Wherever You Will Go 25

Chapter 25

Monday came faster than I thought. I just spend most of my time studying since exams are coming up. And yes, as expected, everything seems normal. Nanay and Kute dropped the topic about Simon ever since that night. I came in school an hour early since I have some work left that I forgot to bring at home. I was the only one inside the faculty during that time since most of the professors are in class.

A few minutes after, I saw Sir Ryan walked in without saying any word. He simply walked to his cubicle and sat on his chair like he was so tired. That’s when I knew that something was up with him.

“Sir Ryan, ayos lang po kayo?” I asked. Sir Ryan took a glanced at me and sighed. He gave me a nod then after a few seconds, he brought himself near my table by sliding on his office chair.

“Actually, I’m not.” He said. “Me and my wife, Raffi, we .. we had an argument. Our son, Inigo, is turning seven soon. Ngayon, napagtalunan namin kung saan kami mag se-celebrate. She wants to spend it at home pero ako, gusto kong magpa-party na lang sa Jollibee or McDo, since it both save us time and hindi pa kami mapapagod sa paghahanda.” He explained. “It’s going to be this weekend and we still haven’t planned anything.”

I smiled at the troubled Sir Ryan. Love really does turn everything around. “Ganito kasi ‘yan Sir Ryan. Sa tingin ko, ang gusto lang naman ni Ma’am Raffi, ma-experience full hand ‘yung celebration ni Inigo. Naiiintindihan ko naman ‘yung reason mo in choosing the party sa Jollibee. Yes, convenient pero, hindi kasi personalized eh.” I tried to explain. “You can always hire people naman kung sa inyo kayo magse-celebrate. Saka mas madami kasing advantage kung sa inyo na lang Sir Ryan. Una, mas maraming tao. Pangalwa, hindi limitado ‘yung oras niyo. May after party pa kayong matatanda.” I said with a smile.

I sly smile flew in Sir Ryan’s lips. “I guess you are right, Maya.” He said. “I guess I wasn’t really open to Raffi’s suggestion kaya hindi ko rin maconsider ‘yung idea nya.”

“Nako Sir Ryan, aminin mo, dun kita sa idea ng after party nakumbinsi.” I teased.

“Well ..” He said and shrugged his shoulders in a very comical manner. Boys will be boys. “And you’re invited ha. I’ll probably give the invitation on Wednesday.” He said and I know that I couldn’t say no to his offer. “I’m impressed ha. Magaling ka mangumbinsi. Nabago mo agad ‘yung perspective ko.”

“Ganon naman talaga kapag lovelife Sir Ryan. Parang universal language na ‘yan ng tao. Saka ‘wag kang magsawang mag-compromise. Minsan kasi, ‘yun na ‘yung best decision.” I proudly said.

“Ang swerte siguro sa’yo ng boyfriend mo, ano? Hindi siguro siya nahihirapan kasi ang galling mong umintindi.” Sir Ryan said.

I bit my lower lip. Does he really need to bring that up? But then again, he doesn’t actually know what happened. “Ay, ano Sir, ex. Ex-boyfiend na.” I said, putting emphasis on that magic word.

“HA?” Sir Ryan exclaimed. “Kailan pa? I mean, what happened? Sinong nakipag-break? May aabangan na ba kami mamaya? Do we need to plan for a revenge?” He said.

I chuckled. “Alam niyo Sir? Mas tsismosa pa kayo sa mga babaeng kilala ko.” I said. “Hay nako Sir. Nung Saturday lang. Pero wala namang gulo. We just decided na we’re being unfair to each other. And that we couldn’t work it out.” I explained.

“Do you want ice cream? We can go out after class.” Sir Ryan offered.

“Nako Sir ‘wag na. Okay na naman ako. Wala naman kaming hard feelings. Saka kung gustuhin ko man, hindi po ako pwede mamaya eh. May class pa po ako under ni Sir Dean ‘di ba po?” I said.

“That reminds me. Kamusta kayo ni Lim?” He enthusiastically asked. Before I could even answer, someone came in. It was Sir Dean. “Well, speaking of the devil.” Sir Ryan muttered. I bit my lower lip to stop myself from laughing and I just hit Sir Ryan’s arm instead.

“Good morning po Sir Dean.” I greeted.

“Good morning.” He greeted back. “Ay Maya, I forgot something.” He said and he opened his bag to reach for something. Then he placed pack of Otap and Rosquillos on my table. “From Dad. Pinabibigay pala niya. I forgot to give it to you last Saturday.”

“Ha? Pero hindi naman ako obligadong bigyan nito ni Tito Roberto eh. But please do tell him na salamat.” I replied.

“Magkasama kayo last Saturday?” Sir Ryan asked with a big smile on his face. “Teka, Lim. Nasaan ang pasalubong ko from Tito? Galing siyang Cebu last Friday ‘di ba?”

“Wag ka na raw sabi ni Dad. Kaya mo naman daw lumipad pa-Cebu anytime.” Sir Dean said.

“Si Tito talaga. Nung nagkaasawa na ko, hindi na niya ako pinapadalhan ng pasalubong.” Sir Ryan said. “So, Maya, you’ve already met Tito Roberto?”

I nodded. “Grabe Sir Ryan. Nastarstruck ako. Hindi ko ineexpect na Chancellor pala ‘yung dad ni Ricky.” I said. Sir Ryan’s jaw suddenly dropped but he looks so amused. What now?

“Lim! She called you by your nickname!” Sir Ryan exclaimed and then he laughed so hard. I didn’t even noticed that I called Sir Dean, Ricky. I must’ve slipped. “Maya, alam mo bang isang linggo akong hindi pinansin ni Lim nung itinawag ko sa kanya ‘yan?” He said.

“You were mocking me Molina.” Sir Dean said. “I have to be in my office. I’ll see you later.” He said. He actually looks gloomy today. I don’t know if he’s sick or something. There’s just something off with him.

“Lim! Do you want to eat?” Sir Ryan quickly asked, making Sir Dean to look back at us. “Single order ng burger? Single cheese? Or maybe single order ng spaghetti? Anything! Just give me your single order.” He said. I was embarrassed on how he put so much stress in the word single. He even said it slower than the other words.

Ricky just narrowed his eyes at Sir Ryan. He doesn’t seem to get whatever Sir Ryan is saying. “I’ll be in my office.” He said and closed the door to his room.

“Ay nako naman Richard, ang slow mo!” Sir Ryan exclaimed as he buried his face in his hands. “Please excuse me, Maya. Puntahan ko lang si Lim ha?” He said with a smile and before I could even nod, he stood up and entered his office without knocking.

I just shook my head with a smile. Those two really are fun to watch. I reached for the pasalubong that Tito Roberto gave and placed them in my drawer. I gathered my things and stood up to go to my class.


“Ms. Dela Rosa!” A voice called me. It was Ms. Belmonte. “Buti nahabol kita. Could I please ask for a favor?” She asked.

“Oo naman po, Ma’am, basta po makakaya.” I replied. Ms. Belmonte is a fellow professor. She was also one of my friends while I was studying my bachelor’s degree here in PUS.

“My daughter was admitted today because dengue. Pinaplano ko sana na mag-leave bukas. Okay na ‘yung schedule nung iba kong class kaso meron lang isa na from 4-5:30PM. Nakita ko kasi ‘yung schedule mo na hanggang 4PM lang and you’ll still be in school for Sir Santelices’ class ‘di ba?” She said and I nodded. “I was wondering kung pwede ka sanang maging substitute for that class. Puro kasi hindi na available ‘yung ibang faculty members eh.”

“Sige lang po Ma’am, wala naman po akong schedule ng ganong oras.” I replied.

“My God, Maya. You’re my savior!” She exclaimed. “Anyway, I’ll leave the flash drive on your table before I leave today. Nandoon na ‘yung ppt presentation para if you ever need to recap, you can do so.” She explained.

“Ma’am, kahit ‘yung nasa akin na lang po ‘yung gamitin. Parehas lang naman po ata ng laman. Ano na po bang topic niyo sa Intro to Biology?” I asked.

“Ay Maya, that’s the thing. Hindi kasi intro ‘yung class tomorrow.” She said. “Genetics sya. Introduction siya for central dogma pero kung matapos ng maaga, you could discuss replication.” She explained. My knees started to tremble. I will be teaching Genetics. My most hated subject. I. Maya Dela Rosa who got a failing mark will teach genetics. “Ay Maya, I have to go. May huli pa kong class. Thanks again! You truly are a blessing!” She quickly said before she left.

I started massaging my temple. I am so doomed. I am not really a master of central dogma. It’s where those four letters appear and then it would be translated and all of that stuff. I took a deep breath to calm myself down. I still have a long day ahead of me. I should worry about it later.


The day dragged on and my last class was finished. I slowly made my way back to our faculty as I tried to contemplate. Tomorrow will be the end of my career. I will finally teach something I do not know, and probably, there are students who will know the topic better than I do. I really am doomed.

“Maya.” A voice brought me back from my thoughts. “Zenaida left this before she left.” Ma’am Ched said as she placed a flash drive on my table. “Substitute ka raw nya bukas.” She added and I just nodded my head. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t be optimistic about this.

I spent my whole afternoon break scanning the power point presentation that Ms. Belmonte prepared. It was detailed but whenever I start reading it, I would drown in the different terms that she uses. Even I need to attend a genetics class to understand everything.

“I wonder why you suddenly have a liking for genetics.” A voice said making me jolt from my seat. It was Sir Dean. And he’s leaning down beside me, with his hand on the back of my chair and his other on my table, as he leaned down to read what is on the laptop. “Nag-aadvance reading ka ba for my lecture? But I would be discussing it tomorrow, not today.”

“Ricky!” I muttered and he gave me shocked face. “Ay sorry. Sir Dean! Si Ms. Belmonte kasi, nakisuyo na magsubstitute ako bukas.” I explained.

“You accepted it even though genetics ‘yung subject?” He asked.

“Yun nga ‘yung mali ko eh. Hindi ko agad natanong. Kaya ayon, napa-oo agad ako kahit hindi ko pa alam kung anong subject.” I said and Sir Dean just laughed at me. “Sige pa, Sir Dean, tawanan niyo na lang ako.” I said as I buried my head on my face due to embarrassment.

“Sino ba kasing nagsabi sa’yo na tumanggap ka agad ng trabaho nang hindi mo alam kung anong ituturo mo.” He said and it just made me feel worse. “Central dogma ‘yan ‘di ba?” He asked and I just nodded. “Hindi mo pa rin alam ‘yan?”

“Alam ko Sir Dean pero basic lang. Alam ko ‘yung three steps pero kung .. kung ikukumpara natin ‘yung knowledge mo dun sa knowledge ko pagdating sa mga procedure, mga enzymes, lamang na lamang na ‘yung iyo.” I said. Then an idea popped up. “Pwede bang ikaw na lang ‘yung mag-sub Sir Dean?” I asked as I looked at him dearly.

“Maya, even though you are charming, I can’t. I’ll blow my cover. And I have class tomorrow. Malalaman ko pa bukas kung makakapagturo ako or Ma’am Ched will also be substituting.” He explained.

I looked back at the screen of the laptop and scanned through the pages again. Maybe I can learn this whole thing tonight. I could pull up another all nighter to study. But then I remembered, I also have a long test on Sir Dean’s class.

“Hey, Maya.” Sir Dean called. He must’ve noticed that I have no idea what to do. “If you want, I could teach you.” He offered. “After my class.” He said.

A smile already formed on my lips but then I remembered something, “Sir Dean, late na by that time eh. Kaialngan ko nang umuwi non.” I sadly said.

“Then I’ll dismiss you guys earlier. Kahit 7:30. I’ll give an assignment na lang.” He said with a smile. “No buts. I’m the Dean. I can do what I want. Deal?”

And that was enough to brighten up my gloomy day. “Deal Sir Dean!” I happily replied. “Kaso Sir Dean, sinasara na ata ‘tong faculty around –“

“Don’t worry. Dun tayo sa bahay.” He said and my heart started beating fast. “O, it’s almost six in the evening. Hindi ka pa ba pupunta sa classroom? I’ll mark you tardy kapag nauna pa ako.” He said with a smile.

I quickly stood up from my chair and left the room. I entered our classroom and sat on the same chair where I’ve always seated. A few seconds later, Sir Dean entered the room with a sly smile on his face.

“Good evening class. Let’s start our lesson.” He said and his eyes found mine.

And yes.

I am looking forward to the tutorial later.



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  8. wow ang daming chapter ang na marathon ko! Excited na sa next part lalo na ngayon na single na at available si Maya ayieeee!!! sana naman may mas sweet pang kaganapan bukod sa holding hands.

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