Wherever You Will Go 16

Chapter 16

I can feel something heavy on top of my head. I could also feel the cramp in my neck but I didn’t bother to wake up since I feel really comfortable in my position. I’m almost in my deep sleep again when an unfamiliar alarm rang off. It kept on ringing and ringing and I’m starting to get annoyed. I slowly opened my eyes to look for the source of the noise. I was surprised to see that I fell asleep while I’m sitting up. Oh, another thing – a body is sitting beside me.

My instinct made me jolt my head up and that’s when I realized that the heavy thing on top of my head is another head – and it belongs to Sir Dean. Since his head is leaning on me, he continued to fall down when I broke our position and his head ended up lying on my lap. His eyes are still closed and looked like he’s not going to wake up anytime soon. The alarm continued to ring loud and I’m guessing that it is his phone. I strongly think that it is tucked inside his pocket and it would really be weird if I reach for it.

Sir Dean looks so peaceful in his sleep. The last time that I saw him like this is when he was sick. He’s still wearing his eyeglasses and I wonder if he fell asleep accidentally, just like me. I reached for the corners of his eyeglasses and pulled them out slowly. I was biting my lower lip in the process, afraid that he will wake up but then his eyes fluttered open. At the back of my head, I was yelling for him to go back to sleep again but it’s his phone that’s ringing, he really needs to wake up.

“Maya?” His groggy voice said and I find our situation so intimate. I’ve never woken up with a guy beside me before, let alone my boss and my teacher.

“G-Good morning Sir! Nag-aalarm na kasi ‘yung phone mo.” I said hesitatingly.

Sir Dean blinked a few times while looking at me. Then his attention was drifted to the alarm on his phone. “Shit.” I heard him mutter. Without sitting up, he reached for his phone and turned the alarm off. “Am I still in your house?” He asked and I nodded shyly. “I must’ve fallen asleep. My dad will kill me.” He added. I just stay still, waiting him move but he did not.

“Uhm, Sir ..” I started. He looked at me and waited for me to continue but I can’t. Then his eyes drifted down. I found myself blushing. His face is just so near with my body. His eyes widened for a bit and he quickly sat up in bed.

“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. I-I .. I don’t even know that I’m lying on your lap. No, I-I don’t mean .. Argh, I’m sorry, I’m just sorry, Ms. Dela Rosa.” He blurted out.

I stifled my laughter. Sir Dean looks so decomposed and it was the first time that I saw him like this. “Sorry Sir. Ayos lang po.” I just said even though I’m not really okay with it. “Baka nangawit ‘yung leeg niyo.” I said.

“I don’t think so.” He said. “I’m really sorry, Ms. Dela Rosa. It was never my intention to sleep here. I think that we’re exchanging stories so well last night that it turned into bedtime stories.” He said and gave me a smile. I returned his smile since what he said was true. “Anyway, I should go.” He said and then his phone started ringing again with a different tune. “Hello, Pa.” I heard him say, then he paused to hear what the person on the other line will say. “Yes, I finished it last night … Could we move it this afternoon? …. I .. I overslept.” He said and gave me a side glance and I just smiled at him. “Yeah .. I know, I know …. I suppose we cannot move it… Alright, please tell Joma that I’ll be on my way so we could fly as soon as I got there.” He said. My brows furrowed. Fly? “Okay. Thanks, Pa.” He said and ended the call.

Sir Dean looked at me again. “I’ll be leaving shortly. I’ll see you next month.” He said.

“Next month?” I quickly blurted out.

He nodded. “Ah, it would appear that I haven’t told you. I have to attend this .. seminar in Japan.” He said as he reached for his iPad and tucked it inside his bag.

“J-Japan?” I repeated. Why are he dropping all of this bomb in front of me? I really didn’t see this one coming. And he even came to visit me last night!

“Yes.” He answered briefly then he took a glance at me and sighed. He must’ve seen how confused I am. “This was all unplanned. My dad was supposed to .. to attend but he just found out last night that there’s this thing he really needs to attend. So apparently, I have no choice.” He said. I nodded slowly. I couldn’t help but notice this unusual emotion inside of me. Mad? Happy? Angry? No. Lonely? Well, yes. I suddenly feel .. lonely. “Don’t get me wrong, but I really do need to go. I can’t just turn down my father’s request.”

“Nako Sir, hindi niyo naman kailangan mag-explain eh. Naiintindihan ko naman.” I just said. “Eh kaso .. paano po ‘yung exam?”

A huge smile formed in his lips and he chuckled. “Exam lang pala ang iniisip mo, akala ko naman concerned ka na talaga sa pag-alis ko. I am hurt, Ms. Dela Rosa.” He said and stifled his laughter. “Your exams are already ready. Si Ma’am Ched na ang bahala. You just need to study and pass. And I’m sure you’ll do both with flying colors.” He said with a smile. “So, I really need to go now. Maiiwan ako ng eroplano. Good luck then. And .. I’ll see you next month. Goodbye, Ms. Dela Rosa.” He said and stood up.

I stared at Sir Dean a fraction longer. A month is not really that long. I shouldn’t even be feeling this way about him leaving. “Goodbye Sir Dean.” I said and he finally walked out the door.

It has been three weeks since all of that happened. I received no messages from Sir Dean, or anything whatsoever. I’m actually hating myself since I’m hoping that he’ll somehow check on me because of the night before he left. The whole department doesn’t even seem to mind his absence and Ma’am Ched and Sir Ryan seldom talks about him. Maybe they are already used to the idea of him leaving.

My exams were already finished. It was hard, of course. The results will be shown this week but even though I haven’t seen it, I can already say that I passed. Thanks to Sir Dean’s notes. They were really helpful. And I did take care of it! It’s always on my table, untouched by everyone but me.

“Maya, ‘wag mong masyadong isipin ‘yan. Mahal ka niya.” Sir Ryan said as he sat beside me. That’s the only time that I noticed what I looked like. Both of my arms are on the table and my head is on my hands. I actually look like I’m thinking about someone, and yes – it’s Sir Dean.

“Sir Ryan naman eh.” I quickly said and fixed my way of sitting. We need to look decent since our Chancellor is visiting us today. We’re going to have our meeting regarding the trip for the students and since our dean is not here, our Chancellor decided to be his substitute.

The other faculty were just as surprised as I am. But as usual, Sir Mar, Sir Ryan and Ma’am Ched were not. I really want to ask them about it but I want to keep holding on to Sir Dean’s words that everything will make sense when the right time comes.

“Bakit po ‘yung Chancellor ang pupunta sa meeting? Parang ang laking tao naman po bigla para sa college natin.” One of the part time teachers asked. I think his name is Emman.

“Sir Richard and our Chancellor are quite close. That’s why whenever Sir Richard is away, Sir Roberto would always attend his meetings for him.” Sir Mar answered. My eyes automatically narrowed. I really smell something fishy.

Before I could ask them for some more information, the door opened and a man entered. He looked like he’s already in his 50’s to 60’s but his appearance look like he’s well respected. We all stood up to greet him. “Good morning. Am I already late?” His voice asked. From that moment, I already knew that he’s kind. Just the sound of his voice is already enough for me to know.

“This is our very famous Chancellor, fellow teachers. This is Mr. Roberto Lim.” Ma’am Ched announced. There is that surname again. Lim. “Sir Robert, it’s nice to see you again here.” She said to him and gave him a smile that he gladly returned.

“Well, if Richard will always be this busy, then I think I will be here quite often.” He said and the others chuckled. “Please, do sit. Let’s get this meeting started.” He said and we all took a sit. “So, the proposed place is Baguio City, which is not really a problem since for years, it’s where we take our freshmen students.” He said.

The whole meeting went under way. I thought that Sir Robert would just be observing us but he actually said a lot more words than I did in this meeting! It seemed like he’s really interested in what’s going to happen in the tour. The meeting ended sooner than I expected. I was about to go back to my table when Sir Ryan grabbed my arm.

“Maya, Sir Robert wants to meet you.” He said. My eyes automatically widened. Sudden thoughts rushed inside of my head and I was thinking what he wants from me. I’m just a part-time professor and he, we’ll he is the chancellor. I shyly made my way to him and he gave me a smile like he’s expecting me. “Hello, my dear. You’re the new professor, right? The one who’s also studying under Richard’s class?” He asked. I couldn’t really bring myself to speak so I just nodded. “How are you holding up?”

“A-Ayos naman po.” I stammered.

He chuckled at me, and I’m hoping that it’s because he is amused and not because he finds me funny. “Are you sure? When I was in college, I really had a hard time working as I study. I’ve been at your position countless times, believe me.” He said.

I just stared at him. I was reminded of what Simon said about him. That’s when it hit me. I’m taking to the man. I’m talking to the guy who made a lot of impossible things possible. I became stars trucked more than ever.

“Ah, hija? Are you okay?” He suddenly asked and I nodded frantically. “So, how’s Richard’s teaching? Is he still good?” He asked and I just nodded again. “Well, he should be. He’s a really intelligent boy.” He said.

“Totoo ‘yan Sir. Ang dami ko po talagang natututunan kay Sir Dean. Para nga po siya’ng isang genius eh. Ang dami po kasi niya talagang alam. Tapos hindi lang po brains meron siya, gwapo pa po!” I stopped abruptly when reality slapped me with what I just said. I dared to look at Sir Chancy and he was just smiling at me.

“You’re very fond of your professor, Ms. Dela Rosa.” He said with a smile on his face. “Don’t worry. He’ll be back soon.” He added. My mouth dropped. Is Sir Chancy thinking that I’m crushing on our Dean? Before I could defend myself he spoke again. “Well, it’s nice meeting you, Ms. Dela Rosa. I have a feeling that this wouldn’t be our last encounter. Please excuse me.” He said and left the room.

I just watched him as he left our room. Crap. I made the wrong impression. I suddenly became anxious of what he thinks of me.

“Maya, start informing your students about the details about the field exposure. I know we’ve been telling them before about it but now that it is confirmed, we need to inform them again.” Sir Mar spoke, bringing me back from my reverie. I nodded. “Is there something wrong?”

“Uhm, Sir Mar, magkaano-ano po si Sir Dean at si Sir Chancy?” I blurted out.

A huge smile crept on Sir Mar’s face and then he shook his head. “You still haven’t figured everything out?” He asked and I shook my head slightly. “All the clues are out, Maya, I think. I’m telling you this again though, in time, you will know everything.” He said and left me standing, confused as ever.




I’m back! After a month(?), I’m here again and on top of that, I’m on my term break 🙂 I’m really sorry if I was gone for that period of time. There was just too much school work and I’m currently experiencing my character’s romantic state. Not that I fell for my teacher but rather the fact that one fell for someone who is in a relationship yet the feeling is mutual. Please do excuse if my ideas are scattered at the moment. I’m currently dealing with it. Haha.


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