Clarity 26

Chapter 26


It’s a good thing that Richard made his intentions clear. I thought he was really taking things too fast and couldn’t afford to stroll down and just take the moment in. I was tidying up my work things when a familiar envelope fell from my bag. I picked it up and the photos dropped on the floor, including the little card.

I really need to meet this man in my dreams. Richard told me not to give up on him no matter what happens. Does that still apply today now that he’s courting me? One thing’s for sure though. I need to meet this person. I’m now starting to feel something so strong to Richard but I couldn’t give my whole self to him because of this man in my dreams.

I took a piece of paper and wrote the words ‘I want to meet you, please.’ I placed it on our mailbox. I tried to be a spy and just watched in until it disappeared but I can’t because I’m supposed to be editing the photos that Ruby and Kyle will be sending today. I got back inside our house and worked in our living room. Kute is already asleep inside her room. She’s been taking on both shifts in Pocholo’s and I know she deserves all of the sleep and rest she could get.

I reached for my phone and saw that Richard texted over an hour ago. I was about to hit the reply button by my attention shifted to the clock. It’s already two hours since I put the envelope on our mailbox. I hurriedly went outside and saw a paper tucked inside of it. It’s a little bit crumpled but it’s different from before. This time, there are no printed words, they are all handwritten.

I want to meet you, too. Send a text to this number. 0917-xxx-xxx. I’ll be waiting, Maya. I’ve waited for so long to see you again.

I felt my heart double its rate of beating. I head inside and grabbed my phone and quickly went to my messages. I punched in the number and typed out my message.

Sino ka ba?

Before I could even put my phone down, it beeped. I’m the one sending the pictures to you.

Sino ka nga kasi? I brought my phone with me until I reached my room. Then it beeped again.

I’m the missing link to your amnesia, Maya. I’m the man you used to love.

My eyes widened. Who is this creep? I don’t know if I should believe him. It might just be someone pulling a prank on me. Before I could type a reply, my phone beeped. He sent a photo. It was a picture of me and someone behind me. It was edited because the man behind me is hidden by brush layers and it was also blurred purposely. But I can’t be so wrong about that photo. It was during our first date.

Naniniwala ka na? Ako yung nasa likod mo sa picture. He said on another text.

Bakit blurred saka may gure-gure? Paano ako makakapaniguradong ikaw nga ‘yan? I replied.

Meet me. 8AM tomorrow. Sa The Fort. Please bring no one except yourself. Goodnight, Maya.

The text said. I replied but he didn’t send anymore text. I tried calling it but the operator would always answer it. My whole mind is bothered. I decided to get my bag and tucked my pepper spray inside of it. So if that man is just really trying to get me, I can defend myself. I want to tell Richard about it but I know that it can wait. I know that he’ll just scold me about this and it might be better if he do it after the meet up tomorrow so he can just let it all out once.

I woke up at six thirty in the morning and got all ready. Kute left me a note saying that she left around two in the morning to go to Pocholo’s and wouldn’t be back until five in the afternoon. I made my way to the place whoever it might be, said. I opened my bag to fish for my phone but I can’t find it. Then I realized that I left it on our dining table. Darn. Richard will get worried. But since it’s already quarter to eight and I’m kilometres away from home, I decided not to go back. I just have to apologize a lot when I get back.

I arrived at The Fort and have no idea where I should go. I started walking hoping that I will see someone I know so that I will not really feel so alone. I was trying so hard in searching for a familiar face when someone caught my attention that made me stop on my tracks. I quickly turned around and walked fast. What is he doing here?!

“Maya, wait!” He said. I quickened my phase but he caught me by my arm and turned me around. “Hey, what’s wrong? Bakit mo ako tinakbuhan?”

I rolled my eyes at him. “Gago ka ba? Sino bang babae ang niloko ng isang kagaya mo na kapag nagkakita ulit, casual lang?!” I said. “Simon, mag-isip ka nga! Saka bakit ba ako nakikipag-usap sa’yo? Dyan ka na nga!” I added and walked again.

“Viel and I are no longer together.” I heard Simon said. I turned to look at his hopeful face. “It doesn’t seem right.”

A smile crept on my face. “Ang galing no? Pagkatapos ng ilang buwan na pinagsabay mo kami, biglang ‘it doesn’t seem right.’ Gago ka talaga, Simon. Buti natauhan ‘yung babae sa’yo.” I sarcastically said and rolled my eyes.

“Maya, please.” He said as he got on my side as I continued to walk. “Mag-usap naman tayo.”

“There’s nothing to talk about. You made it clear the day that I caught you. It’s done. Kahit walang closure, pinilit mong isara.” I said without looking at him.

“I know and I’m sorry! I was wrong. I was so wrong. Hindi ko dapat siya pinatulan. Dapat ikaw ang pinili ko at sinisisi ko ng sobra ang sarili ko dahil do’n.” Simon continued to speak.

“Wala kang dapat ipagkasisi. Mas maganda nang nawala ako, mas maganda nang nawala ka sa buhay ko.” I exclaimed.

“No. I do blame myself, so bad, Maya. Dapat hindi ko ginawa ‘yon. Dapat pinanindigan kita.” Simon said. “I loved you years ago, when I met you when you got into an accident.” He said and my brows furrowed. Where is he going with this? “I’m the one who rescued you, Maya. I’m the man in your dreams.”

My feet automatically stopped. It’s him?! I slowly looked at him with my mouth gaped. It’s him? Of all the times we’ve been together, he’s saying this now? I shook my head. “Wag mo kong gaguhin, Simon, hindi ikaw ‘yon. Wala kang –“

“You want proof?” He said and that was the only time when I noticed that he has a bag with him. He slung it on his shoulder to get something inside of it. “Remember this?” He asked as he took out a Polaroid camera.

Good Lord. I do recognize it.

“Naaalala mo ‘di ba? It’s the camera I gave you a week before your birthday. It was my pre-birthday gift. And guess what my actual birthday gift to you was?” He asked. I clutched my hand on my chest. I have a strong feeling of what the answer might be. “Yep. It’s your old DSLR camera.” He said.

I remained mum. Is this true? Is he really the man in my dreams? “P-Pero -“

“Maya, this is not the place to talk about this. Come on, let’s talk inside.” He said. He laid out his hand for me to accept. I hesitated at first but I still reached my hand out to him. Simon led us inside a coffee shop and ordered frappe for us both. I remained silent and I know he knows the reason why I’m like this. When our orders came, he started to talk.

“I just got home a few days from France when I saw you lying on the road, unconscious. I was so scared that time because I thought you were dead. I rushed you immediately to a hospital and the doctor said that you were suffering from amnesia. I took you to my condo unit and kept you there for you to recover.” He said.

“Bakit hindi mo tinawagan si Kute?” I curiously asked.

“Maya, I just got back from France. I’m just eight when we migrated, remember? You were always calling me just to cry because of your parents. I don’t even know what your surname is back then because I only know your name is Maya. So frankly, I know no one when I got back here except from my relatives. I don’t know where you and Kute lives. Nakarating lang ako dun nung naging tayo. I don’t know where you work, what contact number I should call because you got robbed. Wala kang bag, wala kang dalang kahit ano.” He said.

I felt like I’ve been punched in my stomach. What he’s saying about me lying unconscious on the road felt so true. It felt like it’s the last piece of my puzzle. “Simon, ikaw talaga ‘yung lalaking tumulong sa’kin?”

He nodded with a smile. “Hindi ba kapanipaniwala? I’m the one sending those pictures to you, Maya. If you want, you can have all of them. Nasa condo ko ‘yung kahon. Everything is inside of it.”

“Pero Simon, bakit ngayon mo lang inamin lahat ng ‘to? Bakit hinayaan mo akong ganito? Na dalawang taon litong-lito sa kulang-kulang kong buhay?” I asked.

“I don’t want you to be scared. Maya, you left me two years ago because you bumped your head. You remembered everything except for me and to the things we’ve shared. Isipin mo na lang ‘yung pagkakakita natin sa America, na sinabi ko sa’yo na mahal mo ako at iniwan mo ako two years ago. Ano sa tingin mo ang magiging reaksyon mo?” He asked. “I bet you’re just going to think that I lost a screw in my head because it does sound unbelievable. So I tried to make you fall for me again and we did share another year, right? But then I fucked up. I’m really sorry, Maya. I promise, I will not lie to you again.” He said.

My heart felt heavy. This is all surreal! What I just imagined to happen finally happened, but I can’t .. I .. I need time to think about this. I abruptly got up from my chair. “I .. I have to go. I .. I need time to think this through. I’m sorry. Please excuse me.” I said and quickly left him but I felt Simon hug me from behind.

“I love you, Maya. I always have and I always will.” He murmured in my ear. When I felt his arm loosened, I quickly went outside and hailed a cab passing through. I told him to bring me to Rizal Park. I need some air. I don’t care about the bill I’m about to pay, I just need silence. I need to think.

I strolled around the park and tried to focus on my surroundings so it would help me to calm down. And when I did, I sat under the shade of a huge tree and buried my face in my hands. I suddenly remembered this conversation with Richard.

“A couple of days ago, you said that you’ve been dreaming about this man. Well, what if, one day, he goes in front of you out of the blue and introduced himself, say that he’s in love with you and you knew right there and then that he is that man. What would you do? Would you turn him down because of different reasons? Or would you take the risk of saying I love you back because for once in your life, you want to be happy, just like in your dreams?”

This is finally the day he’s been talking about. It’s the day that someone goes in front of me and said that he’s the man in my dreams but the problem is, I don’t know if I should believe him. I don’t even know what to say to him. I sighed deeply. I’m really torn apart. Then I remembered my answer to Richard.

“Kung mangyayari man ‘yung sinabi mo and for some reason, dala-dala niya lahat ng nawawalang piraso ng pagkatao ko then yes, with no doubt, I would run away with him.”

Why does it have to be like this now? I thought I was over Simon but after he told me the truth, the old flame is back. But why? Why does it have to be at this moment when I’m already starting to fall deeply for Richard? I closed my eyes and recalled my recurring dreams. I’m always happy when I’m with him. But then, images of Richard laughing with me slides in my thoughts, and I would be happy just the same.

Around one in the afternoon, I decided to go home. After half an hour, the cab already stopped and I saw Richard sitting on near our gate in his slouched form. When he saw me, he immediately stood up and gave me a tight hug.

“Maya! Where have you been? You have no idea how worried sick I am. I thought something happened to you! I thought –“

“Richard, mag-usap tayo sa loob.” I interrupted. He leaned back to look at my face and just got completely torn when I saw that he’s scared of what I’m going to say.

“W-What’s wrong?” He asked.

I got away from his hold and opened the house for us. We really need to talk.



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A/N : Whahahaha. May tumama na po sa mga hula nung mga huling chapters, ayoko lang pong umimik. Pasensya na po sa loa ko, naging busy lang po. I’ll be gone again tomorrow. May swimming daw po eh.

Any reactions? Yung violent po ha, hahahaha!



62 thoughts on “Clarity 26

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