Chances Finale

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“Alam mo, dapat ako na lang yung kinuha mong cameraman nung nagpropose ka eh.” Maya said as she looked at Richard. The two of them are cuddled up on the sofa, with Richard’s arm on Maya’s shoulder while her head is resting on his. “Kaya ko rin naman ‘yang ginawa nila eh.” She said as she pointed out a finger to the television.

The man beside her laughed. “Maya, kung ikaw yung cameraman, how am I suppose to propose? Hindi ka pa ba masaya dun sa proposal ko? Sweet naman ah. Grabe ngang luha yung iniyak mo eh.” He teased.

“Hoy, hindi naman!” Maya defended as she lightly tapped Richard’s leg. “Sakto lang kaya yung iyak ko, saka natural na reaction na ‘yon kapag nagpropose yung lalaking mahal mo ‘di ba?”

“Really?” He asked. “Sige nga, let’s exchange places. I’ll be you and vice versa. Let’s see kung iiyak ako kapag nagpropose ka.”

Maya’s mouth gaped and she nudged Richard. “Kahit kalian, pang-asar ka talaga. Syempre hindi ka iiyak kasi lalaki ka. Saka normal nga lang na umiyak –“

“After two months since I proposed, pinaglalaban mo pa rin ‘yan?” Richard said and when he saw Maya scowling at him, he tightened his hold of her and hugged her. “Alright, I’m taking it back. But I don’t care if you cried so hard that night. You’re still beautiful in my eyes and you’ll be my wife soon.”

“Wife, wife. Inaaway mo nga ako eh!” Maya exclaimed.

Her soon-to-be husband laughed and took her down the couch. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Lim. I love you.” He said as he hugged her tight as they lied down on the couch.

Maya giggled. “I love you too. Pero seryoso Richard, dapat ako na lang yung kinuha mong cameraman –“

“Mrs. Lim, hindi nga ako makakapagpropose kung ganon. Pwede bang tigilan na natin ‘tong pagtatalo na ‘to? You and I both know I’ll just keep on winning.” Richard interrupted.

“Sige na po.” Maya replied and kissed him. “Richard, ulitin mo ulit sa umpisa.”

“Ang alin? Yung video nung proposal?” Richard asked. Maya nodded frantically. “Why? You already watched it a dozen of times. Hindi ba nakakasawa?”

May shook her head. “Hindi no. Hindi ako magsasawang panoodin ‘to. Sige na please? Ang ganda kasi. I want to watch it again and again so that my mind could remember how perfect each second was. Promise, pagkatapos nito, matutulog na tayo.” She said.

Richard groaned and pressed the play button on the remote. He sat up again and Maya cuddled up beside him. He pressed his lips on her head. “We’re getting married on Saturday Maya.” He said with a smile. “You’ll have your surname soon.”

Maya lifted her head and looked at him. “Baka siguro hindi ko matandaan yung surname ko kasi ibibigay mo pala ‘yung iyo.” She teased.

Richard smiled. “Maybe.” He said and yawned.

“O? Inaantok ka na? Mauna ka na sa kwarto, tatapusin ko lang ‘to.” Maya said to him.

“Pinagpapalit mo ako sa video na ‘yan?” Richard said.

Maya chuckled. “Asus, ang mister ko, nagdadrama na naman. Tatapusin ko muna talaga ‘to. Susunod na ko sa kwarto.” She insisted.

“Okay.” Richard said and kissed her head. “Good night Maya Lim.” He whispered and got up from the sofa. Maya just watched him as he entered the room. After Richard’s proposal, the rest of the weeks were a breeze. They told Roberto the good news personally the next day and even celebrated with James and Angela. The two also got engaged the day after the boys got the ring. She could still remember Richard’s face when Angela told them how James proposed.

Unlike Richard, James was so extravagant with his proposal. He proudly said that he got out from a huge cake that was made just for him. Richard couldn’t believe that after telling his friend to fix his proposal, he still did it. But seeing how happy Angela was about it, Richard couldn’t have been happier for his best friend. There are just some things that only the two of them would just know.

Maya turned her attention back to the screen. Watching the short video of Richard’s proposal never seem to get old. She loves watching how Richard looks so in love as he recited those words for her, and Richard was right – she did cry a lot but Maya didn’t really care. The imperfections are always the ones that make everything beautiful.

James and Angela already got married earlier and on Saturday, it’ll be their turn. Maya doesn’t really care if the wedding was big or what. The only thing that’s truly important for her is to meet Richard who’s waiting for her by the end to life, ready to face everything together, as husband and wife. Their wedding might not be as close to James and Angela’s but it’s already her wedding dream, because the man she’s going to marry is the true man of her dreams.

When the video ended, she turned the television off and headed to their bedroom. Richard was on his back but his eyes are still open and he didn’t even notice Maya as she entered the room.

“O? Ba’t gising ka pa?” She asked as she went in bed and cuddled beside him.

“I was waiting for my wife.” Richard said. “Ah, hold on.” He said and got up from the bed and went outside. When he got back, he was holding a piece of paper. Maya got up as he placed the paper on their bed. “It’s the final sketch of the house. The one where we’ll move in after the wedding.” He said.

Maya marveled at the sketch. She knew Richard was the one who did it. Over the weeks, she often saw him on his home office, working with a smile on his face. The house was already done and all they need to do is to move. Richard moved and signed on the paper and gave the pen to Maya after. “I want you to sign here.” He said as he pointed on the space beside his signature.

“Ha? Bakit ako pipirma eh hindi naman ako –“

Richard’s lips interrupted her. “Just do it, Maya.” He said. Maya nodded and signed on the paper. When she was done, Richard spoke. “This will also be one of the countless memories that we’ve shared and we’ll be sharing. I’m going to put this on a frame and I’ll hang it on the house or maybe in my office perhaps?”

Maya hugged him. “Kahit saan pwede. Matulog na nga tayo.”

Richard picked the paper and placed it on the table inside their room then he joined Maya back on bed. He’s gotten used to having her beside him. And there’s really no problem about it, since everything will be permanent after their wedding.



It was raining that day. The day of our wedding. I should’ve known something’s not right.



“Please remind me kung bakit ulit kayo magpapakasal ni Maya sa huwes? Richard, ang daming simbahan, bakit sa huwes niyo pa gusto?” James asked as he paced around the room.

Richard groaned as he sat on a chair. “First, there’s really no need for a big wedding .. kasi .. kasi iilan lang naman yung taong aattend. It’ll only be you, Angela, my father, then Luke. We can’t really invite anyone from Maya’s side because we know no one.” He started. He knew Maya deserves better that a wedding like that. She deserves to walk down the aisle with their family staring at her because of her beauty. It was actually Maya who suggested this and Richard was the one against it but because he wanted to get married, he soon obliged to Maya’s decision. “Saka na lang kami magpapakasal sa simbahan kapag naalala na niya yung past nya or may taong makakatulong sa’min para ma-trace ‘yon.”

James nodded. “You know Richard, I really admire you. This kind of wedding is really a huge step, especially because of Maya’s condition. Wala ka bang fear dyan sa loob mo? No fear, ganon?”

“If you only knew, man.” Richard replied. “I have so many thoughts and fears inside of me that I don’t even know how I will handle them. But .. I don’t know, Maya made it clear that she’ll never leave me and I believe her with all of my heart. I’d do anything for her, kahit na dumating yung oras na hindi niya ako maalala.”

“Bro, you know that’s not true, right?” James asked.

“It might be possible. Who knows?” Richard said. “But I still want to do the wedding. I don’t want to regret this.”

James patted Richard’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, Richard. I know that everything will be okay. Just have faith, okay? Time will come where you and Maya’s questions will be answered. Best wishes. The ceremony will start soon.”


I thought I was already the luckiest and even the happiest man as I put on my coat two years ago. I thought I’m ready to face my fears, my thoughts, everything inside of me.


I was wrong


“Maya! You’re finally getting married!!” Angela exclaimed as she helped Maya in prepping up. James dropped her off on the hotel where Maya is. The groom and her husband is already on the venue of the wedding while she and Maya are still inside the room, adding some finishing touches in her all over look.

“Excited na ko Angela! Pero bakit ganon? Parang may kaba, tapos excitement na ewan! Hindi ko madescribe!” Maya exclaimed.

Angela laughed. “Hay nako, Maya, ganyan din ako nung kinasal kami ni James! My God, kahit ang simple-simple lang ng damit mo, ang ganda mo pa rin! I’m sure Richard will cry when he sees you.”

Maya bit her lip and smiled. As the old Filipino tradition said, the bride and the groom must not see each other for a whole day before the wedding. Even though what they will be sharing is not the common type of wedding, Maya still chose to follow it. And now, she’s excited to see Richard. She’s even seeing him when she closes her eyes. “Angela! Male-late na tayo!” She said.

“Hindi pa ‘yan Maya. Wala naman daw traffic eh sabi ni James. Kaya safe pa tayo.” Her friend said.

Maya turned around and faced Angela. For the short period of time, she became her best friend. They even call it a perfect situation since their husbands are also in the same relationship as they do. “Angela, sobrang thank you for being here with me. Baka kung hindi kita kilala ngayon, si Luke yung kasama ko.” She said.

Angela laughed. “You’re very welcome. There’s no place I’d rather be than to see you say your vows to Richard.” She said. “Parang kalian lang ano? A couple of months back, naghihinala pa tayo na may the other woman sila, yun pala pareho silang kumuha ng engagement ring!”

“Oo! Tapos ang alam ko, si James yung magpopropose! Si Richard din pala.” Maya added.

“I know! Sobrang tagal na kasing magkakilala yung dalawa kaya halos pareho na kung mag-isip.” Angela replied. “Maya, that reminds me, nasaan na yung camera mo? Kailangan nating magkuha ng pictures!”

Maya’s face beamed and then reached for the camera on the bed. The two of them took photos and in the end, Angela insisted that she’ll take photos of Maya’s last moments of being single. Maya was so happy that she tried on different poses and Angela captured all of it.

“Wait! Isa na lang, kasi male-late na talaga tayo sa kasal ko.” Maya exclaimed as Angela laughed. She was having so much fun that she didn’t notice that their time is almost up. She knew Richard would be mad if she was late.

“Sige. Last na. Ano pa bang pose?” Angela asked.

“Jump shot!” Maya said and pulled out a stool from the side of the room.

“Maya, dahan-dahan ha. Nakastockings ka, madulas. Bakit ka kasi naka-stockings?” Angela amusedly asked.

“Eh kasi .. basta, gusto ko. O game na!” Maya said and stepped into the stool. “Ang dulas pala nito.”

“Sa kama na lang kaya ikaw tumalon?” Angela suggested.

“Dito na. Pangit yung background pag dun sa kama eh. Game na talaga. Bilang ka ng 1 2 3 tapos ako na bahala kung kalian ako tatalon, game!” Maya said as she stood on the stool while Angela is a couple of feet away from her.

“Okay okay. One .. Two .. Th- MAYA!!” The counting was forgotten and Angela rushed to Maya’s side. The jump was unsuccessful. It was all too fast. Angela knew that Maya jumped but it seemed like she slipped instead. Her whole body dropped on the floor, her head going on first. Maya was lying on the floor, unconscious. “Maya! Are you okay?!” Angela worriedly said as she tapped Maya’s cheek. Her hands were trembling. She knew that something bad happened because Maya is not waking up.

Still shaken, Angela reached for her phone and dialed her husband’s number. After a few rings, James picked up. “Babe, where are –“

“Si Maya! N-Nahulog si Maya sa stool! Y-Yung ulo niya. James! Pumunta na kayo dito please! Walang malay si Maya!” She said, her voice full of panic.

“What? J-Just stay with her okay? We’re on our way.” James shortly replied.

Angela went back beside Maya. She was still unconscious. She placed the camera beside her and tried to feel a pulse on Maya’s neck. When she felt a beat, she was somehow relieved but not fully. She doesn’t know what to do. She wanted to scream for help but her legs were too weak for her to stand up.

Then she felt something moving. When she looked at her side, Maya’s eyes were now open and she brought her hand on her head. She was groaning in pain. Only then did Angela was relieved.

But it didn’t last long.

“Oh God, Maya. Don’t you ever pull that kind of stunt again! Ayos ka lang ba? Pinapunta ko tuloy sina Richard dito. Ikaw kasi eh!” Angela said.

Maya slowly sat up as Angela assisted her. When she was finally seated, she looked at Angela, then her gaze shifted to the whole room, as if scanning her surroundings, and finally back to Angela.

“Nasa’n ako? Sino ka?” Maya asked with her brows furrowed. “Saka bakit mo ako kilala?”

“Maya! Stop joking. Hindi nakakatuwa ha. C’mon, we need to go. Ikakasal ka pa.” Angela said as she got up from the floor and laid out a hand for Maya.

“Ha? Sinong ikakasal? Sino ka nga!” Maya exclaimed.

“M-Maya, si Angela ‘to. Ano bang nangyayari sa’yo?” Angela said.

“Anong nangyari? Bakit ako nandito? May .. may flight ako eh, pupunta ako ng Japan tapos .. tapos .. Hoy, magsabi ka nga ng totoo! Kasama ka ba nung mga lalaking nagnakaw sa’kin?” Maya asked as she pointed a finger at her. “Nakakainis kayo ha!”

“No! Hindi ako kasama don!” Angela replied and Maya brought down her hand. “Maya, h-hindi mo ba ako matandaan? Kahit si Richard man lang?” She asked. Her heart was starting to beat fast now. This was all surreal.

“Sinong Richard? Alam mo, uuwi na ko. Baka kasi hinahanap na ko nina Nanay. Nasa Maynila pa rin naman tayo ‘di ba?” Maya said and nodded, as if answering herself. Before moving, she glanced at what she was wearing. Bakit ganito suot ko? Then she saw a camera on the floor. She doesn’t know what got into her but she grabbed it and ran outside. She could hear the lady’s voice calling her name but she kept on running. What the hell’s happening?

When she was almost out of the hotel, someone called her name. It was a man. It was so familiar but she doesn’t know who it is. She wanted to turn, to look at him, whoever he might be, but instead, she kept on running.

Rain was pouring heavily, but it didn’t stop her from running. A man was hailing a cab and when a cab stopped, she took it instead. “Sorry!” She said to the man. “Manong, takbo bilis!” She exclaimed. The driver stepped on the gas and off they went. When they passed on the entrance of the hotel, she saw the lady in the room she was, beside a man whose arm is around her and beside them is another man. Unlike the other two, this man was in so much pain. His eyes were staring directly to Maya like he was begging her to stay.

The man started running. He was trying to catch up with the car. He was screaming. “Maya! Please don’t leave! Maya! Don’t do this! Don’t leave me! I love you! Maya!” He kept on saying as he ran. Maya was just watching, her heart was feeling this pain in her heart that was telling her that she’s responsible, she’s the reason why that man was so pained.The car drove on and Maya didn’t dare to look back. The rain kept on pouring and for some reason, tears flowed down from her face.


I’m Richard Lim. And that’s the story of how I met the most wonderful woman in my life. I fell in love with her but she broke my heart.

And she doesn’t even know that she did.





A/N : Kamusta ang luha? It’s needs to be done. So sorry 😦

This fanfic is based from the anime BlackJack episode 60.

Next up : Clarity



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