Chances 17


“Maya, I need to go. I’ll be late.” Richard said as he gathers his things on his hand. “I’m off to Cavite, sure kang hindi ka sasama?” He asked.

“Hindi na, io-organize ko pa yung mga pictures dun sa camera. Ang dami nang laman eh.” She said and grabbed Richard’s arm before he can turn to leave. “Mr. Lim, hindi ka aalis nang hindi ka nakain ng umagahan.” She said.

Richard sighed. “Maya, male-late ako. Magda-drive thru na lang ako.” He said but Maya dragged him to the kitchen. The smell of bacon and eggs made his stomach grumble. He’s really starving but he knew better that if he stayed longer, he would be late for his on-site visit. “Maya, what part of ‘I’ll be late’ can’t you understand?”He said as Maya forced him to sit on the chair. He lifted his left hand and looked at his watch. “It’s past 8 and I have to be there at 9. Maya –“

“Kaibigan mo naman si James. Maiintindihan niya.” She said. “Ayos lang dun na ma-late ka.”

“Maya, pagdating sa trabaho, bawal ang late! Even though my best friend owns the company, it is not a proper excuse to be late.” He said but Maya still continued to place Richard’s breakfast on the plate in front of him.

“Partner mo si James sa project na ‘to‘di ba?” She asked and when Richard nodded, she reached for her phone inside her pocket and dialled James’ number. After a few rings, James picked up. “Hello, James.”

“Hey Maya, did something came up? With Richard, of course.” He asked. James knew that whenever Maya calls him, she’s going to say something about Richard. Usually it would involve him being late. “Parang nung naging kayo, mas lalong dumadalas ang late ni Richard ah.”

Maya bit her lip. “Male-late lang siya ng konti. Sorry, James.” She apologetically said. Richard’s mouth gaped as he watched Maya talk to his comrade. “James, believe me, I really want to go. Si Maya kasi eh.” He said loudly so that James could hear it. Maya protectively covered her phone so that James would not hear what Richard said. James laughed on the other line, indicating that he heard Richard.

“Bahala nga kayong dalawa. Can you put me on speaker phone?” James said and Maya pushed the button on her phone and placed it on the island table. “Richard, you have to be here by 10am. Apparently, our engineer would also be late. Kaya ayos lang. Pero Maya, hindi pwedeng laging late yang boyfriend mo. In demand siya ngayon sa business and I can’t let that opportunity pass by. Kung gusto mo, sumama ka na lang dito para natututukan mo ‘yan.” James said.

“Bahala na James. Sorry ulit ha. Si Richard kasi, hindi pa nagbebreakfast.” She replied.

“If it’s eight in the morning, and he’s just having his breakfast, it means that he got up late. And if he got up late, it means that he didn’t get enough sleep last night.” James said, playfully analyzing the small detail that Maya gave him. “Now, the question is, Maya, anong ginawa niyo ni Richard kagabi na naging dahilan ng pagkapuyat niya?”

“James!” Both Richard and Maya exclaimed. The man on the other line just laughed. “So I’m sensing something did happen, right?”

“N-Nothing happened, alright?” Richard said and James laughed as his reply. Richard rolled his eyes. “I’m hanging up. I’ll see you later.” He said and before James could reply, he ended the call. Richard leaned back on the chair and sighed. “Don’t ever tell James anything like that again. That man can really be a great writer. See what he can do with just that little information?”

Maya sat beside him and smiled. “Pero alam mo Richard, may tama naman si James eh. May dahilan kung bakit tanghali ka na bumangon.” She teased and then laughed. “Pa-cuddle cuddle pa raw kasi.”

“Hey, you’re cuddling to me, too!” Richard defended and then he sighed in defeat. “Fine, it’s my fault. But you enjoyed it too.” He said and immediately smiled when he saw the faint red on Maya’s cheeks.

“Ikaw pa rin ang may kasalanan!” She said and buried her face in her hands while Richard threw his head back and laughed hard. It was clearly his fault.

A lot has changed after they became official two months ago. Richard completely changed his schedule and would finish work as early as possible. He would go home and spend the whole night with Maya, usually by helping her do a scrapbook of the photos she took or she would help him by doing some of his projects.

Luke spent another week with them, but didn’t get any trouble in sleeping in his room. Richard kept insisting that Maya should sleep in his bedroom. And that’s the reason why Richard was usually late. What James suspected was wrong. They would do nothing but sleep by night and when they woke up in the morning, Richard cannot find the will to get up from bed. He really felt happy and comfortable hugging his girlfriend whether she’s already awake or she’s still asleep.

Maya changed his lifestyle. Richard is the type of person that gets up from bed immediately the moment his eyes opened, he would rather spend 24 hours of working than resting and would probably have a stern look on his face instead of smiling like a fool. Except for the part where he’s being late for his site visits, he knew he was changing for the better.

“You may be a small woman but your power over me cannot be compared to it. Kung hindi lang kita mahal eh, pinatulan na kita.” Richard teased as he ate his breakfast.

“Eh wala tayong magagawa eh. Na-inlove ka sa’kin eh.” Maya teased back.

“And you? Don’t you love me?” Richard asked.

Maya broke into a wide smile. “Asuus. Umagang-umaga, naghahanap ng ganyan.” She said and laughed. “I love you. Ayan na ha.”

Richard smiled. In two months of being together, he can still feel his heart thumping fast whenever he hear Maya say those three words to him. It’s like a rush of adrenalin flowing inside him, and just making him happy. “Maya, you can’t still remember anything?” He wondered.

Maya gave him a bitter smile as she shook her head. She thought her memories would be back by now. The information she knew before were still the only thing she can remember up to now. She still doesn’t know her surname or where she lives. “Wala pa rin talaga eh.” She replied.

“Do you want me to call Jerry? Papapuntahin ko siya dito mamaya para ma-check ka. I’m worried about it, Maya. I don’t know if your amnesia is permanent or what.” He worriedly said.

Maya reached for Richard’s hand. “Ayos lang ako. Ang sabi ‘di ba, yung recovery ng amnesia ko takes time. Malay natin, next month, or next week o baka bukas lang makaalala na ko.” She said.

“I’ll still call Jerry. Yes, I’m thrilled to always have you here but don’t you think your family is worried about you, too? And I would really want to get to know your family.” He said. He’s been thinking about popping the question sooner or later. Yes, it’s too early to bring it up, but Richard was sure that he can start a new life with Maya. With her, he can have a do-over in life.

“Gusto mo lang ata akong paalisin dito sa condo mo kaya gusto mong marecover ko yung memory ko eh.” Maya said and pouted. Richard chuckled and stood up. He hugged Maya from behind and kissed her head.

“Me? Getting of you? Do you really think I would do that? You’re the best thing that has ever happened to my life since Luke came. You made me see the positive things inside of me even if they are all blocked because of my negativity.” He said. “I will never ever let you go, Maya.” He said and turned Maya around as she smiled foolishly at him. “Maybe it’s convenient na rin that you don’t have your memory.” He added.

Maya’s brows furrowed. “Bakit?” She curiously asked.

Richard chuckled and kissed her head. “Para ako lang ang laman ng isip mo.” He whispered and removed his arms around Maya’s waist, leaving her with in a surprised state. “I’ll be leaving now. Tumawag ka na lang kapag may kailangan ka.”

Maya’s mouth was still gaped. She couldn’t get rid of the fact that Richard dropped a pick-up line for her. Richard chuckled and went in front of her to drop a kiss on her cheek. “Bye. I love you.”

“I love you, too.” She muttered and Richard quickly left. “Mag-ingat ka ha!” She said. Richard nodded before he shut the door behind him. When Maya was alone, she buried her face in her hands and squealed.



“The project will be complete by next week. The owner wants us to be there during the opening of this restaurant.” James said as he and Richard walked to inspect the place. “How was it like designing a restaurant and not a house?” He asked.

Richard shrugged. “I still prefer houses. Sorry James, these structures are never really my forte.” He said. “I’ll stick to designing residential homes.”

James smiled teasingly at his friend. “I already know that you’re inspired to build houses, no need to rub it in.” He said. Richard just shook his head at his friend’s comment. He doesn’t really need to defend since it was all true. “Ah, Richard, maiba tayo. I received an email last night, and I think you probably received it, too. The mail was from Lim Visionary Vanguard.” Richard halted right on his spot. “It’s from your father. He’s asking me about you and he was wondering if you want to be partners with him in a project.”

Richard sighed. He already read the email last night. He felt a rush of adrenaline when he saw the familiar email address. He thought that his father might actually apologize to him even though he is years too late. When he opened it to read it, he was disappointed. He should’ve known that his father would still be talking about work. And now he is involving him, his son so that he could get more publicity. He just closed the lid of his laptop after he finished reading it. Nothing changed, the message was still cold. It was purely a message from an architect to another architect and never from a father to a son.

“Just ignore it James.  I’m not really interested.” He just said. His friend just nodded. “Alright. But Richard, I think you should accept it. Alam kong tambak ang trabaho mo ngayon pero .. he’s still your father. Visionary Vanguard might be our biggest competitor when it comes to architectural firms, but the owner of it is still your father. Don’t you think masyado nang matagal yung away niyo?”

“Listen James, I really appreciate your thoughts but this is only between me and my father. I’d like it more if you just leave it at that.” Richard snapped and left his friend.

James just sighed. No matter what he does, he can’t really make the two Lims to reconcile. Roberto, Richard’s father, has been in touch of James for a while now and Richard doesn’t know it. He’s constantly asking how his son is doing in his firm. James doesn’t know if he should believe in it but he can see that Roberto is really worried for his son and that he wants their fight to be over. He’s actually the one who gave the suggestion of a using work to talk to his son but he failed.


Richard was on autopilot again. After talking to James, his mood shifted. He finished his work right away and left after saying his farewell to James and the others. When he entered his condo, he found Jerry talking to Maya. Both of them shifted their gazes, surprised that he was home early.

“Richard, akala ko gagabihin ka?” Jerry said as Richard sat beside Maya and gave her a kiss on her head.

“I finished work early.” He shortly replied and gave the doctor a small smile. Maya knew at that moment that there was something wrong. She reached for his hand and held it tightly, like she was saying that she’s there for him. Richard noticed it and gave her a smile. “Doc, what’s Maya’s condition?” He asked.

“I know you are both aware that it’s been almost three months since Maya’s accident and that she’s still doesn’t remember everything. I could say that there’s really normal. Iba-iba kasi pagdating sa case ng amnesia. There are cases where the patient would remember right away, meron namang matagal talaga. In Maya’s case, it would be the latter. Wala naman daw siyang nararamdamang sakit or any cases related to that kaya baka matagal lang talaga siyang maka-recover.” Jerry said.

Richard nodded. “Thank you Jerry.” He just said. Jerry bid his farewell saying he needs to make it to his son’s performance in school. After a few minutes, the couple were alone in the living room with Richard slumped back in the couch.

“May problema ka? Sa trabaho?” Maya inquired. Richard sighed deeply, refusing to answer. “Richard, alam mo naman na nandito lang ako para sabihan mo ng problema mo.”

“Nothing’s wrong.” He said and put an arm around Maya.

“Eh bakit ganyan yang itsura mo? Para kang nalugi? Ganito ka oh.” Maya said ang imitated Richard’s serious face, making him laugh. “You never fail to make me laugh.” He said. “Gutom lang ako. Hindi pa ako nakain ng lunch eh.”

Maya’s face brightened. “Hinahanap mo lang yung luto ko eh!” She said brightly and stood up. “Teka lang, ipaghahain kita.” She said as she stood up.

Richard remained on the couch while Maya prepares his food. “Richard, konti lang yung kainin mo ha. May lakad tayo mamaya.” Maya said.

“Where are we going?” he asked.

“May tumawag kanina dito sa condo. Hinahanap ka. Gusto ka raw i-meet eh saka relative mo raw siya. Kaya umoo ako. May binigay na name ng restaurant saka kung anong oras. Nandun sa note sa ref.” She said.

Richard stood up and went to the kitchen to look for the note. He doesn’t know any relative of his that would want his work. “What’s the name of the client?”

“Sa R nagsisimula eh. Nalimutan ko na. Nandyan sa note.” She said.

Richard searched for the note on the door of the refrigerator. At the middle, there was a blue post it with the name of a restaurant and the time of the meet-up. The name below caught his attention. It was like he was thrown into a pool of ice. I should’ve known. Damn it. He cursed in his mind. He took the note and almost slammed it in the island table.

“Why did you accept this?” He calmly asked but rage was boiling inside of him.

“Client siya. Bilin mo sa’kin dati yan na kapag may client na naghahanap sa’yo dito sa loob ng condo, umoo agad ako –“

“Yes! I said that! Pero hindi mo dapat tinanggap ‘to. Damn it hindi mo nga dapat siya kinausap eh!” He said,his tone rising up.

Maya’s brows furrowed. She was surprised at Richard’s sudden outburst. “R-Richard, h-hindi kita maintindihan.” She muttered.

Richard’s fists curled. “The client’s name is Roberto Lim. He’s my father. He’s the person I hated the most and now I have to talk to him.” He furiously said. “Call him back, I don’t want to go.”

Maya snatched the little piece of paper from his hand. “Richard, kailangan niyo nang mag-usap. Matagal na ‘to di ba?”

“Great. Now, ikaw naman. Kanina si James yung nagsasabi ng ganyan pati ba naman ikaw?” He replied. “Fine. Ikaw na lang yung kumausap sa kanya. Sabihin mo sa kanya na hindi ko siya kakausapin kahit ano pang mangyari. Wala akong paki kung anong mawala sa’kin kapag hindi ko siya kinausap –“

“Kahit ako?” Maya interrupted.

“What?” Richard asked back.

“Kahit ako yung mawala sa’yo, ayos lang?” She asked again.

“Maya, what are you talking about?” He curiously asked.

Maya took a deep breath. She’s not intending to do this but if it’s the only way, she will do it. She really wanted Richard to talk to his father and just say his thoughts. She knew it would make him better. It would remove the baggage Richard was carrying through the years. This is the right time for them to talk and Maya would do anything to make Richard go.

“Kapag hindi ka pumunta mamaya, aalis na ko dito.” She said. “Makikpag-break ako, Richard.”



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  3. Yeah miss you soo much. Great you’re back! Thank you sooo much for this update 🙂
    It’s a big challenge for Richard and big decision to make…think, think, think Richard. I wish there’s a double treat 😉 Thank you for this beautiful story.

  4. OMG!!! Sana makinig si arichard kung hindi eh mawawala si Maya sa gabi niya naku mas naging mas exciting ang kuwento can we have the next chapter please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Next chapter na pls..Thanks!

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