Clarity 27

Chapter 27

I was so worried about Maya. I kept calling her the whole morning but she doesn’t even answer, not even a single text. I was about to go to her house when I read a text from my phone. It’s from the admin of my old condo. They are asking me to come over so I could inspect if there’s anything missing from my unit. One of the rooms got robbed and they are wondering if there are other rooms that got robbed.

I rubbed my face with my hand. I really need to check up on Maya but I also have to go to my unit. I grabbed the keys of Papa’s Audi and drove. I really need to check if something important to me got stolen. I can’t afford to lose something that belongs to Maya after her box got stolen.

“Sir, good morning. Sorry po for the short notice. Gusto lang po naming makasigurado na wala na pong nanakawan bukod do’n sa unit sa unit po malapit sa inyo.” Andrew said.

“You got robbed?” I asked.

He embarrassedly nodded. “Pero ang sabi naman po nung may ari nung unit, bagong katulong niya yung nagnakaw. Kaya po may access na talaga dun sa unit lang. Pero tinitignan na rin po namin yung option na baka nakapasok siya sa ibang unit.”

I nodded my head. “I’ll just go to my unit. Titignan ko kung may nakuha.” I said and opened the door to my unit. When I stepped inside, I knew right away that nothing got stolen. Everything is still on their place. But I still went inside the rooms to make sure.

When I got inside my home office, I saw that all of my files are still there and what caught my eyes is my trash can. The same crumpled papers are still inside while some are lying on the floor. I picked one and uncrumpled it. I sat on my chair and read the words that I’ve written two years ago.

I’ve been writing letters for Maya since the day she left. I was planning to send it to her house when I figure out where she lives but I didn’t really find her. I ended up writing a bunch of drafts about how we met, how I took care of her and how we fell in love. But my heart is still in pain back then. I couldn’t write about how she left me and how I ended up like this. So to sum it up, I never finished any letter. I picked out the good ones and stashed it inside the box. And since the box was stolen, there’s really no reason for me to still be thinking about it.

I leaned back on my chair to think things through. I really have a bad feeling about the person who stole that box inside my car. I have a gut feeling that he has a motive. But who could it be? It’s impossible to be Luke, or even James or even Papa or someone who helped making our relationship work. They could’ve just asked me that they need those things instead of breaking our firm’s CCTV cameras and damaging my car just so he or she could get it. It doesn’t make any sense.

I couldn’t help but feel that whoever did that needs something from me, or from Maya. If he’s after the money, like any robber, he should’ve just taken my car and drove away but no, he only kept his eye on the box. That’s it. I’m going to tell Maya the whole truth. I don’t care if she doesn’t believe me. I have to do this before it’s all too late.

When I reached their house, no one was inside. Nobody’s answering the door and Cris’ car is not there either. I’m guessing Maya went out. But where? She hasn’t even told me she has any plans today. I decided to stay in front of their house. I need to make sure she’s okay. It’s just a little bit after eleven in the morning and I’m hoping that she’ll be home bound anytime soon.

It’s already one in the afternoon and I’m still sitting on the same spot. Damn, where is she? I haven’t eaten my lunch because I don’t have any appetite, not unless I assured that she’s safe. I want to call Cris but I decided against it. I don’t want her to get worried if Maya is supposed to be at home during this time.

I heard the sound of a car running. When I looked at its direction, I saw a cab and then the back seat opened, revealing Maya. She stopped when she saw me and I immediately engulfed her in a hug. She’s safe, she’s safe, she’s safe, she’s safe.

“Maya! Where have you been? You have no idea how worried sick I am. I thought something happened to you! I thought –“

“Richard, mag-usap tayo sa loob.” She interrupted. I was taken aback by her tone. It’s all strict and bland, like she doesn’t care why I am here.

“W-What’s wrong?” I asked. She got out of my hug and opened the gate. She didn’t look back and instead, walked until she reached the door, she kept it open and I’m guessing it’s because of me.

She’s standing in the middle of the living room when I got in. Her hands fidgeting like she’s wants to say something and her head is bowed down, but I can see that her brows are furrowed. “Maya, what’s wrong? Tell me?”

She looked up and opened her mouth to say something but quickly closed it. Then she took a deep breath as if to calm herself down. “Richard, I don’t know any other way to say this, but .. but we have to stop seeing each other.”

“What?”  It was the first word that came from my mouth. It’s like a reflex action that automatically happened. “W-Why? What did I do wrong? Okay naman tayo ‘di ba? Wala naman akong nagagawang masama –“

“Richard, it’s not your fault. It’s mine.” She said.

“Screw that line! Ginagamit lang ‘yan sa mga teleserye, Maya. We’re living in reality. I need a better explanation. Please tell me what’s wrong. I know it’s not too late for me to clean up that mess I made. Whatever it is, I’m sorry, I-I’m sorry, just please don’t do this, Maya. Don’t do this.” I pleaded as I got near her. I held her hands in mine and looked directly into her eyes so that she could see that I meant every word.

Her eyes looked at me back, but not with love, but with regret. “Dumating na siya.” She said.

“Who? Sinong dumating?” I confusedly asked. What the hell is happening?!

“Siya. The man in my dreams. He’s here, Richard. He’s real.” She said with a glint of smile but didn’t turn into a full smile. My heart started pounding fast. She’s saying that he’s here? Of course he’s here! I am him!  Does this mean that she can now remember? “Nagkita na kami kanina, bago ako umuwi.”

“What?” I muttered. That’s the moment when I knew that I’m not the man she was pertaining to. I can’t believe someone is pretending to be me!

Maya nodded her head. “Richard, natatandaan mo pa ba ‘yung tinanon mo sa’kin nung nagkaro’n tayo ng pictorial kay Hanna? Tinanong mo ako na kung isang araw, dumating talaga ‘yung lalaking ‘yon, tapos sabihin niya sa’kin na mahal niya ako, would I run away from him? Or would I run away with him? Tanda mo pa?” She asked, her eyes hopeful.

I didn’t respond. This is wrong. This is so wrong! I can’t believe this is happening. I’m going to kill this guy who ever he is! I can’t believe that the question meant for me is being used against me! And I do have this feeling that whoever this guy is, he might be the one who stole the box from my car. He’s going to pay for this!

“Ang sagot ko, kung mangyari man ‘yon at siya na talaga ‘yung bubuo ng kulang sa buhay ko, I will run away with him. Richard, I –“

“You will?” I interrupted, burned by my outrage. I let go of her hands and ran a hand through my hair. “Maya, think about it! Por que ba sinabi niya na siya ‘yung lalaki sa panaginip mo, siya na talaga?” I madly asked. “Sino ba ‘to?”

“S-Si Simon.” She said.

My mouth gaped. Of course it’s him! I gripped my hair in anger and groaned. Damn it! Then I nodded like I understand everything. “Si Simon? Maya, do you really think he’s the man in your dreams? Does he fit all of the qualities?” I asked and before Maya could utter any word, I spoke again, “Does he make you happy? No! Of course not! Sinaktan ka niya, Maya. How could you let someone like him enter your life again? Harap-harapan niyang pinakita sa’yo na may iba siya. How can you be so sure na hindi na niya gagawin ulit ‘yon?” I asked.

“Richard, that’s not the point –“

“It is! It is the point! Ang sabi mo sa’kin, yung lalaki sa panaginip mo, walang ginawa kundi pasayahin ka. Na wala kang nararamdaman kundi masaya ka kasi nandun siya. Sige nga, nung nakita mo si Simon, sumaya ka ba? Of course not! Nandito ako nung sinaktan ka niya, Maya! And you’re nowhere near happy! I’m telling you. He’s not the man in your dreams! I swear to God, he’s not the one.” I continued.

“Paano ka nakakasigurado, Richard? Paano ka nakakasigurado na hindi siya ‘yung lalaki sa panaginip ko? Paano mo nasasabi ‘yan eh hindi naman ikaw ‘yung nakakaramdam? Ako ‘yung –“

“Kasi ako ‘yon.” I declared and she went mum. “I’m the man in your dreams. I’m the one who rescued you on the road and then I took you to the hospital.  I’m the one who was there for you when you woke up and you can’t remember a thing. I’m the one who took care of you. I’m the one who fell in love with you two years ago before you bumped your head and left me. It’s me, Maya. I’m really the R in the MR on your camera. It’s me.” I said. I could feel my knees go weak like I just gave up all the strength I have inside of me. I want her to believe so badly so that all of this pain and agony will be over.

“P-Paano mo nalaman ‘yan?” She asked, her brows furrowed like she’s annoyed, an expression far she would do in hearing the truth.

“It’s what happened, Maya. I was there. I’m the blurred man in your dreams and it’s not a dream. It’s all true. It happened. Everything happened.” I weakly said.
To my surprise, her brows furrowed even more. “Paano mo nalaman ‘yung kwento ni Simon?”

I felt my heart stop. WHAT?! “Maya, it’s not his story –“

“Paano mo nalaman ‘yung nangyari? Umamin ka nga, Richard, sinusundan mo ba si Simon?”

“No! Of course not! Hindi ko siya dapat sundan, in fact siya nga ‘yung sumusunod sa’kin! Siya yung nagnakaw dun sa kotse ko. Siya yung kumuha nung kahon na sinasabi ko sa’yo. Nandun lahat ng pictures na pinapadala ko sa envelope. Everything’s there! Lahat ng landscape shots mo, lahat ng litrato nating dalawa!” I said. “Simon stole it from my car. Kinuha lang niya ‘yung kahon, ni hindi nga niya ginalaw yung sasakyan ko –“

“At ngayon, inaakusahan mo pang magnanakaw si Simon? Richard, umalis ka na.” She said.

“I’m not accusing him! It’s the truth!” I exclaimed. “Kanino ka ba maniniwala? Sa’kin o sa manlolokong ‘yon? He already lied to you, Maya! He’s doing the same thing again and you’re letting him! Bakit ba ayaw mong maniwala –“

“Kasi hindi ko na alam kung sinong dapat kong paniwalaan!” She yelled. “Litong-lito na ko! Lahat na lang ng tao sinasabi kung anong nangyari sa’kin dati! Hindi ko alam kung alin ang tama, kung sinong tama, kung alin ang totoo at kung alin ‘yung hinde! Nahihirapan na ko!” She said and tears streamed from her face. “Gusto ko lang naman makilala ‘yung taong ‘yon dahil ayoko nang mabuhay ng ganito! Gusto ko nang matandaan lahat! Ayokong habambuhay akong gumagawa ng mga kasinungalingan sa mga tao kung anong nangyari sa’kin! For once in for all, I want to know the truth! Pero paano ko malalaman ‘yung katotohanan kung lahat kayo sinasabing ‘yun ang tama?!”

“Maya .. “ I called her name, not knowing what to say next. I took a step so that I can hug her, but she held out a hand to stop me.

“Umalis ka na.” She said.

“Maya, please.” I said as I took a step again.

“Umalis ka na!” She yelled. I know how she feels right now. I just couldn’t believe that Simon would ruin this! How dare he? I slowly turned around and took a step outside the door. When I looked back, Maya was sitting on the couch with her head buried on her face. She’s crying again. I wanted to comfort her so bad like I used to but the whole messed up situation doesn’t allow me to.

I lost her again.

I messed up.

I’m too late.



A/N : This chapter is so heartbreaking. Clarity will soon come to its end.
Well, what could you say about Maya?

How about Richard? I need violent reactions!! Haha


48 thoughts on “Clarity 27

  1. Huhu ang sakit sa dibdib nito isisilid ko sa sako tong si Simon eh! Ang kapal ng mukha nya naku talaga naman simon mapepektusan kita.😡 Thanks for the update sana double treat hehe 😊

  2. Talagang violent reaction ang mangyayari sa writer kung hindi mag double treat tapos ngayon naku nman sarap tlaga sabunutan ang simon na yan wag nlang c ms. christine d matutuloy ang kwento kung xa ang isasako natin hahaha..GRRRRRR,,, kkainis minsan kc richard bilisana ng kilos ayan tuloy naunaha ka pa ng traydor na simon na yan…. sh*****************t.. maya galit ka ba sa amin dra.????? bkit mo ba kme pinapahirapan ng gnito hooooooooooo…. 😦

  3. Ano ba yan lalong gumulo.. Si simon umepal na naman eh.. Ang tibay ng mukha na magsinungaling na naman kay maya… Hay naku naman Richard wag ka na lang sumuko kaagad.. Christine sana let Richard and Simon face each other parang man to man ang usapan..
    Pls. Huwag mong ilagay sa next chapter na aalis si Richard papunta ng NY and let go of maya para di siya mahirapan pa or umiyak pa …. To that effect.. I want to see Richard man enough to fight for his love.. Ang tagal na niyang naghintay let this be his moment..

  4. Richard!!! isama mo yung asawa ni james! xa ang alas mo! xa ang huling taong nakausap ni maya nung bumalik na ang memory nya! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… isako na yang simon na yan!!!

  5. Thanks Christine, meron pang makakatulong kay Richard about Maya’s situation, si Angela, James at si Dr. Jerry at yung Mrs. nya. They can all give evidence kung ano ang nagnyari kay Maya 2 years ago pero alam din kaya ni Simon yun? Ang masakit nito baka magtuloy na si Richard sa States to work – papano na? Ang sama naman ni Simon dito isang malaking kasinungalingan kasi frustrated sya?

  6. Please dont end Clarity yet. Sana marami pang chapters na sweet sila at nakakaalala na si Maya, Kawawa naman na kasi masyado si Richard.

  7. aaaaaawww…. sn nmn hindi katulad ng chances ang ending nito sobrang sakit na ng puso ko prng may koronang tinik…kawawa nmn c richard…. huhuhuhu nxt npo sn plssssss… 😦

  8. Aray ko,aray ko.Richard wag kang aalis,pakita mo ulit yun agreement ninyo ng sorry na andiyan sa wallet mo,sigurado akong di nanakaw ni Simon yan!

  9. haaay. isasako na talaga kita simon. pwede na po ba tawagan ang SAKO GANG?

    one of the people na makakatulong kay maya ay si kute since alam na niya ang nangyari. sana namam maya makinig ka muna sa ibang tao bago ka talaga maniwala sa manlolokong simon na yan.

    ms. christine wag mo naman sana patagalin ang paghihirap naming mga adiks. next chapter na agad pls….

  10. waaaaaaaaa…..talagang magiging bayolente ako Chris ‘pag di si Richard & Maya ang nagkatuluyan….isako si SImon – lagyan ng kadena – at itapon sa dagat para di na makabalik pa…kasi ikaw Richard di mo sinabi from the start na ikaw yung man in Maya’s dream…ayan tuloy nabaligtad ang pangyayari – ikaw pa ngayon ang liar…haaayy naku Maya wake up…try to remember na everything para you’ll know the truth!!! grrrrr ka talaga simon….but inspite of all this twist…I have faith in you Chris na happy ending pa rin itong Clarity…hehehe

  11. si kute ang numero uno dyan na makakapaglinaw kay maya… Richard has a pic in his wallet plus the sorry agreement di ba? maya might be hesitant kaya magdedecide si richard umalis… pero si maya, either hahabol or susunod sa europe… naks! feeling writer/critic na ako dahil galing ng writer natin… tnx again for this update =)

  12. Ms cj ako n bahala kay Simon, tuloy mo nalang ung story. Ako na bubugbog at isisilid sa sako. Lagyan narin natin ng cement para manigas na siya sa loob. KABIWISIT SIYA!!! ANG KAPAL NG MUKA!!!!

  13. If I am Richard, i would bring all the people who knew them to meet her.. Or give Maya time and give all the remaining items that he has for her to really believe him.. or confront Simon in front of Maya…or let it be, and Maya will have to need time to think if she feels something to Simon and if she cn affordto run with him instead of Richard..but such a waste of time for R&M..Heartbreaking… But I love the story Ms Tin!

  14. Whattttt….?Mukhang me part two ang heart break ni Richard naku paano na yan bka ituloy na ni Richard ang pagpunta ng New York to persobally manage their company there and to totally forget about Maya and move on! but wait how simon knows all about the story behinde two years ago e d ba d nman sibagot ni richard un during d interview i think me nag tip ke simon and maybe me nag utos sa knya na gawin un kpalit ng isang malaking mahalaga..My guess is d mastermind behind this was Don Robert Yesss Richard’s father kc nga d ba gusto mya matuloy richard to manage their New york pero ng dhil kay Maya ayaw na umalis ni Richard..Kung mawawala nga nman c Maya sa buhay ni richard again mapipilitan c richard pamahalaan ang Company sa New York like what happen 2yrs ng iwan ni Maya c Richard during their supposed to be wedding ibinuhos ni Richard ang atensiyon sa Work kaya naging ganon la successful…thoughts!

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    • Sis chuwie ang gusto kong isako
      ngayon ay si MAYA …. kawawa naman si papa richard …. nakakainis nasira ang araw ko ngayon ….. aaaaaaaaarrrrgggghhhhh!!!!

      • Ay akala ko ako lang ang imbyerna first time na of all the chapters that came out eto yung di ko feel dahil feel ko talaga ang Papa Richard ko gaano kasakit yung nararamdaman niya ESP what he went thru tapos eh aagawin Lang ng ganon lang ng Simon kaya Sis yung sako ilabas na at di ko na kaya ……..ang Mayabels naman confused ang ang peg dahil di nga niya naaalala ang nangyari once Kute talk to her I hope maging okey na sana …..sako gang get ready na !!!!

  16. We need something or an incident or object or someone that will trigger all of Maya’s memories. Then she can give Simon a right hook! Ala Rocky Balboa! Maybe James’ wife, or video of her engagement?

    Chris, do something! 🙂

  17. Richard have lots of proof…James, his father, Luke, James wife who was there when she hit her head and of course the Doctor and his wife and Richard needs to do it quickly before its too late. RL needs to report to the police quickly. RL doesn’t move fast enough parang pagong, so i said super fast …so Ms Christine thanks for update but you need to act quick for next chapter ok…adiks got stressed already, can you tell…LOL..LOL…thanks for next…

  18. Meron akong baseball bat dito….para kay Simon, at ng siya naman ang magka amnesia…..pls. miss Christine let dr. Jerry, Angela, or the hospital records or something else that will support Richard’s claim para naman tuluyan ng maniwala si Maya and will trigger back her lost memory, baka otherwise, Richard may decide to take the CEO job in NYC.

  19. I think it’s time to get reinforcement, Kute needs to know Luke James or whoever needs to confront Maya and Simon needs to have a good kick in the ass!

  20. Si Angela yung asawa ni James ilabas na sya at ipakita k Maya, isama na din si Doc Jerry. Then si Emman pwede nyang ma connect na si Angela ang kasama nya before…. Haaaay doc madaming paraan para ma proved na si Richard yon. Hmmmmp naku di naman ako nito mapapakali eh….

  21. The mind may forget but the heart would always remember. Look into your heart Maya, I know you’ll find the answers. Siguro, need nga munang dumistansya ni Richard. Pero sana he’ll have one more heart to heart talk with her bago pa siya umalis to US. Tapos Kung marealized ni Maya na si Richard ang mahal Nya at siya nga ang Lalaki sa pananginip Nya then for once siya naman ang humabol Kay Richard sa US. There’s one think na Hindi alam ni Simon about Maya and Richard, na they were about to get married and bumped her head. She was wearing a white dress and an engagement ring. I hope she’ll meet Don Roberto and yung wife ni Dr. Jerry. Even yung wife ni James, nakita Silang magkasama ni Emman more than 2 years ago. Sila ang magpapatunay na totoo ang sinasabi ni Richard. Can’t wait for the next chapter na maisasako na si Simon. Heheheheh

  22. At si Kute pa pala. She knows the whole story…. Madaming reinforcement si Richard. Hindi pa nga si Maya nakaka rating sa opisina ni Richard Sa Vanguard at sa lumang condo ni Richard. I know it will trigger some of her memories. Kahit yung old house nila Richard na ni renovate niya, I’m sure na it will trigger her memory. But most of all her heart would always remember….. 🙂

  23. nakakaloka ang chapter na ito ….. pero expected ko na siya na ganito ang mangyayari ….. tama si boss xin22 di maganda ang patutunguhan kaya gusto ko rin isako si dra. …… hahahahaha!!!!! joke dra. PEACE po ….. now wala ng dahilan para di matuloy si richard sa US …. siguro nga kung aalis si richard at di na sila magkita ni maya duon marerealize ni maya na si richard at hindi si simon yung man of his dream ….. at SIMON di pa tayo tapos talagang isasako ka namin panira ka .

  24. Nothing’s change, pag di pa rin nabawasan ang pighati ng story na ito isasako ko na talaga si author kasama ni Simon.

    But seriously Im annoyed at the same time naaawa kay Maya. Once na niloko na ko ng isang tao di na ko agad agad maniniwala kahit ba his or her statement was supported by the evidence bec.nowadays those things can be easily fabricated eh at dapat nung nagtapat si richard sa kanya she shld have given him the benefit of the “daw” hehe but instead inisip nyang inistalk ni rl si simon. But well cant really blame her if naguguluhan sya, for 2 years nga naman wala kang maalala during that time sa past mo.

    As for my beloved ricky boy bebe, dont lose hope di naman totally nawala sa kanya si Maya, may mga kontrabida lang talaga at di sila mawawala or else di mauuso sila Bella Flores, Celia Rodriguez at Princess Punzalan sa showbiz. Dami mo pang alas, yung police report ng pagkaka aksidente ni Maya, im sure si richard ang nagfile at nakapirma doon pati yung sa hospital records. Kalokohan na if madadaya pa ni Simon yun.

    Hanggang dito na lang po ang aking liham..


  25. Yung unang comment ko, kalmado pa ako nyan pero this is my violent reaction.

    Author, umayos ka if ayaw mong makaulayaw ang sako. Hahaha

    At sa mahal kong sako gang, pagkatapos nyong isako yang si Simon, pakihampas na rin si Maya sa pader…pero slight lang ha baka kasi imbes na tuluyan ng matauhan eh matuluyan lang sya.

    Salamat. :-p

  26. Dont quit Richard you have gone this far. You have all the evidences and resource person to back up your story. First let analyze her feelings for you. I’m sure she loves you now as before.

  27. Yung video nung proposal ni Richard!!?? Asan naaa?!, Dra.Pakilabas na yun at ppanoorin kay Maya!!! alam qng mai purpose yun kaya nakarecord yung proposal nya! Waaah!!
    Siguro mas maganda qng si Maya mismo ang makakapagpatunay na Simon is a big liar by asking him questions then hindi masasagot ni Simon,yung tipong macau-caught off guard sya! Ahaha. Kaya ayun Boompanes!!!

  28. At Maya, sana dito mo na magamit yung sinasabi mong powers mo! Pagdugtong dugtungin mo na ang kwento ni Richard about the girl who left him and this newest info that you learn about yourself. Enebe!!! You have now the time to think things through. Abot kamay mo na ang sagot sa lahat ng katanungan mo. All you have to do is to dig deep into your heart for the right answers.

    And Ms. Tin.Anong petsa na!! Asan na ang next chapter??!!! Ilabas na yaaaan! Napapalibutan ka na namin! Wag mo ng hintayin na pati kami maging violente na rin sayo! Waahhahahaha.etchos!. JOKE lang dra.!!! Peace!!

  29. oh my oh my this is so heartbreaking…i really felt the pain of richard…maya please listen to your heart, it is richard the man in your dreams not that super grrrrrr simon….oh no…please richard don’t lose hope, fight for your love especially now that you know that it is simon who stole your precious box….facw him and challenge him richard….you can do it….

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