Wherever You Will Go 18


Our second day in Baguio was like a breeze. Everything went as scheduled. Baguio is a really wonderful place. Even if there’s a lot of tourists, you can easily enjoy and appreciate the things that are surrounding you. It is not just the kids that are having fun but us teachers, too. Selfies are taken everywhere either by a student or our co-faculty.

“Maya! Halika rito dali! Selfie!” Sir Ryan said and I saw him with Sir Mar and Ma’am Ched. I quikly stand beside Sir Ryan and the button on the phone was pressed. “Sir! Sali kayo!” Sir Ryan shouted after another three or four selfies. I have no idea who he was talking to but the voice of the man that replied is very familiar.

“Kayo na lang.” His tone said and I immediately saw Sir Dean standing a few feet before us. He’s wearing his aviator glasses and I bet a lot of people here in Baguio or even people in our university has already turned their heads just to have a second look at him.

“Dali na Sir! Ang KJ niyo naman eh!” Sir Mar said with a smile on his face. A smirk flew in Sir Dean’s face as he made his way to us.

“Compress!” Sir Ryan said and I was squished between him and this other body. I looked to my left and saw Sir Dean standing beside me. I can feel the electricity between us. I can hear Sir Ryan couting to three. Before the last number, Sir Dean’s head shifted and looked back at me. He gave me a smirk and all I could do is smile back. It really made me swoon all over. We both looked at the camera at the same time, enough to be part of the last picture. Then Sir Dean left to wander around.

It was already our last evening in Baguio and all the students are still awake. Most of them are in the hall of the hotel, some are room-hopping and others are having movie marathons inside their rooms. The teachers said that we should just let them be but we should be checking the rooms by eleven in the evening. We teachers are having our own bonding time. We are all gathered up in a room, talking about anything from our personal lives to our works.

I saw Sir Ryan enter the room and then he sat beside me on the floor. “Saan kayo galling Sir?” I asked him. We started like an hour ago and he’s nowhere to be seen until now.

“Sa rooftop.” He answered then he looked at me. “Sobrang lamig sa taas but the scenery was worth it.” He said. The teachers started forming a circle and then a bottle was placed at the center. Oh crap. I’m not really a fan of spin the bottle. “Maybe you should check out the rooftop. I’m sure you’ll appreciate it. Magdala ka lang ng pinakamakapal mong jacket.” Sir Ryan said with a smile. “Wag kang mag-alala. Akong bahala sa’yo rito.” He added.

I nodded with a smile and left the room. I really want to check out the scenery that he’s talking about. I entered our room just to get my jacket and took the elevator to the rooftop. The elevator pinged and I quickly went at the edge of the building. Sir Ryan isn’t kidding. The whole view is breathtaking. Lights are everywhere that looked like stars in the sky.

“Breathtaking isn’t it?” A voice said, startling me. “This is my favorite spot in Baguio. I just can’t help myself to stare at this view even though it’s so cold up here.” It further said.

I really have no clue who it is. Part of me wants to run and scream because of this creep as his shadow got near. But then his figure came into view. It was Sir Dean. “Hi Maya.” He said.

“H-Hello po Sir Dean.” I greeted back. I also made a mental note to scream at Sir Ryan for not telling me that Sir Dean is here.

We shared a few seconds of silence until I heard his footsteps. He stood beside me but kept his attention to the view. “What are you doing here?” He asked.

My eyes narrowed a bit. Am I not allowed here? “Sabi po kasi ni Sir Ryan maganda raw po yung view dito. Kaya pinuntahan ko po.” I answered.

“Tumakas ka lang sa spin the bottle eh.” He answered. My eyes widened and I looked at him. The sly grin on his face is back. “Then after spin the bottle, they will do charades. Lagi naming ganon ‘yung routine nila.” He said.

I chuckled. “Medyo tama po kayo diyan Sir. Iniwasan ko rin po ‘yung spin the bottle eh. Pero mas nanaig po talaga ‘yung pagkagusto kong makita ‘yung scenery.” I answered.

“Nanaig?” He repeated and I nodded my head. “Makalumang tao. How old are you? Forty?” He further said and laughed.

“Sir Dean naman eh! Hindi ako makalumang tao.” I said.

“Still. I can count the people who use ‘nanaig’ and you’re one of them.” He said as we both laughed. “Makalumang tao.”

“26.” I muttered.

“Ha?” Sir Dean asked.

I looked at him and chuckled. “26! ‘Yung age ko po. See? Hindi ako makalumang tao Sir.” I answered.

Sir Dean shook his head and the smile on his face doesn’t seem to wear off. “But you don’t sound like a 26-year – hey!” He wasn’t able to finish what he was saying since I hit him on his shoulder. “Why did you hit me?”

“Ang kulit mo Sir eh!” I answered. His chinky eyes narrowed at me.

“Still, hitting is not really an option.” He said and we both fell quiet. “Are you cold?” He suddenly asked.

I wasn’t aware that I have my arms around me. It’s really cold here in Baguio especially that we’re at the rooftop. Before I could even answer, Sir Dean is already taking his jacket off. “Nako, Sir Dean, wag na –“

“I insist.” He interrupted. “Ito na’ng isuot mo.” He said. I grabbed the jacket and placed it on top of my shoulders. It smells just like him. And I can’t help but feel like his arms are around me.

Wait, what?

Maya! Snap out of it!

“There you are!” A voice said making me startle. It was Sir Ryan at the door. “Tara. Let’s grab coffee. Ma’am Ched called for a cab. Nandyan na sa baba.” He added.

“I’ll pass.” Sir Dean shortly said.

“Lim, ‘wag ka nang maarte. It’ll be just us.” His bestfriend said. “I’ll wait for you downstairs. Maya, pakikaladkad na lang nang si Lim kapag ayaw, ha? Salamat.” He further said and closed the door.

I heard Sir Dean sigh. “Tara na. Hindi ako tatantanan nang si Ryan.” He said with a smile and walked ahead of me.

“Ay Sir! ‘Yung jacket niyo po.” I said as I started to remove it from me.

“Mamaya na lang.” He said. “Isuot mo na nang ayos. Here let me help you.” He moved in front of me and reached for his jacket. He held it out in front of him, waiting for me to slide my arms in the sleeves. I don’t know why but my heart started to beat really fast. I looked at him and saw that he’s giving me his smirk that is only reserved to few people.

I felt his hands linger on my shoulders for a bit after I put on his jacket. I want him so bad to say something but he quickly removed his hands and distanced himself from me. “Let’s go?” He asked.

I just nodded and quickly walked beside him. As we were walking, I felt his right hand brushed on my left hand. It was just a small second but it made me gasp. If only I have to courage, if only I am brave, I would grab his hand and just try to feel what it’s like if he held my hand.

We shared the silence in the elevator. It felt like I’m not the only one that was affected by that sensation earlier. I kept on glancing at him and saw that he’s just looking straight ahead like he’s lost on his own thoughts.

Before we knew it, the elevator pinged and Sir Ryan and the others are already waiting for us. “Cab’s here. Tara. Sagot daw ni Sir Mar.”

“The cab ride only. Kay Ryan ‘yung pang Starbucks.” Sir Mar said back and that started their banter. Sir Ryan sat on the passenger’s seat, Ma’am Ched and Sir Mar at the second row. Sir Dean followed suit. “Dun na lang po ako sa likod.” I volunteered seeing that there’s no more space for me.

“You can fit here. Dito ka na.” Sir Dean said as he moved a little forward, making a space for me. I slid in beside Sir Dean. It took me a second before I closed the door and when I did, I placed my arm on the space near the window to give a little space for us. The car finally moved and Sir Ryan started telling stories of what happened when I left.

I felt an arm sneak at my back, just below my waist. My heart started beating so fast. I glanced at Sir Dean and saw that he’s just looking straight ahead. I couldn’t be mistaken. It’s his arm that is holding me. I tried to be calm as possible, even though my heart doesn’t permit me. After a few seconds, something is pulling my arm from the window. I looked at it and saw that Sir Dean is pulling the material of the jacket, like he wants me to remove my hand from there.

I looked at him and narrowed my eyes, asking why. His face remained passive as he kept on tugging. I finally let him do what he wants so I stopped resisting and let my arm fall. I was going to place it on my lap when I felt a hand catch mine below. My hand landed perfectly to his that intertwining them is so easy. My heart skipped a beat as I heard him took a deep breath.

We’re holding hands. In a car. Without anybody noticing it. I thank God that it’s evening or else, I bet that everyone could see my red face. I looked back at Sir Dean and he is looking back at me. I wanted so badly to ask him why he’s like this and what does this all mean. To my surprise, he just nodded and I felt his hand tighten his hold.

Oh, good Lord. I am falling.


Thoughts? 😉

Ugh. Based on own experience po ‘yung sa sasakyan. Sakit sa puso. Hahaha! Sorry po sa late update! Nagkakabuholbuhol na naman po ang buhay ko. 🙂


52 thoughts on “Wherever You Will Go 18

  1. Thanks so much for updates…been longing to happen and whoa it did…missed it much…I know meds school is tough and hard to fathom, so adiks appreciate so much to give us a wee bit of your precious time. I’m so glad to see a little bit of Sir Deans hideously damoves😄😄 really…hmm so excited to see the next one…hmm in a month or so????😳 hope

  2. Super Kilig Mayabels ikaw na talaga ang masuwerteng nilalang …enjoyin mo yan Day para sa amin (LOL) Ms Tin despite your super busy you did find time to spare us a little of that …….Thankee !!!!’ Sana next update na please please at gusto ko ng malaman bakit hinawakan ni Singkit ang kamay ni Mayabels !!!

  3. Thanks for the update… Been waiting for this and wish granted… Hoping for an update soon… Just can’t get enough of this… I so love it!!!

  4. Thank you for the update 😍😍 and giving us more kilig, hope your heart is mending. I’m sorry life is not fair 😁😔good luck with med school, you’re an awesome person and you deserve the best ❗️❗️

  5. Thank you Christine sa update and felt so happy you’re back. Sana tuloy tuloy naito but with the excitements you have in school lalo’t medicine pa I hope you are able to cope them all up. More power to you and take care. Wow Sir Dean, ang mga moves mo nakakagulat ha… all of a sudden nakipagholding hands ka sa taxi at sa madilim pa. What do you mean by that……. eh halos di mo nga pansinin si Maya o pasimple ka lang. Namiss mo sya no nung nawala ka ng matagal………… Sana may kasunod agad…….cheers!

  6. I was so excited when i saw an update from you Ms. Christine. We adiks know that you are hysterically busy but still gave us a little of your very very precious time! Thank you very much! Have been waiting for this update big time! A simple gesture from Sir Dean but “kilig” to the max! Looking forward to where this “stealth move” is going…… 🙂

  7. Welcome back Tin! and thank you for the kilig update! Wow Sir Dean pa simply lang ang damoves😘 Hope to have updates soonest!!! God bless on ur studies…..

  8. dra!! you’re back!!!! musta na? we all miss you!!! kung anu man yang buhol buhol na yan, maayos din yan 🙂 in fairness nakakakilig ang update! based from experience ba to? omg!! sana may next update na to… hehehehe

  9. it’s good to be reading you again, after a very long while….
    hopefully, tuloy tuloy na ito…
    i can feel the kilig christine 🙂

  10. wow, salamat sa update. doc isa ito sa inaabangan kong ff, sana tuloy tuloy kac sobra mo kaming pinakikilig esp sa chapter na ito, maawa ka naman sa puso namin please – 🎶 d makakatulog sa gabi sa kaiisip 🎶 kung ano ang gagawin ni Sir Dean kac nagsimula ng mag damoves

  11. Oh my gosh! Welcome back Ms. Christine! grabe! nakakakilig ang come back update mo! Thank you so much for this! Looking forward to read the next one! 🙂

  12. Oh my geeeeeeee! Aga aga sobrang kinikilig ako ayeeeeeeeee! Worth the wait haha thank u so much s update kala ko dina to matutuloy eh super sad tlaga pag ganun but thank god y update n sana masundan pa hehe thank u po uli

  13. Hala may update na pala! Haha! Salamat Christine…alive na alive ang kilig dito. Sir Dean, what’s the meaning of this moves, ha? Pa-define, pls? Hehe! Parang back-hugging na rin ah…lean a little more Maya😜 at sa pagpasikot sikot nyo sa winding streets of Baguio ay mas lalong masisisik pa sa isa’t isa😀

  14. Hello po! Ngyn KO lang po nakita tong blog site na to and gstong gsto KO cyang simulan basahin kc I really love Maya Richard story….thanks po…mag umpisa na KO magbasa.!

  15. Hi! I’m new in reading fanfic …cguro dahil miss an miss KO cla Maya at serchief kya me isang group called aligaga ang nag introduce sa akin sa mga ganito…kahapon KO LNG nakita yun site mo and any ganda ng story mo Sana tuloy mo pagsusulat kcmadami pa din me gsto sa R and M stories!

  16. …welcome back to Doctor Writer!!!!
    …i was grinning widely clutching the tab on my chest dahil sa kilig, then suddenly i am shouting, oh my g! oh my g! naalala ko kasi na may bf si Maya dito di ba? may simon pa na hadlang sa Maya-SirDean loveteam… the most funny part is my mom heard me and asked, be careful na naman yan ‘no?! hahahaha, i so love my mother talaga, ever supportive sa kaadikan ko… 😉

  17. thank you for the update.mukhang me gustong iparating si Sir Dean.sana me mas kilig na sa next chapter,dito kc konti pa lang ang kilig.

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