Wherever You Will Go 5

Chapter 5

Two weeks quickly passed and now it’s another Monday. It was mentally and physically exhausting that I really don’t get the chance to review anymore whenever I got home. I would go straight to bed and my eyes will automatically close. The only decent day that I could have is Sunday since I’m free but it’s all filled with quiz records, medical journals, notes, my own quizzes and a lot of other stuff.

Surprisingly, I didn’t have another encounter with Sir Dean. Well, it might’ve been for the fact that I’m avoiding him most of the time he’s in the school. The last two Wednesdays and Saturdays, Ma’am Ched was the one who taught us, saying that Sir Dean is not available. He would only be here an hour before his evening class, then with us during our subject. Then after our evening classes, he would leave right away after dismissing us. I hate that I’m feeling this worry or this concern about him. I hate that I’m starting to build up situations inside my head, explaining why he’s leaving right away.

“Good morning, Maya.” Sir Ryan greeted as I made my way to my table. He was sitting on his table, reading a paper on his hand.

“Good morning din Sir.” I greeted back and I looked at my watch. I still got thirty minutes to spare. I sat on my chair and opened the medical journal that Sir Dean loaned to me. I guess he still doesn’t need it since he still doesn’t want it back. It’s not that I want him to take it back, I actually want to keep it. It’s just full of information that is all useful.

“Long quiz on Sir’s class?” Sir Ryan asked as he made his way in front of my table. He pointed at the medical journal I was holding with his pencil.

“Ah. Not really Sir. I just don’t want to attend his class unprepared. I think that he loves giving on-the-spot quizzes with questions that are not related to what he taught.” I bluntly said, quite surprised after. I guess stress is taking over. “I-I don’t actually –“

“It’s okay, Maya. It’s the truth!” Sir Ryan cut me off as he laughed. “It’s been Richard’s way of teaching. He’s just reviewing you. You’re in your masters and he simply believes that you really need to master everything.” He explained. Well, it’s perfectly understandable. And there’s another thing that I can add up to his list of traits: suplado, arrogant, and now, a perfectionist. “May I see that?” Sir Ryan said and I nodded as I gave him the journal. He flipped the pages, like a kid looking only at the pictures of a book. “I’m surprised that Richard let you borrow this one. Did you ask him for it?” He suddenly asked.

My brows furrowed. “H-He .. he let me borrow it without me asking for it.” I answered. Sir Ryan looked at me with a hint of surprise. “How did you know it’s his?” I asked. It has been in my hands for days and I didn’t even see a name on that thing.

“His initials are here.” Sir Ryan said. “Oh crap. I need to go, Maya. I forgot Sir Mar asked me for a favor.” He said and quickly gave the journal back. “I’ll see you later.” He said and quickly head out.

I stared at the journal on my table. His initials are here? I closed it, then opened it and scanned every page. There’s not really any writing here, except for notes on some pages. Then I reached the last page. On its lower right corner, something was written.


RL? What’s does that stands for? I scanned the whole thing again and that’s just the only initials written if it really is one. My brows furrowed. I thought his last name is Santelices? Wouldn’t it be RS? Ugh. Why am I bothering myself like this? It could just be a mistake in writing, though L and S doesn’t really look the same.

I was still trying to crack the code when a shadow towered over me. I guess Sir Ryan forgot something. Oh great! I could ask him if this is what he’s talking about. “Sir Ryan, are these the initials you’re talking –“ I abruptly stopped. This is definitely not Sir Ryan. He shifted his look from his iPad to me. The familiar set of chinky eyes stared right back at mine. “G-Good m-morning Sir.” I stammered.

“Ma’am Ched told me you have she gave you the documents that I needed.” He blankly said as he turned his attention back to his gadget. Gee. Mr. Snob is back. He didn’t even spare me a few words to greet me back! “Well? Where is it?” He suddenly asked and that was the only moment that I realized that he’s not going to leave until I gave him the folder.

“Ah, hold on Sir.” I said and stood up. I think he stopped wearing checkered clothes after I called him Mr. Checkered, like now, he’s wearing a dark blue polo. I went to a cabinet where most of the files are. I don’t want it to get mixed up on my own things. I might grab it accidentally as a scratch paper. When I got a hold of the folder, I turned around and saw him holding the medical journal he loaned me and that his eyes are looking at the very page I was just staring at. “Here are the files, Sir.” I said.

He looked up at me and closed the journal. He placed it under his iPad and held out his hand to take the folder. “I’ll just take this for a while. I’ll give it back to you later.” He said and entered his office. And take note, he left without even saying thank you! How hard is it to just say two words?! I sank on my chair again and rolled my eyes. I can’t really believe that guy. He’s just too rude, even for a dean. I don’t even know why he’s here early. I just stood up to go to my first class. I don’t want to be near the faculty now that he’s here.

“Good morning Ma’am.” A familiar voice greeted me when as I closed the door of the faculty. A young man was looking at me with a silly smile on his face.

“Good morning Mr. Edward.” I said back, completely surprised that he’s here. “Do you need something? Or do you need to talk to someone inside? The faculty is empty. All the teachers are on their classes.” I said. Well yeah, it’s practically empty except for that office where Mr. Snob is.

“None of the above, Ma’am. I came to school early so I thought I could go here to assist you with your things.” He said and without even waiting for me to reply, he took the bag where the laptop is and carried it. “I’ll bring this to our room po.” He said with a smile and started walking.

I rubbed my forehead. I don’t really know what to do with this boy. He’s obviously trying to win me or something. I sighed and just decided to follow him since I’m going to be late if I didn’t. As I go downstairs, I saw something so I reached for it. It was a bar pin. I flipped it over and this was written on it.

Richard S. Lim

College of Medicine

The logo beside it is definitely not PUS’s. Since I don’t have time to go back, I placed it in my bag’s pocket and went inside the classroom. The students greeted me as I got to the table in front. I started my lecture right away since prelims is just around the corner and they would be left behind if I didn’t discuss it right away.

“Are there any questions?” I asked as I grabbed the bottle of water inside my bag. I glanced at my watch and saw that it’s almost time. “Yes Ms. Kylie?” I called out when I spotted her hand.

“Ma’am, when are our going to discuss about the cell’s organelles? The one with the mitochondria?” She asked.

“By next week.” I answered and the students seemed to be pleased by my answer. “Why do you all look excited?” I asked.

“Eh kasi Ma’am mukha pong interesting, lalo na po ‘yung mga sinasabi niyo nung first day saka po ni Kuya Richard.”Harry, their class president, said. “We already learned about it when were in High School but we don’t know that there’s so much more that we don’t know.”

I just gave him a smile. I honestly don’t know what to say. My mind gave me an automatic reply on what happened during the first day and my grip on the bottle got tighter. I thought I made it perfectly clear to my brain that I will forget that and now I was completely betrayed. “Ma’am?” I heard someone said and it turns out she was calling me for a few times now.

“Ah, yes? Sorry, I was just thinking about something.” I replied.

“Uyyy si Ma’am, iniisip si boyfriend.” Roy said at the back earning a laugh from the whole room. I sighed. That’s really another story to tell. I still haven’t seen Simon and it’s also because I’m busy most of the time.

“Shut up, Roy.” I heard Edward said, but the room continued to laugh and some girls at the back whispered something to their seatmates.

“What’s your question Ms. Lyn?” I asked, completely ignoring what’s happening.

“Nasaan na po si Kuya Richard? Nag-drop na po ba?” She asked.

“Crush mo lang eh.” Roy said once again, earning another roar of laughter inside the room. I bit my lower lip. Lyn turned so red that she buried her face in her hand and then started hitting Roy’s shoulder since he’s her seatmate. “Ma’am oh, si Lyn, bully.”

“Tama na ‘yan.” I said with a smile on my face. Gee, these students don’t really act their age. I bet they’re still trying to do some adjustments. “Richard .. doesn’t belong in this class. Naki-sit in lang siya rito.” I said, feeling so weird that I said his name out loud for the first time. I don’t really know why I didn’t say he’s the dean. “Alright, see you guys on Friday. Don’t forget about the concept map. Have a good day.” I said and the students packed their bags and said their goodbye to me. I grabbed the eraser and started erasing the writings on the board.

“Ma’am, si Kuya Richard po hinahanap kayo.” A voice said and I froze on my spot. I heard the door open and I heard the whole room go “Hi Kuya Richard.”

I swallowed the lump on my throat before I turned my head. The buttons of his polo are undone, and his white v-neck inside shirt is tucked out. I realized that he did that to blend in to the whole student environment even though they are now all wearing their uniform. He looked surprised by the greeting but quickly gave them a smile. “Hi guys.” He greeted back as he continued to walk and stopped just in front of me. I just felt myself steeping back and completely forgot that I’m at front. Every room here in PUS has this small stage for the teacher. It goes almost as wide as the room, stopping just a few inches before the first row of chairs and is more or less than ten inches elevated from the room. I was standing at the edge when he came in.

And now I stupidly stepped back.

Hooraaay! Another point for my embarrassment moments when he’s around.

I quickly lost my balance and I really think that I’m going to fall flat on my bottom. I even let out a shriek and closed my eyes but before I could even fall, I felt a pair of hands at the small of my back. I grabbed the pair of arms in front of me to hold myself back. “You really fall a lot when I’m around.” A voice said. My eyes bolted open and saw that our Sir Dean and my face are so near I could actually see the details on his face. I quickly pulled myself away and bumped the small table behind me. “Are you okay?” He asked.

I nodded frantically even though I could feel a little pain near my waist. I need him to step back. I cannot breathe whenever he’s less than a meter away from me. “S-Sir –“

“Richard.” He interrupted, then his eyes looked sideways. I found myself following his eyes and saw that some of my students are still inside the room, talking about their next subject.

“Oh.” I suddenly said. He doesn’t want me to call him Sir since they might hear it. I don’t really get it. Why does he keep his identity a secret? I don’t even know why our headmaster permits what he’s doing.

“’Oh’ is right.” He said and I’m at the edge of rolling my eyes at him. He’s just so cocky. “Anyway, I came by to give you this. I didn’t have the time to go back to the faculty to put this on your table. I’m running late for my class.” He said and placed the journal on the table. He turned around to leave and as I regained my strength, he turned around once again. “I have just one question. I dropped something on my way to the faculty and did you, by chance, saw a – No forget it. I need to go.” He said and went outside.

What the hell was that? I took a deep breath to compose myself. I grabbed my bag and the medical journal on the front table. But because I’m still shaky, I only grab a part of it, causing it to slip from my hand and fall open. It stopped on the last page and my eyes caught something.


My eyes narrowed and I scanned the pages of the journal. This was the same journal I had for the past days. I turned it on the last page and saw that it was still the same R.L. before, but now, the letter S was written on top of the L, like it was corrected. Did he borrow the medical journal just to correct this? Why even bother?



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A/N : Exams are oveeeeer! Ay, meron pa pala sa Wed. Hello pooo! How was the I Heart You 2 Concert?


16 thoughts on “Wherever You Will Go 5

  1. naku Doc, sobrang ka ka excite ang mga susunod na pangyayari ng story mo, ang daming mga tanong na gusto namin ng kasagutan 🙂 also nakaka duda din itong Edward na to, may kaugnayan ba to kay Dean? so, ung ginamit na last name ni Dean ay ang middle name nya … baket? abangan ang susunod na kabanata … sana may update kaagad please 😉

  2. Napakamahiwaga talaga itong si Kuya Richard, este Dean pala. Why does he have to conceal his last name and use his middle name?

  3. Kapares ng mga question ng mga adik “BAKIT” niya tinatago ang last name nya at binago pa talaga ni richard ung initial nya sa journal ma connect kya ni maya un sa pin na napulot nya! Whaaa next na please !!

  4. Kaloka pati ako confused sa initials RL to RS may issue ba siya about his family ??? Natanong lang . I can’t wait for the next chapter it’s getting exciting na ..Mayabels permis ka lang pagkaharap mo si singkit huwag masyadong aligaga (LOL) .

  5. Ang hirap ispelengin ni Dean/Doc Richard tapos misteryoso pa ang last name..
    Paano cla magliligawan ng dalawang ito eh pareho clang kulang ang oras sa dami ng ginagawa?
    Next chapter pls…

  6. There are so much mystery about him…so many question to ask, why??. I think S is his moms last name. Are they like each other…not for now, but not for long. Thanks for updates ms Christine, wish updates is more often…do understand schooling is 1st priority

  7. Ba’t kaya masyadong concern itong si Dean/Richard sa surname niya? May issue siguro sya sa kanyang ‘father’?…at itong si Edward misteryoso rin…why of all people pa-charming sya kay Mayabels?..oo nga masyadong busy ang dalawa sa kanilang mga scheds – ‘pano magkakagustuhan itong 2 ito?…thanks Chris sa update! truly magaling kang magpa-guessing game sa amin! we’re hooked unto it…

  8. May problem po ba ang wordpress? Bakit di ko mapasok ang mga blogs directly? I don’t think sa Internet connection ko ang problem, kasi I can access other website, even the WP website na papasok ko pero if I click or enter the blogs directly hindi ako maka-connect, even my own blogsite. Anyone who can help me. Dati naman kasi I can access it agad. Thanks. Excited pa naman ako to read the whole story.

  9. Sa wakas nabasa ko rin… Nagkaka problema kasi ang Internet connection ko. So intriguing ang plot ng story. Why does Richard wants to use his middle name instead of his surname. So mysterious, does she know Maya personally? Para kasing she’s testing Maya. Did he know Simon personally? Does he really sits in sa class and disguise himself as a student? Or Kay Maya lang? Why does he do that? Oh sana Ms. CJ may next update na… Hehehe

  10. Thank sa update! Do your busy with your studies still find time for us…goodluck! Oh yee with regards to 2nd anni concert…well Ano lang nag subscribed sa sky cable…enjoyed watching!

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