A Change Of Heart Epilogue


After the reception, Richard and Maya walked hand in hand to the room they rented in the resort. They decided to move their honeymoon the next day since he still needs to attend a check up from his accident. Maya smiled as she remembered how Richard showed them that he can finally stand up again.

They were busy planning the wedding at Richard’s house. All eyes were focused on Catherine, their wedding planner. Richard was still in his wheelchair that time, his hands clasped around Maya. They were discussing something about the reception when Richard asked Maya if she want some juice. Maya nodded and was about to tell Manang Fe to get them but Richard stood up from his wheelchair and walked to the kitchen.

Maya’s eyes widened and shouted his name right then and laughed at him. She stood up and gave him a tight hug. It turned out that he was practicing his walking during the times she was away for her flight. She kept hugging him that time. She really missed hugging Richard like that. She really love it when he would just put his chin on her head as they were both lost in their embrace.


“Why are you smiling?” Richard asked as they stood before the door of their room. Maya laughed and hit him on his arm. “Wala. Naalala ko lang nung tumayo ka dun sa wheelchair mo. Pwede mo naman kasing sabihin na nakakapaglakad ka na ulit.”

“Then it wouldn’t be a surprise!” Richard rolled his eyes and swiped the card to their door. Maya gasped when they entered the room. The bed was full of rose petals and lighted candles where on the floor. She was busy admiring everything that she felt the hair on her nape go up when Richard sneaked his arms around her waist and started nuzzling her neck.

“It’s our honeymoon, mahal.” He whispered to her ear. Maya can feel her knees getting weak because of it. She decided to turn around to talk to Richard but when she did, Richard lips landed on hers. He started kissing her feverously, making Maya hold on to his arms as she felt like she’s going to melt any second.

Richard’s hand went to Maya’s neck, encouraging her to go deeper to their kiss. It was nothing Maya experienced before, even when she was still with James. She could feel Richard’s passion for her. She thought Richard would do this like he wanted it to be urgent but he kissed her with gentleness. He was giving her time to absorb everything.

Before Maya knew it, she felt the soft mattress on her back. Richard’s other hand went on her waist as he positioned her at the center of the bed. Richard broke their kiss and started kissing her neck, and then back into her mouth again. When Maya felt his hands fumbling at the zipper of her wedding gown, she quickly sat up and left Richard’s lips. Richard just stared at her with confusion on his face.

“W-what’s wrong?” He whispered. His was breathing hard from all what just happened between them.

“M-may nabasa ako sa forum.” Maya replied.

“Forum?” Richard repeated, his eyes narrowed at her.

Maya nodded. Her hands were together, fidgeting. Richard could clearly see that she’s uncomfortable so he sat beside her and put her arm on her shoulder. He moved her head and put it on his shoulder. “What’s bothering you?” He asked and kissed her head.

“M-may . .. may nabasa kasi ako na .. na delikado daw yung ano ..” She started. “Yung .. yung ano..” Richard chuckled. “Maya, wala tayong mararating nito kung puro ano yung sinasabi mo.” He said and Maya buried her face on her hands out of embarrassment. “Eh kasi naman eh!”

“Ano nga kasi.” Richard said and continued to laugh. “And please replace those ‘ano’ words mo. Wala akong maintindihan eh.”

“Wag mo kong tatawanan.” Maya said as she looked straight into his eyes. “If it’s a matter of life and death, then I won’t.” Richard said with a smile on his face. He leaned in and kissed her again. “Go on. Ano ba yun?”

Maya took a deep breath and finally spoke. “May nabasa ako na hindi raw maganda yung .. yung . yung kung ano mang gagawin natin ngayon para sa taong may heart problem.” She said and even though it’s dark, Richard was certain that Maya was blushing.

A hint of amusement was on his face and then he burst out laughing. “Mahal naman eh!” Maya groaned and buried her face on her hands again. “Concerned na nga sa’yo tapos tatawanan mo lang. Akala ko ba if it’s a matter of life and death, hindi ka tatawa? Delikado kaya ‘tong gagawin natin.”

“Ah, Maya, you never fail to make me happy.” Richard said when he finally stopped laughing. Maya’s face was still buried on her hands. Richard moved and engulfed her on a tight hug. “Well, yes, it’s true. It’s not good for me.”

“O! Tama ako ‘di ba? E di –“

“But!” Richard interrupted. “But, fortunately for you, I’m healed. And I’ve never been better. Kaya, mahal, you have a very healthy husband to make love to.”

Maya’s eyes widened and buried her face on Richard’s chest while her husband continued to laugh. Seconds later, she felt him move and then felt him kissing the hands that hide her face. “Let’s continue?” He asked with his husky voice.

Maya peeked between her hands and when she did, Richard removed them and without waiting for another second to pass by, Richard started kissing her again. He laid Maya back on bed and he guided Maya’s hands to his shirt, removing the buttons of it. When she was done, Richard removed it and started on unzipping her gown again.

When both of them were only wearing what’s under their clothes, Richard’s chest started aching. He rolled off of Maya and winced in pain. Maya worriedly went near him and after a few seconds, the pain went away. He told Maya that it was nothing and just when their kissing would heat up again, his chest would ache again.

“Richard, gusto mong tawagan ko si Ryan?” Maya worriedly asked.

Richard shook his head as the pain went away again. A smile went on his face as she turned to Maya. “No need. Si James ang dahilan nito.” He replied.

“Ha? Anong kinalaman ni James? Dito ka lang, tatawagan ko si Ryan.” Maya said and moved to sit up but Richard pulled her and she landed beside Richard. “Stay with me.” He said. Maya nodded and cuddled beside him. “Magiging okay ka lang ba?” She asked.

“I’m positive.” He said and kissed her head. “Ang sexy naman ng mahal ko.” He added. Maya instantly blushed when she realized that she’s just on her undies while Richard was just wearing his shorts. She quickly pulled the blanket to cover their bodies. Richard just laughed. “There’s no need to be shy.”

Maya sighed. “Ano ba kasing nangyari sa’yo? Tatawagan ko na talaga si Ryan.” She said. “No. Don’t. Saka tulog na ‘yun.” Richard said.

“Pupunta yun dito kapag nalaman niyang inatake ka na naman. Saka nandito naman sa resort lahat ng guests ah? Gigising ‘yun para tignan ka.” Maya snarled.

Richard rolled his eyes. “I know my body better than anybody else, Maya. And I’m telling you, si James ang may gawa nito.”

“Ano namang kinalaman ni James? Richard, kahit nasa’yo yung puso niya, hindi mo siya pwedeng sisihin dahil sa pagsakit ng dibdib mo.” She reasoned out.

Richard kissed her head again. “I .. I talked to him.”


“Nakausap ko siya. Right after my car accident. Siya nga yung nagsabing bumalik ako dito.” He said.


Richard nodded. “At first I didn’t know it was him. Nagpakilala na lang siya. Then I started thanking him, for the heart he gave me. He was really a very kind-hearted man. Sinasabi niya na wala lang ‘to pero it really meant so much to me. I thanked him not just for the heart but also for changing my life and giving me that pain to keep me reminded not to be angry. Ang sabi ko rin sa kanya, hindi ko na kailangang umoo sa kondisyon niya.”

“Anong kondisyon?” Maya asked. She was staring at Richard’s face as he continued his story.

“Bago ko pa nalaman na si James yung donor ko, I was already talking to it. When the heart was first transplanted to me, nirereject niya yung katawan ko. Doctors said that it was my body that was rejecting it but it’s the other way around. I can feel it. Then I asked it what it wanted. Surprisingly, I got an answer. It told me to love this woman that it loves. Make her happy since the owner of the heart died and it knew that she would be totally lonely.

“You were that woman, Maya. Talking to James made it clear. He doesn’t want you to be lonely. If I knew right away that the owner of the heart was James? And you were that woman? I could’ve said yes.”

“Hindi ka pumayag?” Maya asked, her tone croaking up because of Richard’s story.

Richard shook his head. “I said no. I told my heart that I will only love the woman who will truly capture my new heart. Ang sabi ko, hindi ako papayag na kontrolin niya pati kung sinong mamahalin ko. I told him to just stay put and I will show him the woman that I will love, and the woman that will top off the woman my new heart wants. Little did I know, pareho pala kami ng gusto.

“We both love you, Maya. James and I. But when I talked to him, I thought I was already dead. He asked me what wish I would like to have and I told him that I just want you to meet another man to love again, the way I love you. Nagulat na lang ako nung dumating na yung sundo ko. He told me that there’s no more man that can love you the way I do. Ako lang. Kaya ayun, he practically kicked me off from heaven.”

Richard felt a something wet near his arm and when he looked at Maya, he saw that she was crying. He smiled at her. “I promised Tatay Arturo that I would do anything to prevent you from crying yet you’re already doing it.”

“Bakit ngayon mo lang naikwento yan?” Maya asked.

Richard shrugged. “I don’t know. I guess we were too busy preparing for the wedding. And maybe it’s the reason why my chest was aching.” He looked up. “C’mon James. I thought pinapaubaya mo na sa’kin si Maya? Pwede bang wedding gift mo na ‘to sa’min?”

Maya pushed the blanket down, just below Richard’s chest. She saw the faint scar on Richard’s chest. She knew it was from his operation. She moved her hand and touched it. “James, kung nasaan ka man. Thank you kasi ibinigay mo si Richard sa’kin. I will always love you, James. Pero alam ko at alam mong si Richard na yung tinitibok ng puso ko.” She whispered.

Richard leaned in and kissed her head again. He put his other hand on top of Maya’s. “I’m sure James heard that. Let’s go to sleep. May check up pa ko bukas.”

Maya nodded. She was happy that Richard told her his encounter with James and she loved him more when he sacrificed the night of making love to each other to assure her that he was just fine. She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.



“Hi Maya.” A voice said. When Maya turned to her side, she saw James standing not far from her, and he was wearing white shirt and pants. She ran to him and gave him a hug. “James! P-pero paanong ..”

“I just visited you from your dream. It’s nothing permanent.” He said with a smile. “Ah, I believe I should say this. Congratulations! You’re finally married!”

Maya sniffed. “Nakakainis ka naman eh. Nang-iiwan ka kasi sa ere.” She said and sat down on the grass beneath them.

James chuckled. “Akala ko ba masaya ka na kay Richard?”

Maya nodded and he saw a smile crept on her face. “Oo. Masaya akong kasama siya.”

“See? Then you don’t need me anymore.” James replied. “But I believe I owe you a proper goodbye.”

Maya looked at him. “Ano bang nangyari sa’yo?”

James smiled at her. “Life. Life happened, Maya. My time was just up. You and I were never meant to be forever. Pero kayo ni Richard? Forever and ever and ever and ever – Hey!” He immediately said when Maya hit his arm. “Nakakamiss din pala yung pagiging witty mo.” She said.

“Well, I gave Richard some wit pero mas magaling pa rin ako. Kaya nung sinabi niyang mas magaling siyang mag-joke? Kamuntikan ko na siyang bigyan ng heart attack.” He said.

“James! Papatayin mo yung asawa ko!” She said and then she gasped. “Ikaw nga talaga yung dahilan nung kagabi?”

James happily nodded. “Nire-rape ka eh. What do you think I should do?”

Maya his arm again. “James! Hindi ako nirerape! Ano, magsese .. mag .. argh! Gagawa kami ng baby!” She replied and blushed instantly.

James laughed so hard seeing Maya like that. “After these years? Hindi mo pa rin masabi yung term?” He said and continued to laugh. “Alright, fine. Starting this night, hindi na ako makikialam sa inyo ni Richard, especially when you two are going to make love. But please tell him na manggugulo pa rin ako kapag nagalit siya. Hindi maganda yung laging nagagalit.”

Maya nodded. “Sige, sasabihin ko sa kanya ‘yan.” After talking for a few more minutes, a white jeepney arrived making Maya look confused. “Bakit may jeep?”

“Sinusundo ka na. Hinihintay ka na ni Richard sa baba. Go prepare him breakfast. Paborito no’n yung tutong.”

Maya laughed. “I guess sa’yo galing?”

James nodded. “Spot on. Sige na. Be a good wife to him, Maya. But I guess I don’t need to, kasi you already are.”

Maya nodded and gave James a final hug before getting inside the jeep. “Thank you, James. Thank you sobra.”

“I already heard what you said last night. I will always love you, too, Maya. Pero I think you’re better off with Richard. And I give you two my blessing.” He said. Maya went inside the jeep and waved goodbye to him.

“Au revoir, Maya.”


Maya woke up with a smile. Richard was still asleep when she peeked at him. Just when she was about to stand up, he reached for her and made her fell on his chest again. Maya giggled and looked at him. “Good morning!”

Richard leaned in and kissed her. “Good morning, too. Let’s have breakfast?”

“Hmm.” Maya lifted her brow. “Anong oras na?” Richard reached for his watch on the bedside table and put it back there again. “A few minutes before six. Why?” Maya shifted and lied on her front as she dropped a kiss on Richard’s lips. “Maya?” He said, his tone getting husky.

“Gusto mong gumawa ng baby?” She asked, he face wearing that smile Richard would die for. “But .. but I thought you’re concerned about –“

Maya cut him off by kissing him again. “Ayaw mo ba?”

Richard grunted and shifted. He was now on top of Maya as he started kissing him again. “You know that you don’t need to ask. I would happily make babies with you. Ilan ba ang gusto mo?”

“Enough for us to be happy.” Maya replied.

“Hmm. Mga sampu. Para two teams pag maglalaro ng bastketball. Even volleyball, sasali na lang tayo.” He teased.

Maya laughed out loud and slapped his arm. She brought her hand around Richard’s neck and ran her hands through his hair. “I love you Richard.”

Richard dipped in and kissed her again. “Payag ka sa sampu?” Maya laughed again. “Pwede bang divided by two na lang? Mga lima. Max na ‘yon.” She replied.

It was Richard’s turn to laugh. Then he started kissing her again. “Then we should get started.” He said. “Oh before I forgot” He said, stopping both of them.

“I love you, too, Maya.”




thoughts? 🙂

A/N : Naloka ako sa mild bed scene. Ang hirap pala no’n. Minor pa po ako. Haha. Thank you thank you po sa lahat ng sumubaybay sa story na ‘to. Doc Lala! Thank you po sa pagsagot sa mga tanong ko. :)) God bless po sa inyong lahat!


10 thoughts on “A Change Of Heart Epilogue

  1. maraming salamat christine dito sa epilogue …… still natouch pa rin ako …… may konting luha ang tumulo lalo na dun sa part na nagpakita si james kay maya sa panaginip …… just to do a proper goodbye …… and giving them his blessing …..continue to write you have a talent ….. God Bless …. ♡

  2. Hi Christine! Your stories were out of the ordinary… I had followed Have Faith and A Change of Heart… liked it a lot. And will definitely look into Chances… Keep on going. 😊

  3. Thank You for this po!! pansamantalang nawala ung sakit ng ulo ko dito! Astig ang Bed Scene haha! Si James nang-iistorbo! XD I LOVE this Story, this is really an Extraordinary! Ang gaganda po talga ng Stories mo po.. And after this Story, “Chances” naman ang susubaybayan ko.. 🙂 Hay.. I wish I have that talent in Writing Stories… 🙂

  4. hello christine…i just found your blog just last night but i was so intrigue with this story that i can’t stop reading this first “A Change of Heart”..it gave me a lot of emotions ..from being sad, angry, happy feeling loved and to be loved..this is just so great..a different one from the others that i have read. keep on writing for you have a vey great mind…thanks a lot

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