Dear Readers,

I’m really really really sorry if it’s taking me too long to post an update. My schedule is really killing me and I’m afraid there are too many projects that I still need to do, plus, final exams are approaching. Thank you for all the prayers but I’m afraid that my grades are dropping. Haha! (Literally. My chemlec dropped from 88 to 77. So heartbreaking). I need to study harder because of the grade requirement in my course. I’m really hoping you could understand. I would try to post as soon as my crazy schedule permits me to do so. It’s really absurd that I’m posting this instead of a double treat today on my birthday. Thank you! 🙂


51 thoughts on “Dear Readers,

  1. This maybe an oh so late greeting, but happy birthday! Even if I’m so excited for and looking forward to the next chapter, I guess you really have to focus on your studies first. First things first! 🙂 We’ll just patiently wait for an update, no prob.. we understand. 🙂
    Good luck!

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