Clarity 23

Chapter 23

I couldn’t seem to wipe this huge smile on my face. I’m now courting Maya again. And I couldn’t resist her earlier that’s why I left her a kiss on her temple. I owe this all to Luke. He’s really a great kid. He’s the one who I run to when Maya told me to back off. It just felt that heaven closed on me. I thought I had everything on my plate, then Maya’s sudden move torn me. I decided to stay inside my car and told Luke to just go there when the prom is all over.

I never expected him to be bringing Maya back with him. I can’t believe that the reason why she shut me off is that she thought I was still in love with Sunshine. Of course I’m still in love with Sunshine. It is her after all!

“Luke, I owe you. Thank you.” I said to him as he opened the door to his room.
My little brother smirked. “It’s nothing, Kuya. I know that time will come where I would also need Ate Maya. And besides, I don’t want to see my brother sad. You’ve been there for me for a lot of reasons and now, I want to be here for you. Goodnight, Kuya.” He said.

I got near Luke and gave him a hug. “Thank you bro. I’m really glad that you’re a more mature thinker than me. I’m proud to call you my brother.” I said and let go of him. “Goodnight Luke.”

I opened the door to my room in Papa’s house and sat on my bed. I really am proud of what Luke has done and I know that no material thing can repay it. When we were little, I would always help him in simple things like home works and to the serious things like his bullies. I know he’s feeling that gratitude that is not necessary to repay but I am glad that he helped me this way.

I reached for my phone inside my pocket and dialled for Maya’s number. She was speechless when I left her but I let her be. From the days that I’ve known Maya, she would just get speechless whenever she felt this kilig inside of her. When she’s mad, that’s when she becomes so talkative.

On the fourth ring, she picked up. “Hi Maya.” I greeted with a smile on my face. Gee! I sound like a teenager!

“Hi Richard.” She greeted back and the smile on my face just got even wider.

“Are you home?” I asked.

“Oo. Ikaw?” She replied.

“Yes. I’m here in Papa’s house.” I answered.

“Bakit – Ahh. May condo ka nga pala.” She said. Silence loomed between us, but unlike before, it’s not awkwardness. Both of us are just glad that the other one is listening to us on the other line. It’s our comfortable silence.

“So, do you have any plans tomorrow?” I asked.

“Hmm. Sa studio lang siguro ako buong araw. Sina Ruby at Kyle na raw ‘yung magko-cover nung isang shoot sa Laguna. Kami lang ni Emman sa studio.”

“Great. I’ll be there during lunch –“

“Richard –“

“No buts, Maya. Nanliligaw ako ‘di ba? How can I show you if you’re not going to allow me?” I countered and she felt silent. “Hello? Maya? Are you still there?”

“Ah, o-oo, n-nandito pa ko.” She stammered. “Eh kasi .. ano, Richard, seryoso ka ba? Yang mga sinasabi mo, totoo ba yan? Kasi .. parang nung natapos yung kay Simon, ayoko na ulit masaktan.”

I nodded as if she could see it. “I’m serious, Maya. I meant every word that I said. Saka pareho lang tayo. Ayoko na ulit masaktan.” I truthfully said. “It’s getting late. Uhm, matulog ka na.”

“Okay. Ikaw din. Papasok ka pa bukas? Sabado ah.” She said.

A smirk flew on my face. “Concerned ka na agad sa’kin?” I teased and then she fell silent again. I chuckled. “Yes, I have to go to the firm tomorrow. May meeting lang. Anyway, matulog ka na.” I said.


“And Maya?”


“Dream of me.” I said and disconnected the phone. I was smiling again. I changed clothes and settled on to my bed. I know I will sleep well tonight.

The next morning, I stopped by my condo to change clothes and to get the box of Maya’s things. I decided to stay in Papa’s house for now and I need to bring my important things with me. I placed the box on the trunk of my car and drove to Vanguard. When I got inside the meeting room, Tito Louie and the others are already there. I settled in my seat on the end of the table and the meeting started.

“Richard, we already have the profiles of the candidates for the CEO position in Vanguard New York. You can take a look at it but I do think that none of them are qualified.” Tito Louie said.

“How come none of them? What’s the reason?” I asked.

“Most of the candidates are good architects but if we’re going to compare them to you and your father’s achievements, none of them met the line.” Fernand said, he’s one of the board members. “What I and the board suggest is that you run the Vanguard in New York.”

“Me?” I asked.

All of them nodded. “Project New York is just too big. We can’t just risk who will handle it. Your father and you wants this to be successful and to make it like that, we need someone capable of running the firm. Someone who already knows what he is doing. And we do think that that someone is you, Richard.” Jojo said.

I pursed my lips and slowly nodded. “I can’t. For now I just can’t go to New York.” I softly answered. Then the faces of the board fell. I really can’t just mix work with my own personal life. “Gaano pa katagal bago magbukas ang sa New York?” I asked.

“Around two weeks.” Tito Louie said.

I nodded. “Give me a week to decide. As for those candidates, kailangan tuloy pa rin ang pagsasala, just in case.” I said. The room was filled with agreement and then the meeting went on, tackling the other jobs of the firm.

A week to decide huh.

The meeting ended around noon and I sank on my chair inside my office as the realization of the decision I just made sank in my own head. I have a week to decide. A week is not enough. If I go to New York, my life will have another start. It would’ve been fine if I still haven’t met Maya again. If I didn’t come across her, I would accept the offer without any doubt, but now, I’m all filled with doubt.

My phone rang and I picked it up. “Sir, tumatawag po yung security. Kanina pa po.” Liza said.

“I was in the meeting. I left my phone here and went straight into the meeting room.” I said. “What’s the news?”

“Sir, may nagnanakaw daw po sa sasakyan niyo –“

“WHAT?!” I exclaimed.

“H-Hindi po nanakaw ‘yung sasakyan niyo Sir. Bukas po yung trunk niyo tapos nag-aalarm po –“

“I’m going down.” I said and quickly rode the elevator to get to the parking lot. When I got down, Liza and three police are already standing near my car.

“What the hell happened in here?!” I asked, my tone rising up.

“Good morning Sir, I’m Luigi Perez po from Manila Police. Your security guard called me earlier when he saw your car.” The police said. “Nung iniwan niyo po ba yung sasakyan niyo, naka-lock?”

“Of course I locked it!” I exclaimed. I looked at my car and sure enough, the trunk is opened. “Na-check niyo na yung CCTV cameras?” I asked.

“Yes Sir. Pero hindi po nakuhanan yung scene. Sinira po ang CCTV niyo bago nagkaroon ng nakawan –“

“How about the other two?” I asked.

“Lahat po sila Sir, may damage. Mukhang pinag-aralan po nung culprit yung space niyo.” Luigi continued.

I groaned. I opened my car and saw that everything inside is still on its place. I checked the compartment on my dashboard and saw that the credit cart I left there for emergencies is not stolen. I got out and checked the trunk again. The bag of my clothes is still there except for the box where Maya’s things are. It’s like it’s the only target of the culprit.

“Ano pong laman ng trunk niyo Sir?” Luigi asked.

“There’s this box. A bunch of pictures are inside. A Polaroid camera and photo albums.” I answered.

“Ano pa pong importante?”

“That’s the only thing missing. My bags are here. I’m taking them to my father’s house.” I said.

“May kakilala po ba kayong pwedeng gumawa nito?”

Someone who would take a bunch of pictures without going for the money and my car? “No. I know none.” I answered.

The officer nodded. “Makikiiwanan po muna nag kotse niyo Sir. Magra-run lang po kami ng tests na pwedeng makapagturo sa’min ng kung sino ang suspect.” He said.

I nodded my head and gave them my keys. I grabbed my bag and the other things inside my car and instructed Liza to send someone to keep their eyes on my car. I hailed a cab outside and gave the address to Papa’s house.

Damn it! Who could possibly do that? This really ruined my plans. Now, I cannot send those envelopes daily to her. I reached for my phone and called the admin of my old condo. I told them to put extra security in my unit and I don’t care if I have to pay for it. I just want it secured.

If this someone is after Maya, then he or she would come to my old condo soon.

“O, Ricardo, magtatanghalian ka dito? Nasaan ang sasakyan mo?” Manange Fe asked as she opened the front door for me.

“I’m just here to drop my things.” I said as I quickly took the stairs and dropped my bags on my bed. When I got down, Manang Fe is waiting for me. “Manang, nandito pa ho ba yung extrang sasakyan ni Papa?”

She nodded. “Oo. Yung isang itim ang dinala ng Papa mo nung pinuntahan niya yung kumpare niya.” She said, pertaining to Papa’s Mercedes. “Kukunin ko ang susi. Bakit? Nasaan ang sasakyan mo?” She curiously asked as she got the keys near the living room.

“Mamaya ko na lang ho ikukwento. Nagmamadali po kasi ako eh.” I said as I took the keys from her hands and glanced at my watch. 12;15PM. Damn it, I’m late.

“Hindi ka ba kakain?” She asked.

“May kasabay po akong maglunch. Uuna na ho ako Manang. I’ll call Papa to tell him that I have his car. By e Manang.” I quickly said and went to the garage where Papa’s black Audi is parked. I quickly got in and drove to Maya’s studio.

It’s already quarter to one yet I’m just halfway there. Damn traffic. I decided to call her and she immediately picked up. “Maya, I’m running late. Something came up. Kumain ka na ba?” I asked.

“Hindi pa. Hinihintay kita eh. Anong nangyari?” She asked back.

“It’s a long story. I’ll tell you when I get there. Should I order a takeout? Traffic kasi eh.” I said.

“Ako na mag-oorder. Pumunta ka na lang. Drive carefully, okay?” She said.
A smile flew on my face after the hours of frowning because of what happened to my car. She’s really the only one who can calm me down. “I miss you, Maya.” I said.

“Naandito ka na mamaya eh! Tigilan mo nga ako.” Maya said but I knew that she’s feeling giddy about it.

“So? Your answer?” I pressed. I need her to calm me down. It’s been a shitty day and I just want her to light up the rest of my day.

“Okay, since you’re doing all this effort, I might just tell the truth.” She said and I waited for her answer. “Gutom na ko! Dalian mo na!” She said and laughed. “See you soon Richard!” She added and disconnected the call.

I chuckled and continued to drive. It’s a good thing that after the things that happened today, there’s still one person that can truly turn my day around and make me look at the positive things of this day that is still yet to come.

Thoughts? 🙂
A/N : The who si magnanakaw? Any guess?



40 thoughts on “Clarity 23

  1. I’m guessing someone close to Richard who knew about Maya’s stuff and how he delivers them to her house. It could possibly be Luke. He may be thinking it’s time for his brother to step-up his game.

  2. hala! curiosity… hmmm, honestly unang pumasok sa isip ko yung dating abductor ni maya… baka hindi lang sila after sa holp up noon…. baka something deeper…. kasi if it’s luke why does he have to wait in a place with cctv cam and destroy them?… or someone na may gusto kay richard? pero the 1st reason tlga nasa isip ko. =)

  3. Who knows…might be Luke or maybe James, the robber. Well it’s getting better, he really start courting her. Try to be faster RL has a week to decide to go to New York and don’t want to be apart from each other…thanks for double treat ms Christine…so next please😄

  4. Thank you Christine. Hmmmm meron talagang nagmamanman kay Maya at sa mga close na tao kay Maya? Ako din ang guess ko ay yung nagholdup kay Maya before. Siguro itong holdupper nagmamasid sa place nila Maya at nakikita nyang may nilalagay si Richard sa mailbox nila Maya everytime, so sinundan na din nila si Richard at nakita nilang may inilagay na box si Richard sa trunk ng car. Next please Christine, cheers.

  5. I think it’s connected to Maya’s accident before. Maybe she accidentally took picture of something/ crime related then they’re looking for it from Maya. Si Richard ang sinundan nila..i dnt know..
    Next na pls..thanks sa update!

  6. I hope si Maya ang magnanakaw, or maybe Emman. Well, Luke is a good bet. He’ll, it’s anybody’s game! Follow up Agad Chris 🙂 I want that happy ending.

  7. ang hula ko si ….. dra. kiligtrician ….. hahaha!!! ang hirap manghula ….. pwedeng si luke at pwede din si maya …. kung sino man yan …. may rason siya kung bakit niya kinuha yung kahon ….. kaya next na po dra.

  8. Haha kahit sino basta sila na ulut at wala nang maisasakong epal at tutloutulou na ang ligaya lalo nat kailangan ni richard pumunta sa new york sana kasama si maya. Excited lang

  9. Ako din gusto ko kasama si Maya sa New York!! Pag nagkataon, baka duon bumalik ang memory ni Maya for the two years na she was with Richard! Pls. Ms. Christine, bilisan mo na ang mga susunod na Chapters para mga adik na katulad namin.

  10. me too…hula ko si Luke, si Roberto or James ‘coz they have good intention naman…but then maganda ang patutunguhan ng hula ni Jan1000…maybe someone that Maya accidentally snapped a pic involving a crime (ganda ng twist ‘nito) but why wait for almost 2yrs?…pero Ms.Chris ang pinaka-exciting part ay yung decision ni Richard if he will go to New York – isama nya kaya si Maya? …sana nga sumama si Maya kay Richard sa NY…so sad naman if maiiwan na nman si Maya mag-isa…syempre feeling nya di sya importante kay Richard…..Ms.Chris i trust gagawan mo ito ng magandang kwento d ba?

  11. dra. 🙂 thanks sa update! hope you enjoyed your conference/ youth camp.. 🙂 anyway, talagang may nakawan blues pa pala ha.. nd kaya prank yan? hehehehe.. sinu kaya magpprank kay richard? it’s either luke or james 🙂 or.. baka naman si dr. 🙂 heheheheh.. hay naku, kinikilig na ko may singit pa na suspense 🙂 heheheh.. thank you again!

  12. SDG? Simon de Guzman?. Wahahahaha..baka nga si Simon! Mukhang may malaking twist na mangyayari before malaman ni Maya ang lahat lahat!. Excited na qu dra.!

  13. hi po,

    hhhmmmm getting exciting and more kilig 🙂

    Feeling ko hindi si Luke or ang papa nya yung magnanakaw, feeling ko eh may mga taong gusting tumulong kay Richard para maalala na s’ya ni maya or, there is someone na gusting sirain si Richard kay Maya, either, this person likes or loves her a lot to the extent na sisiraan nya si Richard kay Maya kasi diba nga di sinasabi ni Richard kung sino s’ya sa buhay ni Maya at kung sino si sunshine, baka yung after ng guy na ito or kung sino man ito eh sirain yung nanunumbalik na maganda at malalim na pagtitinginan ng dalawa, or baka, that person don’t want to see Maya or Richard happy. Yun, hhhhmmmm, if ever, sino kaya yun?

    Thanks po for the update 🙂 Next chapter nap o please 🙂

  14. naku nawala un mga gamit na magpapatunay na naging sila noon pano na…baka may ibang magpanggapn lalaki n maya noon.. hay gusto ko n tumalon ng chapter…..

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