Chances 11


Maya stirred in her sleep, and then buried herself on something she’s comfortably hugging. There’s something holding her close, pushing her even closer as if their closeness was not enough. She could feel the coolness inside the room she’s in but having that warmth beside her makes her feel better. Her eyes slowly opened when she felt a hand run back and forth across her arm. It was the first thing she saw when she finally opened them.

The first thing that came to her mind was that she needs to scream. Even though she has amnesia, she knew that never in her life did she sleep beside someone. Well, for the exception of Richard.

Images of what happened last night flashed in her memory. Richard finally opened up to her. He finally had that courage to tell her what happened in his nightmare and he’s given Maya a chance to have a glimpse of the former him. Maya knew that if Richard told his story to just somebody, they would just think that it’s just some detail about him. But she’s different. It was just not some detail about Richard. For her, it’s a sign of trust.

Slowly, she lifted her head up to see if her thoughts are really true. And yes, she was right. Richard’s face was only a few inches away from her, his eyes are still closed and some of the lines on his forehead disappeared. Maya could say that he’s sleep was much better that time compared to the sleep he’s having before he had his nightmare. The corners of his lips were a little bit curled upward, making him look like he’s actually smiling unlike last night where Maya could only see the frown in them.

Maya stifled her giggle as she became aware of how they look like. Her head was on Richard’s chest with her arm draped across his chest with Richard’s hand on top of it and with his other arm around her back, as if he was protecting her. Under the covers, their legs are tangled with each other. If someone would barge in his room, they would really be mistaken as a couple at how close they are.

Besides from Richard’s confession last night, Maya has her own version of confession, too. After Richard spoke, Maya felt something inside her that she hadn’t felt before. It was like fire. It all started as this little light that she doesn’t know was there, and as the time passed by, it grew bigger and bigger, burning everything on its way until Maya finally noticed it. As Richard held her closely last night, she became aware of her feelings for him. It started out as a crush, which normal people usually have, but she felt like she was being thrown into something deeper. That’s how she knew, that she was falling for him.

Maya knew it was something not right. She’s just a mere stranger that Richard helped, after all. There’s nothing that could possibly develop between them. For Maya, everything that he’s showing is just an act of random kindness, nothing more. From other people’s view, it will be completely absurd and impossible for her to have that relationship with him.

Maya was completely ready to let go of her feelings and just treat it as a mistake. But there’s just one thing that’s been stopping her. What if what Luke said was true? That Richard is different whenever he’s with her. Is his actions really an act of kindness or there’s something more to it? Does she really need to start noticing and question his actions?

I need a sign.

Maya was drifted off from her thoughts when he saw Richard’s clock on his bedside table. She needs to get up so that she could prepare breakfast, especially since Luke will also be joining them. Maya carefully pulled her arm across Richard’s; he slowly removed his protective arm around her and carefully sat up from his bed. Before standing up, she looked back at him. A smile automatically crept on her face. “Good morning Richard.” She whispered and headed outside.


Richard kept on turning in his bed. His arms are stretched out, patting the surface like he was looking for something. When he was sure that what he was looking for wasn’t there, his eyes slowly opened. After it did, he turned his head either ways, expecting to see somebody’s face. He actually felt a little disappointed when it occurred to him that she was already up. He felt a little embarrassed as he thought that maybe Maya felt uncomfortable because of what he did.

He groaned as he sat up from bed. “I should’ve taken it slow.” He muttered. He was not intending to hug her as they sleep but his body seemed to move on its own. It surprised him that after he talked to Maya, he felt good. It felt like those years of carrying those burdens became light by just telling her his story. He doesn’t really know where the hug came from. He just felt like he’s been longing to do it.

“I finally told someone.” He muttered again. A year ago, Richard obliged to James’ request for him to see a psychologist, just to help him clear his thoughts. At first, the shrink was certain that he could help Richard but by the end of a few sessions, he told him that he couldn’t help him unless he started opening up about what troubles him. After that, Richard cancelled the next sessions and said that there’s no one that can help him because he’s never going to speak to anyone about it. Yet just last night, he finally did.

There’s just something about Maya that made him talk. She didn’t even force him to talk yet he started talking. It was like magic. Whenever she’s around, everything around him feels so light. It’s like he doesn’t have any problems at all.

The laughter from outside his room caught his attention. He was sure that it was Luke and Maya. He glanced at the clock and saw that he probably needs to get up since he’ll be leaving for work again. The smell of something burning welcomed him when he went outside his room. He saw that Maya and his little brother were laughing as Maya struggled to pull the smoking pan from the stove. Richard rushed behind Maya and put his hand on top of hers which was holding the pan. Together, they put the pan on the sink and Richard turned on the faucet as he remained behind Maya. When Maya turned around, she was trapped between Richard and the sink, their faces so close with each other.

Luke was smiling at them like he’s watching a chick-flick movie. He cleared his throat to catch the attention of the two but they didn’t seem to notice. “I’ll be in my room.” He said and left the two of them to give them privacy. He was shaking his head as he walked. He’s now starting to believe that his observations were perfectly true.


“Good morning.” Richard said, almost a whisper. They hadn’t moved even an inch after Luke left. Richard even trapped Maya by putting his hands on the sink.

Maya felt her heart in her throat. Was this the sign she was waiting for? “G-good morning din Richard.” She stammered.

Richard gave her a smile, something that really makes Maya’s heart thump fast. Maya doesn’t know if she’s hallucinating or what but she saw Richard’s gaze shift to her lips for just a second. She felt her knees weak and just gathered up her strength to move away from Richard. “Gusto mo ba ng pancake? Nasunog kasi yung isa eh, dapat sa’yo na yun.” She said as she went back in front of the stove. “Umupo ka na lang don.”

The smile Richard has on his face got wider. Even though he was mentally scolding his self because of shifting his gaze on her lips, he actually found Maya cute. In that way, he became aware that maybe Maya was feeling something extra for him, too. He was watching her move as he sat on one of the stools. A few seconds later, Maya placed a cup of coffee in front of him and then the pancakes arrived.

“Thank you.” He said as he started digging into his breakfast. “You know, I could get used to this, waking up every morning and you making breakfast for me.” He said truthfully.

“So parang maid ako ganon?” Maya teased as she ate her own breakfast.

“No. I didn’t mean it like that!” Richard quickly defended making Maya smile. “I mean, this. This whole scenario. I forgot the great feeling that a person could get kapag may nag-aalaga sa kanya.”

Maya nodded but didn’t meet his eye even though she was aware of his gaze. “Baka masanay ka, Richard. Eh alam naman nating pareho na hindi permanent yung pamamalagi ko dito.” She stated.

Richard suddenly felt his heart heavy. Maya’s right. She’s not going to stay forever with him. They’re simply waiting for her memory to come back or when they figured out who she really is. After that, Maya would be leaving already. And Richard would be alone once again.

“Uhm, Maya, do .. do I have to say sorry?” Richard suddenly asked. Maya shot him a curious look. “For what?”

“You know .. for .. for what I did last night.” He shyly replied. “I think I made you uncomfortable. I didn’t really mean to .. to ..” He trailed off, knowing Maya already knew what he was talking about.

Maya felt her cheeks blush. She just kept her head bowed so Richard couldn’t see it. “E-ewan ko. Hindi naman talaga ako uncomfortable kagabi.” She shyly said. Richard somehow felt happy from hearing her answer. “Nakatulog naman ako ng maayos.” Maya continued.

“Really? Even if I snuggled to you last night?” Richard asked, forgetting the awkwardness of their conversation. Maya still kept her head bowed but she nodded. Richard felt her heart leap. It was the confirmation he was hoping to have. If Maya didn’t dislike what happened last night, then she was definitely feeling the same way he’s feeling for her.

“It was the best sleep I had.” He said and met Maya’s eyes. “And .. I really want to thank you for listening to me last night. Talking about my family is something that I really avoided for years but .. but telling it all to you just felt so right.”

“You’re welcome.” She said. It was all she could say for now. Maya actually felt proud that Richard entrusted her with his personal life. “Basta kung kailangan mo lang ng kausap, nandito lang ako.”

“I know.” Richard said. “Anong oras ka pala nagising?”

“Mga thirty minutes bago ka siguro nagising. Tapos nakita ko si Luke na naghahanap ng makakain kaya nagluto na ko.” She simply replied.

Richard nodded. “I was actually looking for you when I woke up. I thought I’ll be waking up beside you.” He shyly said making Maya blush. “O, bakit? Why are staring at me like that? May dumi ba ko sa mukha?”

“W-Wala! Para kasing ang weird mo. Naumpog ba yung ulo mo kagabi?” Maya asked and Richard just smiled at her. “I don’t think so. Paano mo naman nasabing ang weird ko?”

Maya shrugged. “Eh kasi .. kasi parang .. basta. Yung kasing mga words na lumalabas sa’yo, iba. Hindi ka naman gano’n magsalita dati.” She said, making her statement just general. She doesn’t want to be specific since she doesn’t want to assume that Richard was starting to be sweet to her.

Richard shrugged too. “Really? Hindi ba ako sweet talker dati?” He asked and Maya almost gaped at him. “Well, maybe some things change. Like how a little kid changes her favourite color from day to day, how a teen changes the music he likes, how a person’s mood changes because of a joke,” He started, staring only in her eyes. “ .. how one night could change everything, how one night can change a person’s feelings towards another person, how one person who thought everything will just be the same for him change because of a woman and how his feelings change for her.”

Maya went completely still at her spot. She couldn’t even move a muscle. Richard’s words glued her to her spot. Could this be the sign she was waiting for?

They stared at each other in silence after that. It was Richard who broke the contact. “I’ll be in my room. Maliligo lang ako.” He said and stood up to put his plates on the sink. “I’ll just come out after para makaligo ka na rin.”

“H-Ha?” Maya muttered.

Richard’s brows rose.  “You’re still my secretary, right?” He just said and left Maya alone, still surprised at the turn of events in her messed up life.



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A/N : Pasensya na po kung medyo late. Kalma lang po tayo haha 🙂


17 thoughts on “Chances 11

  1. HAaaay naku Richard! you are beginning to act differently,,,halata na! Maya dahan-dahan lang baka mahulog ka oopppsss…… pero Tin tama lang ang timpla ng kilig factor….. ituloy ang kiligan……. Thanks sa update, I can’t wait for chapter 12to come…….

  2. Kilig super!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excited na ko s chapter 12, pero mas excited ako na makilala na si Maya. Hayzt kung pede nga lang lagay mo na dito yung buong story, naku kahit magdamag ko basahin ok lang. Thank you po =)

  3. Kinikilig ako!.. Sayang yung moment Richard, it was the best time for u to make damoves.. Sige lng next chapter, Maya was so awkward already…
    Thanks!.. Next chap na pls..

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  5. grabe over loaded sa ka sweetan at ka kiligan. a million thanks ms. christine sana pag dating ng morning naka post na ang chapter 12…hehehe, sorry demanding lang sobrang nakaka good vibes kasi itong story mo 🙂

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  7. How sweet this two…will see if she will get her memory back and she have somebody waiting for her…oh my…thanks the update Christine looking forward to the next one…😄

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