Have Faith 33 – The Moves

A/N : Thanks be to God at nakatapos po ako ng isang chapter. Haha. Pasensya na po sa tweet ko, pero pinaplano ko po talagang hindi magpost ngayong gabi kasi po pagod na at maaga pa po akong gigising bukas. Pero since mahal na mahal ko po kayo, nagtype po agad ako pagkauwi ko. Bukas po, hindi po talaga ako sure kasi baka po bagsak na po talaga. Pupunta po kasing divisoria. Bahala na po haha.

This story will end on/or before Wednesday. Siguro two or three more chapters to go. 🙂 Salamat po sa mga naghintay! God bless!


I’m doomed.

Maya never felt so upset to herself. All the hopes she ever dreamed of were all gone in a blink of an eye. She was having fun earlier, shopping with Liza and Doris. Doris was able to buy new things, thanks to Maya. When they got home, Maya immediately grabbed her black bag and searched for the necklace in it. She felt her world collapsed before her when she couldn’t find it. It’s like a nimbus cloud showered her with heavy rains while she’s experiencing the peak of her happiness. She checked every corner, every pocket and every space but it’s not there. In the end, Maya just sat on her bed and tried to recall where she must’ve lost it.

Then it suddenly hit her.

Oh God Maya, baka naiwan mo kina Richard!

Maya buried her face in her hands. Oo, kinuha ko yun sa bag ko nung nagising ako. Tapos .. tapos hinawakan ko na lang hanggang sa makatulog ako. She squealed. “Mayaaaa! Ano ba naman to! Paano na kaya ‘to? Eh .. ayos lang sana kung makuha ni Richard .. pero .. pero paano kung hinde?!”

The ringing of her phone startled her. She reached for it and immediately looked at the caller ID before answering. It was Richard.

Pag sinuswerte ka nga naman oh.

Maya softly counted up to five before finally answering it. “H-hello?”

“Maya, are you okay?” Richard said. He immediately sensed something different from Maya when he heard the nervousness in her voice. “Nasa condo ka na ba?”

“Ah, oo, oo, ayos lang ako. Nasa condo na rin ako.” She gulped. “Na..napatawag ka?”

Richard sighed in relief when he heard that she’s safely home. “Well, since it’s around nine in the evening, I’m guessing na hindi ka na pupunta rito?”

“Ay, oo, pasensya na, nalimutan kong mag-text.” She said as she patted her forehead with her hand. “Sorry ha. May pinuntahan kasi kami.”

“Where did you go? Saka bakit kami? Sinong kasama mo?” Richard asked, never letting her speak. Maya just answered him with her laugh. “O? What’s funny?”

“Ikaw!” She said as she laugh.


“Oo ikaw! Ikaw ang nakakatawa!”

He sighed. “Why would I be funny?”

Maya finally stopped crying. “Eh kasi ikaw eh.  Ang bilis mo agad magreact sa sinabi ko. Daig mo pa –“

“I’m worried, okay?” he cut her off. Maya was mum after what he said. “I don’t want anything bad to happen to you. It would kill me.”

Maya was really touched by the words he let go. She put her hand over her chest, near her heart. Even if it’s just a phone call, Maya could really feel that Richard is really falling for her. She wants to return everything back to him but something is holding her back. Pasensya na Richard, kailangan ko munang ibalik sa’yo yung kwintas mo.

“Maya? Are you still there?” Richard asked when she failed to reply.

“Oo, nandito pa ko.” She said. “Si .. si Liza saka si Doris yung kasama ko kanina. Nagpunta kami sa mall para mamili.” She continued.

“Okay. Uhm, how about tomorrow? Makakapunta ka ba dito sa bahay?” Richard asked.

“H-hindi pwede eh.” Hahanapin ko pa yung kwintas mo.

“How about the day after that?” Richard continued to ask. He hoped that this time, Maya would oblige.

“Pasensya na Richard.” She said, tearing his heart. “Eh kasi, di ba, kinabukasan non, yung anniversary na? Eh syempre, mag-aayos pa ko –“

“No matter what you look on that day, you’ll always be beautiful to me.” He said. “Sige, sige. So, I’ll just see you tomorrow?”

“Bukas? Bakit? Anong meron bukas?” Maya wondered.

“Papasok na ko.” He said. “And can you please do me a favour?”

“Sige.” She replied.

“Text me kapag nasa company ka na. Wag ka munang papasok sa office mo.”

“Bakit? Anong meron?”

“Basta.” He said, smiling foolishly.  “I don’t want to keep you. So, goodnight?”

“S-sige. Goodnight.” Maya was supposed to hang up but her instinct tells her not to.

“I can’t wait to see you tomorrow, Maya. I missed you terribly.” She heard Richard say, heating of her cheeks.

“Sige na. Goodnight na po.” Maya quickly hang up giving Richard no chance to talk on the other line again.

When Richard heard that Maya already hung up, he still kept it near his ear and smiled. “I love you, Maya.”


Maya was almost late for work the next day. She spent the whole night looking over her things, hoping that she would see that glimmer of light that the necklace makes whenever she saw it. But no matter how many times she searched for it, it’s still not anywhere around her. It was already three in the morning when she slept, making her wake up late.

Maya naman kasi eh. Yun na nga lang yung natatanging paraan, hindi mo pa nagawa.

LAS was already packed with its employees the moment she got it. Before, she felt unusual with this number of people inside but she learned that they were there for the preparation of the anniversary. And somehow, the mere presence of these people makes her excited for this coming Saturday.

She was already in the middle of the floor when she remembered her deal with Richard. Maya quickly opened her bag to get her phone.

Richard, nasa LAS na ko. Pupunta na ko ng office, ha?

Almost immediately, her phone buzzed. It’s from him.

No. Just wait.

“Huh? Anong just wait?” she whispered. She lifted her head to look around her surroundings. “Ano bang plano nun? Nasan kaya yun? Ang dami kayang tao ngayon.”

Maya was glued to her spot, thinking Richard might not see her if she moved. Then, she noticed the people around her shift their attention to somewhere beyond her back. Some of them were whispering, some were just staring, and some girls were squealing and smiling.

Anong meron?

Then suddenly, Maya felt someone standing before her. Her instinct told her to turn around, but Maya can’t seem to bring herself to move. While she’s making an argument with herself, she felt that someone move. Heat rose up to her cheeks when she felt a kiss on her cheek. Maya lifted up her hand to touch the spot where a kiss was imprinted. She turned around as she held that spot. Her blush deepened when she saw the person who did it.

It was Richard. He was smiling from ear to ear at her when she turned around. He was dressed in his business attire, making him more gorgeous than ever. Maya saw that Richard is holding something. She shifted her gaze and saw that it is a bouquet of sunflowers.

“For you.” He said, handing her the flowers. “Your third one.” He added.

Maya shyly accepted it, aware of the eyes of the employees around them. Nananaginip ba ko? Ginagawa ba talaga ni Richard ‘to? As if answering her thoughts, Richard said, “You’re not dreaming Maya.” Richard’s masculine voice is already enough for Maya but after he spoke, he did something that really made her believe that everything is really happening.

Richard reached for her hand and entwined it with hers. Before moving, Richard lifted her hand, entwined with his and brought it to his lips for a kiss. “Let’s go.” He said, never letting go of her hand.

As they move, Maya became much aware of the people around them. It seemed like they doubled in number since Richard came. As they passed through some of the employees, she heard the whispers. Maya lifted her gaze and met Richard’s. Richard felt Maya feeling uncomfortable so he halted from walking and kissed her head. After that, he met her gaze again, cupping her cheek with his other hand and whispered, “Don’t mind them. I’ve been longing to do this.”

Richard’s action brought squeals around them. Maya flushed with what she heard and Richard just chuckled. Then he tightened his grip on her hand and they continued to walk. Richard was the one who opened Maya’s office door. He just stood by the door and said, “I’ll see you later. Lunch. With me. Okay?”

Maya just nodded. Richard chuckled at her reaction and let go of her hand. Maya watched him leave from her door. The employees of LAS are all quiet as Richard made his way to Roberto’s office. Some even greeted him ‘Good morning’ and the others pretended to be busy on their own works. When they all heard the click of Roberto’s office door when Richard entered, the employees turned their attention to Maya and the whole room was filled with everyone’s squealing and teasing.  Some were hooting at her and some were shouting “Ikaw na, Maya dela Rosa” at her. Maya felt like she could die from blushing too much so she decided to close her doors and to squeal by herself.

Everything felt very surreal for her. Maya never expected that Richard would do that in front of an audience. Richard’s charms still have those affect to her and Maya will never get tired of containing those feelings.

“Don’t mind them. I’ve been longing to do this.”

That line that Richard said was stuck in her mind. Kahit na hindi pa rin niya naalaala yung nakalipas niya, yun pa rin talaga yung gusto niya. She put the hand that was entwined to his earlier near her heart. Ang tagal ko ring hiniling na mahawakan yung kamay mo.

Maya was startled when she heard a knock on her door and it flew open, revealing Liza and Doris. Both were wearing serious faces that made her nervous. When the two closed her door, they immediately shifted moods and started squealing and jumping.

“Mayaaaaaaaaa! Bakit hindi mo naman sinabi na si Sir Richard yung nanliligaw sa’yo?” Liza said.

“Oo nga, Ma’am! Ay Diyos ko! Ang sweet sweet niyo kanina!” Doris butted in.

“Oo grabe Maya! Lahat kami napatigil talaga nung nakita namin si Sir na dumating tapos may daladalang flowers,tapos unti-unti kang nilapitan!” Liza said.

“Tapos tapos tumigil sa likuran niyo tapos” Doris continued, then turned to Liza.

“Ninakawan ka ng halik!” the two of them said in unison, ending it with a high pitched squeal. Maya felt her cheeks heat up again.

“Oy oy tumigil nga kayo dyan –“

“Hay nako, girl! Alam kong kinikilig ka rin!” Liza said. Maya bit her lip, trying to hide the truth but she just couldn’t help it and squealed with them. She felt like she’s going to burst in no time if she hadn’t done that.

“Girl! Tinignan mo na ba yung flowers? Anong sabi nung letter?” Liza said. Maya rushed to her table where she dropped her flower and picked up the little envelope.

Dear Maya,

Yesterday drove me nuts when you didn’t inform me where you were. My heart also shattered when you told me that you’re not visiting the house for the next days. But I still have this extra hope inside me. Because I know that on Saturday, you will be mine. I’ll keep this one short for I have so much to tell you, but I guess it could wait until Saturday.

Yours, Richard

Liza quickly grabbed the card when Maya finished reading it. Doris and she read it aloud, making her blush more. They were squealing again after they read the last part.

“Ma’am Maya! Big night niyo na sa Sabado!” Doris said.

“OMG girl! Pupunta ako sa condo mo ng maaga sa Sabado! Aayusan kita. No buts ha!”


Richard was on good mood the whole time he was working. He did not intend to be that showy but Maya seemed to trigger it all out from him. He remembered the thing he hated the most when he was still an angel – he couldn’t touch her. That was why he held her hand, because it was one of the things he regretted the most that he hasn’t done before. He didn’t also intend to kiss her earlier but he just couldn’t help it.

He sighed with a smile as he recalled the faces of his employees earlier. They were all gobsmacked. But he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care what happens around him. As long as he has Maya by his side, he will always be happy.


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17 thoughts on “Have Faith 33 – The Moves

  1. What a way to start my morning…0745 west coast time….nkakakilig na ang dalawang Ito… Can’t wait for Saturday hehhe

  2. Thanks for the regularly updating Christine. We await for their momentous time together on Saturday. Love is in the air and within Richard & Maya that they can’t contain it anymore. Spread the love.

  3. Could this be anymore beautiful than it already is? Makes you wonder tuloy kung meron pang katulad ni Richard sa mundo 😀

    Great work! Overloaded sa kilig! Eeeeiiii!!!!

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