. Thankies!


19 thoughts on “From Paris, With Love 1

  1. Morning! Wow nice continuation ng TABH…Ryan never loved chinggay….CHINGGAY never love Ryan the way that he love Frank..confuse lng c chinggay but that’s not love normal na ma feel ng tao pag pressure ka na to have a Partner… Frank truly love CHINGGAY that he’s willing to wait pra mamaayos muna ni ching ang sarili niya.

  2. Lahat naman tayo nabitin sa ending. 😁😁😁 Aaron yung name ng mala-anghel na pamangkin ni Frank.😁 I think Jenny yung name nung kapatid ni Chinggay.😊

  3. Hi. I am totally desperate for spoilers as I’m totally swamped to be able to go out and see the movie. So may I beg for anyone—please—to tell me how the movie ends at least? I figured best to approach the crowd from bcwmh for more familiar and friendly faces (so to speak) :). Even a PM would absolutely do. I hope the owner of this blog will forgive me for posting my request here. I read your fic in hopes of garnering more clues. Gah! The unknown is just driving me nuts! Sorry. #rantover

    • Hello po! Well, the movie is somewhat similar po to this story. Frank came back from the states the same time Chinggay met Ryan. Ryan is a customer from their jewellery shop. He bought a ring so that she can propose to her girlfriend but the girl ended their relationship that night because of another guy. Ryan courted Chinggay but it seemed like he only used her. Rebound po ganon while Chinggay already fell for him. After that, she gave Frank another chance but it wasn’t enough to make him stay in the PH. He told Chinggay that he wants her to fight for the person she loves and its not him at the moment. So in the end, Chinggay chose no one and chose herself instead. She said that if Ryan came back with his heart healed and she still have feelings for her then she would give it a try, same as for Frank if the two of them cross paths again, maybe its destiny, but maybe there’s still someone out there for her (my favorite line in the movie ❤). So Chinggay fulfilled her dreams of going to Paris even if she doesn’t have a special someone to accompany her. Then after some months or years, the three of them crossed paths again in a road where the stop light’s red. Chinggay in her car, Frank’s car stopping beside her car and Ryan’s motor stopping on the other side. Chinggay just drove past the two when they started fighted for her attention. Kaya po ayun, bitin. 🙂

      • Wow. Ok. Hahahahahahaha! Thanks so much! Now I’m kinda torn if I should still watch. I hate cliffhangers. I’m a sucker for spoilers (obviously). But thanks so much, really! Thank you!!!! 😀

  4. Thank you Tintin sa short ff naito, now I know na ang story ng TABH ng dahil sayo. Don’t worry, I will not be able to watch that movie here in HK, wala sa sked nila or plan nila na ipalabas yan dito. Maraming movies dyan sa Pinas na sabik ang mga Pinay/Pinoy dito sa HK na mapanuod, pero it did not happen. Maski sana DVD meron pero waley eh. Meron dito mga pirated dvds pero yung quality ang sama eh. Meron pa bang kasunod ito later, Tintin? Sana meron…………bitin eh. Cheers!

  5. Maganda nga na kadugtong ng TABH ito, open ended kasi yun movie humihingi pa ng part two…hehehe, gustong gusto ko talagang napapanood sina Miss Jodi at Mr Yap together.


  7. Mukhang sa Paris magtatagpo ng landas sila Frank and Chinggay the 3rd time around, Tin? Dito na natin dugtungan ang super bitin na ending ng movie.

  8. I was able to finally watch TABH last Friday, July 8 and I must say that this has indeed major spoilers! 🙂 Good thing about this story, may karugtong at hindi bitin. Well, bitin because it’s per chapter, but just the same, we have something to look forward to because of the next chapters / continuation. So thank you very much Ms. Tin, so highly appreciated! Looking forward to the next one! Can’t wait for them to finally meet in Paris, the city of love! Hopefully, they will finally realized that third time is a charm and their destiny to be together forever.

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