Have Faith 22 – Heritage

A/N : Pasensya na po kung matagal! Wala po akong internet eh 🙂 Here’s 22. Gusto ko lang pong ipaalala na fiction po ito, baka may nakakalimot na po or ako lang po talaga? Haha. Kasi nalilito na po ako nung sinusulat ko ‘to.

Sa mga nasa VisMin po, ingat po kayo dyan. You’re always in my prayers. Kapit-bisig po!



“Hija, Ricky told me what happened to you guys last night. Are you okay now?” Roberto asked her when he saw her inside the pantry. Richard was able to drop her off last night after the incident. Maya did close her eyes during the ride. She just couldn’t bear to remember her accident. It was too scary. Yes, Richard was there to save her back then but it now scares her every time she remembers the incident, especially the part where she was enclosed in the car and she couldn’t manage to escape.

“Okay na po ako Sir.” She answered. “Gusto niyo po ng kape?”

“Tito, hija. If we’re not talking about work, call me Tito. And yes please, I would like a cup of coffee.” He moved to get something from the fridge. “So is it true that you were in an accident?”

Maya nodded. “Opo.” She said as she stirs their coffee. Roberto grabbed the one on the left.

“Ricky also told me that you were stuck inside the car but somebody helped you.” Maya took a deep breath as she heard her painful accident again. “He saved you, didn’t he?” Roberto added.

Maya nodded. “Ang sabi po niya, parang sinanla niya yung pakpak niya para makuha muna yung katawan niya.” She smiled at the thought. It was the only thing that she liked on that accident. It was the moment where she hugged him for the first time. And it was the moment that she knew she is in love with him.

“May lakad ka ba mamaya? I would like to invite you for dinner sa bahay. I think Esmeralda would want to hear this from you. That is, if you’re not busy?” the old man said.

“Balak ko po sanang umuwi sa’min ngayong sa Laguna pero sige po, bukas na lang po ako aalis.” She said.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes po, Tito.” Maya decidedly said. She knows Esmeralda would be a big help for her in understanding what’s going on, especially with Richard.

“Great! Sumabay ka na sa’kin pagpunta sa bahay. I’m sure Esme will be happy that you’re going.”

“Naku Tito, hindi ko na po kailangan sumabay.” She excused. Kung sasabay ako, edi makakasabay ko rin si Richard. Wag na muna. Please! Nahihiya pa kong humarap sa kanya after ng nangyari kagabi.

“Maya, I insist. Saka paano ka pupunta ‘don kung wala kang sasakyan? Basta, sumabay ka na lang, okay?”

“Si-sige po.” She said. Magka-ugali talaga ‘tong mag-amang ‘to. Parehong mapilit!


Later the day, Maya’s phone rang. It was Roberto, telling her to stop her work and to go down the parking lot where he will be waiting. When she reached the lot, Joma was waiting for her. He led her to a black Mercedes Benz where Roberto is seated on the passenger’s seat. As she sat on the back seat, she couldn’t help but think why the younger Lim is not there.

May kotse kasi siyang sarili, Maya, wag mo nang hanapin. She convinced herself.

“Ricky left earlier. May follow up appointment siya sa ospital. He’ll be back in time for dinner.” Roberto told her, as if answering the only question she has in mind. She answered him with a nod.

Maya was fine during the ride, until it sank to her that she is seated at the back. Her mind seemed to have betrayed her as it brought her back on her accident. It was the last thing that she could remember when she was still inside the car. She was seated at the back, the front of the car submerged and that she couldn’t get out.

 “Ti-tito, bu-buksan ko lang po yung bintana.” She said and quickly pressed the button making the car window to slide down. She let go of a deep breath that she’s been holding and she continued to breathe heavily. She kept curling her hands and she kept closing her eyes.

“Maya, are you okay?” Roberto asked. He was alarmed the moment Maya said that she’ll open the window. “Is there something wrong?”

“Wa-wala po, Tito.” She said but her actions are screaming the opposite.

“Try to calm down, okay? Malapit na tayo.” He told her. “Joma, can you go faster?”

A few minutes after, they finally arrived at the Lim residence. Without waiting for another second inside the car, Maya quickly opened her door and went outside. Relief flooded her when she saw that she’s not contained anymore. She drew another few deep breaths then she turned to look back at the car. Roberto was watching her when she turned around. He’s outside the car that looked like he didn’t move since he went outside.

“Pasensya na po kayo, Tito. Bumabalik na po ata yung phobia ko.” She admitted. It’s true. She thought she is cured since it has been months since it last attacked.

“You have a phobia?” Roberto asked his face full of concern.

Before Maya could answer, Esmeralda came outside, greeting them both. She was so happy that Maya is there with them. She invited them inside, and once inside, Esmeralda turned to her. “Do you want to talk, hija?”

Clearly knowing what she meant, she gave a nod. Esmeralda grabbed her hand and led her to their veranda. After they were seated, an old woman, Manang Fe, whom Esmeralda introduced, gave them coffee.

“So, I see Richard found you when he became an angel.” Esmeralda said.

Maya nodded. “Tita, pwede po bang magtanong?”

The older woman gave her a smile. “Nagtatanong ka na, hija.”

“Ay, opo. Eh ..” she trailed off, finding the right words to say. “Bakit .. bakit po ba nagkaganon si Richard? Tapos ang sabi po ni Tito, kayo rin po naging ganon? Bakit po? Ano po bang meron? Kasi … na.. nakakalito po eh.” She finally said the words that have been bugging her ever since Richard appeared in her life.

Esmeralda smiled before giving her answer. “Ang sabi sa’kin ng Mama ko, it is like our gift, and also a family heritage. You see, sa side ng family ko, there’s always one member of the family who undergoes this – yung pagiging guardian angel. There’s always this time na may mawawalan ng malay isang araw yung anak, or yung pamangkin, then after hours, days, months or even years, magigising ulit sila.

”We don’t know kung bakit pamilya namin yung napiling maging ganito. It is strange pero we always consider it as a gift kasi nabibigyan kami ng pagkakataon na maglakbay. But the thing is, we can’t share our experiences with those na naging ganito rin. Kasi usually, the person who underwent being an angel has already died bago magkaroon ulit ng bagong anghel and it usually skips a generation. That’s why I was wondering about my son’s case. His is very peculiar. Since ako sa generation namin, I know for a fact na hindi magiging ganito si Ricky. Dapat yung anak niya diba? Nung una, nag-alala ako ng sobra kasi baka pati yung buhay ko manganib, kasi hindi talaga nagpapang-abot yung mga nagiging ganito sa’min.

”I was younger compared to Ricky when I experienced this. Nakwento na ba sa’yo ni Roberto? I just didn’t wake up one day and my parents rushed me to the hospital to put me on comatose. It was the strangest thing kasi I can’t remember anything when I became an angel but I know that I was missing something, kaya I asked na pabalikin ako sa lupa para malaman ko kung ano yung hinahanap ko.”

Esmeralda was about to continue but Maya interrupted her. “Time limit niyo din po ba ‘yung memory niyo?”

“Why, yes hija.” Esmeralda replied, quite shocked. “How did you know that?”

“Stop asking me questions. Gusto mo bang mawala agad ako?” he continued.

Maya backed out a bit from her seat. “H – ha? A – anong mawawala ka agad?”

Richard sighed. “That’s my limit. Once I’ve fully recovered my mortal memory, I’ll be gone.”

“A – ano?” That’s the only thing Maya said.

“Sabi ko sa’yo diba? Hindi ako laging nasa tabi mo. One day, mawawala rin ako.”

“So ibig sabihin –“

“Yes. Pinapadali mo ang pag-alis ko.”  -HF3TB

“Nakwento po kasi sa’kin ni Richard nung anghel pa siya.” She said as she remembered that night where she attacked him with personal questions. “Tapos sinabi pa po niya na ako lang daw po yung taong nakakakita sa kanya?” she asked.

“So we do have the same experience. Yes it is true. We were always provided with a mortal that we will guide. My mortal was Roberto and I should be the one to find him but he found me instead.” She chuckled at the thought. “I was so scared back then kasi biruin mo, wala akong makausap, walang nakakita sa’kin at ang laki-laki ng mundo para hanapin yung isang taong ‘yun. But I was glad that he was able to find me.” She paused, smiling as she remembered her past.

Maya smiled too. There’s something in Esmeralda’s smile that makes her smile. There this touch of something. Love, perhaps? “Alam niyo po ba kung bakit may nagiging anghel po sa pamilya niyo?”

“I honestly don’t know, hija. But based sa pamilya namin, us being like that is a way to find our true love.” That made Maya to look at Esme. “Don’t give me that look, hija. But I do believe that it is the reason. My grandfather found my grandmother because she was his mortal when he became an angel. I found Roberto because of it.” She paused and put her hand above Maya’s.

 “And Richard found you.”

Tears sprung from her eyes. “Baka pinangungunahan ko ang anak ko, pero I am very sure na ikaw ang babae para sa kanya.” Esmeralda continued. “Remember the first time that you were here and that moment that you saw Richard’s picture? Umiyak ka ‘non diba? That gave me and Roberto some reassurance na ikaw ang nakakakita sa kanya. We just don’t want to talk to you about it kasi baka makapanghimasok kami ng storya niyo. But that was the moment that I was sure na ikaw na talaga. At first I thought na this will happen with one of Richard’s will-be-siblings gawa nga ng generation but I was mistaken.”

“Tita naman oh.” She said, wiping her tears. “Eh Tita, baka hindi po matuloy. Wala pong maalala si Richard eh.”

Esmeralda wiped her tears. “That’s why you have to be strong. I told you na peculiar ang case ni Ricky kasi he lost his memory. When I came back, I remembered everything clearly. The moment I opened my eyes, hinahanap ko na agad si Roberto. And I was so thankful that he was there. But to Ricky, it seemed like he lost everything from the moment he met you. I know that it is painful na back to zero ang lahat. But it is also a challenge to the both of you. This will measure kung gaano katibay ang pagmamahal niyo sa isa’t-isa. This is just an added adventure, Maya. Don’t give up. He will remember everything soon.”

“Wala po akong balak sumuko Tita, pero inaamin ko po na minsan, nawawalan din ako ng pag-asa. Iniisip ko na lang po na hindi ito yung tamang oras na mag-give up ako kasi nandyan na po siya eh. Hindi na niya ako iiwan.”

Esme nodded. “You’re right about that hija. And I also couldn’t help but to think na baka siya na yung last person sa pamilya namin na mag-a-undergo nito.”


“Kasi I could still recall that my grandfather told me na there’s this theory na there will be this time na matatapos na sa pamilya namin yung ganitong event at lilipat na siya sa iba. But the last person who will undergo this will be different and difficult than the others for he was the last. So I’m thinking na si Ricky na ang huli.

“At first I thought na gawa lang talaga ng accident kung bakit siya na-comatose. After a few months, saka ko lang naisip na baka naglalakbay na siya. And I was right. Everything in his case is different lalo na ngayong bumalik na siya. You have to be patient, Maya kasi I think that this is an extra challenge for the both of you.” Esmeralda gripped her hand. “Don’t lose hope, Maya, okay? Ayaw mo non? Both of you will fall in love with each other all over again, and this time, you two will be together, na walang iniisip na limit, walang aalis at walang may makakalimot.”

Maya gave her a smile. “Promise po talaga, ipapaalala ko po kay Richard ang lahat. At tama po kayo, “ she paused. “Ang sarap pong ma-in love ulit kay Richard.” Her last line giving her color on her cheeks.

Esmeralda hugged her. “So, I hope I gave you all the answers to your questions, Maya. Or may itatanong ka pa?”

Maya gave her a smile. “Ayos na po, Tita. Maraming salamat po sa pagsagot sa mga katanungan ko.”

“You’re very much welcome, hija. I’m glad that I was able to help.”


The two came back inside the house where they found Roberto sitting on the couch in the living room, reading a newspaper. He turned to them when he heard their footsteps. “I hope tapos na kayo sa girl talk niyo?” he teased.

“Hindi naman po girl talk yun Tito eh!” Maya said. Then she looked around the house, searching for something, or perhaps for someone.

“Ricky just got home. He’s upstairs, nagpapalit lang daw ng damit.” Roberto said when he noticed Maya. “I think he did that kasi nakita niya kayo ni Esme sa veranda. Nagpapapogi ata.”

“Hay nako Roberto, stop teasing them!” Esmeralda said with a laugh. She then turned to Maya. “Alam ko na hija. Dun tayo sa kitchen, let’s see if they finished cooking.”

“Ahm, Tita, pwede po bang magluto ako?” Maya asked.

“Ay hija, wag na. You’re our guest!”

“Eh Tita, sinabi po kasi sa’kin ni Richard na gusto niyang matikman yung luto ko.” She shyly explained.

Esmeralda smiled. “I see, I see. What will you cook?”


Richard nodded. “I saw it on a billboard, went to the restaurant to order for you.”

“Ha? Eh paano ka naka-order saka naka-bayad?” she wondered.

“I have my gifts, remember?” he said as he flew in front of Maya who’s now currently eating.
“Hmmm! Sarap ah! Thank you! Alam mo bang favourite ko ‘to?”

He could only smile. “Mine, too.” -HF4TCEA

Maya smiled before answering. “Kare-kare po.”




11 thoughts on “Have Faith 22 – Heritage

  1. Nice. Sana mag post ka ulit. I check several times a day to see if you posted a new chapter. So post Ng post. This is a nice endearing story.

  2. Wow, it runs in the family pala. It is a very nice gift kasi it leads you yo the person that you’ll fall in live with and will love you back 🙂

    A very good story. Thank you!

  3. yahoooooo! i so loved it Ms. CJ! next chapter sana very soon… thank’s for answering some of my questions on how DE realized that Maya was Richard’s mortal… rare gift indeed. 🙂 be inspired always.

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