Chances 23


Richard couldn’t keep still. He kept looking and looking at his phone with every minute that pass. It was almost twelve o’clock yet he still hasn’t received any text or call from Maya. He’s starting to get worried. He really had no idea what’s happening to her at the very moment. He’s getting anxious in receiving a single text from her.

“Hey, Richard, are you listening?” James asked as he continued to snap his fingers in front of Richard but still, he wouldn’t even acknowledge his friend. James sighed. “Bro, si Maya oh.”

Richard immediately turned from his seat. “Where? What is she doing here?” He asked. A frown immediately went to his face when he realized that James was just tricking him.

“What? Don’t glare at me like that!” James said. “Ikaw naman kasi eh. Masyado kang bothered. Ano bang meron?” He asked as he popped a piece of grape in his mouth.

His best friend sighed as he leaned back on his swivel chair. “It’s lunch time, right? I should probably call her.”

“Damn, Richard. Ano bang meron?” James asked as he threw a piece of grape at Richard. “Kanina ka pa hindi mapakali ah. And I’m thinking that it has something to do with Maya.”

Richard groaned and bent down to pick up the piece of grape on the floor. “Littering is not allowed in my office.” He said.

“You’re getting cranky. Do you want me to throw another one –“

“Just stop it, man.” Richard said as he reached for his phone.

“Hey hey. Sabihin mo muna sa’kin kung anong meron bago ka tumawag. Nagseselos na ko d’yan kay Maya ha. Nawalan ka na ng time sa best friend mo.” James teased, hoping Richard would give him a laugh or even a small, but he gave him neither.

“It’s Maya. My father called her up last night and offered her a job and she took it.” Richard explained.

“So, Maya’s at Vanguard. Working. For your father.” James repeated the words and when he looked at Richard, he just nodded. “Wow. Parang ang awkward lang.”

“It’s not that.” Richard sighed again. “My f-father and I fought yesterday. Before that, I suggested that he should fire his secretary. And I think he did and now he hired Maya. I don’t know what his plan is or what he intends to do. I’m just worried.”

James nodded and patted his friend on his shoulder. “Well, you worry too much, bro. Sa maikling panahon ng pagkakakilala ko kaya Maya, masasabi kong hindi siya yung tipo ng tao na madaling nagpapauto.” He assured. James could really see that his friend was so worried that his words were just not enough.

Of all Richard’s past relationships, James could easily tell that this time is different. There are so many things that changed ever since Richard and Maya became a couple. He was secretly hoping inside that Maya would finally be the one for Richard. James knew all of Richard’s ups and downs and he was sure that there are more downs in his life. Richard really needs Maya in his life right now. She’s the only one who can and who will balance things out for Richard.



“Sir, ito po pala yung final draft ni Richard. I insisted on bringing it here since I .. I now work for you.” Maya politely said as she handed the envelope to Roberto. “Ang sabi po niya, i-email niyo na lang daw po kung may changes pa raw po kayong gustong ipaayos.”

Roberto pulled out the paper from the envelope and eyed it carefully. It was exactly what he said to his son and if he will be the one to do the draft, he would do the exact same thing as what was shown on that paper. Richard really did a splendid job in designing the house, something he never expected. Roberto just watched him from a far through the years but never really made any move to look at his works, even the ones on going. He knew he will just regret those years when he should’ve been teaching him all of the things he knew about architecture. And that’s what he’s feeling right now.

Roberto nodded and placed the paper on the table. “The draft will do. Set an appointment for Mr. Lim tomorrow so we could finalize the plans for the renovation.” He said.

Maya nodded and went out from his office. “Mag-ama talaga ‘to.” She muttered when she got back to her station. A few hours ago, Roberto asked her if she could help him reconcile with his son. It was a very heart aching site to see. The old man doesn’t look like a top architect. He just looks like a normal father, finding his lost son. And then just a while ago, he’s back to being that top architect. He even gave Maya loads of work that she had been doing for the whole morning. “Ang gulo nila pareho.” She continued to mutter.

The phone on her desk rang and when she brought it her ear, Roberto’s stern voice spoke. “Maya could you go to the canteen? Just buy me some lunch.” He said and immediately brought the phone down. Maya just gaped with what the old man did. He can really be rude. Maya stood up from his seat and went down to get Roberto’s lunch. When she was already on the canteen, she realized that she too was hungry. After buying lunch, she rode the elevator again to go back to Roberto’s office. She placed her lunch first on her table and knocked on Roberto’s door to give his.

Roberto’s head was bowed when Maya entered his office. She knew he’s still working, just like his son. I wonder if it runs in the family. “Ah Sir, ito na po yung lunch niyo.” Maya said and placed a salad and a container with rice and adobo on the table. She tried hard not to believe but a sly smile was really on Roberto’s face.

“Did you know that Richard doesn’t eat cucumber?” Roberto said, his tone was really amused. “He got it from his mom. Esmeralda doesn’t also eat cucumber.”

“Pati nga po okra, ayaw niyang kainin.” Maya added and Roberto’s eyes shot at her. “He got that one from me.” Roberto said.

Maya nodded politely. “Sige po, Sir. Excuse me po.” She said and turned to head outside. There it was again. Roberto was looking at her like the father earlier and she knew that the architect would come again anytime soon. “Parang bipolar eh. Paibaiba ng mood.” She muttered.

After giving thanks, she opened up her lunch and started to dig in. Then her phone rang. It was Richard. Maya bit her lip, knowing she was in trouble. She’s been occupied with all of the work Roberto gave her that she totally forgot to text him.

“H-Hello?” She stammered when she pushed the answer button.

“Are you okay? Is there something wrong?” Richard’s worried voice welcomed her. “Kakaunin na ba kita?”

“Richard, okay lang ako.” Maya guilty said. “Sorry, nalimutan kong magtext. Galit ka ba?”

She heard Richard sigh on the other line. “No. I’m just worried. Ang sabi mo kasi magtetext ka eh.” He said. “So, how are you?”

“Eto, ayos naman. Puro paperworks yung ginagawa ko. Ang dami palang naiwang trabaho nung former secretary, ayan tuloy, tambak sa’kin.” Maya said, keeping everything light.

Richard chuckled. “Should I come over to help you?”

“Nako, hindi na, Richard. Baka lalo lang tayong walang matapos.” She said ang laughed. “Kumain ka na ba?”

“Yep. James is here. He’s feeding me.” He said. “Hi Maya.” Another voice said and she was sure that it’s James.

“Hi James! Marami ba kayong client ngayon?” She inquired as she started eating.

“Nah. Sakto lang. And most of them are not Richard’s clients. Mabuti na ‘yon kaysa magreklamo yung ibang architects dito kasi si Richard lang yung pinupuntahan.”

“Eh wala eh, magaling yung boyfriend ko eh.” She proudly said and heard James scowling on the other line, while Richard laughed.

“That’s one of the reasons why I love this woman.” She heard Richard said. Obviously, she was on speakerphone.

“Gee. If I know this would happen, I would’ve called Angela, too.” James said.

“Angela’s his girlfriend.” Richard said.

“Ahh. Tawagan mo na James.” Maya suggested. It has always been like this when the three of them got to talk. It seemed like James became Maya’s best friend too.

“Can’t. She’s busy working. Maybe I can invite you two later tonight. Double date tayo. Sa restaurant tayo ni Angela.” James said.

“Mhm! Sige ba! Ikaw Richard? Is it okay with you or do you need to work?” Maya asked.

“If my girl friend wants to go, there’s no point for me to stay at home. I’ll go.” She heard Richard say. “Basta kaunin mo na lang ako ng five, Richard. Anong oras ba tayo aalis?” She asked.

“Around seven. Punta muna akong office, I’ll just call her.” James said and Maya heard footsteps going away.

“Kumain ka na ba?” Richard asked.

“Yep. I’m currently eating.” She answered.

“Ayos ka lang talaga dyan? Just tell me if you want to go home. I’ll be there immediately.” Her boy friend suggested.

Maya chuckled. “Richard, wag ka nang mag-alala. I’m keeping my promise. Bahala ka, dadami ang wrinkles sa mukha mo.”

“Ayos lang. Mahal mo pa rin naman ako. I’ve got nothing to lose.” Richard said making Maya blush. “Are you still there?” He asked and Maya just produced a tiny tone of what he thinks is a yes. “Kinikilig ka ano?”

“Kasi naman Richard eh. Tigilan mo yung ganong banat!” Maya exclaimed and Richard just laughed. “I really miss you, Maya. I’ll see you at five then?”

“I miss you rin. Oo, mga five pm. Sige na ang dami ko pang gagawin dito. Mamaya na lang ako magkukwento.”

“Okay. I love you.”

“I love you, too.” Maya said and hung up on the phone. When she turned to her side, she saw Roberto looking at her. “Ah, Sir, may kailangan po ba kayo?” She nervously asked.

“The one you’re talking to’s Richard, right?” The old man asked.

“O-Opo.” She replied. “Sorry po Sir, matagal po akong nakipag-usap sa phone. Kung may ipag-uutos po kayo –“

“It’s okay.” Roberto interrupted. Maya swallowed the lump in her throat. Roberto was still standing outside his door like he wants to say something but he’s afraid to do so.

“Uhm, i-is he checking up on you?” Roberto finally asked. “He’s thinking that I’m going to do something stupid, right?”

Maya hesitantly nodded. “Don’t worry, Sir. Naniniwala naman po akong hindi niyo ‘yun magagawa.” She said.

“And how could you say that?” Roberto asked.

Maya shrugged. “Feeling ko lang po. Saka malalaman ko lang naman po kung susubukan ko eh. Kasi kung hindi po natin susubukan yung mga bagay-bagay, habambuhay po tayo magtatanong sa sarili natin kung anong mangyayari kapag ginawa natin ‘yun.” She said. She was hoping Roberto would get her message. She was not just talking about the work but also his relationship with Richard. Without him trying, the two couldn’t really reconcile.

Roberto nodded. “Maya, how about your case? Wala pa bang naghahanap sa’yo? Don’t you think they’re starting to worry? You’ve been gone away for quite some time now.”

 “Naisip ko na rin po yan kung bakit po walang naghahanap sa’kin. Marami rin naman pong sigurong dahilan. Hindi ko pa po talaga alam eh. Ang sabi po kasi nung doktor ko, wala pong definite time kung kailan babalik yung memory ko. Baka kailangan ko lang po talagang maghintay.” She said. “Eh, kayo po ni Richard? Ano na pong balak niyo?”

Roberto shrugged. “I really have no idea.” He said. “Ah, I’m sorry if I’m a bit tight on you. It’s just that I don’t want any complications when it comes to work. Everything must always be running smoothly.”

Maya nodded. “Naiintindihan ko po kayo. Ganyan din po si Richard nung nag-sub po ako sa secretary niya. Alam niyo po, ang dami po niyong pagkakatulad.  Nakikita ko nga po sa inyo si Richard kapag tumanda na siya eh.”

Roberto shook his head. “I doubt it. Alam kong ayaw ni Richard na tumanda katulad ko.”

Maya sighed. Richard and his father really need to talk, and she really meant talking, and not shouting. They are both pained by what’s happening between them and Maya has become their bridge. She’s getting trapped and the only way out is to keep them from fighting.



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A/N: I’m loving the new look of my site. Haha. I’m sorry pero hindi ko po kayang mag-give away patungkol kay Maya. Nasa storyline ko po kasi. Ang masasabi ko lang po: Stay tuned!


18 thoughts on “Chances 23

  1. i like the new look too… simple but wow!!! btw kinikilig ako sa dalawang to kahit magkalau npa ka kilig pa rin ..okey na story mo nman pla kung bkit wla pang naghhanap kay maya. tanging mggawa nmin maghintay i know u well come up with a great story, indeed..

  2. Ako din, your new site is one of my favorite scenes, whrein their relationship turned to a new level!! But of course, I like this story. Couldn’t wait for the next chapter(s)!. Thanks.

  3. Sana father and son eh magkasundo na…ang sweet ng ating lovebirds …can’t wait for the next chapter.last but not the least love the new look and picture you posted ts one of my favorite episode …..

  4. Yup! Ang ganda po ng new style ng blog mo po. Mas malaki ang font pag nasa pc. And pag nasa phone naman po, di na need i-reader pa para makapag-basa ng ayos. 🙂

  5. Maya’s is very impt to Father&son lim..i still hope that Maya’s identity will start to unfold.. Or maybe Don ROberto will find it out to help Maya later on.
    Next chapter pls..Thanks!

  6. Love it t0o! Hehe mas lalong nkakakilig mgbasa..hehehe..
    Maaliwas po..hehehe ung parang dindala ka rin kung saan patungo yung story… Just so happy with it..looking forward for the next chapter.. 🙂
    have a nice day po..keep safe..

  7. yep…i like the new look of your blogsite…i feel it really fits your story…okay lang wait – wait lang kami pag may time…for the revelation on Maya’s story…that’s why di ako bumibitiw sa blog mo…thank you Cris!

  8. naku kahit ako christine I really love the new look ……. sana nga matulungan ni maya ang magamang roberto at richard na magkaayos ….. at yung tungkol naman sa buhay ni maya maghihintay lang kami ….. pero sana soon …. salamat sa napakasweet na update ….. ♡

  9. yeah! i love the new layout of you site…. esp the pic… hehehe… so excited sa mga susunod na chapter. sana magka-ayos na nga silang mag-ama. i’m also excited na malaman ang nakaraan ni Maya… i hope hindi naman maging kumplikado ito masyado… sana lang matanggap ng family ni Maya si Richard. i hope Maya is not engaged with some other guy…

  10. hay gusro ko ng tumalon dun sa ending ….d n ko makaintay n malaman kung anu ang mangyayari pagbumalik n alaala mi maya at sino ba talaga siya

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