Chances 30


Maya walked back to Vanguard as that Emman invaded her thoughts. Was that the answer she was waiting for? Can Emman answer all the questions she has in mind? There’s still a bunch of questions in her head, but all of them seemed to run away when she saw Richard holding a beautiful bouquet in his arms.

“O kanino ‘yan?” Maya asked with a smile on her face as she closed the distance between them.

“Bigay nung client ko kanina. Ang pogi ko raw kasi.” He teased. Maya scowled at him but immediately laughed hard when she realized that Richard was kidding. “Ang yabang mo eh!” She exclaimed as she hit Richard’s arm.

“You almost bought it!” Richard replied. “Para kanino pa ba ‘to? This is for the only love of my life. For you, Maya.” He sweetly said as he handed the flowers to her.

“Thank you! Bakit may ganito pa? Anong okasyon?” Maya asked.

Richard shrugged. “Wala lang.” He said and leaned in to kiss her on her lips.

“Richard! Nasa tapat tayo ng opisina! Baka may makakita –“

Maya was interrupted by Richard’s kiss. “They already know.” He said and kissed her again. “Let’s go?” He asked as he opened the passenger’s seat for Maya.

“Alam na nila?” She asked.

“Of course.” Richard happily answered. “Who would not know? I mean, lagi tayong sabay dumadating, sabay umuuwi, tapos kapag lunch, sabay din tayo, at may times na nakikita kong sinusubuan mo pa ko –“

“Nagpapasubo ka kasi eh!” Maya defended.

“Naglalambing lang naman ako eh!” Richard exclaimed. “Anyway, I always see some employees whenever we go out for lunch. Alam kong alam na nila and I don’t care. Unless, it’s not okay with you?” He asked as he splayed his arms on her waist, pulling her close.

“Ako pa ba ‘tong may choice? Maganda na rin siguro ‘yon para walang nalapit sa’yong babae.” She said pinched his nose lightly. “Tara na nga. Saan ba tayo pupunta?”

Richard kissed her again on her lips. He couldn’t seem to get enough of her, especially on this special day. “We’re going to have dinner first.” He said. As Maya got in the car, Richard cocked his head on either side to look for something. When he saw sunlight reflected on what he thinks is a lens, he grinned. Everything was in place as he planned them to be.

The car soon came to a halt without Maya tracking where they are. Her mind is running those thoughts again. She was hoping that she would soon see Emman. And if she did, Maya would ask him questions, even her surname would be enough.

Richard’s hand was on the small of Maya’s back as he assisted her inside the restaurant. The food was already on their table when they got there. Maya shot Richard a look.

“Umorder ka na? What’s the rush?” She asked.

Richard grinned. “May pupuntahan pa tayo after.” He replied shortly.

“Richard, ano ba talagang meron?” Maya pressed on. “And don’t you dare lie to me. Alam nating pareho kung nangyayari kapag nagsinungaling ka.”

Her boyfriend chuckled. “It’s just Friday, Maya. Just an ordinary day.” Except for what’s going to happen later. “Anyway, how was your talk with Angela?”

“Ayos naman.” Maya replied. “Do you know that the strangest thing happened earlier? May lalaki, actually, may isang bading na lumapit sa’kin kanina. Emman daw ang pangalan niya tapos kilala niya ko Richard! Ang sabi niya akala daw niya nasa Japan pa ako. Richard! May nakakilala na sa’kin!”

Richard swallowed. “M-May sinabi pa ba siya? Did he mention something that made your remember?” He anxiously asked.

Maya gave him a sad smile. “Wala eh. Kahit siya, hindi ko matandaan. Kaya nga gusto kong hanapin ulit si Emman. Kung totoo nga yung sinabi niya, edi matutulungan na niya ako ‘di ba? Baka nga kaya walang naghahanap sa’kin kasi dapat pupunta ako ng Japan. Matutulungan niya akong makakilala! Tapos makikita ko yung pamilya ko, yung dating buhay ko. Tapos –“

“Iiwanan mo na ko?” Richard butted in. Maya fell silent. She watched Richard as he picked his food. He was wearing sadness in his face, particularly in his eyes.           “H-Hinde, bakit mo naman nasabi ‘yan?” She asked.

Richard shrugged. “I don’t know. A couple of weeks back, I was anxious to .. to have your memory back. Gusto kong gumaling ka na but .. but as the weeks passed, I developed this fear inside of me. Ayokong mawala ka, Maya. I was thinking that if you start remembering things or even hoped to remember them, I was afraid that I might be left out.” He said, pouring his heart out.

Maya reached for Richard’s hand and held it with both of hers. “Richard, wag mo ngang isipin yan. Alam ko at alam mo na hindi mangyayari ‘yan. Hindi ko kayang ipagpalit ang taong mahal ko sa kung sino man o kung sa kahit ano mang bagay. I’m yours and you’re mine. There’s no doubt about that. Kaya please, tanggalin mo na yung thought na yan.” She said. There might be a thousand things that Maya doesn’t know but she knew for sure that what she said was true. She doesn’t want to let him go, not ever. Maya knew that he’s the only one for her. She doesn’t care about the ifs because she knew that everything is possible with Richard beside her.

Richard lifted her hand and kissed it. “I love you, Maya.” He said and breathed in relief. The words she said somehow calmed him down. It’s not the reassurance that he wanted, it’s the words of not leaving him did the trick. He took another deep breath and decided that he’s going to make this moment memorable. Enough of the bad thoughts, he intends to make Maya happy for the rest of his life. And that needs to start now.

After eating their dessert, Richard assisted Maya back to the car. As his early habit, he looked at his sides to make sure that the camera lens was still there. When he saw it under the bushes near the restaurant, he satisfyingly rode his car and drove.

“Kamusta nga pala yung singsing ni James? Nakuha na ba?” Maya asked out of nowhere.

Richard almost stepped on the breaks, surprised by Maya’s sudden question. “Ah, yes. We got it earlier kaya umalis ako ng maaga. I mean, we, kasi ano s-sinamahan ko siya. S-Si James yung kumuha ng singsing, sinamahan ko lang siya.” Richard stammered. Damn, was I too obvious?

Maya laughed. “O? Bakit nautal ka? Tinatanong ko lang naman kung nakuha na yung singsing ah?” She asked and then continued laughing. “Kailan daw siya magpopropose?”

“I don’t know. Hindi naman niya sinabi. Although he asked me to be his best man at their wedding. Napaka-confident na tao. Kasal na agad yung iniisip!” Richard nervously said. He was so close in saying that he, too, got Maya’s ring.

“Hindi na ko magtataka. Alam ko namang ‘yes’ ang magiging sagot ni Angela. Mahal na mahal niya kaya si James.” Maya said.

Richard glanced at her and saw how sweetly she looked. He swallowed the lump in his throat and decided to start his own gamble. “Maya, if .. if we were on James and Angela’s shoes, and I’m going to propose .. would you say yes?”

Maya shot a glance at Richard. “A-Are you asking me to–“

“I’m just asking, Maya. I-I just want to know what you think. Can you see yourself spending forever with me? Or .. not?” Richard asked.

Maya bit her lip. Is it really a yes or a no? She told Angela earlier that she still doesn’t know what her answer will be. What if Richard popped the question? Is her answer going to be a straight yes or she will have that doubt inside her heart? Maya’s heart was pounding overtime. She went back to Richard’s question. Can she see herself with Richard, sharing eternity forever?

A smile slowly crept on her face.

Absolutely yes.

Before she could even give her answer, the car came to a halt. Richard opened his door and got out before Maya could utter a single word. He went to the other side of the car to open Maya’s door and helped her outside. Maya saw that they were still some blocks before their condo building. Richard reached for her hand and held it as they crossed the road.

“Richard! Walang pedestrian lane! Baka ma-jaywalking tayo!” Maya exclaimed but a laugh escaped from her.

“At least magkasama pa rin tayo! But I doubt na may nanghuhuli pa at this late hour.” Richard said as he stopped in the middle of the road. A car almost hit him from doing so. The sound of its tire screeching was deafening. After the driver beeped a couple of times, he finally decided to go to the other lane. Maya pulled Richard to fully cross the road but Richard didn’t budge. He kept still on his place even if cars are approaching them.

“Richard! Mamamatay tayo!” Maya exclaimed.

“Do you know that this is the very spot where I found you?” Richard started, making Maya still. “I almost hit you because you were unconsciously lying here, and from that moment on, my life changed. You already know me ever since you woke up in the hospital. I was strict, I was mad, I was workaholic, I was in control and .. I was lonely. And when you first held my hand when you woke up, all of that changed.

“Never in a million years would I rather go home to relax than to do my projects. Never did I envisioned myself to forgive my father, yet here I am, working in our company and in years time, I might even run the whole thing. I never ever thought that I’d be this happy. And you’re all to blame for this, Maya. You changed me. You made me a better me.”

Maya’s eyes welled up. The cars stopped passing through. Something is definitely happening but she can’t put her finger on it. Richard’s words are all coming out from nowhere. He made it clear that there’s no occasion but there really is. “R-Richard, ano bang nangyayari?” She asked as a tear escaped from her eye.

“I love you, Maya. I never loved any woman like this. All I could do is thank God for letting me be the one to found you here. What I’m feeling right now for you is very different. Because this one is sure. I will never let go of you. I could never let my happiness go. From this moment on, I’m giving you all of me. I’m giving you my heart. I’m willing to live knowing that you’re the one who has it because I know that you’ll take care of it.”

“Richard naman eh! Ano ba kasing meron? Aalis ka ba? May sakit ka ba?” Maya anxiously asked. Her heart is beating fast. There’s really something wrong. “Napapanood ko ‘to sa mga teleserye eh. Kapag ganitong magsalita, mamamatay na yung character!”

Richard chuckled. “Is that the only reason why they talk like this?” He asked.

Maya gulped. She dared to look at either side of the road and saw men wearing orange vests in front of the cars, not allowing them to run. Then from afar, she saw men holding cameras with the lenses pointing at them.

Something’s definitely happening.

“Maya?” Richard’s voice brought her back in his gaze. He lifted her hands and kissed it.

“O-Oo! Kapag namamatay yung character, o kaya iiwanan yung leading lady. Ang dami-daming sinasabing maganda pero laging may ‘pero’ sa dulo!” Maya continued to defend.

Richard laughed again and kissed her head. “I promise you that this is neither of that.” He said. “I thought I was going to lose you when you and Angela caught me and James. I’m sorry for lying, Maya. I only did it for you. The truth is James ordered an engagement ring for Angela. And so did I.” He said. Maya’s brows furrowed but she gasped when she saw Richard getting down on his knee and reached something inside his pocket.

A black velvet box was on his hands and when Richard opened it, a ring was inside. “Will you marry me, Maya?”

Suddenly, Maya couldn’t hear a thing. Richard’s five words were the only thing she can hear inside her head, going on repeat. The man who saved her life, the only man whom she trusts, the man she loves is proposing to her. There are so many things that have been troubling her but what’s happening now is the only thing that she’s sure of.

Carpe diem as what Angela said.

“Maya?” Richard mentioned her name. His heart was beating loudly. Crap, I’m losing her!

The lady in front of her sniffed. “Nakakainis ka! Bakit kailangang ilihim mo pa sa’kin na kumuha ka ng engagement ring? Tapos magpo-propose ka pala eh ang alam ko lsi James yung magpopropose!” She exclaimed.

“Why would I tell you? It has to be a surprise! And yes, I’m proposing now and so is James. I bet he got out of the cake by now.” Richard said. “Maya, you’re leaving me hanging here.”

Maya chuckled and quickly wiped her tears. “Itanong mo ulit.” She muttered.

“Will you –“

“Yes. Yes! I’ll marry you –“

“Let me finish!” Richard exclaimed as the both of them laugh. “Will you ma-“

“Yes! Ay, sorry.” Maya said making them laugh even more.

“Will you marry me?” Richard asked again with a huge smile on his face.

“Yes nga eh! Ang kulit!” Maya said. Richard immediately put the ring on her finger and hugged her tight. “I love you Richard!” His fiancée shouted.

“I love you too, Maya!” He said. Suddenly, loud claps were heard around them and when they turned to look at them, they saw that the people from the cars that were interrupted were hooting and clapping their hands at them.

“I’m really sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your cooperation.” Richard shouted at them. Then he turned to look back at Maya to wipe her tears. “I love you Mrs. Lim.”

Maya flushed. “I love you too Mr. Lim.” She said and before she knows it, Richard pressed his lips on hers for a kiss. “Richard! Wala akong dalang camera. This is a big moment.” She whispered, her lips brushing against Richard’s.

“I know. See those men with their cameras? I asked them to capture the whole thing since you met me in front of Vanguard earlier.” He said as he gave her another kiss.

“I can’t believe we’re getting married!” Maya exclaimed.

“Me too.” Richard replied. James was right, this really was a gamble but it did give him a reward – to spend the rest of his life with Maya.



Or so they thought.



thoughts? 🙂

A/N : Last chapter will be tomorrow. Ayoko po kasing ilagay ng isang bagsakan saka ang haba rin po pala ng nagawa ko sa proposal. Ayoko rin po kasing pakiligin kayo tapos .. tapos .. hehe. Thank you po sa mga bagong followers. I never thought that I’ll reach 200 here. Thank you thank you po 🙂 God bless!

Ah, yes. Yesterday’s A/N was part of the April fools 😉


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  1. Wooooooohhhhooo!!sabi ko na april fools ung khapon kc impossible tlaga after 1 month pa. hahahah naloko na nman tau mga adik, tlagang nag panic lahat …. good job ms.Christine

  2. Or so they thought? Christine parang awa wag mo kami paiyakin din. Halos lahat ng ff lately ubos na tissues. Thanks for your heartwarming stories 🙂

  3. Ms. Tin, Nakakabitin ka. Matutulog na lang ako binitin mo pa ako, pero okay lang. Ang galing naman na proposal ni Richard. Heartbreaker. Pero Maya is starting to recover. Sana, walang maging problema sa preparation ng upcoming nuptials nila

  4. What is the meaning of the last sentence ” or so they thought” ? Should I get my box of tissue ready. My eye bags are getting ugly with too much tears lately, can we do smiley faces instead? But I’ll say, you are an effective writer!

    • ano un end of story na pero d pa kilala ni maya sarili nya still mu amnesia pa din cya..dapat man lang me naging flash back sa nakaraan ni maya before cya nakita no richard…ang labo ng naging story ei…

  5. Am so intrigue with the “or so they thought” pabitin. Tapos na po ang April fools day… be careful with our hearts, please, Christine.

  6. Please wag nakakaiyak ha? 3 na ff ang masasakit sa dibdib yung mga chapters. Please wag ka na pong dumagdag. Hahaha. Thank you for this! 😉

  7. yes before I sleep lumabas ito …… I hope i can sleep with a happy face but the last word makes me think …… sabi nga ni ms. sue parang awa mo na wag mo na kaming paiyakin dahil hindi sa mauubos na ang tissue kundi baka isipin ng mga hubby namin may allergy kami …. salamat dito christine sulit kahit magaalas dose na ng hatinggabi dito sa lugar ko …. ♡

  8. wahahahaha! NAbiktima na naman ako kahapon sa April Fools na yan! hahaahah! My Gosh! Kinikilig ako! Pero may konting kirot at lungkot nung nabasa ko ung “Or so they thought” Naku! Anong mangyayari.. Can’t wait for the next Chapter! I need to be ready of what will happen tomorrow. I think that will be a heartbreaking moment. I hope not. Thanks for this!

  9. very memorable naman itong marriage proposal na ito….huhuhu…pero bakit last chapter na tomorrow…’anyare?….Chris wag mo naman kaming bitinin ng ganito…’tapos meron ka pang pasakalye …”or so they thought”…pinapakaba mo naman ako ng husto…basta wag masyado matagal ang next chapters ha!…thanks a lot!

  10. bakit may “or so they thought” sa last line??? Please wag mong lagyan ng nakakaiyak na moment ito Ms Christine,. 😦 3 ff that I;m reading now is so dramatic, ubusan na ng tissue eh,.hehe 😉 nice story, I felt relieved coz you mentioned that it is just a part of April fools day that this is the last part, at least may nx pa,… hoping for the nxt update very very soon haha 🙂

  11. Im with every body else.. Maawa ka naman sa amin.. Lahat halos ng Ff puro mmk ang peg.. Wag naman sanang sundan ng malungkot na chapter..ang chest pain ko hindi na intermittent eh… Constant pain na… Hehehe

  12. “OR SO THEY THOUGHT….,,” waaaaaah!!! Ang kabog ng dibdib qu WAGAS!!!! Iniisip q pa lang ang pwedeng mangyari parang naiiyak na aqu,..huhuhu. Actually,Parang nahuhulaan q na ang mangyayari Ms. Tin and its Already killing me just thinking about it. Nice proposal by the way. 🙂

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