Have Faith 30 – A few more


After office hours, Maya quickly left her office and rode the elevator. She quickly hailed a taxi and gave Richard’s address. Hearing his voice from the phone call calmed her nerves a little but she is still worried. She kept texting him after their call, monitoring his temperature but most of the time, Richard would reply late. Maya knew that it is because Richard is sleeping and she’s just disturbing him. After some more texts, she decided to stop texting him and to just wait until her work is done.

As soon as she arrived at the Lim’s residence, the gates opened, startling her. The black Benz of the Lim’s came into view. She saw that it was Joma who’s driving. The man stopped the car at the sight of her and opened his window to stick his head out.

“Maya, napadaan ka ata. Wala pa sina Sir Roberto eh.”  He said.

“Hindi sila yung sadya ko Kuya Joma eh. Si .. si Richard daw nilalagnat?” she said.

“Ah, oo.” He said, and then he opened his door to go out, then he opened the back door at his side. “Samahan mo nga ako Maya.”


Joma’s face suddenly became worried, and then he turned his head to look inside the car. Maya followed his gaze and it was only then that she saw that Richard is seating at the back. “Dadalhin ko sa ospital si Sir. Nag-aalala na si Manang. Wala rin naman si Ma’am Esme, may pinuntahan kasi.”

Hearing Joma’s explanation, Maya nodded and quickly went near the car, sitting at the back with Richard. She felt the car move as Joma returned inside and drove off.

Maya stared at Richard who’s sleeping, his head leaning on the head board of the back seat.  She was not really expecting that Richard would be so pale. Maya lifted her hand to feel Richard’s neck and forehead. He’s too hot.

“Kuya Joma, malayo pa ba?” she asked.

“Medyo eh. Traffic pa.” Joma said.

Maya turned her attention back to the man beside her. She reached for his hand and she was surprised on how cold it is. She lifted Richard’s hand to her lips to kiss it. And when she did, Richard’s eyes fluttered open.

“Maya?” he whispered.

“Shh. Matulog ka na lang ulit. Nasa sasakyan ka. Dadalhin ka na ni Kuya Joma sa ospital.” She worriedly said.

“No. I’m okay at home.” He said.

“Richard, wag nang makulit okay? Kailangan mo ‘to.  Ang taas kaya ng lagnat mo, kaya wag nang matigas ang ulo ha? Ang daming nag-aalala sa kondisyon mo –“

“And you’re of them?” he finished her sentence. Even though he’s feeling bad, a part of his memory came back. He clearly remembers those lines being said by him. He wants to rewind his memory but he just couldn’t for his headache is getting the best of him.

Maya stilled for a moment, then she nodded her head. “Oo, nag-aalala na ko. Magpacheck-up ka na ha?”

Richard tried to give her a smile. “Okay.” Then he closed his eyes again to sleep. He opened them again when he felt arms around his and a head on his shoulder. It was Maya, cuddled to him. He couldn’t help to smile at the sight of her. She’s really worried. With his head pounding, he put his head on top of hers and drifted off to sleep.


“Richard, ang gamot ha? Three times a day daw, after ng meals. Then –“

“Now you’re telling me those stuffs.” Richard cut her off. They’re on their way back, riding inside the Benz. Maya felt so relieved when the doctor said that Richard is just experiencing fever because of over fatigue and that he’ll be fine soon. The doctor just gave him his prescriptions and they’re on their way off.

“Eh ikaw kasi eh. Puro ata trabaho ang iniisip mo eh. Ayan tuloy nilalagnat ka.” Maya continued to scold him.

“Hindi naman laging trabaho nasa isip ko eh.” Richard said.

“Eh ano? Trabaho yan –“

“All I think about is you.” He said, smiling at her.

Maya was silent after hearing Richard’s answer. Her cheeks began to show its usual red glow, making Richard to chuckle.

“There, tumahimik ka na.” He sighed. “I already know the drill. I already know the medicines that I have to intake. Kailangan ko kayang gumaling.”

“Bakit?” she asked. 

Even though he’s feeling quite weak, he lifted his hand to grab Maya’s and entwined it with his. “I’m still looking forward to this Saturday.” He lifted it and brought it to his lips for a kiss. “Ayokong may ibang lalaki na makaka-partner ang girlfriend ko.”

Maya flushed and attempted to withdraw her hand but Richard held it tighter. “Girlfriend ka dyan, Richard.”

Without letting go of her hand, he brought his hand on his chest. “Bakit? Call me confident but I know na sasagutin mo rin ako. And besides, para na nga kitang asawa sa ginagawa mong ‘to eh.”

Maya turned completely red.  She was not expecting that the sweet guardian angel version of Richard would be much sweeter when he’s completely human. “Asawa agad?” She whispered.

Richard could only chuckle. “You’re so cute when you blush. Anyway, we do look like husband and wife” he turned his attention to the driver. “Di ba Joma?”

Maya quickly turned her head at front, too. She completely forgot that they’re not alone inside the car. Joma chuckled on Richard’s question. “Oo Sir eh. Sa sobrang sweet niyong dalawa eh baka ho dinumog na kayo ng lahat ng langgam dito.”

“See?” Richard said as he turned his attention back at her.

Maya was completely mum. Well, inside, she agrees with him, too. She never felt anything like this, like her day is already complete when he talks to him. And if Richard is already like this, what more would it be when he recovered his memory?

With Richard holding her hand, she scooted near him and put her head on his shoulder to cuddle. She really likes doing that, especially since she didn’t had the chance to do so when Richard was still an angel. Maya felt Richard’s head on top of hers and kissed her head.


When they reached the house, Joma assisted Richard to go to his room while Maya went to the kitchen to prepare dinner for him. Roberto and Esmeralda are still not home as they were caught in the traffic, Manang Fe told her so. After preparing porridge, she put it on a tray with a glass of water along with his medicines.

While Maya is preparing them, Richard was silent, lying on his bed. He’s flashing the memories of his weekend in his mind, especially the night were he told Arturo his plan for his daughter. It was still not clear to him when he started to felt something different for Maya.

Was it on the day I first laid my eyes on her? Was it on the meeting? Was it on the night we worked late at LAS? I really don’t know. It’s like there’s this pull, like whenever I know she’s around, my eyes would always look for her. Maybe I knew her before and I already fell in love with her? But when?

He could only sigh. I guess the answer is always in my memories. Right now, all I can remember are lines that I’ve said. And I can only remember them when I’m around her. Is she somehow involved in my life? Or is she the reason why I said those stuffs?

Is there any way, like some key that could make me remember my memories faster? I’m like creeping somewhere in the darkness and .. and I think Maya is my light. She’s the only thing in my life that feels so right.

“Richard?” a sweet voice called his name, making his lips crept up for a smile. His back is facing her so he decided to play along. He closed his eyes.

“Richard?” Maya continued to say. She put the tray down at the bedside table. “Chard? Ricky?” Thinking he is asleep, Maya sat down on the bed beside him. She put her hand on her forehead to feel his temperature. She was relieved to feel that it’s not as hot as before.

She heard a knock on the door. It was Manang Fe who entered. “Maya, ang bag mo naiwan mo sa baba. Baka kung saan mo hanapin.” She said, giving her the bag.

“Thank you po, Manang.” She said.

“Sige. Babalik na lang ako dito kapag dumating na sina Ma’am Esmeralda. May kailangan ka pa ba?”

Maya shook her head. “Wala na po. Salamat po Manang Fe.

The older woman looked at Richard, and to her, giving them her warm smile. Then she left. Maya stood up to go to the bathroom. She’s carrying a basin when she got back. She sat beside him again, got the towel from the basin and put it on his head. Richard is still awake, enjoying the feel of Maya’s hand, smoothing his hair.

The bed shifted when Maya stood up and sat on the chair beside his bed. She put her head on top of her arm that is lying on the bed. It was then that she felt that she’s really tired from today’s work. She’s been worrying about him all day and didn’t notice that she hasn’t rested since the call between them happened.

Richard opened his eyes a bit to see why Maya is not moving. When he opened them, he saw that she drifted off to sleep. He sat up slowly to reach for her. He was about to wake her up when Maya stirred, but she was still asleep after that. Richard could only smirk at her. He laid his hand gently on her arm.

“Maya .. Maya wake up.”

Her eyes fluttered open and she quickly straightened up. “Ay, sorry Richard. Nakatulog ako. May niluto akong lugaw. Kumain ka na muna para makainom ka na ng gamot.”

Richard nodded his head and Maya quickly reached for the porridge. And to Richard’s surprise, Maya brushed him off when he tried to get the bowl from her.

“Ako na.” She said.

Richard laughed. “Talagang pinaninindigan mo ang pagiging asawa ko?”

Maya flushed. “Naku Richard. Kumain ka na lang.”

Left with no choice, Richard just obliged. Maya fed him until the porridge is already half. Richard told her that he’s full already. After that, Maya gave him his medicine, and she even assisted him on drinking it. Richard is really enjoying what Maya is doing. It’s like he really found his wife. Well, she never argued on what I said earlier.

“Ikaw? Kumain ka na?” Richard asked her.

“Oo. Bago ako umakyat dito, naghain na si Manang para sa’kin. Sabi niya, hindi daw niya ako papaakyatin hangga’t hindi ko nauubos yung hinanda niya.” She smiled at the thought.

“I’m glad Manang Fe fed you.” Richard said. Maya returned a smile then she yawned.

“O sya Richard. Uuna na ko. Inaantok na ko eh. Pasabi na lang sa Papa mo –“

“Intayin mo na sila. I’m sure they would want to thank you.”

“Richard, inaantok na ko. Baka makatulog lang ako kakahintay sa kanila.”

The man smirked. Then he moved a few inches away from his side of the bed. He patted the area he’s been on. “Sleep here.”

“Ha? Tutulugan kita? Wag na, uuwi na ko –“

“I insist. Saka ang sabi mo diba, baka makatulog ka na. If you’re going to ride in a taxi, baka dun ka pa makatulog.”

“Andyan naman si Kuya Joma –“

“Sinundo niya sina Papa. I remember Papa saying that he’ll be out for a dinner with Mama tonight.” He said. Thank God for my parents.

Maya hesitated for a bit, then said, “Sige. Pero iidlip lang ako. Saka magpapahinga ka rin.”

Richard lifted the cover and said, “Deal.”

Maya bent down to remove her sandals and hesitated again. But when she saw Richard who’s getting pale again, she decided to just oblige. Maya, hayaan mo na. Baka hindi ka pa tantanan ni singkit. Tapos lumala pa yung lagnat niya.

Right after she lied down, she immediately drifted off to sleep. She woke up when she felt something moving on her side. When she turned, she saw Richard shivering, which is peculiar because the air conditioning inside his room is turned off. When she checked his temperature, she felt that Richard is too hot again. She sat to go to the bathroom when she felt a hand on his.

“Don’t leave. Dito ka na lang.” He whispered.

“Pero Richard, kailangan kong kumuha ng towel para sa’yo –“

“Just s-stay. Please.” He further said.

Even though she’s now worried again, Maya reached for her bag and to get her phone. She texted Esmeralda saying that she’s still on their house because of Richard. When she was about to return her bag, something sparkled inside her bag. It was Richard’s necklace. Maya reached for it and held it near her chest.

Sana gumaling ka na Richard.

Maya returned her bag and lied back down again, with the necklace on her hand. Richard was still shivering. Without having any second thoughts, she kissed her head and hugged him. They both drifted off to sleep, holding each other in their arms.


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