Wherever You Will Go 28

Chapter 28

 It is Wednesday morning and I’m already in school. My classes doesn’t start until one in the afternoon. I am sitting on one of the chairs in the canteen when yy phone beeped. I saw that Eds sent a text.

Maya, malapit na kami sa school. Nandyan na ba ‘yung friend mo?

I hit the reply button and said that he’s not here yet. After the message was sent, my phone rang. A smile flew on my face as I saw that particular name that really makes my heart flutter.

“Good morning Ricky!” I said quickly after I pressed the answer button.

“Well someone’s in a good mood even though it’s too early.” He said on the other line but I could also imagine that he’s smiling.

“Sino bang nagset ng 7:30 ng umaga?” I mocked.

He sighed. “You and I both know that I have to be in the hospital by ten.” He said.

“Pumayag ka pa kasi. Sabi ko sa’yo, pwede namang ‘wag na.” I explained.

“I already said yes didn’t I?” he replied. “It’s a good thing din, I guess.” He added.

“Ha? Bakit naman?” I asked.

“So I could see you.” He answered. I bit my lower lip. I could feel the kilig flowing in me. “Where are you by the way? Palabas na ko ng bahay.”

“Nasa canteen, Ricky. Parating pa lang din sina Eds.” I replied.

“Alright. Bibilisan ko na para may kasama ka na.” He said and yet again, my heart fluttered. “I’ll hang up now. Bye.” He said and then the phone ended.

I sighed with a smile. The events of our date kept on playing in repeat inside my head.

“Your turn.” He said. “Pang ilan na ‘to? Tenth?” He asked. After eating, he took out a pillow from the bag and we lay down to watch the stars. I was the one who suggested we play 21 questions so that I can truly get to know him.

“Uhm, nakakailang girlfriend ka na?” I asked with a smile.

He turned to look at me with his eyes narrowed. “Two. But do I have to count the women I also dated?” He asked. “Madami eh.”

“Ang yabang talaga nito.” I replied.

“Gwapo kasi eh.” He replied. “Okay, my turn. How long were you and Simon together?” He asked.

“Kami na around 3rd year college ako. So bale four years. ” I answered. “Bakit mo natanong?” I asked.

“Counted ‘yang question mong ‘yan ha.” He replied and I chuckled. “Wala lang. At first I thought na kung ilan mang taon ‘yung meron kayo, hihigitan ko. Then I realized something.” He said. I turned my head to look at him and so did he. “I’m planning to be with you forever. There’s nothing greater than that.” He said with a smile.

“Ewan ko sa’yo.” I just replied and I turned to my side so that my back is facing him. I don’t want him to see how red my cheeks are. “Saka walang forever ‘di ba?”

“Kinilig ka lang eh.” I heard him say. “My next question would be, pwede ka bang bumalik sa posisyon mo kanina?”

“Paano kung ayoko?” I replied.

“Then I’ll rephrase.” He replied. I waited for what he’s going to say but the silence kept on going. I finally turned to my side to check on him. “Gotcha.”

“Ang kulit mo Sir Dean.” I said and we both chuckled. “My turn.” I said. “Hm. Ah. Are you still up sa pagtutor kina Eds?”

“I forgot about that.” He replied. “Are they free tomorrow?”

“Bukas agad?” I replied.

“Yes. Well, may long tests na ulit next week. But I have to be in school around 10 in the morning.” He replied. “Maybe around 7:30? Kaya ko na siguro ‘yon.”

“Okay. I’ll call them later.” I said. “Pero kung 7AM nga, Ricky, dapat siguro umuwi na tayo. Gabi na rin eh.” I said.

“I guess so.” He said and he stood up. The two of us packed the things and said goodbye to his parents and sister. We kept on playing once we’re on the road.

“Gusto mong magkape muna Ricky?” I asked when he opened the passenger’s door for me

“No it’s okay. Next time na lang siguro.” He replied. “I had fun. And thank you again. I kinda felt that you were creeped out when I brought you in a cemetery.”

“Nung una.” I said. “But I am glad that I’ve met your mom. At syempre, mapasalamatan nang personal si Alex. Ang ganda kaya nung damit niya.”

“Mas maganda ka.” He quickly said.

“Ay tama na ‘yan. Binobola mo na ko.” I said with a huge smile on my face. I took a glance in our chibugan and I saw Nanay and Kute watching the two of us. The latter was wearing a huge smile on her face while Nanay looks oblivious. “Mukhang may viewers agad tayo.” I muttered.

Sir Dean followed my gaze. “Ah, g-good evening po. Hinatid ko lang po si Maya.” He said to them.

“Mukhang uulanin ako ng tanong pagpasok ko ah.” I said. “Sige na Ricky. Umuna ka na para makapagpahinga ka na rin.”

He nodded. “Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He said. After that, he leaned in and kissed my cheek. “Goodnight.”

“Good morning!” A voice said. A man sat beside me and a thermos bottle was placed on the table, in front of me.

“Good morning Ricky!” I greeted back. “Ano ‘to?”

“Coffee.” He answered shortly. “I have a feeling na puyat ka.” He added and yes, he is right. Kute and Nanay kept on asking me questions if Sir Dean is already my boyfriend because of that kiss. But that is not the real reason. I kept on tossing and turning in my bed because of that. It stirred up something in me. “I’m sorry if I created a fuss over that .. that kiss. I only realized it when I was driving home.”

“You’re .. you’re sorry?” I asked.

“Yes. Well, I’m not sorry that I kissed you.” He said with a sly smile on his face.

“Maya! Good morning!” A voice called from behind, making both of us to look back. “Ay, good morning po Sir Santelices.” Emman quickly said. “Nako Maya, buti na lang wala pa ‘yung friend mo. Si Eds kasi, tinanghali ng gising. Ang tagal kong naghintay sa lobby.” He said as the two of them sat on the opposite side of the table.

“Sorry talaga, Maya.” Eds apologized. “Good morning po Sir Santelices.” She greeted the man beside me. Then Eds looked back at me. Both her and Emman’s eyes seemed to ask why Sir Dean is with us.

“Actually Emman,” I started. “Si .. Si Sir Santelices ‘yung friend ko.” I said. Both of my friends’ jaws dropped.

“Unfortunately, yes.” Sir Dean said. “Well, good morning to you two. Should we start? May lakad pa kasi ako ng 10.” He said. Both of them just nodded without any word said. “Don’t be shy to ask questions. And can we .. can we keep it a secret that I did a tutorial? Sikreto lang kasi dapat ‘yung pagtuturo ko eh. Eh since madaldal ‘yung kaibigan niyo, hindi na ko nagtaka.”

“Ikaw ha. Ayan ka na naman.” I said and I slapped his arm. I went still after. Wrong move, Maya. But I couldn’t seem to help it. I’m already comfortable in his presence but then I still remembered that I have my friends here who doesn’t need to know that there’s something going on between us.

Sir Dean just chuckled and then turned on Eds and Emman. “So. San kayo nahihirapan? Is it the way I teach? Masyado bang mabilis?”

“S-Sakto lang po Sir.” Emman answered. “Mas mabilis pa nga po ‘yung relasyon niyo ni Maya eh.” He softly added and I saw Eds nudged him. Sir Dean and I just exchanged looks. It’s going to be a long day.



At around 9:30, Sir Dean wrapped up his lessons. I do understand that he can’t be late for his class. I just hope that Eds and Emman learned a lot instead of gawking at Sir Dean.

“I really need to go. Sorry kung maikli lang. I did my best to compress all of the topics.” He said.

“Ayos lang po Sir. Maliwanag na po ‘yung topics.” Emman said with a smile. “Thank you po ulit.”

“Ay Sir, ibabalik na po ba ‘yung test papers mamaya? Para po ma-review, if ever.” Eds asked.

“Yes. Dadaan ako ng faculty para mabigay kay Ma’am Ched. I’ll be busy this afternoon. I’m afraid I can’t attend class.” He said. “Maya, I’ll take this. Medyo inaantok ako eh.” He said, pertaining to the coffee thermos.

“Okay lang Sir Dean. Ingat kayo.” I replied. “Thank you ulit.”

Sir Dean opened his mouth to say something but it looks like he second-guessed it. “You’re welcome.” He said then his eyes glanced at my friends. “I’ll be going.” He said and then left. I watched him leave as he dissapeared from my view. When I looked back, Emman and Eds are looking at me.

“Maya ha. ‘Di ka man lang nagsasabi na kaibigan mo pala si Sir.” Eds said.

“Eh kasi baka sabihin niyo, bias, may favoritism.” I quickly replied. I’ve been expecting this kind of questions from them so I already prepared answers last night. “Saka part-time professor naman kasi ako dito sa PUS. Syempre iisang faculty lang naman ‘di ba?” I answered.

The two of them exchanged looks. “Pwede na. Acceptable answer. Pero may something fishy pa rin eh. May naaamoy akong iba.” Emman said.

“Pagkain ‘yon, Emman. Gutom ka na kasi.” I quickly said.

“Ay truelili girl. Hindi ako kumain para sa tutorial na itey. Ang aga naman kasi.” Emman answered. “Gusto niyong kumain tayo sa labas? May dala naman akong sasakyan. Saka mamaya pa namang 1PM ang class. Ano? Tarey?”

“May klase ka ba Eds?” I asked.

“Wala akong class, Maya. Tara? Gutom na rin ako eh. Tubig lang laman ng tyan ko.” She answered.

We made our way to Emman’s car which is just parked near the canteen. I sat on the backseat and Emman drove as they kept on talking about Sir Dean’s tutorial.

“Pero infairness, ang gwapo talaga ni Sir Richard! Tapos nagjo-joke pa. Ang gwapo!” Emman exclaimed. “Muntik na kong hindi makapagsalita kanina. Ang gwapo niya nang malapitan, girl!”

I just laughed as Eds joined in with Emman’s fangirling. My phone beeped and to my surprise, it came from Sir Dean.

I was going to say na I’d do anything for you, then I remembered that they know nothing. Anyway, I’m already here in the hospital. Saan kayo?

I couldn’t help but smile as I read his text. Nasa kotse kami ni Emman. Kakain lang kami ng brunch.

Almost instantly, my phone beeped again. Okay. Ingat kayo. Did they learn something though? Parang nakatitig lang kasi sila sa’kin.

Nastarstruck lang ‘yon. Di kasi makapaniwalang ikaw ‘yung kaibigan ko. I replied.

Kaibigan nga ba? 😉

His last message made me mum. Is he really just my friend? Or maybe something new is emerging from all of this.

“Mahal ka non, Maya.” A voice said and I just sighed. Then it hit me. I quickly lifted my head and saw that Eds is looking at me while I can see Emman’s eyes looking at me through the rear mirror.

“So what’s really the deal with you and Mr. Santelices, Maya?” Emman asked.

“Emman, magkaibigan nga lang kami.” I replied. Then I looked at my phone. He sent another text. Class is already in session. Please text me kung nakarating na kayo sa pupuntahan niyo. Take care.

“Emman, pustahan tayo.” Eds said. “Ang pusta ko, sila na si Sir Santelices.”

“Ganyan din ang pusta ko Eds eh.” Emman said with a laugh. “Alam ko na. Si Mayabells ang kalabanin natin. Since nag iinsist siya na hindi sila.” He said.

“Teka teka. Dapat may timeframe!” I quickly said.

“Mukhang ngayon pa lang panalo na tayo Emman.” Eds said. “Sige. By end of term. Malapit na naman eh. Finals na.”

“Ay girl. Deal ako.” Emman said. “Manlilibre ha.” He added. “Tara na. Nandito na tayo.” He said as he turned the engine off.

“Wait Emman, may tanong pa ko kay Maya.” Eds said. “Gusto mo na bang manlibre ngayon?”

“Hay nako, tara na. Kumain na tayo. Kayo talaga. Bahala kayo, hindi ko na ulit hihingan ng pabor si Sir Dean.” I just said.

“Eds, may tinatanong ka ba? Wala na akong naririnig kundi yung kulo ng tyan ko. Tara na nga.” Emman said and I just laughed. We got out of the car and entered the fast food chain. I quickly reached for my phone.

We’re already here! (:




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  1. naks naman… kaibigan nga lang ba talaga Mayabels???… pupusta din ako sabay kina Emman at Eds, di na magtatagal at mababago na ang status nila… salamat sa update doc tin… abang ulit kami ng kasunod kasi nakabitin nanaman ang kilig… ingatz..

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