Wherever You Will Go 9

Chapter 9

I have no idea what time I slept. I thought that the library Sir Dean was talking about is just a room with some bookshelves and a table. Then again, I was proven wrong. The room was filled with a lot of book shelves, it even has a second story where more books are found. The room is just average in size but it looks so big because of what they did to the shelves. A mini bar was on the side then at the center, there’s a couch and a coffee table while there’s a table at the end intended for writing and reading. It was all a bookworm could ever ask for. From medical journals, medical books to those books mainly for entertainment like fiction and so. It is a paradise.

I busied myself on reading medical books I could lay my eyes on. Never mind the topics of our quiz, I just want to read. With a stack of books waiting for me, I still grabbed some chic lit books. I don’t even know why Sir Dean has them.

I stirred from the comfy material where I am sleeping. A hand was shaking my shoulder, and I do think that it’s waking me up but the thing is I still don’t want to.

“Maya ..” I heard my voice being called but I just groaned and turned from where I was laying. Why does this thing have to be so comfy?

The hand that was shaking me continued to do what it’s doing. “Kute, five minutes pa.” I muttered but the shaking still hadn’t stopped. I was starting to get really annoyed and was about to yell. If not only for what I thought is not going to happen.

“Ms. Dela Rosa.” A familiar voice said, causing my eyes to flutter open at once. I was laying on the sofa, with my back to him. “Oh, good you’re awake.” I heard him say. I bet it was because my body stiffened from the realization that he was the one waking me up.

I brought my hands to my eyes to check if my appearance is okay. Then I slowly sat up, still not facing him. I can’t believe that I fell asleep in his library, in his house! My eyes drifted to the window in the room. Is it me or its actually bright outside?

“Pagkatapos mong maging makulit kagabi, hindi ka na mamamansin ngayon?” I heard him say, making me look at him. He looked like he just woke up and still his clothes are the same as yesterday. My first instinct was that I should be getting out of this room, but instead, I lifted my hand and placed it on his forehead.

“May sinat pa kayo, Sir.” I muttered.

He sighed and placed his own hand on the crook of his neck. “I’ll be better later. I just need some medicine. I already got enough rest yesterday.” He replied.

I just nodded but then I noticed something. He said yesterday. Yesterday. I looked at the window again ang saw that the sky is blue. “Umaga na?” I muttered.

“It’s already eight in the morning.” He muttered. “What time is your class?” He asked.

“Ten.” I only said. Damn. I’m going to be late if I go home. Would it be okay if I go to work without taking a bath? No. Of course it’s never okay. I’m still in yesterday’s clothes for Pete’s sake.

“Get up then. You don’t want to be late, do you?” He said and I confusedly stared at me. He stood up from his crouching position and for a second, I thought he was going to lose his balance. Good thing he did not. “There’s a room beside mine. You can use the bathroom there. There are still some clothes in that room. You can borrow it for the mean time. Come on, up now Ms. Dela Rosa. I thought you don’t want to be late?” He asked with a sly smile on his face. I cautiously stood up from the couch and followed him outside. Last night was different but now, I don’t know what his reactions would be. “There’s the room. Go downstairs after.” He said and went inside his room.

I opened the door to the room beside his. This one was different from his. The walls are painted blue, and there are so many artworks on the side of the room. The cabinet was at the side and I thought that the clothes are just these normal clothes that I still have to go home to change. But they’re not. I guess you could say that this is a fashionista’s cabinet. I have my fair knowledge in clothes and I know that whoever owns this is really good at picking ones.

“Baka sa asawa niya ‘to.” I muttered. I was about to go back to ask Sir Dean something when I saw the clock with its hands pointed on 8:30. I made an inward groan and grabbed this pencil skirt and this pretty blouse in white, some undergarments and went inside the bathroom.


I quickly went downstairs and saw Sir Dean in the kitchen. Gone was his long sleeve shirts and he’s just wearing a red polo. He saw me when he turned around and eyed me from head to toe. I actually felt conscious about it. “Alex would’ve been happy.” He said with a sad smile. “Breakfast?”

I gave a small nod as I assisted him in the kitchen. Who’s Alex? And what does he mean that she would be happy? Of what? Sir Dean placed the bowl of tinola that I made and sat across me from the table.

“Ah, Sir, sa isang araw ko na lang ibabalik ‘tong damit. Lalabhan ko po muna.” I shyly said.

“I change my mind. There’s no need. You can keep it.” He said as he continued eating. “No one wears them anymore.”

My head bolted up to look at him. “No one wears them anymore..?” I echoed, but turned it into a question.

A smirk flew on his lips. I noticed that he has this dimple on his cheek, which is actually a mistake in muscle formation but I actually find it adorable. “Are you going to repeat the whole scenario last night?” He asked.

I bit my lower lip. This is still the Sir Dean I was talking to last night. “Hindi na, Sir, bumenta na kasi.” I said and his smirk grew making his dimple more visible.

“I don’t exactly … tell everyone stories about my personal life.” He said, looking at me.

I just nodded and continued eating. I don’t have any right to meddle in his life, especially that he’s my boss. I was just trying to help him last night and he’s simply returning the favor.

“Just put it in the sink.” He said when I finished my plate. “Sila na’ng bahala dyan mamaya.”

My brows furrowed. So he’s not really living alone. “Hindi na Sir, ako nang magliligpit.” I said. He looked at me first then he nodded.

After washing the dishes, I saw him sitting on the couch in their living room. His legs are crossed as he was leaning back and holding the familiar iPad in his hands. It was only then that I noticed that our dean actually has good looks. “Shall we go?” He asked me. His chinito looks is eye catching, and his eyeglasses really compliments his eyes. “Ms. Dela Rosa?”

“Ah, y-yes Sir.” I stammered. He stood up and grabbed his bag. “Sir, I think you should wear a jacket or something. You know, since you’re still sick.” I suggested, hoping he’s not going to be mad.

He opened his bag and sure enough, a gray cardigan was there. After wearing it, he gave me his full smile. “Ayos na?” He asked.

I felt heat spread across my face. Did I just blush because of his smile? But still, I shook my head. “Gamot, Sir?” I asked.

“I’m studying to be a doctor, don’t you think that I already know that?” He said with his smile still on his face. Then his brows furrowed and he shook his head as he chuckled. “Alright, I do think I forgot my medicine in my room.” He said making me laugh hard. “Go ahead, laugh all you want.” Sir Dean continued as he was smiling wide too. “I’ll be back in a bit.” And I watched him as he went upstairs again.

Is he really different at work and in person? With each second that I’m talking to him now, the more I feel the urge to cross out his bad characters in my list because he’s trying to prove everything wrong. After a few seconds, he was going down the stairs with my bag on his hand. “Let’s go.” He said as he slung his backpack in his shoulder.

“Sir, ‘yung bag ko -”

“Grab my keys.” He said, pointing to the car keys on the coffee table. I grabbed it and followed him outside. “Press the unlock button on it.” He said again as he stopped beside a gray Montero. I pushed the button and he opened the passenger’s door and gestured me to get inside the he held out his hand. “Keys.” He said.

“Ah, Sir, hindi na. I’ll walk. Malapit lang naman po ‘yung faculty.” I said as I handed him his keys.

Sir Dean still held out the door for me. “I .. I can’t really allow that, Ms. Dela Rosa. You see, there’s a rule in this house. Everybody who goes here needs not to be seen. I was not worried about Ma’am Ched since I think she brought her car. And what you did last night was quite a risk. People could’ve seen you.” He said and glanced at his watch. “It’s already 9:30, and you’ll be late if we continue this argument.”

My eyes shifted to his car and saw that it is heavily tinted. Then I just stared at him confusedly. A rule? If it wasn’t for him gesturing his hand, I would still be standing there. He gave me my bag when I was finally seated. As he went around to get inside his car, I watched him. There’s still one more thing in my list – who really is Richard Santelices Lim? He seemed to be the most mysterious man I ever met. He’s like a piece of jigsaw puzzle I can’t put together.

“I know you’re confused about .. all of these, but trust me, it’s better this way.” He said as he pulled out the car from their house. After just a few minutes, we reached the faculty and he stopped for me to get off. “I guess I’ll see you later in class.” He said.

I nodded and I stared at him. He looks paler than he did earlier. “Sir Dean, ang putla niyo o.” I said. “Papasok pa talaga kayo?”

I smirk flew on his lips. “I need to, Ms. Dela Rosa. I’m pretty sure that if you were in my shoes, you’ll do the same thing.” He said.

I nodded again and I lifted my hand and placed in on the crook of his neck. I just couldn’t resist. I really hate getting sick and I bet that he doesn’t like it either, and now he still needs to go to school because of his exams. “Mainit pa kayo, Sir.” I said.

“I’ll be fine.” He said and he lifted his hand to hold my wrist but he ended up holding my hand. My heart started to beat so fast. I felt this burning sensation in my hand, particularly on the part he is holding. My eyes shifted to his face who is actually smiling at me. “You really need to stop worrying. I know myself better than you.”

I quickly withdrew my hand. The feeling was so weird when he touched my hand. I opened his car and was about to slide outside when I heard him say, “Thank you again, Ms. Dela Rosa.”

“You’re welcome po Sir Dean. Ingat po kayo.” I said and gave him a small smile. I slid outside his car to go to our faculty but my feet stopped when I reached the building. I turned around to watch him leave. He beeped his horn twice before he left and I found myself smiling, again.

“Looks like someone had a good night.” A voice said from my right, coming from Sir Ryan. He has this teasing smile on his face. I felt like my cheeks burned. “That was my best friend, right?” He asked. I nodded at him, hoping that I could still keep my composure. His eyes widened slightly. “You spent the night in their house?” He asked with his voice a whisper. I nodded and this huge smile went on his face.

“Sir, wala po siyang kasama sa –“

“You still spent the night!” He interrupted. “He doesn’t even let anyone in there. Kahit ako, isang beses pa lang ata ako nakakapunta sa kanila eh.” He said.

“Sir Ryan naman eh! Wala nga kasing tao sa kanila eh nilalagnat. Edi syempre tinulungan ko na.” I defended.

Sir Ryan laughed at me. “Tara na’t male-late ka na. Mamaya na lang kita gigisahin.” He said as he walked passed me to go upstairs to the faculty. I feel like the blush in my cheeks is still not wearing off. I followed Sir Ryan and saw Edward a few steps where Sir Ryan and I were talking and he didn’t met my eyes. Instead he just left without saying a word. My phone started ringing inside my bag and saw that it was Kute, then she ended the call. I saw that I already missed ten calls from her and a bunch of messages that I haven’t read. My eyes flew on the clock of my phone and saw that it’s already close to ten in the morning. I quickly went upstairs as I dialled Kute’s number but unfortunately my battery died.

Oh great. Hello, bad day.



thoughts? 😉

A/N: Yey, ‘di pa ako busy. Hahaha. #Procrastination. Ah, I do recommend the movie Miracle in Cell No. 7. I cried a bunch of times.


38 thoughts on “Wherever You Will Go 9

  1. Sobrang naiintriga na ako sa Sir Dean na iyan. Sino ba talaga siya? Ano ba talaga ang buhay niya aside being a Dean and a medical studenT? Mysterious… Hehehehe thanks for the update.

  2. Napakamisteryoso talaga ni Richard Lim! Who’s Alex? And, Maya, lagot ka kay Nanay at Kute. At lalong lagot ka kay Ryan sa panggigisa. Am loving how the story progresses. Thanks sa update, Ms Christine. Sana meron double treat. Excited how will they act when they see each other sa class. Will Ryan tease Richard, as well?

  3. ito na naman ang nakakawindang na excitement sa mga susunod na pangyayari – at least nag le-level up na ang relationship na, pero mahiwaga pa rin itong pagkatao ni Singkit – is Alex his wife who passed away?

  4. talagang napaka-misteryoso ng character dito ni RSL…para tuloy akong si “Nancy Drew” trying to solve puzzles & mysteries (parang high-school ang peg ko!)…hehehe…nevertheless…thank you for your update Ms.Chris! Di pwedeng palagpasin ang bawat chapter ng WYWG baka di ko ma-solve ang ‘puzzle’

  5. Yes, double treat please…too short for me …Bitin ah!…thanks for updates Ms Christine…but adiks want more…something is coming between this two, that’s the beginning of beautiful friendship..😄

  6. Mysterious richard lim. .. grabe… nkaka excite… dou le treat pretty pleasssee… and who’s alex?? Hmmmnnn… sana the next update won’t be long… thankee po… 🙂

  7. Ms chris thank you and yes im very excited for them pero sino si alex sa buhay ni sir dean? At ang dami pang tanong sa personality ni sir dean. Sana meron nang kasunod can’t wait. Good luck again sa studies.

  8. Mystery man si dean tingnan natin kung uubra kay Maya na super kulit yan. Pag tumibok ang puso di mo alam muli mabubuksan yan. Hintayin ko ang sandali na hahanapin mo si Maya di ka makatulog hehehe

  9. Thank u Christine! Hmmmmm mukhang may madedevelop na relationship between Sir Dean and Maya ah, kaya dapat abangan ang susunod na kabanata. Happy Sunday everyone!

  10. Waaah!!! Parang na-miss q ang way of writing mo doctora na pov ng character per chapter. Nangangati na kasi aq malaman qng sino nga ba tlga si Sir Dean at kung ano ang tumatakbo sa malusog nyang utak! Kung ano dating sa kanya ni Maya o kung may nararamdaman rn ba xang kakaiba whenever Maya is near him..waaaaah!!! Kaloka! Next na po at buhol buhol na utak q sa kakaisip qng sino nga ba si Richard dito, sino si Alex, bkit umeeksena si Edward, si Simon waley pang grand entrance sa story..whooo! Dami!! Kaya next na doctora! 🙂

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