Chances 4


Even if Maya was still a little bit shocked on what Richard said, she went to her room and packed her things as Gina helped her. She doesn’t even know what she was feeling inside. She’s just feeling a little bit uneasy. After a few minutes, Jerry came in and carried Maya’s backpack for her. Inside the bag were clothes given to her by Gina. Since Maya doesn’t have anything with her after her accident, Gina gave her some stuff she knew Maya would really use.

“Thank you so much, Jerry. I really appreciate this.” Richard said as he shook the doctor’s hand as the latter gave him Maya’s bag.

“You’re welcome, Richard. And I personally think that Maya would recover quickly by your side. She trusts you after all.” Jerry replied with a smile. “Yung mga gamot lang niya. She needs to take those in time, okay? And after a proper meal para hindi siya maging acidic.”

Richard nodded. “Alright. I’ll remember that.” He said and opened his backseat to put Maya’s bag inside. “Is Gina’s clothes enough for Maya?”

“I think it’s enough for a couple of days but I think it’s much better if you buy new clothes for her. But if you don’t want to spend money on her, I can help you. Ang daming damit ni Gina dito.” The doctor answered.

Richard chuckled. “No, it’s okay.” He said and glanced at his wristwatch. “Maybe I’ll take her out for a shopping when she’s feeling better. Gabi na ata masyado para magshopping.”

“Monitor her condition for a few days. Hindi naman gano’ng kalala yung sa binti niya. Maybe after a couple of days, she can finally walk like before again.” Jerry replied.

After a couple more minutes of talking, Maya finally went outside the house with Gina helping her walk. Richard rushed to her side and told Gina that she could entrust Maya to him. Jerry opened Richard’s passenger’s door as Richard assisted Maya to go in.

“We’ll get going.” Richard said. “Thank you again.”

Jerry nodded. “Basta call me if Maya showed some progress from her amnesia. And if ever you have questions, you have my number.”

“I’ll do that.” Richard said. “Gina, thanks for giving Maya some clothes.”

“Anything for her, Richard.” Gina replied. “Ingat kayo sa byahe ha? Saka ingatan mo yang si Maya. She might be a pain sometimes but she promised to help you when she gets better.” She said and turned to Maya. “Bye Maya! Just ask Richard for our home number. Tawagan mo na lang ako kapag gusto mo ng kausap.”

Maya smiled at her new found friend. “Okay. Thank you Gina! Thank you po Doc Jerry!”

“Take care you two.” The doctor said. Richard went inside the car and drove off. Maya couldn’t help but glance at Richard every now and then. As she continued to steal glances, Richard caught her one time and then she looked away immediately.

“What?” Richard asked, the corners of his lips were raised up. He actually found Maya amusing that time. “Is there something wrong, Maya?”

“Wala. Eh ano lang. Basta, wala.” Maya said. Richard produced a soft laugh and glanced at Maya again, and when he did, Maya was staring at him. Maya quickly turned her head away to avoid his gaze while Richard laughed at her. “Seriously, Maya. May sasabihin ka ba?”

Maya groaned and sighed. “Fine. Itatanong ko lang sana kung bakit naisip mo bigla na dun ako patirahin sa inyo. Ayos naman ako dun kina Doc Jerry ah.”

“Ahh.” Richard said. “Well first, I wanted to make it up to you. I really felt bad with what I said yesterday especially when the nurse told me that you were depressed. Alam kong ako yung may kasalanan.” He said as he took glances at her. “I’m sorry again.” He added with an apologetic smile.

Maya couldn’t explain it but she was completely overwhelmed by Richard’s words. She thought Richard was really that cold. She was actually surprised when he admitted that he felt bad for the things he just said. When Richard walked out on her yesterday, she continued to remain silent as fresh tears escaped from her eyes. His words really stung and for the whole night, she cried because of it. The next morning, she pleaded Jerry to let her out of the hospital so that she would not see Richard again. Yet he still found a way to see her and even apologize to her.

She tried to hide the smile that managed to cross her face. Good thing it was evening and it was already dark. “Apology accepted.” She just said.

Richard smirked as he continued to look at the road. “And the other reason is Jerry told me that I can actually help you. He said that I should probably use the trust you gave me to help you recover your memory. So parang another payment for snapping at you yesterday.”

“Oh? E hindi ba parang sobra-sobra na ‘to? Ako nga dapat yung susukli sa pagliligtas mo sa’kin eh.” Maya replied.

“Saka na kita sisingilin. We have to get your memory recovered first then we’ll do the rest after that.” Richard replied and Maya nodded happily. She likes the sound of it. More will come later.

After a half-an-hour drive, Richard parked his car in front of his condo building. He took Maya’s bag from the backseat and also his duffel bag from the hospital and some of his office works. He wore Maya’s bag on his back, while he put the strap of his duffel on one shoulder with his office bag at the same arm. Using his other arm, he held Maya’s lower arm and assisted her in walking.

“Lean on me if you feel weak.” He said. Maya eyed him with her brows knitted. “I’m fine, Richard. Ikaw nga ‘tong ang daming dala eh. Akin na yung bag ko, ako na yung magdadala.” She said as she reached for her bag.

“No. Ang sabi sa’kin ni Jerry, masakit pa yang leg mo. Bilisan na lang natin yung paglalakad para pareho tayong hindi naghihirap.” He said and both of them went inside.

“My unit is not exactly that big kaya kung maglinis ka man, hindi ka mahihirapan.” Richard said as he opened the door to his unit. He put the bags he was carrying on his couch and assisted Maya to sit beside it. Maya turned her head to have a good look of Richard’s condo unit. The living room is the first room that will accommodate you after entering his front door. A divider was placed after the living room where she could see a kitchen with a counter island at the center. Richard went through the space behind the living room which she suspected was the place where the bedrooms are. She also saw the space on the other side of the living room. She was about to peek when Richard emerged.

“You can stay at the room in front of mine. Don’t worry, bakante yon. It’s the room Luke uses whenever he visits me here.” He said as he reached for Maya’s bag.

“Si Luke?” Maya asked.

Richard nodded. “Yeah. My little brother.” Maya nodded and carefully stood up. Richard put his hands on Maya’s arm and the other one on her shoulder. “Richard.” Maya called. “Hmm?” Richard responded.

“Anong meron dun?” Maya asked, pouting her lips and pointing it to that space she noticed before he showed up again.

“That’s my workplace. Lahat ng sketches ko, ng drafts ko, ng plans, contact numbers, all that is related to work nandun. Yan lang ang lugar na hindi ko pinapagalaw sa bahay na ‘to. Kahit sa maid.” Richard answered. “And I expect you to follow that.”

“Architect ka nga?” Maya asked. “Totoo yung sinabi mo nung kumakain tayo?”

Richard nodded. “Yep. I’m really an architect. Bakit parang hindi ka naniniwala?” He said as he opened the door of the spare bedroom. The room was actually spacious and the bed was enough for two persons.

“Don’t be offended ha, pero bakit sa condo ka nakatira? If you design houses, bakit hindi ka gumawa ng design mo, build it and live there?” Maya continued to ask as she sat on the edge of the bed.

Richard just gave her a small smile. “Sige na. Magpahinga ka na. The bed is this big because Luke prefers it that way. If you need anything, I’ll be at my workplace. Goodnight.” He said and left her.

Maya was about to call him but the door quickly closed, leaving her alone inside the room. Richard didn’t really answer her question. She just sighed and reached for her bag to start unpacking the clothes Gina gave her. As she was doing so, she noticed the picture standing on the bedside table. It was Richard beside a younger looking boy. He had the same chinky eyes Richard has but they differ a little on their skin complexion. Maya smiled as she saw that Richard is wearing a full-on smile. The two look really happy on the picture. “Siya siguro si Luke.” She muttered. After unpacking her things, she went out of her room and went outside.

Although Richard’s workplace was a little far from where she was standing, she could say that he’s already buried in his work just by seeing how he moves the pen he was holding. Maya went to the kitchen and decided to make him a cup of coffee to keep him going.

“Richard, coffee break ka muna.” Maya said as she held the cup of coffee with her good arm. Richard didn’t look up at her but he spoke. “Hold on. And please don’t take any step somewhere near this place.” His head was still bowed on the table where he was sketching.

Maya’s hand was cramping up since Richard continued to do what he was doing after a few minutes. The heat from the coffee was also burning her hand. She decided to put it on the table where Richard was working but unfortunately, the cup tipped and the coffee spilled on the table, tainting everything on its way, along with the paper Richard was busy working on.

“What the – MAYA!” Richard exclaimed as he tried to save the paper he was sketching. He just ran a hand on his forehead as he saw that more than half of it was tainted by the coffee’s brown color. “Damn it! That house plan was due by tomorrow!” He continued to exclaim. He grunted and quickly went to his kitchen to get a rug. He quickly wiped his table to remove the remaining coffee that spilled.

“I gave you one rule! And that is to not step in this place!” He continued. “Damn it, I’m doomed.” He really was. It was the house plan that will be presented for another client tomorrow morning. If he presented nothing to them, he knew that the deal will be off. Another family will be going home without that magic smile on their faces.

“Hindi mo naman kasi kinukuha yung kape eh! Nakakangalay kaya!” Maya defended when she finally recovered her senses. “I told you to hold on, di ba?” Richard countered.

“Hold on nga. Pero for how long? Isang oras ganon?” Maya sarcastically replied. “Okay fine, sorry. Pwede ka namang gumawa pa ng house plan di ba?”

“That’s a brilliant idea! Makakagawa ako ng house plan, kung hind ako matutulog.” Richard said and sat back on his chair as he ran both of his hands on his hair.

Maya nodded. “Sige. Susuportahan kita dyan.” She said and left again. Richard hissed. After taking a couple of deep breaths to compose his self, he took another paper and started sketching again. It would take him all night to do that thing. “It’s like college all over again.” He muttered.

A couple of seconds after and Maya went back carrying a tumbler with her. She placed it on Richard’s table as she sat on the chair in front of Richard’s table. “Nasa tumbler na yung kape mo. This time, sure na sure na kong wala na yang spill.” She proudly said but Richard didn’t even acknowledge her effort.

Maya bit her lower lip. He must be really mad. She thought and a brilliant idea crossed her mind. She reached for a piece of typewriting on one of Richard’s stacked boxes. The word ‘scratch’ was boldly written outside of it, making Maya confident that she would not ruin anything. She reached for a pen on Richard’s penholder and started drawing something.

Richard would occasionally glance at Maya to see if she’s doing anything that would ruin his work again. When he saw that she’s busy on the chair she was sitting on, he just continued working. He even reached for the tumbler Maya gave her and drank some. The heat of the coffee just calmed him down, and somehow, its taste gave him energy he truly needed.

After a few minutes, Richard finished the coffee he was drinking. Maya reached for it when she noticed that Richard wasn’t drinking anymore. When she felt that it’s empty, she stood up from her seat, when to the kitchen and placed the newly-filled tumbler back on his table. Richard started drinking again after that.

It was two in the morning yet he was just halfway in finishing his house plan. He looked at Maya and saw that she was still awake and she was just watching him work. Richard just sighed. “Maya, matulog ka na. You’re obviously tired.”

Maya shook her head. “Hindi. Kasalanan ko kung bakit ka magpupuyat kaya dadamayan din kita.” She said. “Matulog ka na.” Richard insisted.

“Hihintayin kitang matapos. For sure, matatapos na yan. Magaling ka kayang architect!” She said with a smile on her face. Somehow Richard’s lips produced a smirk. “Paano mo naman nasabi? You haven’t even seen my work.”

“Basta. Kahit na hindi ko pa nakikita yung mga sketches mo, alam ko nang magaling kang architect.” She continued. She thought that if she can’t make Richard’s mood better just by saying sorry, she would just shower him with compliments that will surely motivate him to work. “Go Architect Richard!” Richard shook his head as he smiled. He noticed what Maya was intending to do and surprisingly, it worked on him.

Maya smiled too when she saw that smile on Richard’s face. “Ah, isa pang motivation.” She said and Richard looked at her. Maya pushed the paper on top of the table she was sketching at earlier. Richard curiously looked at it and turned it over. There was a drawing of a rectangular house where another box was drawn of its roof. If it wasn’t for the smoke, Richard wouldn’t even guess that it was a chimney. Fortunately, his smile got bigger. “O diba? Malay natin architect din pala ako. Ipakita mo na rin yan sa client mo bukas. Ang ganda-ganda kaya ng design ko –“

She abruptly stopped when Richard started laughing so hard. “Ano ba ‘to? Drawing ng kinder?” Richard said in between his laughs. “The last time I saw this kind of drawing is from Luke. And he was eight by then!” He added and continued laughing.

Instead of feeling like she was insulted, Maya laughed with him. Even she admits that her drawing is nothing compared to what Richard was doing. “Maganda naman ah!”

“Yeah. Maybe you have a chance of winning if you compete with the other children’s version of their houses.” Richard continued. “And seriously, Maya. A chimney? Ang init init na nga dito sa Pilipinas tapos maglalagay ka pa ng chimey? Dapat aircon na lang!” And then he burst laughing again.

They spent a good half an hour just laughing at Maya’s drawing. Maya stood up to get him another round of coffee but Richard stopped her and got his own. She knew by then that Richard already forgave her. When Richard got back to his place, he started working again. It was already six in the morning when he completed his house plan. He was about to tell Maya that he was already finished when he saw her sleeping with her head lying on the his table.

Richard carefully carried her and brought her to her bedroom. She tucked her in and pulled the blanket to her shoulders. He smiled at her as brushed her hair with his hand. “Thank you.” He whispered. He stood up and glanced at her again before closing her door. Richard never thought that Maya would actually make him feel happy inside even after all that had happened, and even if he doesn’t have any sleep. He smiled again when he remembered her drawing. Maybe it wasn’t just him who’s going to be helping. Maybe, just maybe, Maya can help him, too.


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8 thoughts on “Chances 4

  1. Richard is truly a nice guy but what caused the bitterness?… Maya will truly melt and sweetened his disposition💖💖can’t wait for the truly supppppperrr………kilig moments that your story is going to have 😍😍😳😳😳 !!!!!

  2. This is a beautiful story.. They are caring for each other. Maya is bringing her positive vibes to Richard…. Double treat sana…love this story..Thanks!…

  3. Answer to your question..fairy tale wedding video of Maya en Richard.. Another kaka kilig na story ulit…next chapter na pls….

  4. Hi Christine, thank u for this new fanfic of R&M. this is interesting coz they both welcome & accept each other kahit na they know very little of each other. Hope their friendships blossom kahit na ano pa ang malalaman nila sa bawat isa.

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