A Change Of Heart 32


Maya spent the whole day with Richard at the hospital. The doctor informed them that Richard will be staying for a few days there since he had fractures in his arm and in his leg. The two didn’t really mind. As long as they have each other, they wouldn’t even bother where they are.

The very same they, Maya had unexpected visitors while they were still at the hospital. It was her parents, along with her Kute, too. They rushed to give Maya a hug the moment they entered Richard’s room. Maya was surprised when she saw her mother’s face looking so worried. It turned out that they rushed for a ticket to Manila when they heard what happened to Richard. Since the Dela Rosa’s are widely known in their hometown, they got the tickets they wanted and arrived at Manila and rushed to the hospital.

Maya was feeling so happy, even though her parents were so worried. It just shows that they finally care for her, and that meant a lot to her. They told her that they couldn’t just sit around at their house and keep thinking that their daughter is crying because her fiancé met an accident. Maya thought she already cried enough when she heard what happened to Richard, but her tears flowed again.

While the whole family was telling stories and such, Emman came back with a basket full of fruits and a duffel bag where he packed Maya’s things, like her clothes. A few minutes later, Jeff came also with a bag that contains Richard’s things. He handed a small case and inside were Richard’s new pair of eyeglasses. Manang Fe gave it to him since he kept all of his eyeglasses and his shades in a cabinet Jeff finally met Maya’s family since when she and James were engaged, she never had the chance to introduce James’ family since he left too soon.

As the night came in, Jeff volunteered to drive Maya’s family to a hotel since the room was too small for them all. Richard even offered to let them stay in his house but when Teresita found out that his parents would be arriving from China, she immediately told him that they rather stay in a hotel.

“Bunso, una na kami ha? Text mo na lang ako kapag may kailangan kayo.” Kute said to Maya whose head is currently bowed on Richard’s bed. “Bunso?” She repeated when Maya didn’t answer.

She went near her little sister to tap her shoulder when Maya produced a soft snore. All the people inside the room became quiet when they heard that soft sound. Maya was asleep, and her head is lying on Richard’s good arm.

“Naku naman si Maya oh, dyan pa nakatulog.” Teresita said as she went beside her daughter. “Maya, nak, yung braso ni Richard ..” She trailed off when they heard Maya groan. Richard just chuckled.

“Richard, pagpasensyahan mo na ‘tong si Maya. Gisingin na lang namin.” Arturo said as he, too, went beside his daughter.

“Ah, wag niyo na pong gisingin Mang Arturo. She’s probably tired from crying. Kanina pa po ‘yan umiiyak eh.”Richard said.

“Pero, nak, yung braso mo. Baldado na nga yung isa eh.” Teresita said. Richard just smiled at her and then he shifted his gaze to the woman beside him. His upper arm served as Maya’s pillow. He slowly pulled his arm to retrieve it but Maya stirred in her sleep and just gripped Richard’s arm tightly. He winced in pain since he has a wound on that part of his arm.

“O Kuya, do you want me to get the nurse?” Jeff said when he saw Richard winced. He was also worried because Richard’s IV is connected to that arm and it would be dangerous if something happened to it.

“I’m fine, Jeff.” Richard said, trying to hide the pain he was feeling. Maya continued to stir and when she buried her head more on his arm, she suddenly leaned on the spot where Richard’s wound is, causing him to shriek in pain. Maya bolted awake when she heard him. She was too disoriented that her head kept turning to find out what happened.

“A-anong nangyari? May sunog ba? Si Richard? Nay!” Maya said, panicking. Kute pouted her lips and pointed it to Richard who’s wincing in pain. His left hand is curled up into a ball as if putting all the pain in there.

“Naku, Jeff, tawagin mo na nga yung nurse. Mamaya kung mapano pa ‘tong si Richard eh.” Arturo told Jeff who rushed outside to follow his order.

“Ricky, anong nangyari sa’yo?” Maya said as her hands kept moving back and forth, unsure where to put it. Richard was now starting to calm down as the pain slowly went away. “Emman! Anong nangyari?”

Emman giggled before he even answered. “Eh kasi naman, roomie, ginawa mong unan yung biceps ni Papa Richard. Ayan, nadali mo tuloy yung sugat niya.”

Maya’s eyes widened and turned to Richard. Her hands dropped to his arm and tried to soothe the pain. “Sorry, Ricky. Dapat kasi ginising mo ko eh.”

“I don’t have the heart to do it, Maya. Ang himbing kaya ng tulog mo.” Richard said. Maya smiled lovingly at him and when he finally calmed down, she put a kiss on Richard’s nose. “Sorry.” She repeated.

Richard smiled. “It’s okay, Maya. At least alam ko na.”

“Hm? Ang alin?” Maya curiously asked.

“At least, now I knew that you’re a heavy sleeper. I should probably use all my strength every time I wake you up when we get married.” He said with a sly smile on his face.

Maya instantly flushed after Richard said those words. Her parents too were feeling the same giddiness she was feeling. Just seeing the two of them like that draw smiles to their faces. It was then when it finally sank to them that their daughter is finally getting married. And this time, to the man she will truly love for eternity.

Jeff came in with a nurse behind him. The nurse went to Richard’s side to check if the wound was still fine. He changed the reddened bandage and replaced it with a new one. He advised them not to apply too much pressure on the wound since it will not do anything good and Richard would just suffer in pain. After that, he left.

“Yan kasi, bunso. Alam nang may sugat dun sa braso, yun pa yung piniling tulugan.” Kute teased.

“Eh Kute, pabayaan mo na si Mayabels. If I know, sabik lang siya sa biceps ni Papa Richard!” Emman also teased and squealed after.

“Huy, tigilan niyo nga si Maya. Pulang pula na yung anak ko oh.” Teresita said and gave Maya a hug. “Sige na, nak. Uuna na kami. Ginagabi na rin si Jeff eh.”

“Babalik kami bukas dito, Richard. May gusto ka bang ipabili?” Arturo asked.

“Wala na po, Mang Arturo.” Richard said. Arturo patted Richard’s shoulder lightly. “Pagaling ka ha.” He said. “Ah, saka hindi Mang Arturo. Tay Arturo na lang. Mas magandang pakinggan.”

Richard chuckled. “Sige po, Tay Arturo. Ah, kung pwede po makikidala na lang ng isang extra na unan para hindi na po ako mapahamak ulit.” He teased earning him a pinch on both of his cheeks from Maya. “Ikaw talaga!” Maya said.

After the goodbyes, Richard and Maya were the only ones left inside the room. It was still quite early to sleep but both of them can really feel their eyes that were screaming for some sleep.

“Ricky, matulog ka na. Kailangan mo ng pahinga. Nandito lang ako kapag kailangan mo ng tulong ha?” Maya said as she put a kiss on his forehead. “Goodnight.”

“Wait, where are you sleeping?” Richard asked.

“Dito sa couch.” Maya answered as she sat on it.

“No. No fiancée of mine will sleep on that thing or in any couch.” He said and tried to move to create a space beside him. “Dito ka sa tabi ko.”

“Richard, may injuries ka. Baka maipit ko lang yang paa mo.” Maya said.

Richard sighed. “Nagre-request na nga lang ‘tong asawa mo, hindi mo pa mapagbigyan.” He said, pouting his lips. He laid out his hand to Maya. “Asawa ko, halika na dito.” He said.

Maya bit her lower lip to hide the wide smile on her face but she failed miserably. She stood up from the couch and accepted Richard’s hand. Even though he felt too weak, he still managed to pull Maya to him. Maya shriek and landed just on top of Richard. “Can you sleep beside me, asawa ko?” Richard asked sweetly.

Maya buried her face on his chest to hide her reddened cheeks. “Oo na sige na, dito na ko tutulog.” She said, never lifting her head up.

“Ha? What was that?” Richard teased. “May nalilimutan ka atang idugsong sa sentence mo.”

Maya buried her face more on his chest as she squealed. “Ricky, tama na. Hindi na normal ‘tong kinikilig ako.”

Richard soothed the back of Maya’s head. “Is that so? I guess kailangan na kitang sanayin.” He said, and Maya lifted her head up to look at his face. Richard just smiled at her, amused. He lifted his head to put a kiss on her head even though he felt his head pounding.

“Sanayin sa’n?” She asked. Richard could see that her cheeks had its usual red color again.

“To that kilig you are feeling.” He simply answered. “Because I intend to make you feel that way from this day, to the day we get married, to the day we live together, to the day we finally have a bunch of sons and daughters around us, and to the day when we already have those wrinkles everyone hates.”  He said, pausing to look at Maya straight into her eyes. “I just love you, Mrs. Lim. So much.”

Although she knew he would feel pain, Maya climbed on the bed and hugged him tightly. It was one of the things she loves about Richard. He might be too serious or too funny for a second and then he would let go of these words that would make any woman swoon for him. She was absolutely lucky that she found him.

“Simula ngayong araw na ‘to” Maya started, speaking near Richard’s ear so that he could hear the emotions she’s having, even though he can’t see her face. “aakuin ko na yung obligasyon na alagaan ka lagi. Ikaw lang yung taong nakilala ko na pabalik-balik sa ospital eh. Naiinis ako kasi lagi mo akong pinag-aalala, pero .. pero kahit naiinis na ko, lalo ko lang napapatunayan sa sarili ko kung gaano kita kamahal. Kada na lang kasing may nangyayari sa’yo, nararamdaman ko lalo na parang madudurog na lang ako kapag nalalaman ko kung anong nangyari sa’yo. At alam kong mas madudurog ako kapag nalaman kong wala ka na.” She said. Richard smirked when she heard her sniff near his ear. That’s so her. “Basta wag mo nang uulitin yung nangyari ngayon ha? Kung kinakailangang mag-hire ka ng personal driver, gawin mo lang. Basta ayoko na ng ganito. Feeling ko mamamatay ako kanina.”

Using his good arm, Richard hugged Maya tightly. He might be on the verge of death earlier, but having Maya by his side made him feel that he’s still on the path that will lead to the future where they would still be in each other’s arms. “Maya, nagiging madrama na tayo. I just asked you to sleep beside me.”

“Eh ikaw kasi eh!” Maya said as she sobbed. Richard laughed. “It’s always my fault, huh? But I don’t care. Wag mo lang akong iiwan.” He said.

He felt Maya nod frantically near him. She leaned back a little to look at Richard’s eyes. “I love you, asawa ko. Mahal na mahal na mahal na mahal kita.” Maya said.

Richard lifted his head again to kiss Maya on her lips. For him, it’s the only thing that was real to him. He can surely accept the changes happening around him, anything but her kisses. Maya leaned in and gave him a peck over and over again. “Ricky, tulog na tayo.” She said when she stopped kissing him. Richard nodded and Maya carefully lied down beside him. She just kept her arm on top of Richard’s chest, near her head, afraid that she might hurt his injured arm. Richard’s good arm is on her shoulders, pushing her even closer to him. Both feeling so tired, they immediately fell asleep with the words said earlier echoing inside their heads.



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A/N : Sorry po at nag-LOA na naman ako. Midterms po kasi eh. Thank you for waiting!! Matatapos na siyaaaa.


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  1. naku maya kung ikaw kinikilig …… ako naman nacocomatose na sa kilig …. parang di yata ako makakatulog nito ng maayos ….. ayiiiiiiiiieeeeee!!!!!! kasalan na ba ang kasunod ms. christine …… salamat ng marami sa update kahit busy ka sa school …. ♡

  2. naku maya kung ikaw eh kinikilig eh ano pa ako noh….super overdose sa kakiligan…super thankie sa update even though you are busy in your studies, good luck to your midterms 😉

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