Have Faith 27 – Hangover

A/N : Baka po bukas may It All Makes Sense update na po. 🙂


Richard woke up feeling this throbbing pain in his head. It feels like his head has been hammered and it aches so much. He sat up from the bed, realizing he’s not in his room. He tried standing up but end up feeling dizzy and he fell back on the bed.

What happened last night? Why is my head pounding like this?

Remembering nothing, he attempted to stand up again and headed downstairs. His hand is on his head when Arturo saw him. Images of what happened last night flashed on his mind. Yes, I got drunk. I and Tatay Arturo got drunk last night. He sat on the table with Arturo and continued to massage his head.

He was not expecting it when Arturo laughed. When he looked up, he saw that he is laughing at him. “Pasensya ka na. Hindi ka naman pala sanay sa inuman eh!”  He laughed some more. “Kumusta ang ulo mo?”

“It’s aching so hard, Tay.” He smirked but he can still feel the throbbing pain. “It’s unfair, Tay. Bakit ako lang? Eh parang mas marami pa ho kayong nainom kaysa sa’kin?”

“Sanayan lang yan Richard.” He took a sip from his cup of coffee. “Gusto mo ng kape?”

“Yes, please.”

Arturo chuckled then called his daughter. “Maya!”

Richard’s eyes widen at the mention of the lady’s name. When he heard footstep, which he was certain that it’s her, he straightened his body telling her that he’s not drunk.

“Bakit po, Tay?” Maya said.

“Ipagtimpla mo nga ‘tong si Richard ng kape. Ang sakit daw ng ulo eh, nakakaawa naman, tumba sa inuman.” Arturo said.

“No! Hi-hindi masakit ang ulo ko, Maya. Hi-hindi naman malakas yung tama ng tuba.” Richard said, trying to hide the pain in his head.

Maya nodded and headed on the kitchen to make his coffee. Arturo couldn’t help but smile on what Richard did. He even saw that when Maya was finally out of sight, he returned his hand on his head to massage it.

“Richard, ito na yung kape mo.” Maya said, bringing the cup of coffee which made Richard to remove his hand on his head. Arturo chuckled. “T-thank you.” Richard said.

“Sige na, iiwan ko na kayong dalawa dyan. ‘Dun muna ako sa labas.” Arturo said and stood up, holding his coffee. “Maya, wag kang maniwala dyan kay Richard. Masakit ang ulo nyan. Ikaw na muna ang bahala dyan.” He patted Richard’s shoulder and left.


Maya turned to look at Richard, raising her brows. “What?” Richard asked.

The lady pinched his nose. “Ayan kasi, inom nang inom. Sakit ng ulo mo no?”

“Aw! Don’t please. Ang sakit na nga ng ulo ko eh.” He said, taking her hand off of his nose.

“Ang kulit kasi!” Maya said. She couldn’t help but be quite mad at Richard. Yes, she is mad. She is mad at him for making her worry. It’s a good thing that she was going downstairs when she saw Richard lose his balance. If she wasn’t even there or if she was a fraction of a second late, who knows what could’ve happen to him? He might’ve even hit his head and might go back into coma. Who knows?

“I’m fine, okay?” Richard said irritably. “It’s a first for me anyway so now I know na yung tuba na yun ang limit ko.” He said.

“Paano na lang kung wala ako nung na-out of balance ka? Posible kayang mabagok yung ulo mo? Tapos babalik ka sa coma mo.” Maya said. She can’t help but let go of those thoughts. “Isipin mo naman kami! Pati sina Tito at Tita! Isipin pa nila kung anong –“

“Ayos nga lang ako.” Richard said, then he sighed. “Look, if you’re going to spend the whole day lecturing me, just save it. Lalo lang nasakit yung ulo ko.” He stood up and left her. “I’m going back to my room.”

When Richard was finally upstairs, Maya let go of a sigh. She saw that Richard left his coffee on the table. She stood up and went to their medicine cabinet, went back to grab the coffee and went upstairs. She knocked on his door but he did not respond. She saw him lying on his bed when she entered. His eyes are closed, saying that he’s asleep.

Maya placed the cup of coffee on the bedside table. She put her hand on Richard’s arm and shook it. “Richard, gising ka muna. Inumin mo muna ‘tong gamot oh.” She said. Richard’s eyes flew open, but he did not look at her. He reached for the Advil on the table, placed it on his mouth and drank his coffee. After that, he lied down again. “I can go, if you want. I’ll stay in a hotel. Pabigat na ko sa’yo dito.” He said.

“Richard.” Maya said, her brows crooked upward. “Hinde, dito ka lang. Hindi ka pabigat.”

“No. Burden na ako. See? Nasira ko ata umaga mo.”

“Hindi no!” Maya sighed. “I’m sorry. Nag-alala lang naman kasi ako sa’yo. Lasing na lasing ka kaya kagabi. Basta, ganito, wag mo na lang uulitin ha? Pag niyaya ka ni Tatay sasabihin mo, ayaw mo na, na –‘

“No!” Richard exclaimed, remembering what Arturo said: Ang gusto kong son-in-law, yung game lagi pag nagyayaya akong mag-inom! “I mean, hindi ko kayang tanggihan si Tatay Arturo.”

“At bakit?”

“We have a deal.”

“Deal? Tungkol saan? Saka ano yun?”

It’s about you, about us. “Basta, sa’min na lang yun.”

“Ang daya naman eh! Ano yun?” Maya said.

Richard just smirked. “Basta, you’ll find out soon.”

Maya sighed. “Fine.” Then became worried again. “Ang ulo mo? Ayos na? Di na masakit?”

Richard lifted his hand on his head. “No. I can still feel pain.”

Maya stood up and went around the bed, sitting on the other said. She went near Richard and put her hands on his head and started massaging his head.

“Nakakatulong ba ‘to?” Maya asked.

Richard nodded. He opened his eyes to look at Maya. Seeing that she’s quite in an awkward position, he moved, lying his head on Maya’s lap. Maya stilled for a second, her heart beating fast. Richard noticed that she stopped so he reached for her hands and put it back on his head. Seeing what Richard did, Maya massaged his head again.

“Bakit ang lamig ng kamay mo?” Richard asked, his chinky-eyes opened. “It was not like that earlier. Are you okay, Maya?”

Maya could only nod. Eh paanong hindi lalamig yan, eh gawa mo. Richard reached for her hands and brought it to his lips for a kiss. Maya flushed and immediately withdrew her hands. Ano ba ‘tong si Richard!

Richard chuckled. When Maya continued her massage, Richard noticed something again. “I thought I made your hand warm. Hawakan ko na lang kaya?”

Maya pinched his nose. “Hindi naman pala talaga masakit yung ulo mo eh. Dyan ka na nga.” She said as she tries to remove his head from her lap. “Dun na ko sa baba, ang dami ko pang gagawin.”

“Wait!” he said and failed to get a hold of his arm. Tss. Ayan kasi Richard! You should make it clear to her na nagiging sweet ka at hindi ‘yung parang trip mo lang! How can you start courting her if she thinks that it is like that?

Maya was already a few steps away from the door when she heard Richard’s voice. When she turned around, she saw him with his hands fisted on his head, and he’s complaining about the pain. With a sigh, Maya turned to go back to sit on the bed. She carefully returned his head on her lap and started to massage it again.

Thank God it work. “It’s okay. You can go, I can deal with this.” Richard said, but he’s actually intending the opposite. He was hoping that Maya would insist on staying.

“Sige, dun na ko sa baba –“

“No! Ikaw naman, ‘di mabiro.” Richard immediately said when his plan didn’t work.

Maya chuckled. “Ikaw kasi eh! Pabago-bago isip mo.” She sighed and went back to what she was doing. “Masakit pa ba?”

“Yes. But with you doing that, nababawasan yung sakit.”

Maya flushed. Naguguluhan na ko sa singkit na ‘to. Bumalik na ba yung memory niya?

“Uhm, Maya.” He said, looking up at her.


“May .. may boyfriend ka ba?” he asked.

Maya suddenly stopped. Tama ba yung narinig ko? “Ha?”

“I’m asking if you have a boyfriend.” He said, more quickly this time.

She paused again. “Richard, gusto mo pa ng kape? Lasing ka pa ata eh –“

“Maya, I’m serious.” He held her on her wrists, stopping her from moving. “May boyfriend ka?”

With a gulp, she answered, “Wa-wala.”

Richard cleared his throat. “H-how about that Richard? The one who saved you? Do you ..” he sighed and continued, “do you love him?”

Maya hitched her breath. “Uhm, Richard, bakit mo ba tinatanong? Kasi –“

“I just need to hear your answer, please?” he pleaded.

She sighed. “Oo, mahal ko siya.” Mahal kita.

Richard stilled. He was expecting that answer but he was not expecting the pain in his heart. He sighed and asked, “If .. if ever this Richard came up on your office one day and court you, sasagutin mo ba?”

Pag ikaw nanligaw ulit? “Oo naman.” She said, with sureness in her voice.

Richard clenched his fists. “Really? Do you even know that guy personally? I thought he was just a stranger?” he said, his tone rising up.

Bewildered, Maya answered, “Kilala ko siya, kaso .. kaso hindi ko alam kung natatandaan niya ako.” She nodded at her answer. Yes, it’s true. Kilala kita, kaso hindi ko alam kung naaalala mo na talaga ako.

“So I guess I have to compete with him huh?” Richard murmured but Maya heard it.

“Compete saan?”

Without answering, Richard sat up. “Oy, ayos na yang ulo mo?” Maya asked.

“Yes, I think the medicine’s working.” He answered but his head is still pounding. “Uhm, Maya, nasaan si Tatay Arturo?”

“Hmm, baka nasa garden.” She answered. “Bakit? Anong kailangan mo?”

He just gave her his smirk, grabbed her hand and brought it to his lips. “You’ll see.” Then he stood up and left leaving Maya flushed and couldn’t move to what he had done.

Knowing and confirming that Maya has feelings for that Richard, Richard made up his mind.  I need to double my effort since that Richard already had his head start. I don’t want Maya falling for some guy who clearly doesn’t know how important she is. I’m not letting her go. He has his mind set – he’s going to win Maya over that Richard.

Little did he know, he doesn’t need to compete, for his memory is not yet telling him that he is that Richard.


10 thoughts on “Have Faith 27 – Hangover

  1. Wahahahha!! Natawa ako dun! nakikipag-compete sa sarili.. Haha! if you Know Richard, if you just know na ikaw ung lalaking un! Thanks for this Chapter Ms. Christine!! Til the next one!

  2. Ang cute lang talaga ng set-up nila…. hhmmm gusto ko pa ang medyong mahabang time para maalala ni Richard ang nakaraan nila ni Maya. More effort sa panliligaw….. Let’s see how Richard competes with himself!

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