It All Makes Sense 8

A/N : I shall post this before the actual episode happens. 🙂


With the wedding getting nearer and nearer each day, the Lim and Dela Rosa household have been divided into two – the guys and the gals. Both have the same agenda – to produce a party for the soon-to-be married couple. On the guys’ side, it was Ryan and Roberto who were in charge. They even hired a party planner for Richard’s party for it to be memorable. Richard wants it wholesome especially that Luke,  his son, is attending the said bachelor’s party. Little did he know, Ryan and his father planned something more for him.

“Yes, yes. Hire her immediately. Tapos siya yung surprise natin kay Ricky.” The older Lim said.

“Eh Tito, hindi ba parang ang awkward lang kung basta dadating?” Ryan said.

“Hmm. You have a point there. Pero kung hindi ganun yung gagawin natin, is there any other way?”

The two men paused for a while, thinking how they can resolve their problem. Good thing Richard is attending his seminar with Maya or else they will not have the chance of discussing this on his office.

“Ah! I know na, Tito.” Ryan exclaimed. “How about we put her inside a big gift box, then Richard will unwrap it?”

“Good! I’m sure Ricky will be so surprised.” He said, rubbing his hands together like he just made some evil plan. “Go call her already. Baka hindi na siya available on that night.”

Ryan quickly grabbed his phone from his pocket, searched through his phonebook, and finally pushed a button when he spotted the name.

After the fourth ring, someone finally answered, making Ryan to reply, “Hello, Pauline!”

Meanwhile, on the gals’ side, Emman and Esmeralda were put in charge. No one really wanted to plan the whole thing so the two of them just volunteered. They completely disagreed on Teresita’s suggestion of just a dinner and insisted on having something extraordinary, since they’ll be celebrating Maya’s last night of being single. While the guys are discussing their plans on Richard’s house, the gals are discussing theirs on Emman’s condo. Yes, Emman might be a guy but he insisted that he’ll be joining the bridal party, since he’s clearly a woman at heart.

“Nay, siguro naman po, hindi ako kasama dyan.” Cristina Rose said to her mother. After Esme and Emman said their plans, she felt uncomfortable, really uncomfortable.

“Nak, kasama ka. Kapag kasama ako, sasama ka.” Teresita said.

“Eh Nay, yung mga plano nina Emman, hindi para sa’kin yan!” she exclaimed.

“Cristina Rose, hindi por que hindi fit sa’yo yung party, kailangang nandun ka parin, para na lang sa kapatid mo.”

She just sighed, realizing that her mother is saying the truth. “Sige na Nay. Okay na.” She run her hand through her hair. “Bakit kasi ganun pa yung plano? Parang .. parang .. basta!”

“Hayaan mo na, Nak. Basta nandito tayo para kay Maya.” Teresita said. Then she made her way back to her place.

“Emman, natawagan mo nab a yung mga kakilala mo?” Esmeralda asked.

“Opo! Actually, alam na po nila, matagal na po.”

“Talaga? Eh teka, magagaling bang sumayaw yan?”

“Oo naman po Donya Esme!”

“Eh ang katawan, macho?”

“Sobra po! As in!” Emman answered, swooning.

“Sige. Tapos iba-blind fold natin si Maya para wala talaga siyang kamalay-malay!” Esmeralda said.

“Opo! Tapos yung suot lang daw po nila, shorts tapos nakaneck-tie at bow tie lang!” Emman squealed! “O my pink gosh! Heaven!”

“Ricky, alam mo ba kung ano yung plano niyo para dun sa bachelor’s party mo?” Maya asked. They are currently inside his car. They just finished attending the seminar.

“No. Ayaw nila ‘kong pasalihin eh. They told me na masusurpresa na lang daw ako bukas.” He said. “Ikaw?”

“Hindi ko rin alam eh.” Maya said. “Sabi rin kasi ni Emman, surpresa na lang daw bukas. Ano bang ginagawa dun?”

“Well, it’s all up to the ones who planned it. Merong puro kalokahan and stuffs.” He sighed. “Just .. just please inform me kung anong meron sa party mo.”

Maya nodded. “Oo naman. Basta sasabihin mo rin kung anong meron sa party mo.”

Richard smiled. “Deal, attorney.”

Maya chuckled. “Case closed!”

The day of the parties came and the whole household decided to meet at Richard’s house before going off to their own parties. When the services came, they immediately boarded it. All of the people inside the house, even Manang Fe joined. The kids, along with Nikki, were left on Emman’s condo. Nikki just decided to have a slumber party along with her friends who she also said to bring their younger siblings so that Abby and Cho will have someone to play with.

“We’ll text each other, okay?” Richard said as he walked Maya to the car that will bring them to Maya’s party.

“Basta itetext mo din ako ha?” Maya said. “Sige na, lumakad na kayo.” She said as she fixes Richard’s collar.

Richard sneaked his hands around her waist. “I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you, too.” Then she kissed Richard on his cheek. “Babay.” She left from Richard’s embrace but she returned to him when Richard pulled her arm.

Richard’s lips landed on hers the moment she was near him. “Bye.”

“Oy Roomie! Tara na bago pa kami langgamin dito!” Emma shouted from the car.

Maya flushed and turned to Richard. “Sige na. Bye na.”

During the program proper, the two of them are still holding their phones, exchanging texts with each other. Ryan almost grabbed his phone away from him, good thing he noticed the hand about to snatch his phone. It was a little out of nine in the evening when Maya failed to reply. He texted her again and he even called her but Maya failed to respond.

“Pa, I have to go.” He told his father. They’re in the middle of the party, drinks were out and everything.

“Why? Saan ka pupunta?” his father asked.

“Basta Pa.”

“Ricky, it’s already the best part!”

“Sorry Pa, but I can’t.” He sighed. “It’s Maya. Hindi siya nagrereply.”

“Baka naman busy sa party –“

“Busy or not Pa, I’m still going.” He said and quickly left his father’s side to head for the doors. When he reached his car, he noticed that his father followed him all along.

“Son, you have to go back in.”

“No, Pa. Not until I checked on her.” He went inside. He felt the car move and saw his father settle himself on the passenger’s seat.

“Fine. I’m coming.” Roberto said. “Might as well check at your mom.”


Even though the party is so fun, Maya could never be happier with her texting with Richard. He’s been acting like he’s a worried husband and Maya finds it so amusing. They’ve been exchanging texts all throughout the party and she doesn’t even know what’s happening to her surroundings.

It was then that a hand grabbed her phone away from her. “Roomie, tama na ang text. Ikaw ang star ng gabi tapos parang ikaw pa ang absent!” Emman said as he tucked Maya’s phone on his back pocket.

“Emman! Yung cellphone ko please. May naghihintay ng text.” She said.

“No, Roomie.”

“Emman.” She said.

“Fine. Ibibigay ko sa’yo pero after ng main event ng party na ‘to.”

“S-sige na. Gawin na natin ‘tong main event na ‘to para matapos na.” She obliged. After hearing it, Emman squealed, grabbed her hands and sat her down on a stool. He blindfolded her and said, “Dyan ka lang Roomie ha!”

Some kind of sexy music blasted through the speakers making its way on her ears. Maya suddenly felt nervous. She developed this gut feeling of what will happen next. Next thing she heard are the squealing of the ladies around her.

“Ayyy! Ang macho teh!” she heard one say, betting that it’s Sabel.

“Jusko ang katawan! Ang galing sumayaw oh!” the other one said.

Maya gulped. Ano ba to?!

A few more minutes, she felt some persons around her. Her heart is already on her throat. Then she heard Emman’s voice through the speaker. “Roomie! Tanggalin mo na ang blindfold!”

After hearing that, Maya quickly removed her blindfold, and saw three topless males, dancing around her. Maya completely flushed and tried to cover her face but the males always remove them.  Suddenly, the man in front of her grabbed her arm and motioned it to the direction of his abdomen. Her hands were just a few inches away when a voice stopped the whole thing.


The men around her moved, making her see who it is.


Even though they’re meters away, she could clearly see the anger on his face. Richard moved near her. Sensing Richard’s anger, the men moved away, afraid that if they get in the way, they might have a punch on their faces.

“So it’s because of this –“

“Ricky, kalma lang.” She tried to cut him off.

“How can I be calm eh sineseduce ka na dito! Good thing na lang at hindi ganito sa –“ he abruptly stopped. He turned around to look at his father. He lifted his brows. “Did you plan something like this for me Pa?”

Roberto hesitated answering but he nodded.  Richard just took a deep breath. “Fine. I’m sorry for barging in. Nag-alala lang ako nung hindi ka na nagreply.” He said.

“Kinuha ni Emman yung phone ko eh.” Maya answered, she held his hands to help him calm down.

Richard took another deep sigh then he kissed her head. “Babalik na muna ako. I’ll pick you up the moment your party ends.” Then he turned to the stage. “I’m .. I’m sorry if I became a party crasher. Please continue. But Emman,” he glanced at the hired dancers. “I don’t want these guys here.” Then he walked off.

Roberto was at his side as he left the site. “Pa, I’m sorry pero ayoko rin ng ganon.” He said.

His father gulped and pulled out his phone from his pocket. “Hello Ryan ..”


When Richard left, Maya’s party returned to its state. Emman quickly disposed of the men they hired saying that the groom will surely punch him on his face if they don’t leave immediately. When he returned, he approached Maya, carrying her phone.

“Girl, sorry talaga. Hindi ko naman alam na si Sir Richard pala yung katext mo eh.” He said.

“Ayos lang Emman. O sya, lumakad ka na. May aasikasuhin ka pa ata eh.”

“Sige, Sorry ulit Roomie.” Then he left.

Teresita approached her after seeing Emman leave. “Nak, pasensya ka na rin ha. Hindi ako nakaapila eh.”

“Nay, ayos lang po yun.”

“Nakakatakot palang magalit yang si Richard no?”

Maya chuckled, remembering what Richard has done. “Naku Nay, patikim pa lang yun.”

Teresita hugged her. “Mahal na mahal ka talaga ni Richard, Nak. Ultimo hindi lang pagrereply, parang mamamatay na siya sa kaba.”

Maya hugged back. She just smiled at what her mother said. She found it very true. “Nay, tatawagan ko lang po muna si Ricky ha?”

Teresita let go of her daughter. “Sige.”

Maya went outside the venue for a much quiet place. She looked at her phone and saw that Richard left 50 text messages and 25 missed calls. She smiled at it and pulled the phone close to her heart. After a few more seconds she decided to call him. On the second ring, he picked up.

“Maya, is there something wrong?” she heard him say, making her to smile.

“Wala po Mr. Lim. Chinecheck ko lang kung ayos ka lang.”

“Yes, I’m fine.” He sighed. “I’m sorry for barging –“

“Oo na, ulit-ulit ka na eh!” she chuckled. “Nabawi ka ba dun sa mga away nating hindi ka agad nagso-sorry?”

She heard him chuckle. “Alright.”

“Yung party niyo? Ano nang nangyari?” she asked.

“Well, it turns out that they also hired someone to do some dancing on my party. But Papa immediately called Ryan to tell him na ayoko ng ganon. So when we got back, the lady already left. Sumayaw na raw.” He chuckled.

“Ahh.” She said. “Eh teka, si Luke?”

“Relax. Luke left early. Nagpapatulong kasi si Niccolo dun sa project nila so he missed the dancing part.”

“Hmm.” She said smiling.

“So, h-how was the party when I left?”

“Ayun, pinaalis agad ni Emman yung tatlong lalaki. Ikaw kasi eh.” She teased.

“Paanong ako? I really don’t like it when somebody does such stuffs for my wife.”

“Wife agad?” she exclaimed.

“Maya, in a few weeks, dyan din tayo mauuwi. Might as well start now.” He said.

“Fine, asawa ko.” She chuckled. “Eh ano bang mali dun? Sumasayaw lang naman sila ah.” She teased.

“Maya, they were topless!  Ayoko ng ganon.”

“Pero Ricky –“

“Maya.” He sighed. “I want to be the only guy in your life okay? If it means so much to you na sayawan ka ng ganon, then fine.”

“Anong fine?” she asked, bewildered at the words he let go.

“N-nothing. I’m taking it-“

“Ahhh!” she exclaimed, realizing what he meant. “Ikaw na lang ang sasayaw?”

“Maya –“

“Sige! Deal ako dyan!” she said, laughing at what is happening.

“Will it make you happy?” Richard said.

“Oo naman.” she said, smiling from ear-to-ear.

“Fine. I’ll do it.” He said. “As long as it makes you happy.”

Maya smiled. Richard is completely warming her heart. Gagawin niya talaga lahat para sa’kin. “Sige na, Ricky, papasok na ulit ako sa loob.”

“Okay. Text me later, okay?”

“Opo.” She chuckled. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”


13 thoughts on “It All Makes Sense 8

  1. Naku naman Richard, gusto mo talaga ikaw lang ang lalaki sa buhay ni Maya ha…..pero believe ako sa sweetness ni Mr Lim, daig pa talaga ang asawa na! Keep it up men 🙂

  2. katuwa naman….kakilig….sana nga ganyan mangyari sa tv no?? hahaha…just reading it makes me imagine their faces and facial expressions….nakakaaliw…..k…thnx and God bless…..

    ummmm….ang next na ba….honeymoon??? unahan mo din ba sa honeymoon scenes?? antay ko yan ha???? MAS kakakilig cguro un!!

    God bless!

  3. Love it!! Kinikilig ako dito. Take Note.. At the middle of the night! Nanlamig ang kamay ko sa part nung mga sumasayaw.. waahah! Thanks for this! ’til the next one!

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