Wherever You Will Go 8

Chapter 8

“Maya naman kasi dapat umuwi ka na lang eh!” I muttered as I made my way down the stairs. I really don’t know where their medicine cabinet is. Good thing I always have some medicine in my bag. I navigated myself in his house. It was really huge and so spacious. I finally saw the dining area, and beside it was the kitchen. It was all well furnished. I don’t know where their glasses are but there are cups on the island in the center of the kitchen, so I used it and filled it up with tap water.

“Kumain na kaya ‘yun?” I asked myself. I don’t actually know my answer but I still willed myself to look for something I could cook. I ended up finding their pantry which is actually well-stocked. “Nasaan ba mga tao sa bahay na ‘to? Ang laki-laki pero siya lang mag-isa.” I muttered as I reached for some ingredients that I needed.

As I was cooking on the pot, on their stove, I just abruptly stopped. “Masesesante ako sa trabaho nito eh.” I said as I crossed my arms. Well, it’s true. I’m in our dean’s house, doing something a visitor should not really do. But he is sick, so that could serve as an exception, right? And what if a relative of his comes over? Or worst, what if his wife came home? I don’t even know if he’s already married!

I smelled something burning and I rushed to turn the gas stove off. I forgot that I the fire was still on. Now I burned what I was going to cook. I placed it on the sink to clean it. Good thing I haven’t even started putting most of the ingredients in. I sighed. “Bahala na nga.” I muttered as I placed the pot back to heat it. If I’m going to lose my job, it would be best to leave a good mark, right? Helping the dean is a good thing and not leaving him like that with nobody taking care of him.

I placed the tray on the table beside his door so I could open it. I flicked one of the switches in his room and this bright light turned on. I heard him groaning in his bed and quickly turned the light off. I tried the second one and a not-so bright white light coming from the other part of the room turned on. I looked at him in bed and waited for his response but he didn’t have any.

I reached for the tray and entered the room, and I used my feet and leg to shut the door as softly as possible. I placed the tray on a table in his room and grabbed the cup of water and searched for the medicine in my bag. Since he was lying at the center of his bed, I nervously sat down on the edge.

“S-Sir, i-inom po muna kayong gamot.” I whispered. Really Maya? Do you think he will wake up because of your whisper? Way to go, Maya. I scratched my head. How do you wake a sleeping person?

I nervously lifted my hand and poked at his shoulder. “Sir? Inom po kayo ng gamot.” I said, quite louder this time. He was still asleep and still wouldn’t budge. So I held his shoulder and shook him gently. “S-Sir.” I called and he groaned. “Sir inom po muna kayo ng gamot.”

I quickly removed my hand when his eyes started to open and I held my breath and settled myself for the best. His eyes roamed around the room first then his head shifted and saw me. I thought he was going to be at rage but it seemed like he just doesn’t have the strength to argue. He tried to push himself up then I saw him struggle so I reached to help him.

I reached for the medicine on his bedside table and he just looked at me. “You do know that taking a medicine is not really advised when your stomach is empty since it’ll just make you more acidic.” He said in a raspy voice. Even if he’s sick, he’s still that Mr. Know-it-all. Psh. I placed the tablet back on the table and reached for the bowl of champorado that I made.

“If you don’t like it Sir, I also cooked some tinola.” I said as I handed him the bowl. I tried to avoid his hands. I don’t want him to wonder why my hands are cold even though there’s no air conditioning in his room.

“This will do.” He said and started spooning the food. “Where’s Ma’am Ched?” He asked, without looking at me.

“Ah, Sir. It was me who answered the phone. Ma’am Ched left early because his son got in an accident.” I answered.

“Is that so?” He commented. “Who told you I live here?”

I bit my lower lip. Why is my heart beating so fast? His presence really makes me nervous. It feels like he’s going to yell at me anytime. “S-Si Sir Ryan po.” I answered.

“Ahh.” He said. He continued to eat silently and I just sat there awkwardly. I decided to stand up, as I was thinking of leaving when he stopped me. “Could you please give me the medicine?” He asked. I reached for it then I gave it to him, with the cup of water. When he was done, I reached for it then he started removing the blanket that was on top of him. I was surprised to see that he’s still on his yesterday’s working clothes. I guess he just removed his polo since he’s in his undershirt.

“K-Kahapon pa po kayo nilalagnat?” I asked. He looked at me and gave a small nod. Then he attempted standing up but when he was finally on his feet, he lost his balance and would fall on his other side. I quickly went to his side and grabbed his arm, putting it on top of my shoulder. I thought he was going to take it back but he didn’t. “The bathroom is there.” He said. I walked with him until we reached the door and he went inside alone.

I leaned back on the wall beside the room where he is in. I placed my hand on my loudly beating heart. It still hadn’t calmed down and I think it doubled its rate as I assisted him. It’s that or it completely forgot to beat and now it’s making up for the times it stopped beating. I waited for a few more minutes and he still hadn’t come out from the bathroom. “Sir ayos lang po kayo sa loob?” I asked then the door opened. He was now wearing his pajamas and he was going to walk to his bed alone but I just can’t resist him looking like he’s going faint anytime soon.

“You really should be going home by now. It’s late.” He said as I helped him to walk. I really am just nervous especially that we’re this close. I could really feel the hot temperature from his body and I could actually smell him. And he actually smell good for a sick man.

“Eh paano po kayo? Ang taas ng lagnat niyo tapos wala kayong kasama?” I answered.

“I can manage –“

“You can’t even stand up straight!” I interrupted. I don’t really have time for this. Ako na nga yung nagmamagandang loob tapos ako pa ‘tong papagalitan.

“Fine.” He said as he sat on the bed. “Pero ‘wag mo akong sisisihin kapag na-late ka bukas.” He said and my mouth gaped. Nakakapagsalita pala ng filipino ‘tong Mr. Supladong ‘to eh!

“Note taken Sir.” I said as he settled himself in his bed. “Baka nga wala na ‘kong trabaho bukas eh.” I muttered.

“And why is that?” He asked. I was actually surprised that he heard that. His eyes are looking at me like he knows what I’m thinking. And it’s making me really uncomfortable. I reached for the medical journal on the table in his room and gave it to him. “Do you think that I will fire you?” He asked as he reached for it. “Have a seat please.”

I sighed and sat on that part of the bed again. I just need to suck it all up since I’m going to be fired anyway. “Yes Sir. Because of what I am doing today.”

“And what exactly is that?” He asked.

I refuse to meet his gaze so I looked at the window in his room instead. “I am in your house, Sir. I cooked in your kitchen, with your food, with your utensils and now I’m invading your personal space.” I answered.

“Why is that bad? You’re practically helping me.” He asked again. “I should be thankful and not fire you, right?”

I rolled my eyes at what I’m looking at but it’s really for him. “Well, Sir, with all due respect, you’re not thankful that I returned something important. I don’t even know if it was yours. Instead you yelled at me, right?” I said. I looked at him and saw that he’s now looking away too. Good, he is guilty. “I’ll be leaving now Sir.” I said as I stood up and headed for the door.

“Maya.” He called and I my hand immediately stopped from turning the knob. Him calling my name is just .. different. “What I did .. what happened yesterday was completely out of line. I know. That’s why I bought that food thinking it would be a way to apologize. I didn’t know that you would view it in a different light. Apologizing is never really my forte. I .. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to.” He said. I turned around and found him staring at me. His eyes actually look like he’s really sorry for what he did. “Is that more acceptable than the paper version?” He asked.

A smile formed in my lips and I could see that the smirk forming in his. “Yes Sir.” I said. He gave me a small smile and continued reading his medical journal. “Uhm, Sir, don’t you think you need to rest? I doubt that it will be better for you if you’re going to read that thing.” I said and quickly bit my lip since I thought he was going to yell at me but he just sighed and closed his eyes as he leaned his head back on the head board.

“I know. My head is actually killing me. But I can’t just sleep. I have my exams tomorrow.” He said. I decided to sit back on my spot and drop my bag.

“How many times have you read that thing Sir?” I asked him.

“I don’t know. Five? Seven? Ten times?” He answered.

My mouth gaped. “And you’re still not satisfied?” I asked again. He shook his head with his eyes still closed. I sighed and reached for the journal he has in his hands. His eyes immediately opened and grabbed the journal from me.

“What are you doing?” He asked with his brows furrowed. I kept pulling the book but since I’m the stronger one now, he lost hold of it.

“Let’s try a different approach Sir.” I said and opened the book randomly and started asking him questions about the things that were written inside. He was surprised when I first asked the question but he answered almost immediately and that’s what we did for an hour. His answers were quite impressive. They were always spot on.

For the hour that passed, he asked for another round of the champorado I made, and said that I should also get one for me and two cups of coffee for each of us. I removed my shoes and I’m now sitting at the edge of his bed with my both of my feet tucked inside. We discussed all things about the cases inside the journal. I would also ask him for some topics I would find confusing and he would answer them almost immediately. I smiled to myself. I actually like this version of Sir Dean.

“ .. Wala na Sir. Wala na akong matatanong eh. Alam niyo na lahat.” I said as I flicked through the pages of the journal.

I heard him groan. “I wish. It’s still different when your exam is conducting a minor surgery.” He said.

“That’s your exam?” I asked. “But wouldn’t that be dangerous? For your part and to the patient’s?”

“Not exactly. A doctor will be there. Kaya pag may nakita siyang mali, he will take over.” He answered as he finished his cup of coffee. “Ah, that reminds me, Maya. Please tell no one about the bar pin that you found.”

My brows furrowed. “Bakit po Sir?”

“If you noticed, my surname is different.” He just answered. And I just gave him a nod, fully understanding what he said. The bar pin has the name of Richard Lim.

“Yes Sir. Bakit po iba ang surname niyo? I asked.

“Please tell no one about the surname on the bar pin.” He said.

“Bakit po Sir?” I asked again. He looked at me and then he smiled. He smiled. With the teeth and everything.

“Are those words the only words you could say right now? ‘Bakit po Sir?’ If I end what I’m saying now with a question, what would your answer be?” He amusedly asked.

I was going to answer him that it’s not the only thing I could say but based on the look in his face, he’s actually having fun at the conversation we are having. So I decided that I could just join him. “Bakit po Sir?” I blurted out and he laughed. He laughed! First he gave me his smile and now he laughed. I found myself laughing too. I don’t even know why he would laugh at such a corny punch line.

“Ah, only Ryan could make me laugh like this.” He said as his laugh died down. “But seriously Ms. Dela Rosa, tell no one.” He said. “And don’t ask me why. I think when the right time comes, you will understand what I want to say.”

I bit my lip. “So you’re also Richard Lim?” I dared to ask.

He looked at me first, as if making an argument in his head the answer he’s going to say. “Yes. I’m actually Richard Lim. Santelices is my middle name.” He decided to answer.

I opened my mouth to ask him why then I remembered what he said earlier so I just quickly shut it. He just chuckled and grabbed the journal I placed on the bed. “There’s going to be a surprise quiz tomorrow. A long one.” He said making me stare at him. “Outside my room, there’s a door in front. That’s our library. Feel free to use any books or any reference you could find useful. If you’re going to borrow one, just ask me.” He continued then he looked back at me. “It’s a surprise quiz, Ms. Dela Rosa. Go on.”

It took a second for me to stand up and walk to the door. He’s helping me. A help I never thought he could give. “Maya.” He called again, sending shivers down my spine. I looked back at him. “Thank you.” He said.

I opened the door and found myself smiling. Then I remembered something so I opened the door again. He was fixing his pillow like he’s going to lie down and sleep. “Sir.” I called and his head lifted up. “Ano pong coverage?”

He chuckled again and smiled at me. “Refer to your notes please.” He said.

“Thank you Sir Dean.” I said and closed the door.

And as I was making my way to the library he was saying, I couldn’t seem to wipe this stupid grin on my face.


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A/N : OMG. Natapos ko. Haha. Bye po muna. Kailangan ko na magreview 🙂 God bless po!


34 thoughts on “Wherever You Will Go 8

  1. at wala din tigil ang ngiti at tawa ko sa chapter na ito … good luck sa exam doc … mabuti na ang d kaya ng mga magulang ko na pag doctorin ako, baka sa mental hospital na ako ngayon 😀 … last question na lang doc, kelan kaya ang next chapter? 😉

  2. Pati ako kinilig sa dalawa ayan na at na invade na ng Mayabels si singkit I can’t wait for the next chapter what will happen after this???? Goodluck sa exam tomorrow !!!!

  3. Naku Doctora nakakaloka iyong mga nangyayari ahhh… Close na sila ayiieeee hahahaha uie konting push na lang iyan… Sana tuloy2 na. Actually favorite ko na talaga to… 😀 God Bless sa exams Go!!! Go!!! Go!!!!

  4. I was also grinning by myself as I read the chapter. Thanks for the double treat and good luck on your exams, Christine. Nasabihan ka din ba ni Sir Prof mo na meron kayo surprise long quiz?

  5. PinaSmile mo nmam ako chuday! Finally they had a decent conversation and not running opposite each other. Hope you do well on your exams and thankie!

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  7. haha, me t0o! can’t help but smile f0olishly,..
    thank you po for the d0uble treat!
    God bless po! keep safe always!
    l0oking forward for the next chaptersZzz…

  8. That’s what I thought santilices is his middle name…we usually use our mothers maiden name as middle name,not like western countries they have 2nd names..this could be the beginning of their friendship, and who knows beyond friendship😄…thanks for update Chris and looking forward for next😳

  9. sabi ko na nga ba yung S na middle name ay Santelices…but then what’s his reason why Lim if student sya but Santelices kapag Dean sya? hmmm again…gosh Chris ang galing magswitch ng interest yung brain mo…author ka now then medical student next…wowww talaga! ang galing mo Chris…sge aral ka muna!

  10. Wahhhh ms chris ang kulit ni maya😊 at si sir dean nag sorry na at umamin pa at the same time happy. Looking forward sa next encounter nila sa school. I bet palaginh invited si maya sa house to review. Kilig is coming. Thanks ms chris and good luck sa exams mo.

  11. Thanks Doc for the double treat! Umpisa na ba ito ng pagiging magkaibigan or pag-iibigan?

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  14. …and now i will have this stupid grin the whole day while working… 😀
    …thankie for the update… great update to start my day from our one-day holiday…
    …good luck on your exam. 🙂

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