Another hiatus

I am so sorry po but I can’t find the time to write po ngayon. Nagsabay sabay ja po kasi yung major subjects ko, thesis and NMAT. Critical year po kasi ngayon. Dito po nakasalalay kung makakapag medschool po ako next year. So sorry po talaga. 😦 Salamat po sa mga patuloy na nagbabasa saka po sa mga nagrreach out sakin sa twitter. Haha. Thank you po sa concern. Sadyang ang gulo lang po ng sched ko. Salamat po ulits.


18 thoughts on “Another hiatus

  1. It’s ok we understand, but if you want sometime to UNWIND, pls cont your series WHEREVER YOU WILL GO “. BELIEVE ME, after you write a chapter, you will find out that your brain will think fast and study fast
    Coz of concentration… I experienced that during my college days…. πŸ˜€

  2. Ms Tin we totally understand of course your study is the most important were all hoping praying na you’ll, pass all your subject and be able to reach your dreams whatever that maybe…..until then dito lang kami basa basa muna kami …….Good Luck to your studies !!!!

  3. Hi Christine, good to hear from you! Di mo rin kami matiis no? Go ahead do your priorities – soon we’ll have a doctor na writer pa, ha ha. Basta nandito lang kami at susuporta sayo. More power and good luck! Laging ingat! Cheers.

  4. Ok lang po na matagal alam ko naman po na oras na magkaroon ikaw ng pagkakataon ay siguradong magkakaroon agad ng update ang story ninyo. Good luck po sa school at sana makapagpatuloy ka sa medical school next year para madagdagan pa ang mga doktor natin.

  5. No matter how adiks longing to see the next chapter…adiks cannot help it…school is very important, that’s your first priority…we are just happy you share your talents to us…who knows one of this day you might have extra time for all your fans…don’t worry so much, we are still be here…thanks for letting us know ms Christine that you still around

  6. Ok lang saka na lang po ang update pag ok na sa studies. Will just be here. Thanks for sharing your talent to us!

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