Wherever You Will Go 1


“Name?” My old professor asked and even though I already know Mrs. Garcia personally, I couldn’t help but feel intimidated, and I feel like this nervousness inside me would somehow eat me. I know that she already know what my name is and I just think that she’s asking me this for formality’s sake.

“Maya Dela Rosa, Ma’am.” I answered with a smile; hopefully my voice didn’t reflect what I am feeling inside. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my minor subjects, it is to show that you have full trust in yourself and that would somehow make them believe that they can entrust you with jobs no matter how tough it is.

I’m not really planning to apply in this position, but it’s just that I need money so that I could continue to study my MS in Biology. It’s my last year and I don’t want to delay it even further. I’m already here, right? I just need to finish it. School will start next week. My scholarship was revoked because one of my subjects failed to meet the desired grade. It was really devastating when I saw my grade there. I know that I’m not really good in Genetics and I’ve really tried everything, but I guess it’s not enough. So for now, I have to deal with all of these by working.

As a part-time professor.

I’ve graduated BS Biology a couple of years back with high grades and a NMAT score that would probably offer me a lot of opportunities. But since my family is not really that rich, I can’t afford to go to medical school, that’s why I decided that I will just take my masters and if I can still study, I would want to continue and earn my doctorate degree. I know, I know, it’s such a huge dream for a simple woman like me. But if you’ve been dreaming to be called as Doc, you will do anything for it, right?

Mrs. Garcia continued to ask me questions, like what are my capabilities, what I can do for this school and such. She’s sitting behind a desk in front of me which is quite a good thing because I doubt that she can see my hands fidgeting. I really hate interviews like this. It makes me feel like they are going to eat my soul with their stares whenever they become silent to hear my answer. And if you think that being interviewed by someone you know is actually good, then think twice! Since they already know you, they will know if you’re telling lies. And Mrs. Garcia has been our class adviser since I started my MS Bio.

“I hope you will not mind that I will call you Maya since you’re one of my former students but can I just ask why you are suddenly interested in this position? I’m not really in any place to interfere with your decision, it’s just that you will lose time because of your schedule rather than using it for you to review.” Mrs. Garcia said, and for the first time, I saw sincerity in her eyes. I bet she’s worried about my state. Then again, I don’t really have any other options.

“Well Ma’am –“

“Please, Maya. I want you to be frank. Don’t give me that ‘I really want to teach’ thing. I want to know the truth and it might actually help you in this job interview.” She interrupted. I gave her a small smile and took a deep breath. I already knew that having Mrs. Garcia as my interviewee would be difficult. She literally became my second mother here in the university. But I haven’t really told her about my family’s status. I don’t really think that telling everyone I know about my family would really be necessary.

“Uhm, Ma’am, I .. I really need some financial support so that I could finish this course.” I truthfully answered. “But I promise, I will not sacrifice my teachings just because I’m earning money. I will teach my students all of the things that I know and all of the things that I’ve learned since I was still in my BS Bio.” I continued.

“How about your classes? If ever you are accepted, you cannot attend your day classes since you will be teaching your students.” Mrs. Garcia said.

I nodded. “Yes Ma’am, I’ve already thought about that and I guess the best way for me is to attend the evening classes here while I spend my day teaching. And I’m sure that even if I’m busy teaching, I could still cope with our lessons since it’ll be like I’m reviewing whenever I am teaching.” I determinedly replied. I’ve really thought this through. I’m lucky that our university offers night class for those students who are working during the day and most of them are also professors.

“You will attend our dean’s class?” The lady in front of me asked, her eyes a bit wide like she couldn’t believe that she just said that.

I nodded my head. “Yes po, Ma’am.” I replied.

Mrs. Garcia slowly nodded. “Well, if that happens, then I wish you all the luck in the world.” She said and I gave her a curious look. What does she mean by that? “Ah, I didn’t really mean it like that. It’s just that the dean is really strict in his classes, especially since he only teaches students under MS Bio. Naghahabol pa nga sa’min ‘yung iba kasi binagsak daw sila ni Sir.”

I pursed my lips. Yes, I already know that. Even though I just went here for my masters, rumor has it that our dean seldom comes to school since he’s studying in medical school but doesn’t want to give his position up yet. Since he’s seldom present, only the faculty knows what he looks like. I don’t even know his name! I think it starts with R, though. Rico? Ryan? Rowell? Even on orientations, he is not present, yet he can still do his job as our college dean. He serves as one of my inspirations. If he can study in medical school and be a college dean at the same time, why can’t I finish my masters and be a professor at the same time?

“I already know that Ma’am, but I guess I just have to study harder. I guess our dean is really that strict in his students because he just wants what’s best for them. And if it’s true that he’s studying in med school then I think I will really learn a lot from him.” I answered truthfully.

Mrs. Garcia’s eyes widened for a second. “You’re not even scared to take his class?”

“I want to be honest as possible so yes Ma’am, I’m a bit scared. But I don’t want to let another opportunity pass me by and I do think that this would really help me, Ma’am, one way or another.” I answered.

My professor nodded and wrote something on some paper. By the looks of it, she’s satisfied by my answer. Well, I really hope that she’s satisfied so that I could get this job. I really need this.

Mrs. Garcia thanked me and said that I will know if I got the job the day after tomorrow. She said that she’s still needs to consult our dean. I nodded and thanked her for her time then I made my way out of the faculty. It’s already Saturday evening and I could finally rest. Oh, right, I have to study while I’m resting. I pulled the tie and let my hair loose. I don’t really like it when it’s tied up. I just put it like that so that I would look presentable. My phone beeped and I pulled it out to check who sent a text.

How was the interview?

It was my boyfriend, Simon. He’s already on his residency while I’m taking up my masters. He’s a few years older than me and he was my senior when I was still in my BS Bio. He’s already in med school when he asked me out.

It went well. I think. Can you pick me up?

I sent. He offered me a ride this morning and I do hope I’m not too late to accept it. It’s already late and I just want to sit back and rest.

Sorry, I can’t. Caught up with work. Take care, okay? I’ll drop on school by Monday.

I sighed, knowing I can’t really compete with his career. Okay. I replied. I made my way outside the campus and then rain started to pour. I quickly reached for my umbrella and crossed the street. As I was about to cross, a car screeched and drove past a puddle and since I was standing in front of it and the car was so fast, the water on the puddle splashed and drenched my pants. I gasped with what happened and then I saw the car stop just a few meters past me, just outside the gate of the campus. I groaned and walked to reach it, then I knocked on the window of it. After a few seconds, the window on the passenger’s side rolled down.

“Look, if you’re going to ask me for alms –“

“Listen Mister!” I snapped, and surprisingly, he went silent. I tried to look directly in his eyes but since it’s already dark, I could only make out a man’s figure. “Can you please slow down? I know it’s already dark and that’ll be a valid excuse but please drive more carefully! Nabasa mo na nga ako nung nadaanan mo ‘yung puddle eh, paano na lang ‘yung iba? This is a school zone and you should drive more slowly!” I said.

I heard a chuckle inside the car. “Miss, it’s already evening, and it’s Saturday. There are a few people inside the campus now. I don’t think I’ll be in an accident with a student –“

“Well, you’re obviously wrong because you’re talking to one now.” I interrupted, and he went silent again. I knew he got my point. “Listen, I’ll let this pass, just drive more careful next time, okay? It’s not just the students that might be in an accident, you could be in one, too. Have a good night.” I said and tried to give him my best smile. Then I straightened my body and crossed the street to ride a jeep.


“O bunso, nandyan ka na pala. Kumain ka na ba?” My sister, Kute er, Cris for others, immediately asked when she saw me. She’s busy with our own karinderya that my parents started a year ago. It’s going really well, but the income is not enough for my tuition. It could only support my nephew’s, Cho’s, tuition. For years, I relied on my scholarship and it really took me by surprise when it was revoked.

“Sige lang Kute, ako na lang kukuha ng pagkain ko. Akyat muna ako sa taas, magpapalit muna ako ng damit.” I answered.

“Si Nanay nasa kusina, naglulu – Lino! Dalian mo! Kanina pa ‘yang order na ‘yan!” Kute hissed. “Nasan ba si Chona?” She muttered as she scratched her head.

I sighed. This is a typical day for our family. I would usually help Kute but I can’t because of my studies. “Akyat na ko Kute.” I just said since I knew that she already knew what I meant. We’re not really this gloomy before. We’re really different people two years ago when our father was still alive.

Tatay Arturo was on his way home when a car hit him. The driver turned out to be drunk and crossed the road even if it’s on the red light. My father was hit by the car and was declared dead on arrival at the hospital. That’s why I didn’t really scold the man earlier when he drove on a puddle. I’m more worried if he ever got into an accident. I don’t really want anyone to be committing the same mistake as the driver of the car that killed my father.

I made my way inside my room and opened my books. I still need to study. I’ve made a habit to always do advance reading. I don’t really know what will happen if I didn’t get that job. The payment is not that really high, but already enough for me to graduate. I placed my hands on my head. I wonder what I will do. Maybe I’ll get a job at a fast food chain and work my ass off. Or maybe I’ll just stop on studying and apply as a teacher instead. Then when I save enough money, I could go back to school. Though I might regret not finishing it now since I’m already on my last year. I sighed. Then I heard my phone beep. It’s a text from Ma’am Garcia.

“Gabi na ah.” I muttered while my brows are furrowed. I wonder what she needs. I quickly opened the message almost immediately, a huge smile spread across my lips.

You got the job Ms. Dela Rosa. Please come to the campus early on Monday so that we could arrange your schedule. Congratulations! God bless.




A/N : OMG, I’m back! Haha. After weeks of hibernating lol. Forgive me but I cannot do daily updates po. Medyo hectic po kasi ang school ngayon, ang dami po kasing major subjects. Ah, and I’m on the Dean’s List! Weeeeee! Thank you po sa prayers 😀 Sana lang po mabigyan ako ng scholarship 🙂

Nasaan kaya si Richard?

Stay tuuuuned!!



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  1. Hello ms christine welcome back, another interesting story, i think the dean and the driver ng car is the one and only richard whaaaa!!!! May connection ba cya sa pagka tanggap ni maya sa work ms christine.

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  3. Thanks Ms. Christine. I’m sure this will be another super kilig love story nang dalawa nating favorite characters. Akala namin wala ka nang fanfic eh. Ang mga adiks eh nag-uumpisa nang mag- withdrawal,sa totoo lang. Nakaka-depress pag walang fanfic. Ito lang mga fanfic about Richard and Maya ang stress-reliever namin. Thanks again for taking the time write inspite of your busy schedule.

  4. congrats Doc, keep it up … at interesting ang bago mong inihain sa amin, much as we wanted to have a daily dosage of Vit. K, pero mas importante ang studies … maghihintay pa din kami, pero sana d gaano katagal hahaha

  5. Welcome back and congratulations ms Christine! My guess is si richard ubg dean and sya din yung driver nung car.. hehe… looking forward for the next chapter napo… 🙂

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    Anyway welcome back din…

  10. 💐💃Smarty girl/lady congrats!!🎉you deserve to be in the Dean’s list! Thanks for taking time and giving the adiks reason to kilig😁😘😀

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  13. Wow…congratulations are in order then! Dean’s lister – i wish you all the best…and thank you Chris for taking the time to write stories about RL & MDR pa…sge kahit ‘absent’ ka sa fanfics – you’re forgiven..syempre priority ang studies iha. I also bet si RL yung dean & driver ng car. Hmmm interesting itong WYWG pero ngayon pa lang intriguing – sino kaya ang may sabi ng ‘WYWG”? si RL or si MDR? at mukhang nakaka-relate ka ng husto Chris…ito ang comfort zone mo – medicine…next chapter pls

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  19. Hi Christine,
    Una thank u sa new story and am happy you’re back. 2ndly, congrats and best wishes na nasa dean’s list ka. Ang heavy mo as a medstudent ha at maraming major na subjects. More power, kailangan mo yan. Laging ingat at cheers!

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