Wherever You Will Go 13

Chapter 13

“Sir, hindi niyo naman po kailangan ‘to eh. Magpapasundo na lang po ako sa kapatid ko.” I said as I watch Sir Dean gather up his things and slid them inside his bag. I was still seated on the couch and Sir Ryan already left minutes ago. Since he already got my bag earlier, I have nothing to do but to watch him.

“Nonsense. Aabalahin mo lang ‘yung tao.” He said as he opened his notebook and looked at something.

“O kita niyo na Sir. Kayo ‘yung maaabala dahil sa’kin. Okay lang po ‘yun sa kapatid ko. Kayo ‘tong may klase mamaya eh.” I said. I don’t really want him to bring me home. I just know that my sister would attack him with so many questions regarding on who he really is.

I watched Sir Dean as he placed the notebook in his bag and massaged his temple. “Ms. Dela Rosa, I need to bring you home. I can’t let you stay here in my office for someone might come for a meeting and see you sleeping on that couch.” He said and slung the strap of his bag on one shoulder.

My brows narrowed. For the time I’ve been a faculty in PUS, he seldom got visitors. The only ones that goes inside this office is me, Sir Ryan, Ma’am Ched and Sir Mar. No one really arranges a meeting with him nor do students want to talk to him. “Sir, I don’t think –“

“Let’s go.” He said as he snatched my bag from me. “Can you stand up?” He asked and I found myself sighing. I don’t really have a choice but to obey this man. I just nodded and pushed myself up. I was surprised when I found myself very light, causing me to stumble forwards. I just felt a hand on my waist that prevented me from falling. “Careful.” I heard him say.

I refuse to look at him since my instincts are telling me that what happened earlier will happen again if I did. So I tried to walk though I could still feel his hold on me. After some stable steps, he finally let go of me, causing my breathing to be normal again.

We received a couple of stares when we came out of his office. And who wouldn’t? I bet they saw him carrying me inside his office and now, together, we’re leaving the school. I was already at the door when I abruptly stopped and I turned around to face him. “Sir, hindi po talaga ako pwedeng umabsent.” I said.

Sir Dean rolled his eyes at me. “Don’t be so stubborn, Ms. Dela Rosa. Just rest for a while and let your white blood cells do their thing.” He said and reached out to open push the door open, trapping me between him and the material. I felt the door open and I quickly took a step back to get away from him. I was planning to go the other way but he figured out my plan too soon. “This way, Ms. Dela Rosa.” I heard him say.

I followed Sir Dean until we reached a dark grey BMW that looked very familiar. He opened the passenger’s door and I stopped just before I could get in. “Wait. You were that man! ‘Yung lalaking nakabasa sa’kin sa labas ng Gate 1! ‘Yung nasermonan ko!” I exclaimed and then my eyes found him, a huge smile on his lips.

“Get in. We’ll talk inside.” He said and I just nodded. With my weak legs, I felt so relieved when I’m sitting down again. As Sir Dean went around to his seat, I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. I could still remember that night after my interview with Ma’am Ched. He’s the man who drove past a puddle and ended up splashing my pants with it. I just knew that this is the car because I even looked inside to talk to him. My eyes opened when I felt the car move. Sir Dean pulled out from his parking space and into the road. “So, it was me.” He said.

“Ikaw nga?” I asked back and he just answered me with his chuckle. “Ang bilis mo naman kasing magdrive no’n eh!”

“May kailangan akong abutan nung gabing ‘yon. I have no choice!” He said back. “I never thought that you’re actually mataray in nature.” He said.

“Mataray? Hindi kaya –“

“If I could remember clearly, you even snapped at me. Akala ko nga sisipain mo pa ‘yung sasakyan ko or something.” He said, his tone clearly amused.

“Eh ang bilis mo nga kasing mag-drive eh!” I said back.

Sir Dean just laughed, and I knew that he clearly remembers everything about that night. “Hold on, hold on, where do you live?” He asked.

I gave him my address and I he turned into a corner. “Teka Sir, why haven’t I seen this car before?” I asked.

“My dad used it. He went to Pampanga because of a .. a convention. He said he trusts my car more than his other cars so I let him borrow it.” He answered and I just nodded. “Why were you so grumpy that night?” He asked.

“I was not grumpy!” I exclaimed and laughed again. When our laughter died down, I decided to tell him our story. “My father died two years ago because of a car accident.” I said and he took a glance at me. “He got hit by an over speeding car. Sorry if I snapped that night. I just don’t want it to happen again with anyone else.”

“Did the driver get imprisoned?” He asked. I was actually thankful that he already said something after I’ve dropped the bomb. I don’t really like the awkward silence that happens after I tell them that my father died.

I nodded my head. “Yes, but honestly, I can’t really feel that justice that we should feel. It’s like I lost someone too important that even if the driver was caught, nothing really changed – my father is still gone.” I said.

“No he’s not.” I heard him say making me look at him. “He’s always in your heart and he’s always watching you and your family from heaven. He never left.” He continued and my heart swelled.

Many people already told me that, it’s just me who refuses to believe it. For two years, I’m still hoping that one day, my father would go home, smiling like he used to like nothing happened. I don’t want to think of him as dead. And now that Sir Dean was the one who said it, I want to believe him also, but I guess that I still can’t.

We arrived shortly at our house and I suddenly felt conscious about our house. His is too big and too grand while our house is just .. just a house. Our home is a two-storey house, with our family’s karinderya on the first floor. The place is packed since it’s already around lunch hours. I turned my head to look at Sir Dean only to find out that he’s already outside to open my door.

At first, it was just fine with me. Then when he already opened the door, I noticed that my sister, Kute, is watching us a few feet before the car. Her eyes are narrowed as she was holding a tray of plates. “What’s wrong? Nahihilo ka ba?” I heard Sir Dean ask. It was a good thing that all of his cars are heavily tinted.

I shook my head. “Ah, Sir, kasi yung .. yung kapatid ko kasi nakatingin.” I said and he stood up straight and glanced at his side. Sure enough, Kute noticed that he was looking at her. I don’t know what will happen next but for some reason, Sir Dean left me and walked to her direction. It alarmed me so I got out from his car. “Sir!” I called.

Sir Dean turned around and looked at me and I could also see Kute’s confused face. “Bunso, sino ‘to?” she asked and just nodded at Sir Dean. I was about to answer when I heard Sir Dean spoke.

“I’m Richard Santelices. I’m the dean in PUS, and Ms. Dela Rosa’s professor.” He said not giving my sister any chance to speak. “I hope you don’t mind but I’ve decided to bring her home since she fainted during her class earlier. When I checked her up, I found out that she has a fever and she’s over fatigued. She just needs plenty of rest and water.” He continued.

Kute went completely silent and I bet she was surprised to find our Dean standing just a few inches before her. Since I started teaching in PUS, Kute heard every possible story there is for me to tell about Richard Santelices. Of course, except for the part where he got sick, him being as Richard Lim and me sleeping in his house. “Kute.” I called her and I found myself getting dizzy again.

“Careful.” I heard a voice beside me and saw that Sir Dean was back in front of me again. His hands are holding my arms, preventing me from falling again. He kicked the door of his car close and pressed the button on his car keys to lock it. “Can I assist her inside? You guys look busy here.” I heard him say. I didn’t hear any response from my sister so I assumed that the cat got her tongue and she just nodded. “Maya, where should we go?” He asked and I used my strength to lead him upstairs.

“Maya, nak, anong nangyari? Naglasing ka ba?!” I heard my mother’s voice when we reached the top of the stairs. She was carrying some plates that are needed downstairs. “At sino ‘tong kasama mo? Alam ba ni Simon ‘to?”

“Ah, Ma’am, ako po yung professor ni Maya. Nilalagnat po kasi siya kaya hinatid ko na po pauwi.” Sir Dean answered.

“Prof ka ho niya? Ikaw yung dean na boss din niya?” My mother continued. “Ay, teka pwede ho bang pahatid si Maya sa kwarto? Pasensya na ho ah, ang dami lang kasing tao sa baba.” She said and quickly went down the stairs.

Sir Dean continued to walk beside me and only let go of me when I’m going to sit on the bed. “Will you be okay here? They’re all busy downstairs. No one’s going to look after you.” He said as he placed my bag on the bed and sat beside me.

“I’ll be fine Sir. Lunch break po kasi kaya maraming tao.” I replied. He nodded and placed the back of his hand on the crook of my hand. I couldn’t help but smile at what he did.

“Is there something wrong?” He asked. It looked like he noticed that I smiled.

“Ah, none, Sir.” I answered with the same smile on my face. “Kasi parang nung ilang linggo lang po, ako ‘yung tumitingin sa temperature niyo. Ngayon, kayo naman.” I said.

A smirk appeared on his lips. “That’s it. I think I can conclude that you’re really talkative when you’re sick.” He said.

“Ay Sir, hindi totoo ‘yan no. Lagi naman po akong makulit kausap. Kayo lang ‘tong laging tahimik saka naiwas.” I said and I bit my lower lip when I realized the last words that came out of my mouth. He withdrew his hand and looked like he was guilty of what I just said.

“Maya, ay, Sir, ayos lang po ba ang anak ko?” My mother said as she entered the room. Sir Dean quickly stood up and faced her.

“Nilalagnat pa ho siya. Napainom ko na naman po ng gamot kanina sa faculty saka nakakain na rin po si Maya.” He said. “Kailangan na lang po niyang magpahinga.”

“Ah, sige sige.” Nanay said. “Ayan kasi Maya, ang dalas mong magpuyat. Hindi ko nga alam kung kumakain ka pa ba pag-uwi mo eh. Sa susunod na sem nga, kahit ‘wag ka na munang mag-trabaho. Mag-iipon na lang kami ni Cristina Rose. Madali naman ‘yun eh.” She said and my eyes went wide. I can’t believe she just told me to quit my job in front of my boss.

I heard another set of footsteps and before I could even guess who it is, a familiar face came into view. “Maya!” He said and sat on the space beside me. He kissed my head and placed his hand on my forehead. “Saka na ‘yung kiss. Contagious kasi ‘pag sa lips.” He said. with a smile.

“Simon!” I said and he laughed at me.

“Ang taas ng lagnat mo ah. Sabi ni Nanay, nagpupuyat ka raw lagi tapos hindi ka pa nakain. Kung alam ko lang na ganyan ang gusto mong lifestyle eh di sana niyaya na rin kitang mag medschool.” He continued to tease and I couldn’t help but laughed. I missed him so much.

“Nak, tinawagan ko agad si Simon. Maganda nang doktor ang tumingin sa’yo.” My mother said.

“Nay, magiging doktor pa lang ho.” Simon said. He noticed Sir Dean standing inside the room so he stood up and offered his hand.

“Simon Corpuz. Soon to be MD. Boyfriend ni Maya.” He said. “Thank you for bringing her here.”

I saw the sudden change in Sir Dean’s eyes as he accepted Simon’s hand for a shake. “Richard Santelices. PhD, soon to be MD. I’m Maya’s Professor and her college Dean. I simply did what I have to do.” He said and turned to my mother. “Uuna na po ako. May pasok pa po kasi ako sa medschool.” He said and turned back to me. “I’ll see you later, Ms. Dela Rosa. It was nice meeting you Mr. Corpuz.” He said and then left. Then there was this silence.

Why did it look like a pissing competition?


thoughts? 🙂

A/N : Hooraaay! I finished it. Baka matagalan pa po ang next update. Tambak po kasi ang mga papers saka malapit na po ang midterm exams namin.

Ang sabi ko po sa unang chapter, residency na po si Simon ano? Gawin na lang po nating medschool din. Para mas masaya. Haha. Thaaanks! God bless po sa lahat! Salamat po sa paghihintay!



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  1. Thanks for updates and congrats for 200th post…looking forward for more ms Christine…wish madalas sana, still understand schooling first.

  2. Sige ka, Simon. Inumpisahan mo maglatag ng accreditation, nasupalpal ka ni Richard Lim. Sana dinagdag din ni Mr Santelices ang soon to be Maya’s fiance. Hehehe. Selos si Singkit! Congrats on the 200th post, Ms Christine. Good luck on your studies.

  3. Haha supalpal si simon ang yabang kasi. Selos agad si sir dean, sir dean kilos kolos din pag may time baka mahili ka sa puso ni maya. Thanks ms chris sa update. Good luck sa studies.

  4. Congrats on your 200th post !!!! Kaloka yung dalawa at nagsupalpalan pa talaga ng kanilang profession at ang singkit hindi naman nagpatalo !!! Can’t wait for he next chapter ……

  5. Thank you Christine sa update. Ayan na competition ng mga doctors to be, pero lamang pa rin si Sir Dean kasi PhD na sya, tapos professor na at college dean pa – whew …ang daming title! Study harder Christine para sa exams mo at kailangan 100% ha! Cheers!

  6. after 48 yrs, finally an UD, hahahaha…peace! its worth the wait though.. 🙂 i know how busy student life is..Goodluck on your exam..
    I am excited for how will Richard win Maya over Simon, :-). im on team Richard! go! 🙂

  7. nice ms. christine..we’ll see how richard will take this and what will be his next moves… good luck sa midterm exams….

  8. aba may hangin ang Simon na ito ah? doc, itapon na yan please 😀 Ricky makipagsabayan ka, lisa lang yan sa you hehe atat sana sa next chap but we do understand na studies is more important, good luck doc 🙂

  9. Hi Christine, we’re missing you na. Ok ang midterm exams? 100% ba? ha ha ha ha! Pasensya na ha naaadik na talaga. Cheers!

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