Have Faith 29 – Second

A/N : Sorry po for the long delay! Naging busy lang po ang weekends ko at wala pong time para mag-type. And wala rin pong internet haha! Salamat po sa paghihintay!


“Maya.” A deep voice said, making her eyes to open immediately. She turned to look for where the voice is coming from, only to realize that she’s alone in a wide white place.

“Si-sino ka?” she asked. Her heart started to beat fast. She sensed danger but somehow she felt safe, she felt contented, at peace.

“Hindi lang kita nakausap ng ganito, nakalimutan mo na ko?” the voice further said. Maya paused for a while. The voice speaking is too familiar to her. The pitch of it is somehow peculiar, making it memorable. After a few more seconds, she finally realized where she is and who is she talking to.

“Ay, hindi naman po. Hi-hindi ko po kasi agad na-distinguish na nasa langit po pala ako.” She said.

She heard the voice chuckle. “Well, technically, you’re not really in heaven. You’re dreaming and I brought you here.”

Maya nodded her head. “Bakit Niyo po ako dinala dito? May kailangan po ba Kayo?”

“How are you holding up?” she heard Him say, feeling His sincerity. “I know it’s quite a challenge but I’m also concerned about you.”

The mortal tried to smile. “Ayos lang naman po. Eh, totoo po na mahirap, pero nung mga nakaraang araw naman po parang nabalik na po yung memorya ni Richard eh.  Saka, sabi nga po diba, wala naman po Kayong binabatong problema na hindi po namin kayang harapin?”

“Yes. That’s what I love about humans. Kahit na anong hirap ang ibigay Ko, iisipin niyo pa rin na pagsubok lang yan, lilipas din yan, matatapos din yan. And hearing it all from you na nabigyan ko rin ng mahirap na pagsubok, it just makes Me prouder than ever.”

“Totoo naman po eh. Nandyan po kasi lagi Kayo.” She said.

“Thank you, Maya.” Then He paused, “Anyway, I need something from you. Well, not really Me, but, Richard needs something from you.”

“Ano po yon?” she said. She’s already all ears when she heard his name.

“Remember the necklace Richard gave you? The silver one? I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.” Maya nodded her head. “He needs it.”

“P-para po saan?”

“Well, let’s just say that it’s My gift. For the both of you.” He paused to smile. “Ibigay mo lang, Maya. I’m happy for the both of you.”

“Ano pong –“

“I know you have a lot of questions.” He cut her off. “But I think, Richard can answer them once he remembers it all.”

Maya took one last breath before hearing Him say, “Goodbye dear, until we meet again.”

Her eyes fluttered open after hearing Him bid His farewell. When she looked around, she saw that she’s still on her bedroom, with her lying on her bed. Maya smiled, remembering the conversation that just happened. She sat up and reached for her bag lying on the chair near her to grab that thing that Richard needs. To her surprise, she didn’t even have to reach for her bag to look at it, because when she opened her palm, it’s already there – the necklace that Richard gave her when he became human temporarily, the day that he saved her and the day she completely fell in love with him. It’s the same necklace that Richard told her to wear for him to look after her if he goes back to heaven, the same necklace that He wants her to return to her former guardian angel, and the very same necklace that is the last piece of the puzzle.

It’s the last step, Maya. Are you ready?

~  -҉   ~

She could feel her heart beating fast as she set foot inside Lim Aviation Services. The jolly mood of the place due to the anniversary doesn’t seem to affect her at all. Aside from work, she has one more mission left – to return the necklace to its rightful owner.

“I want you to be my date.” Richard said.

Maya was mum for a while before finally finding her voice to say, “Date?”

“Yes.” He said, nodding his head. “Date. You know, a person who’s with another person –“

“Alam ko kung ano yung date.” She cut him off, leaving a smirk on his face. “Bakit sa dami ng tao, ako pa?”

“Ehh ikaw ang gusto ko eh.” He said. “You’re all that I want. You’re the person I hope to speak to that night, it’s your voice that I want to hear the whole night, “ he gave her his smile. “and you’re the only person I want to see that night, and maybe the day after that and then the next and the next and the next.” He said, smiling at his own silliness.

Maya flushed. “Paano kung sabihin kong ayoko?”

“Well,” he shrugged. “It was never a question.” He smirked at his answer.

“Paano kung.” She wrinkled her nose. “Paano kung may ka-date na ko?” she teased.

“Tell him na meron ka nang ka-date. That you’re dating the future CEO of Lim Aviation.” He proudly said.

Maya stilled. “Dating? T-tayo dating?” she stammered.

A smirk crept on Richard’s face. He decided to move closer to her and to hold both of her hands. “Yes. Maya, I made it clear to your father my feelings towards you.” He gulped. “I .. I want to court you. I don’t know if you reciprocate my feelings but I want you to give me a chance.” He looked at her eyes. “I want you to fall for me the way you made me fall for you.”

Maya couldn’t help but smile at the memory of them last night. Yes. Richard is courting her. He made it clear. She was deeply swooning last night. After hearing Richard declares that he has feelings for her Mata just wants to leap from joy. And now, he’s going to make her fall in love with him – all over again. Maya really wanted to tell him last night that she, too, has feelings for him but she was cut off from doing so when Richard hugged her after she nodded. She could still feel his arms on her waist and his steady breath near her ear.

The ping of the elevator brought her back from her reverie. Aside from the thing about the necklace, she is really excited to see him. She’s too giddy even though she hasn’t set her eyes on him yet. When she came across Roberto’s office, she saw that the two Lim’s are still not present. She proceeded to her office to start working, thinking Richard might butt in anytime soon.

Three hours passed and she still hadn’t seen him. Maya knew that Roberto’s already in based on the sudden change of attention of the other employees. Their attentions flew to their computers whenever the boss is in, or else, they would still be continuing their daily gossips. It was then that she heard a knock on her door.

“Ma’am Maya, may delivery po para sa inyo.” Doris said, as she went inside.

“Salamat Doris. May pipirmahan ba?” she asked. Doris went near her to give her a piece of paper. After Maya signed it, Doris reached for it and went outside. After a minute, she came back, holding a bouquet of sunflowers.

“Ma’am, ito po yung delivery.” Doris said as she handed it to her. “Eh Ma’am, kanino ho ba galing ‘yan? May manliligaw na naman po kayo?”

Mata smiled at the sight of the flowers in her arms. There’s only one person who would sent her those flowers. She nodded at Doris’ question.

“Edi, Ma’am, babastedin niyo na naman po ulit yan? Sa tinagal ko pong assistant niyo parang wala naman po kayong interes sa mga nanliligaw sa inyo.” Doris continued. “Kung pwede nga Ma’am, akin na lang sila eh.”

Maya chuckled. “Sa’yo na yung iba Doris.” Then she shifted her gaze back at the flowers. “Basta .. sa’kin yung nagbigay nito.”

“Naku, Ma’am! In love na kayo?” her assistant asked again, clapping her hands from her delight.

Maya saw a little envelope tucked inside the bouquet, she reached for it saw the name of the man she clearly loves.


Doris clearly saw the smile that crept across her boss’s face. Maya looked up at her and nodded her head. Then she added, “Mahal ko siya, Doris.”

Doris couldn’t help it and squealed right there and then. Maya, on the other hand, buried her face in her hands. She was red all over. When she finally recovered, she told Doris, “O sige na, Doris, thank you ha. Kung pwede .. secret muna natin.”

The assistant gave her two thumbs up. “Naman Ma’am! Sige na po. Naku si Ma’am, ang ganda ng umaga!”

Maya chuckled at her assistant’s statement. When Doris was finally out of sight, Maya turned the little envelope around to open it. Inside is a card, with a message written in a beautiful penmanship.

Dear Maya,

Good morning! I want to give you these flowers personally but I guess it’ll be quite showy for the other employees. This is the second time that you’ve received sunflowers from a suitor, and yes, I’m counting it. I want to be the only man, beside from your father that will give you these flowers. And in the near future, I would like to give you one thing no man has ever given you before – I want to give you my whole heart. I don’t want to waste anymore time. I already wasted a year, sleeping in a hospital, and I don’t want to waste any more second with you.

Yours, Richard

After reading the card, she put it near her heart, enveloping it with her hands. Finally, after all the detours, they are finally on the right track; finally, they are on their way. If Richard is anywhere near her, she might’ve hugged him so tight and this time, if ever she does that, she’s positive that Richard would hug her back, just like before.

She grabbed her phone and texted him.

Thank you sa flowers, Richard.

She waited for his reply, but didn’t receive any. Thinking he’s busy, she continued working.  When another hour passed, she heard a beep from her phone. It’s from him.

I’m glad you like it. Have you read the card?

Yes, I read it. Thank you. She replied. Maya wants to add more but decided against it. More can come later.

Lunch time came, and Richard is still nowhere to be found. He didn’t even reply on her last text. She went several times in the pantry, thinking he might be there, but he’s not.

After lunch, she decided to go to Roberto’s office. She has some reports to give him and she also wants to ask Richard’s whereabouts. It’ll be hitting two birds with a stone.

“Maya, come in, come in.” The older Lim said. “Do you need something?”

“Ibibigay ko lang po ‘tong report Sir. It’s for the incoming anniversary po. All the expenses for the party are there, including the miscellaneous.”

Roberto scanned the pages. “Thank you, Maya. I’ll take a good look at it after my meeting later.” He said.

Maya seemed to be rooted to her spot. She can’t bring herself to move. When Roberto noticed it, he asked, “Do you need something else Maya?”

She hesitated for a bit, then finally said, “Uhm, Tito ..”

Roberto smiled at her, and gestured for her to sit on the chair in front of his table. Hearing her say ‘Tito’ means that what she needs to talk about is not all about work. “Yes, hija?”

“Si .. si Richard po? Parang hindi ko pa po kasi siya nakikita simula kaninang umaga. Nandito po ba siya?” she asked.

“He hasn’t told you?”

“Told me what po?” she asked, quite nervous at what he said.

Roberto smirked. “Si Ricky talaga oh.” He sighed. “Hija, hindi pumasok si Richard eh.”

“P-po? Bakit daw po?”

“Nilalagnat kasi siya kanina eh, tapos –“

“Ano pong temperature? Lagnat lang daw po ba? Nagpacheck-up na po ba siya? Eh ngayon po, kamusta na po kaya siya? Hindi naman po kasi –“ she cut him off.

“Maya, Maya, calm down!” Roberto said, laughing at Maya’s reaction. “Sobra ka namang mag-alala kay Ricky eh.”

Maya flushed. “Eh kasi naman po, naaksidente na nga po siya tapos..” she trailed off.

“Teka teka. Answer me, Maya.” Roberto said, making Maya to look at him. “Kayo na ba?”

Maya tried to keep a straight face but failed immediately when her cheeks went red. “Hi-hindi po.”

The older Lim raised his brows. “Really? I’m afraid I don’t buy it Maya. Namumula ka oh. Ano ba talaga?”

“Hmm,” she bit her lower lip before continuing, “Nanliligaw na po.”

A huge smile crept on Roberto’s face. “Finally!” he exclaimed. “Sinagot mo na?”

“Tito naman po eh!” she said, burying her face with her hands. “Kahapon lang po siya nagsabi tapos sasagutin ko na po agad?”

Roberto laughed. “I see. Enjoy the moment ka muna?”

She nodded her head, making the man to laugh more. “Pero, Maya. I’m happy sa mga nangyayari.”

“Thank you po, Tito.” She replied. “Eh Tito, nilalagnat lang po ba talaga si Richard?”

“Yes. Why don’t you call him?” he suggested.

Maya nodded her head and stood up. “Sige po, Tito. Salamat po.”

“You’re always welcome.” He replied. With that, Maya headed outside.

She was already in her office when she decided to grab her phone to dial his number. No one answered on the first attempt, so she decided to call him again. Finally, someone answered on the third ring.

“Hello.” A groggy voice said, Maya could tell that it is him.

“Richard?” she said.

“Maya.” The voice on the other line cleared his throat. “Nagreply ba ko? I’m sorry, I was just busy –“

“Nakakainis ka.” She said. Richard failed to reply. “Hindi mo sinasabi sa’kin na may sakit ka pala. Nalaman ko pa sa Papa mo.”

Richard sighed. “I’m sorry. I just don’t want you to worry.”

“Mas lalo mo lang akong pinag-aalala eh.” Then she sighed. “Nilalagnat ka pa? Ano nang temperature mo?”

“I think I’m still sick. I just woke up. Ang sabi ni Manang, 38.5 yung temperature ko kanina before I slept.”

“Pupunta ako dyan mamaya, ha?” she said.

“No. Wag na. You don’t really need to –“

“Basta pupunta ako, okay?” she insisted.

Richard smiled on the other line. “Sige na po. Namimiss mo lang ako eh.”

“Ito, nilalagnat pa, nagawa pang mangbola.” She said, but she’s also smiling.

“Bakit hindi mo ba ako namimiss?” he continued to tease.

“Richard, goodbye na, marami pa kong gagawin –“

“Fine. Ikaw na lang ang magtanong.”

“Magtanong ng alin?”

Richard chuckled. “Kung namiss kita.”

Maya couldn’t help but smile foolishly. “Ayoko. Alam ko na naman ang sasabihin mo eh.”

“What would I say?” he replied. “I want the exact words please.”

It was her turn to chuckle. She clearly knows what Richard will say and that will be, “Miss na kita.” She said.

She heard Richard chuckle on the other line before saying, “Miss na rin kita.”

Realizing what just happened; Maya covered her face with her free hand. “Richard!”

The man on the other line laughed. I really love her. “But seriously Maya, I really miss you. I’ll be waiting for you. Bye.”


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  1. WAhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Kinikilig ako ng sobra! Hindi ako makasigaw kaya sinasabunutan ko nalng ang sarili ko at tumatalon ng walng sound… ahaha.. Si Richard talaga.. may sakit na’t lahat.. nakuha png mang bola.. Double treat please.. 😀

  2. Grabe magdamoves itong si Richard kahit may lagnat banat pa rin hehehhe, may double treat ba tayo ngayon? I’m too excited sa scene when Maya will give the necklace ……. hmmm sana sunod na chapter yun…..

  3. Grabe na to… From the angel na naging boyfriend to a mortal courting stage na tapos may sakit na nga, eh nagawa pang magbiro…pero I really like the plot of the story, future doctora…

    Thank you for this update po… 🙂

  4. Hello there. So sorry for the really late reply. Ngayon ko lang kc nabasa eto. I love all you’re it allmake me miss them more. I’m one of the adik Tita or Mom mo na siguro ako. Thank you eto na lang ang nagiging inspiration kjo. Good Luck to you. God bless you always. Love you.

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