Wherever You Will Go 4

Chapter 4

This man is a genius.

I’ve been sitting here on my desk for about one-and-a-half hour now and I felt like I’ve learned so much than the previous years of learning. He knows so many things and even explains them expertly. And all he has is a whiteboard marker in his hand, and not a book or any notes. He’s simply sharing what is inside his head! Unbelievable.

So far, I don’t care if we started off on the wrong foot. What I care the most now is my notes! He’s been saying too much things and I don’t think I’m capable of writing all of them. I made a mental note to use my phone next time and record his lesson so I will not miss anything. I don’t know if teaching is really his thing or he just got the confidence since he’s in med school. Either way, I bet I’m still going to learn so much.

I can’t believe that I made a fool out of myself earlier. I should’ve known that he will be observing me. It’s my first day after all! He never interviewed me and just left it all up to Ma’am Ched. I should’ve seen this one coming. I should’ve expected that the Dean will be attending to one of my classes to evaluate me. And now here he is, discussing in front of me. I don’t even know if I can look him in the eyes after this! If I were him? I would be laughing at what I did earlier.

“Are you following?” He asked and then his eyes moved to observe the class. I cautiously did the same. Most of the class had their heads bowed down and continued to write something on their notebooks, as if it they need the word per word of his explanation. I continued to move my eyes until it got stuck at him. I quickly averted my eyes and looked at my watch. I made an inward grown. Time sure pass slowly when you’re waiting for something. And right now, I’m waiting for this class to end. Sir Dean continued his lesson without waiting for any answer from us.

“Twenty minutes break.” He announced after announced after another half hour of teaching non-stop. I made circular motions with my head to remove that cramping feeling in it. I heard the door open and closed, and when I looked in front, he’s no longer there. I suddenly felt quite relieved that I’m not breathing the same air as him for the mean time. I stood up and stretched even further, then I went to the comfort room to micturate.

I decided to text Kute when I got back inside the room. My hands went to my pocket but my phone is not there. Then I rummaged my bag to look for it but then it’s still not there.

“Shit.” I muttered. “Nasa table ko.” I lightly tapped my head. I left too quickly earlier because I thought I was going to be late. I remembered that I placed it on my table while I was eating then Ma’am Ched approached me. I have to get it now, otherwise, the faculty might be closed after Sir Dean’s lesson. I hesitatingly stood up from my seat and walked until I reached the door of the faculty. I slowly reached the knob and turned it to open the door. I ushered my head to take a peek and saw that the room is empty.

I tiptoed slowly to my table since the light inside the Dean’s office is turned on, indicating that he is inside. Relief flooded me when I saw the familiar phone on my desk. I don’t know how I got there quickly, I think I already ran for it. When I’m about to grab my phone, I heard the door near my table open.

Shit shit shit.

I know it’s him. I’m absolutely sure that it’s him. I should probably look up and greet him good evening but I think my body has a mind of its own. I grabbed the phone and ran outside. I slipped when I stepped on a rug but it’s a good thing that I didn’t lose my balance. I headed towards the door and quickly went inside our room. I hurried to my seat and the funny thing was that the other students mistook it as a signal that the dean is already near. So they scrambled to their seats too. I bit my lower lip to stifle my laughter.

I buried my face in my arms on my desk. I can’t believe I made another thing to embarrass myself. One more and I could definitely make a living out of it. I heard the door open and I forced myself to sit straight and to look at the board, and not at him.

“Alright. You’ll be having the first quiz of this term today.” He announced as he settled himself behind the desk. How did I know? My eyes are on the board remember? “Sir what size of paper will it be?” A student asked.

“Ah, I forgot to tell you. All of my quizzes will be oral since in real life, you’re not given a paper and a pen to answer questions like this. You’re not given a chance to think twice about what you’re going to say and just cross out the answers if you’re not sure with them.” He said and I found myself staring at him as he moved behind the desk. Behind all of the suplado effect and the arrogance, he is so full of wisdom. Even if he is the least person I want to see right now, I bet I will always be around to hear the things he will say.

He was looking down at something on the long table in front of us so my eyes shifted to it. My mouth gaped when I saw the familiar phone. It’s my phone. I quickly looked inside my bag and the iPhone stared back at me. But this one is black. Mine is white. My eyes widened at the thought that’s been formulating inside my head. I nervously pressed the home button and a foreign background greeted me.

This is not my phone.

I looked back at the table and I really have this gut feeling that it was mine. It was given to us by Jeff, the father of Kute’s son, Cho. He’s working in US and would usually send us things like this. The iPhone is really for Kute but she asked Jeff permission to give it to me instead. She said that the technology of it is way too advanced for her so she exchanged it to my Nokia.

When I looked up, I met his gaze. I quickly averted his gaze and pretended to read my notes. He can really make me so uneasy. “So, let’s start with …” He said and I dared to look at him as he is scanning names on a paper. “Mr. Aguinaldo.”


His quiz dragged on while all of us were quietly listening. The questions are all spontaneous and don’t create a pattern to what topic he will be asking next. He doesn’t even have a paper to look at the question he’s going to ask next! It could go from botany to microbiology to genetics and I think he’s doing it to know if we can still remember the things we learned before.

“Next is, Ms. .. Dela Rosa.” He said slowly, as if testing how it will come out of his mouth. His head turned, looking for me and his eyes stopped when he noticed that I was raising my hand. I caught his brows go up for a second and a smirk flew again across his lips.

I just gave a tight smile though I’m silently praying for the earth to eat me up. I’m an embarrassment to this man! And based from the way he’s looking at me, I can sense that he might say something to embarrass me to the whole class. “Where can you locate your gluteus maximus?” He asked.

Muscular system? “Uhm, it’s the buttocks po Sir.” I answered and he nodded his head. What that all? I can already feel myself calming down when he spoke again. “What is the main role of water in plants, more particularly in photosynthesis?” He asked.

I swallowed the lump in my throat. This is definitely on the curriculum for the Biology subject that I’m currently teaching. I don’t want to assume but is he reviewing me? “Photosynthesis is divided into dark and light reactions. During the light reactions, the sunlight is converted chemical energy. The role of water is to supply hydrogen whenever there is a shortage to the cycle, and since H in H2O is removed, oxygen is released in the air for animals to breathe.” I answered and he nodded again. He looked at the paper and called on the next student.

“Ah, last one, Ms. Dela Rosa.” He suddenly said, making me nervous again.

“Y-Yes Sir?” I stammered.

“Power house of the cell?” He asked with a smirk he was preventing to emerge from his lips. It took a lot of power before I prevented myself from rolling my eyes which I really want to do. He’s obviously enjoying this.

“Mitochondria, sir.” I answered with full I-don’t-care-what-happened-earlier and I-don’t-give-a-damn look. He narrowed his eyes at me before he turned his attention back to the next student.

I think I’m in trouble.

“I would like to speak to you afterwards Ms. Dela Rosa.” Sir Dean said without looking at me.

Crap. I spoke too soon.

The quiz dragged on and the last student finished at precisely half hour past eight. Most of us looked like zombies with our brains full of so much stuff that it’ll explode. “Find a reliable medical journal, pick a case then we’ll discuss it tomorrow. Good night.” He said and we packed our bags and stood up. I was already headed outside when I met his gaze.

“In my office, please.” He just said and got outside. It took me a second before I could remember that he asked to spoke with me after class. I groaned and followed him. I really just want this to be over so I could go home and sleep.

When I entered the faculty, he’s nowhere to be found, and I’m guessing that he’s already in his office. So I headed there and knocked before I opened the door. His office was much bigger than I’ve expected. It could probably be as big as those home offices I’ve watched on TV. The walls were painted dark brown and the ceiling and the floor were white. “Take a seat.” He said making me jump in surprise. I haven’t even noticed that he’s standing beside his desk while he’s reading something on what looked like a journal.

I took a seat in front of his desk, on that’s completely opposite from him. He continued to read and remained quiet. I don’t even know what to do next. Is he going to talk to me or I should just leave? Without having a second thought, I opened my bag and grabbed the phone that was not mine. “Ah, Sir, I think I grabbed the wrong phone by mistake.” I said, feeling a bit conscious that my voice was the only noise inside the room.

“So you’re calling me Sir now? I thought I was Mr. Checkered.” He said and when he looked up, I thought he’s mad or something but I was surprised that he gave me a full smirk like the one he’s been trying to avoid doing earlier.

I bit my lower lip. Well, I have to deal with this sooner or later. I might just well rip off the bandage all at once instead of prolonging it. “Uhm, I do apologize for that Sir. In my defense, I don’t exactly know who you are.”

“It’s understandable.” He said as he moved from where he was standing and sat on his swivel chair in front of me. I found myself leaning back, putting all the distance that I could possibly get between us. “I do apologize too for wrongly saying your name earlier. I forgot that Ryan has mad skills in writing.” He said and then he reached for my phone on his desk and put it in front of me. “Here’s your phone. I left mine on your desk earlier after I received a call. I had no idea that yours is also on the table.” He looked at me like he was waiting for me to speak. “Ah and are you alright? You slipped earlier when you sprinted outside the faculty earlier.”

Crap. He saw that? Of course he saw that! He’s the main reason why I ran! I think I got tongue tied. It’s really different when I’m speaking to him like this, that it’s only the two of us. All of the courage I have earlier ran away from me when I learned that he’s the dean. He reached out again and grabbed the black iPhone that I placed on his desk. “I’ll take this.” Then he grabbed the one he’s reading earlier and ushered it to me. “Here’s a medical journal. You’ll find this useful. You can go.”

He said and grabbed another one of his journals and opened them to read. I remained still in my seat. My mouth opened automatically and then I uttered, “W-Why?”

He looked at me with his brows raised up. “Why ..?” He repeated as if he wanted me to finish it for him, but since my tongue is still tied, I have no idea how to answer him. “Well, you’re working here, in my college apparently and I doubt that you’ll find a time to get a medical journal and review it at the same time so I’m loaning you mine.” He said. “You can go now. It’s late.”

I slowly got up from my seat and grabbed the journal he’s temporarily loaning to me. Before I could even turn the knob, I heard him spoke. “Take care of that journal. Don’t get it wrinkled or something.” My mouth gaped and I looked back at him whose now reading something again. What a jerk. I really thought that he was being thoughtful and all but I guess not.

He’s still the same arrogant man wearing the same checkered polo.



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A/N : Ito po muna. Wala po kasing pasok kanina. Hahaha. Ah, opo opo, iba po yung surname ni Richard kasi .. stay tuned 😉

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  1. kakalokang pambibitin … tumataas ung temperatura sa paligid, then wala na palang kasunod, iniisip ko pa lang ung darating ang time na ma inlove na itong dean kay Mayabels, kinikilig na ako … anyways, ’till next time, thanks sa update … good luck sa studies Doc … 🙂

  2. thanks Chris for the update….hmmm…medyo may animosity kaya between the two of them? but i appreciate yung mga scientific terms mo dito, it’s very educational. Sge review ka muna. Study muna ang beauty mo pero dont forget yung updates ng WYWG ha…im still curious dito sa title mo…

  3. Thanks for the update Ms Tin good luck sa studies mo …can’t wait for the next chapter sana eh tantanan naman ni singkit si Maya and give her a chance ….

  4. Thank u Christine. Hmmmm umpisa ng magusap si Dean at Teacher Maya. Siguro naglalagi na si Dean sa office nya from that time on. Next one please, cheers.

  5. Pumaparaan yata si Dean ah. Basta Maya focus lang & do good sa iyong work at lalo na sa studies. Kahit magpa-cute pa si Dean syo, deadma muna. Hehe. Thanks Christine, sa muling nakakabitin na chapter. Haha. God bless sa studies mo.

  6. Ow. This is exciting! Aligaga silang dalawa actually.. This could be a funny love story..kinikilig na ako sa dalawa..
    Next na pls.. And thanks sa update!!!

  7. Wahhh! Ms Chris kinilig naman ako bigla at na excite sa dalawa. I had a professor like richard in acoustics he’s also a Chinese haha what a coincidence. Good luck sa studies

  8. At ano naman ang ginagawa ng mobile phone ni Singkit sa table ni Ms dela Rosa? Mr Checkered, put-on lang ba ang sungit-sungitan mo? Love yong pagiging aligaga ng dalawa. Thanks for the update, Ms Christine, kahit nabitin. Hahaha.

  9. Talaga nga naman ang mga pasimpleng da moves ni dean ricky a.k.a Mr.Checkered ni Maya! Ayiiie!! Simula pa lang nkkakilig na ang kasungitan ni Ricky kay Mayabels!!! E panu yan may boyfie pala si Maya dito. Nakaka-excite lalo ang next na mangyayari. Dra.! Goodluck sa studies and exam mo! After nyan, dont forget our update,okay?.hehe

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