A Change Of Heart 23


Richard smiled at the sight of their hands clasped together. He never felt this satisfied of his life before. Ever since he saw Maya, he was always wondering what it’s like to hold her hand, to have her close and just to hug her whenever he wants to. He never thought that it would feel like he’s floating. After courting her for some time, he finally had her trust and finally got the answer he was waiting for.

Maya’s head was on Richard’s shoulder with her eyes closed as they rode back to Manila. A day after Maya said yes, Liza called Richard up to say that he’s needed on LAS pronto. He was really enjoying his vacation with her family but he couldn’t do anything but to go back to Manila. They were on the first flight back to Manila; both of them were still sleepy. The smile on his face got wider when he felt Maya move even closer to the crook of his neck.

They weren’t like that when they rode the plane earlier. Both of them were just silent since they were too sleepy. When the plane lifted off, Richard told Maya to sleep while they are still travelling. Maya just nodded, closed her eyes and leaned back on her seat. It was Richard who encouraged her to lean on him. She was hesitant at first, but when Richard guided her head on his shoulder, she didn’t have any more choice. Maya immediately drifted off to sleep but before she did, she gave Richard’s hand a light squeeze just to show him how much she appreciate what he’s doing for her.

Richard sighed contently. He, too, was now feeling sleepy. He moved a little to kiss Maya’s head. “I love you.” He whispered.

Maya woke up when she felt her surroundings move. It was then when she remembered that she was inside a plane on the way back to Manila. She felt something heavy on top of her head. When her gaze drifted to her hand, a smile crept on her face. Their hands are still entwined together. She tentatively moved her thumb on Richard’s hand and smiled even more when it sank to her that he’s already her boyfriend. She didn’t make any attempt to move her head, afraid that Richard would wake up if she did. And she knew all too well that he really needs rest.

After their confession for each other, Maya pulled Richard and led him back to the house and made him sit on the couch. She joined Teresita and Arturo in preparing their breakfast and that alarmed her even more. It only means that Kute and Richard did that serenading without anything inside their stomachs. When the table was finally set, Maya filled Richard’s plate with the dishes they cooked. They got teased by the whole household but the two of them didn’t mind. They got trapped in their own bubble again.

The voice from the speaker brought her back from her thoughts. She slowly removed her head from leaning on Richard’s. She took their hand clasped together and shook it. “Richard, yung seat belt mo, ayusin mo na. Malapit na tayong lumapag.” Maya softly said.

Richard just stirred while his eyes were still closed. “Later na.” He murmured. Maya giggled. She pinched Richard’s cheek lightly with her other hand. “Richard, gising na muna kasi.” Richard shook his head and continued to sleep. Maya shook her head

and produced a ‘tsk’ sound. She scooted closer to him and moved to put his head back on his shoulders. She was quite surprised when Richard move and let her move closer. “Richard, yung seatbelt mo please. Hindi nilagay ‘yan dyan sa upuan mo para sa dekorasyon.” Maya said.

She felt Richard sigh and without opening his eyes, he removed his hands that was still holding hers and moved it on his lap to fix his seatbelt, Maya was watching him as he moved. After that, he lifted his hand again and groped her hand again. “There. Happy?” He said with his eyes still closed but there’s this smile plastered on his face.

Maya moved closer to Richard, as if their distance was not enough. “Oo. Sobra.” She answered. She was really happy. Not because Richard fixed his seatbelt but happy because of him. Letting go of James was really the answer. The talk with her mother was really helpful in erasing those doubts inside her heart and made her saw that she was in love with this man. He was the man who helped her in her messy life and if repaying him would bring this happiness inside her heart, she knew that she would never stop from doing so.


“Hindi na muna ako pupunta dito mamayang gabi. You better rest. You have an early flight tomorrow right?” Richard asked as the two of them stood outside Maya’s condo unit. He handed her luggage and tried to hide his yawn. “Inaantok ka pa rin?” Maya teased.

Richard nodded. “I never thought that memorizing such lyrics would be hard.” He replied, pertaining to his serenade. “Anyway, I knew you didn’t have enough sleep, too kaya pumasok ka na sa loob.” He continued.

Maya nodded. “Sige. Ingat sa pagmamaneho pauwi. Matulog ka rin muna.” She replied as she inserted her keys on her front door.

“I can’t. I have to go back to LAS. I have to fix one of our planes.” He said. “Ha? Didiretso ka na dun?” Maya asked and Richard answered with a nod. “Hindi ba masama pa para sa’yo yung mga mabibigat na trabaho na ganon?”

“I know my body better than you do, Maya. Sige na, pumasok ka na sa loob. I’ll be on my way.” Richard said.

Maya nodded and opened the door. “Sige. Ingat ha?” When Richard nodded, Maya entered her condo and closed the door. Before she could walk away, she heard a knock on her door. Richard was standing outside with his arms crossed and his brows raised.

“Oh? May nalimutan ka Richard?” Maya asked.

Richard mouth gaped like he wants to say something but it ended into a sigh. “Yes, you forgot something.” He said.

“Ano? Parang wala naman.” Maya replied.

Without waiting for Maya to speak again, Richard closed their distance and hugged her tight. “I’m your boyfriend now, remember? I need a proper goodbye.” He said and kissed her cheek. “I love you.” He said as he stared at her eyes. Maya was left mum. She felt her cheeks burning especially on that part where Richard’s lips were a couple of seconds ago.

Richard chuckled at Maya’s reaction. “Bye, Maya.” He said but Maya still failed to answer. He smiled at the sight of her. Her eyes were still looking at his and Richard got lost in them. He slowly dipped his head to seal her lips with his only to get stopped by the sound of a door closing. Both of them jolted in surprise at the sound and turned to look where it came from.

“OMG Roomie! You’re back!!” Emman shrieked when he spotted Maya near the door. He ran to her and gave her a hug. “Saan ka ba galing girl? Nung isang araw pa ko nakabalik tapos wala ka naman dito. Hindi ka man lang nagtetext. Sobrang akong nagworry te!” Emman said without pausing to get some air. “Roomie? Maya? Ayos ka lang?”

“Ah, oo Emman.” Maya said when she found her voice. “Pasensya ka na ha. Bigla kasi akong napauwi sa San Nicolas.” Maya explained.

“Talaga? Eh ano namang nangyari?” Emman inquired.

“Mahabang kwento, Emman.” Maya said. “Ah, siya nga pala. Richard, siya si Emman. Siya yung sinasabi ko sa’yo saka yung isa sa mga kasama natin sa Summit.” Maya said. “Emman, si Richard.” She paused to look at him with a silly smile on her face. “Boyfriend ko.”

Emman hands jolted to his mouth to prevent his self from screaming. Richard laid out his hand for a shake and Emman quickly accepted it. “Nice to meet you Emman.” Richard said.

“S-same here po Mr. Lim.” Emman replied. Richard chuckled and turned to Maya. “How come Emman already knows who I am?”

“Sabi ko nga sa’yo ‘di ba, nung Summit. Ako lang ata yung hindi nakakilala sa’yo.” Maya replied. “Sige na umalis ka na. Wag kang magpapagod ha. Saka kakain ka sa oras.”

“Yes po. See? I told you, under ako.” He teased. “Pero kung sabagay, I already know how to tame you.” Maya blushed, clearly knowing what he was talking about. “Sige na, umalis ka na. Akala ko pupunta ka pa sa LAS?”

Richard chukled. “Alright, alright. Bye Emman.” He nodded to the man beside Maya. “Bye po Mr. Lim.” He replied. “Richard na lang, Emman.” He said and then turned to Maya. “I’ll call you later.” He asked and Maya answered with a nod. He leaned in to kiss her forehead. A wide smile was on his face after he did that while Maya was so red. Maya pushed Richard outside the condo. “Lumakad ka na nga. Kung ano-ano pang naiisip mong gawin.” She said while she continued to push him.

Richard laughed as he watched Maya pushed him out. He can see that she was only doing that for him to not notice that she was totally red. He walked away with a smile on his face but stopped outside the elevator. He looked back and saw Maya watching him outside their unit. He waved goodbye and shouted. “I love you!” He saw Maya bury her face with her hands and then she peeked a little. “I love you too!” She shouted back. The elevator doors finally opened and Richard rode it with his smile not fading away.

Maya entered the condo unit and was planning to go to her room but she got blocked by Emman, who’s standing with his arms on his waist and was wearing a teasing smile. She knew she cannot hide anything from Emman so Maya finally did what she was holding back for so long – she squealed because of kilig.


As soon as Richard got on the site, he quickly changed to his working clothes and started fixing. The broken part was more serious than he thought and he knew it would take him all day to fix it. His other employees are capable of fixing this kind of parts but when things got serious like this, he wants to handle it by himself. It might be a little selfish but it became his trademark – he’s the only CEO who still does his work no matter how dirty it can be.

He was surprised when he looked at his wrist watch. It’s almost two in the afternoon and he has been working non-stop. He even forgot to have lunch. He stood up from where he is and almost fell down when he felt dizzy. With his stomach growling, he reached for his phone inside his pocket that was ringing. He smiled at the sight of the caller ID flashing on his screen.

“Hello to the most beautiful lady in my life.” He said with a smile. “Richard naman eh!” The lady said on the other line making Richard laugh. “What? Totoo naman ah. And hey, I miss you already.” He teased. “He, tumigil ka dyan.” She said but Richard could say that she’s smiling from ear-to-ear, just like him.

“Maya, I miss you. That’s the truth. Anyway, why did you call?” Richard asked as he sat down on one of the seats inside the plane. “Wala, I’m just checking kung buhay ka pa.” Maya replied. Richard’s smile got even wider. “So, you do miss me.” He said.

The other line went silent and then she finally spoke. “Oo na, miss na rin kita.” She admitted and Richard felt this kind of happiness inside him again. “Kumain ka na, Richard?” Maya inquired. “Uhm, y-yeah.” He stammered.

“Richard, uulitin ko ha. Kumain ka na ba?” She asked again. Richard sighed on the other line. “Fine. No, hindi pa ako nakakakain. I lost track of time, I thought it was still early.” He explained. And then he added, “Sorry.”

“Nasa LAS ka pa ba?” Maya asked, her voice sounding so worried. “Yes, I’m still here.” Richard answered. “Dyan ka lang, pupunta ako. May natira pa kasing pagkain dito sa condo, dadalhin ko na lang dyan para makakain ka. Wag ka nang makipagtalo please? Kasi alam naman natin na ako yung mananalo.” Maya continued.

Richard could only sigh. “Alright. Sasabihin ko na lang kay Liza na dadating ka. She’s my secretary.” He said. “Sige. Papunta na ko. Bye!” Maya replied.

“Bye. Take care.” Richard said and ended their call. He was still smiling after the call. No matter how many times Maya would deny it, Richard was clearly ‘under’ her powers. Well, not just her powers but he was under her spell. And he wouldn’t trade it for anything. And with each second that had passed, he falls for her even more.


thoughts? 🙂

A/N : I’m back! Whoooo! Sorry for my unexpected LOA. Bumungad po ang hassle ng pasukan. Thank you guys for waiting! And for Dr. Lala po, I sent something on your gmail. A question po for ACoH. I do hope you can answer my question. Thank you po!



11 thoughts on “A Change Of Heart 23

  1. Dear Christine,

    I answered at length your question via e-mail. I gave additional data there. Let me know how I can help you with anything. My twitter is now open. Tweet me any time. I’m just finishing my thesis for my MBA which is why sometimes my phones are on silent. But I am always on my computer. 🙂

  2. Thank you for the update 🙂 Umpisa ng langgamin ang mga screen namin hehehehe….. sana tuloy-tuloy na ang mga updates mo ……

  3. Ah! goodthing I’ve got email from your blog ….it means new post ….. I’m really getting cranky no ff to read …. but now all smile ….. joker face na …. sabi nga ni bong naguumpisa ng langgamin ang mga screen namin…..ayiiiiiiiiiieeeee!!!! umpisa na ng kilig ….dr. lala may question po ako totoo po bang madaling maginit ang ulo ng isang tao na naoperahan sa puso?…thanks christine sa update ….. I can sleep now with a smile ….. ♡

    • sometimes, because they are stressed or they don’t feel well, or they are sick and tired of getting sick. There are various reasons, they impact of illness are multiple and varied not only for the patient but their families as well.

      I’ve seen patients commit suicide because they were tired of getting sick and going back and forth to the hospital.

        • many patients that often get sick are advised to also have counseling sessions at least once a week. you can go to a Family Medicine Specialist for the counseling. make sure you get a diplomate, and has been trained in hospice and palliative care at least during their residency.

  4. Grabe.. Sa dami ng asukal na inihalo sa chapter na ito… Isang vial ng insulin ang mauubos dahil sa sobrang ka sweetan ng dalawa…

  5. super nkakakilig n tlga…thanks christine for the update…sna tuloy tuloy n ang update pra my mbabasa me everyday…I always check my email kng meron ng update…thanks again xa pgpapakilig xa amin…god bless…

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