Wherever You Will Go 6

Chapter 6



The next day, I came in fifteen minutes before ten. I rushed into the faculty room and bumped into someone as I entered since I’m on a rush. “I’m sorry!” I blurted out then I looked up to see Sir Dean staring back at me. I felt something on my shoulders and when I glanced at them, I saw that his hands are on it.

“There’s no need to rush Ms. Dela Rosa, you’re still early.” He said as he withdrew his hand. “The morning classes of freshmen are cancelled due to a program they have to attend. It’ll serve as their alternative class. I thought it was announced yesterday.” He said. What the hell is he doing here so early? I thought he only goes here during the afternoons?

I bit my lower lip. I can barely remember what happened yesterday. After the incident with him, my mind took its vacation making me function like a zombie. I guess it was announced yesterday afternoon, after all my classes but then I have to leave right away because of this man’s class. “I .. I sort of forgot Sir.”

I heard him sigh. “Pay attention next time. Excuse me.” He said, his voice quite mad. Then walked pass me and went outside. Okay, that was actually quite better. I thought he was going to yell at me in front of our colleagues. Well, of course he will not do that. He’s got integrity to keep.

“Maya, are you alright?” Ma’am Ched asked me as I made my way to my table. “Nasigawan ka ba?”

I shook my head. “No, Ma’am. Pero tingin ko po malapit na.” I said with a small smile.

She rolled her eyes. “Sir is having a bad day. Actually, kahapon pa. You see, he lost something and it’s really important to him since it’s a part of their uniform. Mapapagalitan kasi siya ng doctors eh.”

My brows furrowed. “Ano pong nawala niya?”

“His bar pin.” Sir Ryan joined in. “He told me he lost it on his way here yesterday. That’s why he’s here early though he needs to be at school by eleven. I’m really trying to help him but I can’t really find that thing.” He said as he scratched his head.

“Can’t he buy a replacement?” I asked as I sat on my chair.

“I don’t think they can do it overnight, Maya. Even on a rush, and besides, their pin is inclusively made inside their university.” Ma’am Ched said. “Maybe we get to see the great Richard Santelices loose his mind today.”

“I really don’t know what he’s going to do about it. Hindi ko rin naman maintindihan kung bakit sobrang higpit assigned doctors nila. Well, its med school. I haven’t been there.” Sir Ryan said. “Anyway, lunch at twelve?” He asked.

I gave him a nod then they got back on their tables. My next class would still be at one and I haven’t eaten any breakfast. So, an interesting phenomenon can happen today. Will Sir Dean really crack –

Crap. Hold on.


“I dropped something on my way to the faculty ..”

His words repeated inside my head. He’s going to ask me if I happened to saw a bar pin –

Double crap.

I reached for my bag and opened its pocket. The bar pin that I’ve found yesterday is still inside. I grabbed it but I still kept it inside my bag. I don’t want to draw attention.

Richard S. Lim

College of Medicine

Is this the bar pin he’s talking about? But it says here that his surname is Lim, not Santelices. But this guy is also in the college of medicine. Who would even drop this on our building? PUS doesn’t even offer this course. Unless .. unless its ..

“S-Sir Ryan, ano po ulit ang surname ni Sir Dean?” I asked. Oh triple crap. ‘Sir Dean’ is supposed to be inside my head at all times and is not meant to be spoken out loud! Great, it’s his best friend that I spoke to. I bet Sir would find it hilarious.

His brows furrowed but I smirk appeared on his lips. See? He even found it amusing. “Sir Dean huh?” He said and chuckled. “It’s Santelices, Maya. Richard Santelices.”

I turned my attention back to the bar pin. But this is for Richard Lim, not for Richard Santelices. Unless, he is Richard Lim. But that’ll be absurd right? Everyone in the university knows that his last name is not Lim. I rubbed my forehead and tried to take in the information inside my head. What if this is his?

“Have you found it?” A voice said making me jolt in surprise. My head bolted to the door and saw Sir Dean going inside, his attention to Sir Ryan who’s shaking his head. “I can’t find it anywhere. I went to the Student Welfare Office to see if someone turned it in but there’s none.” Sir Dean said and I swear he’s on the verge of swearing.

“Are you sure you dropped it here?” Sir Ryan asked.

“Yes. I’m positive. I was still wearing it while I was driving. Then I removed it as I went here. I bumped into someone as I was taking the stairs. Maybe that’s where I dropped it.” Sir Dean continued.

  1. Crap. Crap. This could really be his. “Maybe that person has it.” Sir Ryan suggested.

“So I have to find him now?” Sir Dean replied and now his tone is a tad higher now. “Damn. Maybe I should just order a rush one.” He said as he used his thumb to massage his temple.

“Ayun naman pala eh. For how much?” His best friend said. This two doesn’t really care if everybody inside the faculty hears their conversation. Well, it’s just us four after all. “Or you can just page to the whole campus your missing bar pin.”

“I can’t do that Ryan. You and I both know that I can’t and will not do that. It’ll be triple its price.” Sir Dean said and sighed loudly. “I need to go. I’ll be late again.” He said and walked to his office and came out as quickly as he entered, but now he was carrying his bag pack. I really need to give this to him so I gathered up my courage. “S-Sir!”

“Later Ms. Dela Rosa. I have to go.” He just said and left. “Lagot ako nito.” I muttered.

“You should’ve called him Sir Dean. That would get his attention.” Sir Ryan said. “Do you want to eat lunch now? I’m really hungry.”

“I second the motion, even if it’s not really a motion.” Ma’am Ched said. “And Sir Santelices’ stress is getting to me. I need to have a break.” She said and stood up from her seat. “We’ll wait for you outside, okay, Maya?”

I nodded and watched her and Sir Ryan leave. Great. I shakily stood up from my seat as I kept my hold of the bar pin in my hands. I just need to place it on his table to end his agony once and for all because frankly, his own business feels like it’ll be ours soon if he doesn’t find this. I don’t know if this really is what he was looking for, but if not, he could always bring it in the SWO right? I quickly opened the door to his office and placed the bar pin right at the middle of his table. I even made sure that it’s aligned with the table and not slanted. “There.” I muttered.

I quickly got outside and closed the door. When I turned around, a man was standing right before me. “What were you doing inside?” He asked, his brows so furrowed and there’s no doubt that he’s mad. My tongue got tied again. What the hell is he doing here? I thought he left! “You’re not supposed to enter my office without permission. Has anyone told you that?!” He snarled and I just kept my mouth shut. “I guess not. I’m going to ask you one more time Ms. Dela Rosa, what the hell did you do inside?!” He said, no I think he half-yelled, half-said.

“M-May nilagay lang p-po ako sa t-table niyo.” I stammered. I was already fidgeting my hands in front of me. He’s really mad and I do bet it’s because of a lot of stress. You could really measure the bags under his eyes. “S-Sige po Sir.” I said and quickly got away even though I could feel that he’s watching me as I go. I could finally breathe when I got outside. It felt like a lion was going to eat me inside.

“Maya, what took you so long? Naabutan mo ba si Sir?” Sir Ryan asked. I just nodded, adrenaline still flowing from my veins. He curiously looked at me. I do think that I’m really pale right now. I don’t want to see that rage in Sir Dean’s again. Maybe I should go back to my old ways of avoiding him.



“What happened inside Maya? Do you want to go back to the faculty?” Ma’am Ched asked, making me choke on my water.

“H-Hindi wag na po.” I quickly said as I shook my head. I don’t even know if I can go back there again when he’s around. I don’t really know what I’m feeling right now. I felt like I was traumatized of what happened for the fact that I should not be since I strongly believe that by the end of the day, he would thank me for giving his precious bar pin back.

“Ano bang ginawa mo at putlang putla ka paglabas mo?” Sir Ryan asked. He was actually worried at me, gone was the jolly him that would always hit me with his jokes.

I took a deep breath. My nerves are taking too long to calm down. “May nilagay lang po ako sa table niya. Tapos paglabas ko po, nandun siya, tapos tinanong po ako kung ano daw ginawa ko sa loob. Eh kasi naman po parang galit na galit siya kaya hindi ako agad nakasagot.” I answered, not really bothering what language I’m using.

“You know, Ryan, you should really talk to that best friend of yours. His bar pin is just a small thing but it’s causing such so many things today.” Ma’am Ched suggested as she rubbed my arm to calm me down.

Sir Ryan nodded. “I’ll go talk to him when he gets back later.” He said as he ran his hand through his hair. “I’m sorry, Maya, in behalf of my friend. He’s just under a lot of stress lately.” He said.

I nodded. Of course I would understand. I just wish that it will never happen again, or else I would really quit this job. I sighed. I’m not really put up for being a professor. I’m mixing up my personal things with work and would end up talking everything personal, instead of professional. But I can’t really help it. It’s the first time that someone yelled at me like this, not because it’s entirely my fault but their anger was poured out on me.



I started teaching by noon in a gloomy state. I couldn’t seem to bring myself to smile. Thankfully, my students felt that I’m not really in any mood to deal with their annoyingness and just behaved the whole period. The day ended so fast and now I’m sitting back on my chair inside the faculty. The light inside the dean’s office is turned on, giving me a hint that he’s inside. I quickly grabbed my bag and headed outside though I heard the door open. I went straight inside our classroom even though I’m an hour early. I sat on the fourth row, and settled by the end of the long table the room has.

I buried my face on the table with my arms. I just want this day to end, and hopefully this whole semester. Then maybe I could find another job other than this. I could be a blogger or writing some column, I always thought I have good skills in writing.

Even if I’m taking all of this too personally, it’s still okay right? I mean he yelled at me, which no boss should unless they did something awfully bad. But what I did was not bad right? I even returned something that is his! I practically did something good, and not the other way around. Yet he acts like it’s the other way around.

I heard the door open, but I did not lift my head. I bet it’s just one of my classmates. I heard its footsteps, stopping after a few, then continuing to walk again. I felt something beside me, then the footsteps walked again, then it’s gone. I lifted my head and saw a paper bag beside me with the logo of Burger King. My brows furrowed. I looked around the room and found out that I was still alone. I opened the paper bag and inside was a burger, some fries and a drink. A folded paper was inside. I reached for it first and opened it.





thoughts? 🙂

A/N : Will try for a double treat. Sorry for the typos. Will fix it later.


33 thoughts on “Wherever You Will Go 6

  1. doc, sobra naman tong plot mo … every chapter hype na hype ung intensity 🙂 marunong din naman palang mag thank you ang singkit, pano pag na inlove na ng sobra sobra ito kay mayabels … sana may double treat please

  2. Thank u Christine! Dapat lang magsorry si Sir Dean. He is worried on something pero di naman yata tama yung sisigawan mo lang ng basta basta ang isang tao. Ayun si Maya natakot tuloy. Next one pls Christine. This story is great, waiting for you-cheers!

  3. Doc, kelan ba mlaman ni mayabels ang full name ni richard or true identity niya. ?? Ok din tong singkit na to kung humingi ng tawad may pa burger pa tlaga ha.. Waiting for the double treat hehehe..

  4. It gets more exciting every after chapter! Stress lang ba si Singkit sa pagiging working (as dean) student (med school) niya o baka nakakadagdag pa sa pinipigil o di-maamin-kahit-sa-sarilin niyang pagtingin sa kanyang bagong student-cum-faculty. Double treat, Ms Christine, please. Never mind the typos, ok lang sa amin. Have a great Sunday!

  5. Hahahahah Doctora grabe naman tong story mo… It’s still very early here in my part of the world and I think I died for a second hahahha #KILIGMUCH 😀 more pa please!!!

  6. Ito na! Ito na! I think this will be the start of their friendship..ayayay!!! Simpleng Sorry pero nakakakilig na tpos may pa-burger,fries at coke pa! Ayos din tong di Sir Dean e! Ahahaha. Waiting for the double treat doctora! Thankee!!

  7. Wahhh kinilig ako sa buger king ni sir dean 😊😊 I guess sorry is the right way to start a relationship sir dean? Im intrigue tuloy bakit ayaw nya paakam na lim ang surnane nya that’s why he’s so uoset kasi richard s. lim ang naka sulat sa pin he’s still lucky si maya ang naka pulot. Thanks ms chris sa update and double treat yes please. Good luck sa studies

  8. This is it! The start of a something between Richard and Maya. Ay teka paano na si Simon? Hmmm….. Kelangan muna madevelop ang friendship level nila Richard at Maya…. Si Simon naman mukhang his drifting apart na with Maya because of his busyness. More kilig moments Ms. CJ… 👏😍👍

  9. SORRY… it said it all…hmm..there is a mystery behind the name….thanks for the next chapter…God bless..

  10. Thank you Ms Christine marathon backread talaga. Typhoon Glenda cause us 13 days of darkness no electricity no water. Hay so boring. Thanks for your updates lessen ang trauma ko sa bagyo.

  11. ayan na..ayan na…start na ng something ‘sweet’?….i think dapat magbayad ng endorsement fee ang Burger King sa yo…pasalamat sila at nai-plug mo ang BK sa story mo huh!…okay naman pala si Sir Dean mag-sorry ha – may suhol…hehehe…atat na akong ma-unravel yung ‘Santelices-Lim’ mystery na ito ha…thanks Doctora for the update….yung kasunod ‘kagad ha

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