A Change Of Heart 25


“I knew him?” Richard curiously asked. He never thought that he actually knew the owner of his own heart. For five years, he lived knowing that his donor was just a complete stranger. And after those years, it would actually change. “I actually knew the donor of my heart?” He asked again. He found it all surreal. He can now finally thank his donor’s family properly; something he’s been longing to do.

“Well, I think so. I did a little research to where your heart might came from. There’s this case that fits the date, the time and the place to when you had your heart attack. I’ll go to the hospital to finally look for his medical records.” Ryan answered.

“So, you’re stull not sure if he’s really my donor?” Richard confusedly asked.

“Yes. But I’m certain you knew him. His name is quite big to business like yours.” Ryan answered.

“Do you have a name, brod?” Richard asked.

“Yep. His name is -”

“Richard, hinahanap ka sa baba ni Liza.” Maya said as she entered Richard’s office, stopping Ryan from talking. “Ipapacheck daw yung gawa dun sa aircraft kung pasok sa standards mo.” She continued. The two men were just staring at her even after she talked. “Ay sorry, may pinag-uusapan ba kayo?”

“It’s okay, Maya.” Richard said and then he turned to Ryan. “Brod, can you -”

He was unable to continue his question when Ryan’s phone rang. Ryan reached for the phone in his pocket and excused himself and headed outside the office.

“Anong pinag-uusapan niyo?” Maya asked.”Ay, sorry. Personal question kasi.” Maya quickly said when she realized what she said.

“It’s okay.” Richard assured her with a smile. “Kilala na raw ni Ryan yung donor ng puso ko.” He said.

“Hindi mo pa ba kilala?” Maya asked. Richard shook his head as his answer. “Nope. My donor was anonymous. He chose it that way.” He said. “I have to go down. Titignan ko pa yung ginawa nina Engr. Yamaguchi. Tara, I’ll introduce you.” He said as he stood up. Maya did the same and head for the dogor. Richard walked faster to catch up with her and when he did, he reached for he hand to entwine it with his. Maya still couldn’t help but still blush whenever she sees their hands clasped like that. Richard would always caught her by surprise by his sweet gestures.

They were welcomed by four men downstairs when they got down. “Chief, ayos na yung aircraft. Pero hindi namin alam kung nasa standard nyo eh.” A man said. Maya could identify that he is a Japanese based on his accent.

“I’ll check it. Thank you Yamaguchi.” Richard said. “Maya, this is Engr. Yamaguchi and his crew.” He said to Maya. “Everyone, I would like you to meet my girlfriend, Maya.” He said with a smile. Smiles were immediately painted on the faces of the engineers. It was that time when they proved their hypothesis to be right.

Richard left Maya for minute to inspect the plane. She was standing beside the engineers and all together watched Richard do his thing. “Bakit parang ninenerbyos kayo?” Maya asked when she observed that the engineers were looking so nervous. “Ma’am strikto po kasi si Chief kapag ganyan pong case eh.” One of the men said.

“Oo nga po Ma’am. Minsan nga po kapag talagang pangit yung pagkakagawa dun sa aircraft, naninigaw pa po.” The other continued.

“Si Richard, naninigaw?” Maya asked. She finds it all unbelievable. She never saw Richard getting mad, let alone scolding his employees.

“Naku, Ma’am opo. Dati po talaga laging hiyaw yang si Sir. Kapag lang po nandito si Ma’am Alex hindi naninigaw si Chief.” The engineer continued.

“Alex?” Maya asked curiously. Richard mentioned the name before but she forgot what was the deal between them.

“Opo. Napunta rin po yun dati dito kaso nung napansin po namin na hindi na siya pumupunta, mas dumoble pa po yung sungit ni Chief.”

“Shhh. Ayan na si Chief!” Yamaguchi scolded them. Sure enough, Richard was on his way to them with a serious look on his face. He stopped just beside Maya and faced them.

“You’re work was fine though may mga wires na hindi maayos yung pagkakalagay.” He started and the engineers looked like they were anticipating Richard’s raised tone. “Just make sure that you will double check everything next time. That’s all.” He said.

The engineers seemed to sigh in relief when Richard said his ending remark. “Yun na po Sir?” A man said and Yamaguchi nudged him on his side. Richard just raised his brows, a gesture asking them what was up.

“Ah wala po Chief.” Yamaguchi said. “Sige po Chief, kung may kailangan po kayo, dun lang po kami sa may labas.” He continued and walked away with his group.

“So, do you need to go home now?” Richard asked Maya.

Maya shook her head and stared at Richard. “What?” He asked. The woman giggled. “Alam mo bang ninenerbyos yung mga empleyado mo dahil sa’yo?”

Richard chuckled. “I know that. Nasanay kasi sila sa ugali ko dati. I told you before that I’m not really the man I used to be years ago di ba?”

Maya slowly nodded. “Naninigaw ka raw dati eh.” She teased and Richard answered with a nod. “Kaso, hindi mo daw ginagawa yun kapag kasama mo si Alex.”

It was Richard’s turn to nod slowly. He can sense that Maya was asking for some kind of explanation. “She was my ex-girlfriend.” He started and then he took a deep breath. “Look, if you want to talk about it, this is simply not the place for it.”

“Hindi, Richard. Hindi naman ako nanghihingi ng explanation -”

“You may not say it but I can clearly see in your eyes that it’s bugging you.” He cut her off and held her hands together in front of his chest. “I’m your boyfriend and it’s your right to know everything. I’ll be an open book for you, Maya. Just for you.” He assured her.

Richard and Maya gathered up their things drom Richard’s office and off they went. Maya insisted to have someone drive them thinking Richard is still too fragile to drive on his own. In the end, Maya won and they waited for Mang Lem to be their driver. Maya just told him to drive the two of them home. She didn’t want Richard to move another muscle as she knew that he was really tired from working.

Manang Fe prepared some merienda for them at the veranda where they were sitting in silence. After the coffees were delivered, Richard finally spoke.

“I first met Alex in my alma mater. She was in her last year in college while I just went there to get my records. And that was that. We started dating and after a few months, we became a couple. She was the only person I knew who can tame me. I was really lost back then kasi nga I still got that disease in my heart.

“Alex doesn’t know about my case. Ang alam lang nya, may asthma ako kaya whenever I experience angina, I just tell her that it’s because of it. She was with me when I have to deal with he pain. She never left my side. I was so in love with her and I knew for sure that time that she was really the one for me.”

Maya couldn’t help but feel this strange feeling inside of her. She wants to deny it so bad but she knew her jealousy would just scream loud inside her head until she finally admits that she was really jealous. A pain was felt inside her heart when Richard told her that she’s with him through every pain that he felt. She felt jealous, not because Alex was with Richard the whole time but because she wants to take care of him. She wants to take care of him whenever he’s like this because that is one of the things she could do to make him feel that she cares for him. And the one thing that would make him feel how much she really loves him.

“I told you before that I was sent to the hospital and my doctor told me that I’m already at my worst di ba? Right after that, I called up Alex and asked her to meet up with me. That’s when I told her about my condition. I could understand that she was quite mad at me for not saying the truth right from the start but .. but what I could not understand is that she broke up with me because she knew that I was close to my death.

“I was so furious at her that time. And .. and my anger really rose up that time that I just wanted to die. It really shattered me just to hear her say that she just couldn’t stand the thought that my days were getting shorter with each day that passed. She was my last hope. That hope were I thought I could die happily with her smile as the last image I will see. Siya pala yung unang bumitaw.” Richard continued. Maya could feel his pain so she reached for his hand, entwined it with his and rubbed her thumb on the back of his hand. “And then my miracle happened. It’s not just the donation of the heart.” He said and faced Maya.

“This happened. Us happened.” He clasped their hands much tighter. “I don’t care what your thoughts are. All I want you to think and I want you to remember that I love you no matter what, okay? I don’t care what hindrances we’re going to face in the future. Please have faith in me.”

Maya’s tears rolled down as Richard said those words to her. She could really feel that his heart is filled with his love for her. He was loving her unconditionally, just like her love for him. Maya leaned closer to him and hugged him tight. “I love you, Richard.” She said. Those three words might’ve been overused but she would never get tired of saying those to him.

Richard shifted to look at her and saw Maya staring back at him. He smiled as he stared back at those lovely eyes of hers. Those were the first thing that really caught his attention. Richard lifted his hand to caress her cheek. His thumb lightly made contact with Maya’s lower lip. Both of them were holding their breaths. Richard lowered his head and dipped it in front of the lady in front of him. His lips lightly touched hers but they both felt something real and strong. Their kiss was very gentle and after it happened, Richard kissed her again, this time, much longer. He couldn’t seem to get enough of Maya. He was about to go for another one when Maya stopped him.

“Hep hep! Tama na muna yan. Nakakailan ka na.” She said with this foolish smile on her face.
Richard chuckled. “If I know, gusto mo rin naman.” He said and without giving Maya any chance to speak, he leaned down to kiss her again.

“Tama na nga kasi!” Maya said as she hid her face using her hands. She knew her face was so red as she felt them warm. But even if she was like that, she felt Richard shower her with his kisses on the area covering her face. “Richard!”

“I’m not stopping not until I get a kiss from you.” He said. Maya peeked a little and saw Richard smiling at her with his brows raised. “I’m waiting, Maya.”

Maya lowered her hands and slowly leaned in to kiss Richard on his nose. “What was that?” He exclaimed.

Maya just giggled. “Kiss!” She exclaimed. “Sabi mo gusto mo ng kiss. Ayun na.”

“I think you and I clearly know what I meant.” He said as he still wore that smile on his face. Maya pouted and lifted her hand to put it on Richard’s nape. She closed their distance and finally kissed him on his lips. “Ayos na?” Maya asked only to get Richard’s shooking head. “I want more.” He said. Maya gave a light tap on his arm. “Ayoko na!” She said.

Richard’s laughter filled the veranda. He kissed her head and said, “I really love you, Maya. Your name is the only thing I can hear my heart scream.”

Maya pinched his cheeks. “I love you too Richard ko. Ikaw lang ang taong nagpatibok ulit sa puso ko.” She said.

The two of them stayed at the veranda for a couple more minutes. Both lost in their own thoughts, both lost in their love for each other. Before leaving, Maya made sure that Richard is already on his bed so he could rest. And Richard made sure that Mang Lem is back so that he could drive her home. The two of them slept that night with smiles on their faces. With a simple kiss changing everything.

A week after, Richard was finally back at his own state. His strength was back and he can now work again. As he was busy reading business proposals, his phone rang.

“Brod, it’s good to finally hear a word from you.” Richard said when he answered the call.

“Brod! I’ve got news! I finally know who your donor is.” Ryan said n the other line.

“Totoo na ba yan, brod?”

“Yep. I’m a hundred and one percent sure.”

Richard chuckled. “Alright. May I know his name?”

“I have this feeling that you’re not believing what I’m saying.” Ryan said. “But I have to tell you either way. Si James Ventura ang donor mo, brod. He died from a car accident five years ago at the same day you had your heart attack.” Richard was mum afyer Ryan spoke.

“James Ventura is the former owner of your heart, Richard.”

Thoughts? πŸ™‚

A/N : Hi guys! Sorry po kung late na po yung mga updates ko. Nahihirapan po akong humanap ng oras para magsulat. I’m here po sa Baguio! Educational trip po namin and I just wrote this one ngayong araw po na ‘to kasi nagi-guiltty na po ako na pinaghihintay ko po kayo ng matagal. Thank you po for understanding!


15 thoughts on “A Change Of Heart 25

  1. 1407pm… Nagulat ako at may new chapter… Hmmm i wonder kung ano epekto nito kay maya pag nalaman niya na si James ang donor ng heart ni Richard… Sana naman wag maging MMK episode ang next chapter..

  2. ayiiiiiiiiiiieeee!!! grabe ang kilig nito nakakaloka ……. but now na alam na ni richard kung sino ang heart donor niya masabi kaya niya kay maya …… sabi nga ni ms. eden ano kaya ang epekto nito kay maya?…… bigla tuloy akong kinabahan sa mangyayari …….salamat christine sa update kahit may educational trip ka ….β™‘

  3. naku alam n sino ang donor..
    sasabihin kaya ni richard agad kay maya? if ever, ano kaya magiging reaction ni maya? and how will this affect them.. hmmmm..kaabang-abang to..

  4. you cannot hide it forever. with his resources he can really check that thru policy records. but hospitals will never confirm it. . thats their commitment to the deceased and they have to honor that. delaying would also mean problem. timing timing din pag me time. i guess kung maayos naman ang pagsasabi, there wont be a problem. both are capable to love and has to move on. present is more important than the past. thanks for the update.

  5. Thanks for the update. Super stressed ako. 24 hrs na akong walang tulog. I’ve up writing my thesis all night. Nerve-wracking!

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