It All Makes Sense 7

A/N : OMG, On the dot ng expiration ng smartbro! haha! Here’s IAMS 7! Bye guys! Hanggang sa magpaload po akong muli!


The past months has been running smoothly. Some bumps were encountered on the way but nevertheless, it’s all good. Maya finally met his father, Arturo. She finally got the chance to talk to him after being confined in the hospital because of dengue. She thanked God for making her well again and also thanked Him for giving them proper father-daughter reconciliation. Even though Maya already forgave him, she still couldn’t get rid of the thought that her mother and her sister, Kute, still hadn’t had the chance to talk to him. It would really give her the peace of mind that she wanted but Richard was right – what they need is time.

For now, she just wants to enjoy her once in a lifetime experience of preparing her own wedding. They’ve been busy ever since she was out the hospital. She was truly happy about their wedding rings although its price still haunts her, but Richard told her that they don’t need to pay attention to the price, that she needs to pick the one she really likes. The preparation is also that time when she realized that they really do complement each other. Richard would always make her see that she’s over thinking things while Maya would make him see things from another point of view.

Everything leads me to you. It was the perfect phrase for them. She remembers it clearly when Richard asked her to pick their wedding ring. It was the phrase that he wants to be engraved on their rings. And yes it’s true. It’s not just Richard who has the feeling that everything has led him to her, but also Maya. From the moment they bumped into each other on San Nicholas, they kept seeing each other even if they’re already in Manila. It seems like they were bound to see each other, and they are bound to be together.

As part of their wedding preparation, they are attending this seminar for their wedding. And Richard was right, today was the day for filling up their wedding inventory. The papers were distributed and she was just answering them casually until she got to the part where she felt uneasy talking about.

Ang intimacy ay __________.

Ha? Ano bang tanong ‘to?

Pagdating sa intimacy, ang mga pangangailangan ko ay ___________ at ang pangangailangan ng mapapangasawa ko ay ______________.

Anong isasagot ko dito?

Ang bilang ng gusto kong anak ay _____________.

Pati ba ‘to? Hindi ko nga alam kung pano gawin yun eh! Ni hindi ko rin alam kung anong mangyayari sa honeymoon namin!

As she was answering this, she was also glancing at Richard. Buti pa ‘tong si Ricky, parang petiks lang ang pagsagot.

When all of them were finished, the speaker collected them all and announced that they will discuss their answers with their partners. Most of them were complaining because they were embarrassed by their answers. Oo, kaya! Nakakahiya no!

They were already inside the car when Maya had the opportunity to ask him, “Ricky, bakit hindi mo naman sinabi na may sharing pala ng sagot dun sa wedding inventory na ‘yun!”

“Why would I tell you? Edi cheating na yon?” he said, wearing a grin on his face.

“Anong cheating? Eh ikaw nga, alam mo na talaga eh, dapat sinasabi mo rin sa’kin.” She pouted her lips.

Richard laughed. “I’m sorry. Dapat nagtanong ka rin, di ba? Anyway, it’s all done, wala na tayong magagawa. Do you want to eat somewhere?”

“Hmm, hindi na, sa bahay na lang. Iintayin ko na lang sina Nanay dun.”

“Alright, Mrs. Lim.” He said.

While on their way home, Maya couldn’t help but to think about that wedding inventory. Nakakahiya naman yung sharing bukas. Tapos sasabihin ko pa kay Ricky. Hindi ko nga alam kung tama ba yung pinagsusulat ko dun eh. Tapos siya, parang ang dali-dali lang para sa kanya yung pagsagot.

She was startled when the car came to a halt. When she looked around, she saw that they were already at the house. When she looked at her side, she didn’t saw Richard. She startled again when she heard the sound of her door opening.

“O? Are you okay?” he asked.

Maya nodded. “Spaced out lang.” Then she moved to leave the car. She headed to the veranda the moment she was inside.

“Maya?” Richard called. “Ayos ka lang ba talaga?”

She nodded. “Gusto mong kape? Ikukuha kita.” She walked but she was stopped when Richard caught her arm. “No, thanks. Maya, ang init, I don’t really need coffee.” He said.

Maya chuckled. “Okay. Juice na lang?”

“It’s okay. I already told Manang Fe to bring us snacks.” Then he moved to a chair and pulled it. “Have a seat.”

Maya obliged and Richard sat beside him. Manang Fe came, bringing them two sandwiches and two glasses of juice. The couple thanked her and then she left.

Maya was already eating the sandwich when Richard asked. “Is it the wedding inventory that’s been bugging you?”

She choked. Richard gave her the glass of juice and rubbed her back. “Dahan-dahan lang kasi.” He said then laughed after. “So I was right?”

“Ikaw kasi eh!” she said, coughing some more.

“So?” he pressed on.

“Fine. Oo, yung wedding inventory na ‘yun.” She said, scratching her temple.

“Ano bang sinulat mo?”

“Ehh.. secret!”

“Secret? Eh eventually sasabihin mo rin yan bukas eh? Might as well practice telling it to me.” He teased.

“Ehh, ayoko.”

“C’mon, tell me.” He said. He now shifted his chair so he can look at her.

Maya shifted to look back at him. She opened her mouth to say something but she ended up covering her face with her hands. “Ehhh naman! Ayoko nga kasi!”

Richard laughed at her. He lifted his hands to remove the cover of her face. “Don’t hide your face. Gusto kong makita lagi ‘yan.” He said, making Maya more flushed. “C’mon, tell me. Then I’ll tell you mine.”

“Sure ka?”

Richard nodded. “Alin ba dun?”

Maya took a deep breath and said, “Yung dun sa ano ang intimacy. Anong sagot mo?”

“Intimacy, it’s how close we are, and it is also how we show our affection to one another.” He said. “Anong sagot mo?”

“P-parang ganun na rin.” She said.

“Maya, c’mon. What’s your real answer?” He said, chuckling.

“Ehh parang malapit na nga din dun!” she said, laughing. “Promise!”

“Fine. What’s next?”

“Yung ano, yung pangangailangan sa intimacy.” She shyly said.

“Ahh, that one. Ikaw muna sumagot.” He said.

“Ikaw muna!”

“Ikaw muna. Ako na yung nauna kanina eh. To be fair naman.” He said, smiling. He’s definitely enjoying this.

“Ang .. ang nilagay ko, masaya naman ako sa .. sa intimacy nating dalawa, tapos yung sa’yo rin ganon. Tama ba? Hindi ko naman kasi alam yung sa side mo eh.”

Richard chuckled. “It’s all right. Well, ang sa’kin. Yung sa part mo,  yes, almost the same, pero yung sa’kin medyo magkaiba eh.”

“Panong magkaiba?”

“Let’s just say I’m hoping for more.”

Maya’s widened. “More?”

He nodded. “Oo, more.”

“Paanong more?” she asked.

“Maya, yung mga ginagawa natin, magle-level up pa yun kapag kinasal na tayo.” He said.

She gulped, and stood up. She stood by the railings. Wooo, kailangan ko ng hangin!

Richard stood beside her. “I’m sorry, if -“

“Hindi Ricky. Hindi ka dapat mag-sorry.” she cut her off. “Siguro kailangan ko lang talagang masanay.” she smiled to assure him.

He nodded. “So, are there any more questions?”

Maya nodded. “Yung sa .. sa ilang anak yung gusto?”

“Ahh. I wrote two. Well, at least two.” he said. “You?”

Mayas eyes widened again. “Yung sa’kin ba yun?”

“Yes. Why? Anong nilagay mo?”

“Nilagay ko four. Kasi diba si Luke, si Nikki, si Abby tapos yung .. yung magiging baby natin.” she replied shyly. “Hindi ko alam na yung sa’tin pala!” she was totally confused.

Richard couldn’t help but laugh at her while Maya is completely flushed. He moved at her back and hugged her from behind. He kissed her on her cheek and then he nuzzled her neck.

“So I guess we need to get started, then?”





7 thoughts on “It All Makes Sense 7

  1. Omg si maya talaga ha… Well pag kailangan ni maya ng info.. I could definitely give her lesson about maternal and child 101… Hehe… Next please.. Tagal ko kcng naghintay sa chapter ma ito eh

  2. Tagal ko hinintay tong next chapter na to! Thanks for the update!

    They are cute and funny nung dinidiscuss nila yun wedding inventory…I could only imagine maya blushing hahaha mow maya, alam mo na that richard is hoping for more sa intimacy nyo. Dapat masany ka na topic na yan ang magprepare ka na for after the wedding na paglevel up ng intimacy nyo 🙂

  3. hahaha…katuwa…mas ok pa to kesa sa mismong palabas sa chan, 2 hahaha…sana ganto nalng ang napapanood ko hehehe! thnx a lot for d update!!! more pls Chris??? God bless!

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