A Change Of Heart 20


A/N : Double treat. Enjoy!


“N-nak, a-anong nangyayari?” Teresita asked, her face showing panic. She was so surprised on what happened to Richard. A second ago he was just talking and now he’s clutching his hands on his chest in so much pain. Teresita got more teary when she saw her daughter, Maya, who’s arms are around Richard as she cried hard. It dawned to her that she should’ve been there on James’ burial. She knew that Maya shed more tears compared to this.

“Richard, nasa labas na si Kute. Dadalhin ka na sa ospital. Please, kayanin mo muna.” Maya worriedly said as tears continued to flow from her face. Fear ate her as she remembered what it was like with James before. She knew she will be devastated if another person died again.

C’mon. Don’t do this now! Richard said to his heart. We’re done with this issue before! Why are you giving me this pain again? Have I done something wrong?! He was still feeling that tremendous pain in his chest. He knew this pain is different, because if it was anything like before, he should already passed out. It might look like he’s insane but he’s talking to his heart. He found it weird but when the heart was first transplanted to him, his body rejected it. And when he talked to the new heart, all those rejections were just gone in a blip. What should I do? He asked.

Remove. Anger.

Even though he’s in pain, he felt his heart say that. I’m sorry! I just couldn’t help it. I just wanted to help Maya and I promised that to her. I’ll remember that next time, okay? Just .. just remove this pain. Please. Richard’s vision was getting blurry, but he can see the people around him are starting to panic. When he shifted his gaze to his right, he saw Maya’s worried face full of tears. Maya. Stop this pain. I don’t want to see her cry. Just stop. Stop.

Richard suddenly felt the throbbing pain going away little by little. It’s like his chest is being freed. He started breathing normally again. After a few more seconds, the pain was already gone. He slowly straightened up from his position and he didn’t notice that he was curled up in his seat. He was still catching his breath when he was finally seated properly, as if testing if the pain is still there. And then someone nudged him from his side and hugged him tight. When he looked at his side, he saw a woman crying. The pain made him forgot where he was, and when his head shot forward, he saw this people with worried looks on their faces. His eyes widened when it hit him that he’s at Maya’s place.

His surroundings became audible of the sudden. It was then that he noticed the person hugging him was crying so hard. He turned slightly to look at her and the person pulled out from the hug. The woman cupped his face. “Richard! Ayos ka lang ba? Masakit pa? Magsalita ka please.” The woman said her, voice breaking. Richard just stared at her for a moment longer before he found his voice to speak. “M-maya.” He said.

“Ayos ka na ba? May ospital malapit dito sa’min, pupunta na tayo.” She said and stood up but Richard stopped her as he held her arm. “No need.” He said, barely audible. “I’m fine.”

“Pupunta tayo. Hindi maganda ‘yang nangyari sa’yo.” She continued to say. Richard just reached for her face and wiped the tears that were still visible. “I told you that I hate it when you cry ‘di ba?” He asked and continued to wipe them.  After wiping them, his arms automatically dropped. It was then that he realized that he was so weak. But even if he’s still like that, he carefully stood up. “I’m sorry po kung nakagulo ako.” He said. “I just hope that you’ve learned something from this ..” he trailed off and lost consciousness. “Richard!” Maya exclaimed.

Arturo quickly went to them and caught Richard. He immediately called Kute to help him bring Richard to the car and when they were all inside; Arturo drove off to the hospital. Richard’s head rested on Maya’s lap as she continued to cry. There were on the second row of their Starex while Teresita and Cho are on the third row. Richard was placed in a stretcher the moment they got there. While Richard was inside, Maya can’t stop crying. Teresita’s heart was swelling for her daughter so she hugged her tight. She was relieved when Maya hugged her back. It was the first time that Teresita felt that warmth coming from her daughter. And now she knew what Richard was talking about.


The white-painted walls were the first thing that Richard saw when he opened his eyes. He knew that he’s in a hospital because ever since he was a kid, it was already his 2nd home. He can’t remember what happened last night that was enough for him to be brought to a hospital.

“Tito Richard!” A little voice called him. He turned to his left and saw Cho approach him. “Kamusta po ang pakiramdam niyo?”

He smirked at the kid’s thoughtfulness. “I’m feeling better.” He answered.

“Teka lang po. Tatawagin ko po si Ninang.” Cho said and was about to run when Richard spoke again.

“Cho, mamaya na.” He said. Cho went back near him and nodded his head. “Anong oras na?” He asked.

“Alas-otso po ng umaga.” The kid said. “Dinala po namin kayo dito kagabi kasi bigla na lang po kayong hinimatay.” Ahh. So that’s what happened. “Ano po bang nangyari sa inyo kagabi?” Cho asked.

“May sakit kasi ako dati sa puso, Cho.” Richard said. “I think I almost had another heart attack last night.” He wasn’t sure but the same feeling of pain was the only thing he felt last night.

“Atake po sa puso?” The kid asked. Richard nodded with a smirk.  “Delikado po ‘yun ‘di ba po? Kasi si Lola Mamang po dati, inatake rin sa puso kaya daw po namatay.”

“Naabutan mo pa si Lola Mamang mo?” Richard asked. Cho shook his head. “Hindi po. Bago po mabuntis si Nanay, namatay po si Lola Mamang.” Richard nodded. “Tito Richard, salamat nga po pala ha.”

“For what?” He curiously asked back. “Dun po sa nangyari kagabi. Kahit po na hindi maganda ‘yung nangyari sa inyo kagabi, parang nagkaayos na po sina Nanay at sina Lolo Tatay eh.”

“Really?” He was surprised. He thought what he did was rude and would never work. The kid nodded. “Buong magdamag po naming kasama sina Lola Nanay at Lolo Tatay. Tapos kanina po, hindi rin po sila umalis para magtrabaho.” He said.

“Eh ikaw? Bakit ka nandito? Hindi mo ba sila namimiss?” Richard asked.

“Namimiss po. Pero alam ko naman po na simula po ngayon, mababago na ‘yun. Feeling ko po, mapapadalas na po sila sa bahay.” He said, making Richard smile. “That’s good to hear.” He said. “You know, masyado kang mature mag-isip para sa edad mong ‘yan.”

Cho laughed. “Sabi din po ni Nanay yan eh.” Richard laughed with him and put his hand on Cho’s head to pat him. “You will grow up to be a fine young man, Cho.” He said.

The door opened revealing the other members of the Dela Rosa family. Maya rushed to them when she saw that Richard was finally awake. She absent-mindedly hugged him as soon as she reached him. Richard smiled widely with Maya did and hugged her back. “Maya, your parents are here.” He whispered. He felt Maya shook her head that made him laugh. When he turned to look at her parents, he saw that both of them were smiling at them. Maya stood up again and punched Richard on his arm. “Nakakainis ka! I’m fine daw eh nawalan ka nga ng malay.” She said as she sobbed.

“Ouch! I’m sorry! I was sure that I was fine last night. Ewan ko ba kung bakit nawalan ako ng malay.” He said.

“Na-stress ka daw Richard.” Arturo said, a warm smile was painted on his face. Richard nodded slowly. “Sorry po ulit dun sa nangyari kagabi.” Richard said. Arturo shook his head and gave another warm smile. “Wag kang mag-sorry, Richard. Ako nga dapat ang humingi ng sorry eh. Saka .. salamat.”

“Hoy Ricardo, dapat sa’kin ka nagso-sorry!” Maya said making Richard chuckle. “And why would I?” Richard teased.

“Nako, Richard. Kung alam mo lang. Mauubusan na ata ‘yang si Maya ng luha kagabi kakaiyak dahil sa’yo.” Teresita said. Richard turned to Maya and gave her a smile. He sat up from his bed. “Richard, bawal pa ‘yan, humiga ka muna –“ Maya said as she tried to push Richard back down again.

“You’re crying again.” He said and wiped Maya’s tears. And then he reached for both of her hands and looked straight into her eyes. “I’m sorry kung ako yung naging dahilan ng luha mo. And thank you.” He said.

“Mahal kong pamilya, palagay ko’y kailangan muna nating mag-exit para matuloy ang moment ng dalawang ‘to.” Kute teased making them laugh. Maya withdrew her hands and used them to hide her reddened cheeks. “Kute naman kasi eh!” She exclaimed.

“Ah, Maya, pwede bang mahiram muna si Richard saglit?” Arturo asked when the laughter died down. Richard nodded his head so did Maya. “Hinay-hinay lang Tay ha.” Maya said gave Richard a nod before leaving. “Mamaya po ulit Tito Richard!” Cho said with a smile on his face and joined his mother and head outside his room.

Arturo moved to his right side and sat on the chair beside him while Teresita sat down on the edge of his bed. “Richard, salamat ha.” Arturo started. “Alam kong alam mo na hindi maganda yung nagyari kagabi, pero .. pero dahil dun, nalaman namin kung anong mali namin.”

“Nangako kasi kami ni Arturo kay nanay dati bago siya sumakabilang-buhay dati. Ang sabi namin, tutuparin namin niya yung pangarap niya. Hanggang sa hindi namin namalayan na yun na lang pala yung ginagawa namin ni Arturo.” Teresita explained. “Akala namin na tama lahat ng ginagawa namin, oo, sa mata ng iba, pero sa mismong mata ng mga anak namin, ang laki pala ng pagkukulang namin.”

“Pasensya na nga pala at nasuntok kita kagabi ah.” Arturo said. “Pero, salamat talaga. Susubukan na naming bumawi simula ngayon.”

Richard gave them a warm smile. “I’m happy po na maayos na po lahat. ‘Wag po kayong mag-aalala kay Maya. Sigurado po ako na madali po niya kayong mapapatawad Sir.”

“Naku Richard, Nanay at Tatay na ang itawag mo sa’min. Kung hindi siguro dahil sa’yo, baka dumating ang araw na watak na yung pamilya namin.” Teresita said. “Maiba ako, ano bang nangyari sa’yo kagabi? Mild heart attack daw sabi ng doktor.”

Richard nodded. “May sakit po ako sa puso eh.”

Both Dela Rosa lifted their brows on Richard’s answer. “May sakit ka sa puso sa bata mong ‘yan?” Teresita asked.

Richard nodded at them. “Hereditary po. Three years ago po, I went through heart transplant.”

“Nako naman, delikado pala talaga ‘yung nangyari kagabi, ano? Hindi mo naman kasi sinabi na may sakit ka pala sa puso eh.” Arturo said. “Ito namang si Maya, wala nang ginawa kundi umiyak kagabi at alam pala ‘yang kondisyon mo. Hindi man lang sinasabi sa’min.”

“Pero ayos ka na Richard? Wala ka nang nararamdamang sakit?” Teresita asked.

Richard shook his head. “Ayos na po ako.” And then he gave a smile.

“Ang sabi ni Cristina Rose, manliligaw ka raw ni Maya?” It was Arturo’s turn to ask. Richard nervously nodded his head. “O-opo.”

“Manliligaw?” Arturo asked again and Richard answered with a nod. “Teresita, tawagin mo nga yung batang ‘yon.” He said, making Richard more nervous. “Itatanong ko lang kung bakit hindi pa sinasagot ‘to.” A smile crept on Richard’s face when he realized what Arturo meant. “Sabihin mo lang Richard kapag binasted ka ng anak ko, ipapakasal ko agad kayo.”

Richard laughed. He was really glad that after all the pain he had experienced last night, the acceptance of Maya’s parents were already enough to make him forget all of that. They continued talking about Richard’s condition and they’re business when someone knocked on the door. Maya came in when it opened. “Chinecheck ko lang po kung buhay pa si Richard.” She said.

Richard chuckled as well as Arturo. “Nako, nak. Kailangan bang may excuse kapag sumisilay?” Teresita teased. “Nay!” Maya said. Arturo and Teresita exchanged looks and excuse themselves so that Maya and Richard could talk.

Maya sat on the chair where her father seated. “Patay ako nito kay Tita Esmeralda kapag nalaman niyang ‘tong nangyari sa’yo dito.” She said as she pouted.

“Don’t worry. I’ll make sure that they understand.” Richard said.

“Oy Ricardo. Ano bang nangyari sa’yo kagabi? Inatake ka sa puso tapos bigla na lang nawala.” Maya said, her brows furrowed.

Richard smirked. “My heart was just protecting me.” He said.

“Ha? Paanong pino-protektahan ka?” Maya asked, bewildered.

“I think I can communicate with my heart. Kagabi ko lang napatunayan. The first time I talked to it was when my body rejected it when I got it from the transplant. Sabi ko sa kanya I will do anything that it wants basta tanggapin lang siya ng katawan ko. And after a day, sabi ng mga doctor, my body miraculously accepted it again. And then that incident happened last night. I asked what it wants and it said that I should remove my anger.” He said. He was not surprised when Maya was mum after what he said. “It doesn’t make any sense, does it?” He asked and Maya nodded. “Kahit ako, I don’t know why. But I know, it’ll make sense one day.” He said.

Maya just nodded at him. “Anong pinag-usapan niyo nina Tatay?” She asked.

Richard smiled. “I really thought that you were checking up on me. Makikichismis ka lang pala.”

“Oy, hindi ah. Pugto na kaya ‘tong mata ko kakaiyak gawa mo.” She said making Richard laugh. He took her hand and brought it to his lips for a kiss, making Maya flush. “Kinausap nila ako kasi nalaman nilang nanliligaw ako sa’yo.”

Maya’s eyes widened. “Anong sabi ni Tatay?”

Richard smiled at her. “Pag binasted mo raw ako, ipapakasal ka niya sa’kin.” He said. “Eh?” Maya asked. Richard nodded his head. “Pero alam ko namang malabong mangyari ‘yon.”

“Bakit naman?”

Richard kissed the back of her hand again. “Because I know that you’re going to say yes when I propose.”  Maya hit Richard’s arm as her cheeks continued to show its usual redness. “Hindi pa nga kita sinasagot eh!”

Richard chuckled. “Fine. Manliligaw na po ako ng maayos.” He said. “I can’t wait for the that day that I will call you mine.”



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A/N : The panliligaw continues! May pagka-“Special Case” po yung kondisyon ni Richard gawa po ng plot ko. I’m planning something. Abangan! Thank you po kay Ms. Flevents for guiding me with this fanfic. At least alam ko pong hindi imposible ‘tong pinagsusulat ko. Haha. Will try to update bukas, may pasok na po kasi. 🙂 God bless!


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  1. By the way, before I forget…. Since you placed in the story that he had a mild heart attack, realistically he will have to go to his cardiologist & thoraco-vascular surgeon. They will need to do an angiogram to check for blockages and if there is a need to do angioplasty. When they check him out, you can make it that he will be fine.

    I know classes start again, but don’t forget to update. Readers hate bitin stories he he he

    -FL Events (Dr. Lala)

  2. Wow! Galing ng Story. Ang ganda po, Sana may next update na.
    At kung kakayanin Double treat po haha i really love this blog kakainspire ung mga stories dito.
    Sobrang dami ko pong natututunan.. SALAMAT sa author dahil kahit bitin ako sa TV
    Meron story na maganda dito.. sana magpatuloy ito , ang ganda kasi.

    I really love this story, actually lahat po ng naisulat dito Love ko.
    Haha galing kasi ni Ms. Author #idolmuchkitaAuthor<3

    Im still waiting for the next and next update. ^_^

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