Clarity 32

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Chapter 32


My eyes started to well up. My own heart felt so broken without me knowing how it happened. I’m still inside Vanguard, standing before three people I used to know. Now, James dropped the bomb on me. And all I could do is to explode.

“James, you’re kidding right?! Nasa office pa ni Simon si Richard kanina. Hindi pa .. hindi pa siya naalis.” I muttered.

James sadly smiled at me. “I’m sorry, Maya, but Richard already left. As for as I know, si Simon ang last stop niya. Kakagaling lang namin sa bahay nila, actually. All three of them already left.” He explained.

Tears started to fall down from my face as I sobbed hard. He left. He already left. I’m such an idiot. I should’ve believed him at the first place! I never should’ve doubted him! “K-Kailan ang balik nila?” I hopefully asked.

James looked at his wife, as if to ask for extra strength to speak. “Maya, uhm, Tito Roberto and Luke are coming back after two weeks –“

“Eh si Richard? Kailan siya babalik?” I anxiously asked. I tried to put on a smile on my face. I want to build this hope inside of me that he will return and when that time comes, I can finally tell him that I only want to be with him. Then maybe share this happily ever after with him.

The looks on their faces told me not to keep my hopes up for too long, because my heart will be torn even more. “Richard is .. what I know is that he’s staying for good sa New York. He’s going to run Visionary Vanguard there. Kasama lang niya sina Tito para sa grand opening.”

I nodded as I tried to smile but I just can’t. Richard left. He left. I felt someone hug me and rubbed my back, probably to calm me down. “Maya, stop crying.” I heard Angela’s voice. “Even if Richard left, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you. He just wants to have time, both for him and for you.” She said in a soothing voice.

“Ma’am Maya, tama po si Ma’am Angela. Napanood niyo na po ba ‘yung nasa CD?” Liza asked.

I looked at her. “What C-“ I abruptly stopped when I remembered the CD I left on Kute’s table. “A-Ano bang meron dun sa CD?” I asked as I wiped my tears.

“Maya, can you remember everything? I do mean everything.” James asked as he carried Angelo in his arms.

I shook my head. “Hindi pa.” I could only see glimpses but I couldn’t really tell the whole story yet.

“Maya, I think you should watch the video. It will really help you.” Angela said. “I think it was Richard’s last project before he left today.” She said. “Ah, James, siguro ihatid na natin si Maya sa kanila, unless you’re going somewhere else, Maya?”

I looked at them at just nodded. I really have nowhere to go now. If only I’m a tad early, then things might be different. We rode inside their Sportivo and I told James to stop first at Pocholo’s since I left the CD there. “Uhm, Angela, ilang taon na kayong kasal ni James?” I asked.

Angela looked at James first and his husband nodded, like giving her a signal that she just needs to answer me. “Two years na, Maya. Uhm, we .. we got married a few weeks before .. before you and Richard were supposed to get married.” She said. My mouth gaped. So I really left someone. I closed my eyes and tried to picture that memory I had.


When I opened my eyes that time, I was in a completely foreign place, and there’s someone with me. Her face is now clear – it’s Angela. I was so scared that time because I don’t have any idea what I’m doing inside that room. So I ran. I hailed a cab even if I can hear someone calling my name. His voice now so familiar.

It’s Richard’s.

He kept yelling my name even if I already got inside the cab. He was running after me, begging me not to go. I cried that time. I thought it may be just because everything was sad. But the truth is, my heart is crying for me. It remembers every memory I have with Richard, while my brain permanently deleted it.


The car halted and stopped at Pocholo’s. Angela insisted in meeting my sister since she is a huge fan of Kute’s dishes. I went to her office and grabbed the box I got from Simon, the framed sketch of him and the envelope where the CD is. Then Angela and James took me again for a ride home.

“Maya, if there’s anything you need, we can always help.” James said. “Because I bet, after you watch that video, you’ll have your memory back. Si Richard pa.”

I smiled sadly. “Thank you both.” I only said.

“Aww.” Angela took a step to hug me. “This thing you’re feeling? It has an ending, Maya. You just have to wait patiently, like Richard waited for you.”

I hugged Angela back and stifled my sob. “Sige. Papanoodin ko na ‘tong CD. Umuwi na kayo. Inaantok na si Gelo o.” I said.

“Okay. Just call us, Maya, okay?” James said again and opened the passenger’s door for Angela. I smiled at the sight of them. If only I didn’t have that accident, maybe Richard and I are also married. Maybe with a child too? But I’m sure, I’ll be happy as long as I’m with him.

I entered our house and inserted the CD in the component of our TV. I curled myself on the corner of the couch and hugged a pillow. I reached for the remote and pressed play.

Richard’s face came into view. I think the camera is placed on a table since he’s sitting on the couch at front. His eyes looked so sad and looked like he hadn’t got enough sleep for days. He pursed his lips before he spoke. “Uhm, you should’ve probably figured out by now that .. that this is not my thing.” Richard’s clear voice said. Then he paused to heave a deep breath. “But as I’ve told you, I can change and I will change for you. And I would gladly make this kind of crap even if I’m not good at this.” He said, making me smile. “You can judge this whole .. mess but please, hear me out first.

“I know that Simon is the one who you believe in but .. I just can’t accept that. I’ve been trying to reach you for days so that I could talk to you but you wouldn’t talk to me, so I guess this is the best thing next to it. I want you to meet these people that might be new to you, but I’m telling you know that they are not.” He said and he reached out for the camera and it blacked out.

“Hi Ate Maya!” Luke happily greeted. “I’m Luke. I guess nasabi na sa’yo ni Kuya Richard that I’m his half brother, well, pinsan niya, nagkataon lang na pareho kaming singkit.” He said and I smiled. They do share that witty side. “Anyway, nasa kwarto niya si Kuya eh. I guess he doesn’t want to hear what I have to say. The memory that I can probably share with you is that time when I slept at Kuya’s condo. Tanda mo pa ba ‘yung rule niya?”

“Bawal pumasok sa home office niya.” I muttered, like it’s the most normal thing to say.

“Bawal pumasok sa office niya diba? So I was talking to him, tapos pumasok ka na lang bigla, dala-dala mo ‘yung kape mo. Hindi ka sinita ni Kuya Richard no’n. Pero nung sinubukan kong pumasok, sinita niya ako. That was the only time that he allowed someone to enter there. That’s when I knew that .. you’re something else.” He said and the screen blacked out.

“Hi Ma’am Maya!” Liza greeted. “Ako po si Liza, yung secretary ni Sir Richard. Ewan ko ba kay Sir kung bakit pa ako sinali sa ganito.” She said. “Isang beses lang naman po tayo nagkakilala. Nung bumalik po ako galing probinsya, kayo yung humawak ng trabaho ko. At alam mo Ma’am Maya? First time ko nakita si Sir Richard na gano’n kalaki yung ngiti kapag kausap ka. Sabi ko talaga, may something sa inyong dalawa. At eto nga, hindi talaga ako nagkamali.” She said and the screen goes black.

“Is your ankle okay now?” A voice said and I recognize him as the doctor that attended to me when I sprained my ankle. He was sitting beside a woman. “I’m Jerry Manalo, and she’s my wife, Gina.”

“G-Gina?” I whispered. I do recognize that name.

“So, saan ba ako magsisimula? Ah, well, there’s this one night, na pumunta ng ospital si Richard para may isugod na babae na nakita niya daw na walang malay sa kalsada. Ako yung doktor, and unfortunately, she’s suffering from amnesia. When she woke up, she held Richard’s hand and he’s the only one she trusted.” Jerry said.

“Ako ‘yung babae.” I continued to mutter.

“Tapos for unknown reason, nadepress ‘yung pasyente ni Jerry kaya pinatuloy muna namin siya sa bahay. She was so depressed that time, and very untrust-y with people. Pero nung dumating si Richard that night, bumalik siya sa normal niyang state. Parang walang nangyari.” The woman, Gina said. “Maya, you were that woman. When Richard came that night, I already knew that he’s got something on you. Kasi random strangers lang kayo, yet, he cared so much for you.”

“Maya, tiis lang ha? Amnesia is a very hard thing to deal with. Pero as we’ve said, the odds are always in your favour. And I do bet, it is still on your side even though years passed. You and Richard are meant for each other.” Jerry said and I found myself tearing up. The screen went blank again.

“Hi Maya.” James said as he appeared on the screen. “Alam ko namang kilala mo na ko but since baka batuhin ako ni Richard kapag hindi ako sumunod, magpapakilala na ko.” He said, making me chuckle. “I’m James Ventura. Ang tanging best friend ni Richard, and his former boss. You do remember that, right? You worked at Aero too when Liza, his secretary,was on leave.” He said and I smiled. Yes, I could quite recall that time. “So, what’s some memory I can share with you. Hmm. Ah! Alam ko na. There’s this one day when Richard has a meeting but when he got to Aero, sobrang inaantok siya. Do you remember the reason why?” He asked and paused as if he’s waiting for my answer.

“I spilled some coffee.” I muttered and actually was surprised by my response.

“You spilled coffee on his house plan! He stayed up all night and went to work without any sleep! Tapos nung hinatid ko siya sa condo niya, nakita kita. Tatawag na talaga ako ng security non kasi akala ko kung sino ka. Then Richard told me that you’re the one who spilled the coffee.” He said and actually made that memory to pop in my head. James continued to tell me a bunch of stories then the screen goes blank again.

“Hey Maya!” Angela happily greeted as she lifted Gelo’s hand to wave. “I’m Angela Ventura. Ang daldal ng asawa ko ano? Anyway meet Angelo James! We call him Gelo. Hindi pa namin nakuhang Ninong si Richard kasi .. malungkot pa siya non eh. Basta pag nagkaroon ulit kami ng isa pang baby, I promise magiging Ninong at Ninang na kayo.” She happily said.

“Mas madaldal ata si Angela eh.” A voice said and Angela pouted.

Laughter burst from behind the camera and Angela reached for it and turned around giving me a view of Richard and James laughing. “Hey! Richard’s the one who said that! Hindi na nga ako naimik eh!” James defended and continued to laugh. Angela turned the camera around and faced it to her again.

“Nakakainis ‘tong syota mo, Maya. Ang bully eh!” She said and the boys continued to laugh. “Anyway, habang natawa sila dyan, magkukwento na ‘ko. Remember the time na muntikan na tayong makipag-break sa kanila? Kung ano-ano kasi yung naiisip ko eh. Akala ko nambababae na, ‘yun pala, nagpapagawa na ng engagement ring.” She said and I smiled, remembering what we did. I could remember that I locked myself inside a room and cried myself to sleep. Then Richard was waiting for me to apologize.

“Tapos .. ako ‘yung huling taong nakasama mo bago mo nabagok ‘yung ulo mo. Ikaw kasi eh, pa jump shot jump shot ka pa, nadulas ka tuloy sa upuan!” She said. “I was so scared that time. Akala ko kung napaano ka na. Tapos ayun nga, hindi mo na ako matandaan nung nagising ka. Tumakbo ka na lang palabas tapos sumakay sa taxi.

“I was with Richard when you left, Maya. You have no idea how he like when you left. Hindi siya napasok sa trabaho, hindi nalabas ng condo, hindi nakikipag-usap, hindi nakain. Sobrang nag-alala kami ni James no’n. Alam mo bang halos suyurin na niya ang buong Pilipinas, mahanap ka lang? Kung hindi pa namin nilagay nina James at Luke lahat ng mga gamit mo sa isang kahon, hindi kikilos si Richard. Then it was Tito Roberto’s plan to move him out of his condo. Tapos nung bumalik ka, sobrang laki ng difference. I bet hindi tatawa si Richard ng ganito.” She said. “Kita mo? Tumahimik si Richard, kasi alam niyang tama ako. I really miss you Maya. I hope I can see you soon.”

I felt my heart so heavy. Was Richard really like that? I can’t imagine that he’s suffering like that while I’m living a normal life simply because I didn’t know I left someone like that, let alone on our wedding day.

“Maya.” An old voice said and a man came into a view. “I’m .. I’m Roberto Lim. I’m Richard’s father.” He introduced and my breath hitched. I know this man. “First of all, I do want to thank you. I really am in debt. You’re the reason why Richard and I are okay now. Kung natatandaan mo pa, Ricky doesn’t want to see me, ever, because of my foolishness when he was still young and when his mom died. You’re the reason why my son is back, and I don’t think I could ever repay you for it.” He said and tears rolled down from my eyes.

“I know how much you love my son, and I know how much he loves you. I’m not blaming you for tearing his heart apart. It’s just the way it’s supposed to be. Richard is really in love with you. He could search heaven and earth just to find you, and now that you’re back again, he’s doing all of these things just to win you back. His actions might be slow, forgive him please, he’s just scared of loosing you again. And I do hope that he doesn’t lose you again.”

The screen blacked out again and as I was wiping my tears, a hallway was shown at the screen. Then Richard’s voice spoke at the background as he entered a condo unit. It was his old one. He toured me inside and with each room, I recalled a thousand memories, especially in his bedroom. It’s my most favourite one because that’s where we would always cuddle up.

The next one is a video of a huge house. It was all new and very beautiful with full length mirrors everywhere. He toured me inside, showing me the rooms and there’s plenty of it. He turned the camera around and his face came into view. “This is the product of the last residential house that I made. It’s the house where my mom left me. And now that it’s renovated, I thought that it’s where we will live together, with our kids. Well, I’m still hoping for that future with you.” He said and my heart swelled. After these years, he still loves me.

The next clip is of Richard, sitting on a couch inside the new house. “Since this video is made to help you remember ..” He trailed off and took a deep breath. “I’m Richard Lim. I’m the man who saved you, the man who cared so much for you, the man that made the ‘Sorry Agreement’, the man that you left, the man that never stopped loving you, and the man in your dreams.” He said with a sad tone. “I have so much to tell you that this whole video is not enough for it. What I just want you to know is that I never regretted a single second that I’ve spent with you. I’m leaving not because I’m giving up, but because I think it’s the best thing to do. But even if I’m not there anymore, I will never get tired of saying I love you.” He said and the screen went blank.

I was crying so hard when Richard finished his turn. I thought the video was all over when a familiar one goes into play. It’s the video of the day Richard proposed to me. It was my most favourite thing to watch and I know I’ve watched this countless times. At the end of the video, Richard’s face came into view.

“I never stopped loving you, Maya. Everybody knows that. Even if you’ve forgotten about the things we shared, I know deep down, I will always have that space in your heart. And you will always own mine. If this thing is not enough for you to have your memory back .. then” He trailed off. Then he sighed before speaking again. “I just want you to be happy, Maya. And if happiness means me being out of the picture, then I would gladly leave.” He said and paused.

“I love you, Maya. I love you .. so much.”

My tears continued to flow. “I love you too, Richard. I never stopped loving you. I still love you.” I muttered with so much regret as I continued to cry.




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