Have Faith 20 – Pang of Jealousy

A/N : Ang hirap po palang mag-type sa phone tapos nagala pa sa SM. Hoho. Baka hindi po ako makagawa ng HF21. Something came up. Magiging busy rin po pala ako. Sniff.

Here’s HF20!



Maya decided to go to the pantry to make coffee for her. With the upcoming anniversary in a month, more work is at her hands. It’s currently 7PM and yet, she’s still in the office. And even if she goes home, she will still do those works. Kulang nalang mag-overnight ako sa trabaho.

She grabbed her coffee and was about to head to the door when Richard went in. “Ay kabayo.” Maya startled, spilling coffee on her blouse. “Naku! Ang damit ko!” She said as she tried to brush the stain off, but it only worsens it for she was wearing white.

“Sorry, Maya.” Richard said looking too worried, knowing that he is the reason of the incident. “Ang gugulatin mo naman kasi. Sorry.”

“Okay lang Richard.” She now grabs her hanky and dabbed it on her shirt. “Pano ba ‘to?” she asked herself.

“Why don’t you just go home? Gabi na kaya.” Richard said.

“Hindi pa pwede. Ang dami ko pang gagawin eh. May financial report pa na pinagagawa si Sir.” She replied, not looking up.

“May dala ka bang extrang damit?”

“Wala eh.”

Richard sighed. “C’mon. Follow me.” He headed outside. Maya, without a choice, followed him. They went inside Roberto’s office and Richard went through the door inside that Maya hadn’t notice before. Inside is another office. She’s never been in this room before and she could clearly see that it is Richard’s office.

Richard opened a cabinet and got a black polo. “I don’t know if this will work but try it on.” He gave his shirt. “It’s mine. I know it’s too big for you but I think you can manage.”

Maya shyly reached for the polo and looked around the room using her eyes. “The restroom’s in there.” Richard pointed to a door when he noticed Maya’s eyes moving. “I’ll wait for you.” He settled his self in his seat as Maya went through the doors.

Maya gulped as she put on his shirt. He’s right – it’s too big for her. But she doesn’t care. Even when Richard was still an angel, she never imagined that she would wear his shirt and now she’s wearing it. She likes its bigness on her. It’s like Richard is hugging her – the feeling that she’s been longing to feel again. She took one last glance at the mirror and decided to tuck the polo in and to roll the sleeves. When she was done, she put her arms around herself, hugging her own body. Ang sarap naman ng feeling nito. Parang lagi kong kayakap si Richard.

The moment he heard the door click, Richard immediately looked up. He did not intend to make any reactions if he saw her but he couldn’t help but to smile. He doesn’t know why but he’s overjoyed that Maya is wearing his clothes. It makes him feel like he owns her.

“Pa-pangit ba?” Maya shyly asked, breaking the silence. They’ve been staring at each other ever since Maya went outside.

“No. You’re beautiful.” Richard said, making Maya blush. “Ah, what I meant to say is that .. it .. it suits you.”

“Th-thank you. Uhm, ibabalik ko na lang ‘to bukas, lalabhan ko muna –“

“Please, take your time. Ang dami ko pang damit dyan. One shirt wouldn’t hurt. And besides, you look good in it.”

Maya blushed again. “Sige na. I have to go back to my office. May tatapusin pa kong file.”

“Anong oras ka uuwi?”

“Hmm, ewan ko. Umuna ka na. Baka hinahanap ka na nina Tita.”

“Well .. ” He trailed off, remembering that his mom d call him earlier asking for his whereabouts. “Iintayin na lang kitang matapos, then I’ll go home.” he said.

“Ehh -“

“Maya.” he interupted. “Una, magagalit si Papa kung may papabayaan akong employee ng LAS. He’ll tell me that I don’t deserve to be. CEO.” he explained, well, more like a palusot.

“Kahit ano namang sabihin ng Papa mo, alam ko namang deserve mo eh.” Maya said.

Smiling, he said,”Thank you. It means a lot coming from you.” he said, looking straight into her eyes

Maya blushed again. “Sige na, Richard. Umuwi ka na.”

Richard stood up and headed to the door to open it. “I insist. Tutulungan na lang kita para matapos ka ng maaga.” he said. Maya was going to say something when Richard talked again. “Papa will kill me if he knew na ikaw ang iiwan ko dito ng mag-isa.”

“Pe-pero – “

“Maya.” he said.

She sighed and raised both of her hands. “Okay okay. Fine. Hindi naman ako mananalo sa’yo eh.”




At 8PM, the two are still inside Maya’s office, doing the said financial report. Richard has been an extreme help. When they got to her office earlier, Maya felt like there are still miles ahead before she could finish it. But when Richard came, those miles became kilometers and now, they are just a few meters away. Richard also ordered food for them, saying that he’s hungry but he merely touched his food.

“Bakit hindi ka nakain?” Maya asked, her mouth full and she’s still trying to get food using her chopsticks.

“Don’t talk when your mouth is full.” he said, smiling at her. “Saka tingin ko kulang pa sayo tong in-order ko.” he teased.

“Ang sama mo talaga!” They were getting comfortable with each other, making the two of them happy but Maya, without a doubt, feels like she just reached the stars. Konti na lang Maya.

She is also having fun seeing Richard work. And he’s right. He does use sticky notes on the folders. When Richard would catch her staring at him and asks her why, she will just say that it is nothing. But deep down, she wants to say how happy she is now that he’s back.

“You’re using it wrong.” Richard said.


“The chopsticks.”

“Tama naman ah.” she tried to defend herself.

“You can barely get food!” he said, quite irritated but couldn’t help smiling.

“Fine. Kukuha na ko ng kutsara sa pantry.” she attempted to stand up but Richard grabbed her arm.

“No. Hindi ko palalampasin ang gabi na ‘to nang hindi ka natututong mag-chopsticks.” he said.

“Richard, gagabihin tayo.”

“No. Tapos na yung ginagawa ko. You just have to print it and we’re done. We have all the time in the world.” he said and drew his chair close to her. He guided her on using it, touching his fingers with hers. “Go on. Try.”

Maya tried to get food but it collapsed when it reached her mouth. Richard laughed when that happened. “Ayoko na Richard! Pinagtatawanan mo naman ako eh!” Maya said but she’s also laughing.

“I’m sorry. I just couldn’t help it.” he gave her a tissue. “You got something on your face.”

“Hmm?” she said as she wiped the area near her mouth but hadn’t wiped the stain.

“Here. Let me.” Richard grabbed the tissue from her and wiped the stain. His touch lingered longer than he intended to. Maya’s heart started to beat fast. Richard’s gaze fell to her lips and move towards her. To Richard, it felt right doing this. It feels like he wants this for too long and he would crumble if he didn’t do anything about it.


But it is still not the right time.


Richard’s phone started ringing. He quickly moved away and grabbed his phone. It is his mom.

“M-ma.” he said, trying to return his normal breathing.

“Ricky, nasaan ka na? It’s getting late.”

“I’m still at the office Ma.” he answered. He turned to look at Maya whose attention is now at her laptop.

“Sa office? Ano namang ginagawa mo -“

“Richard, mula anong page yung hindi na-print?” Maya asked. Esmeralda stopped from talking when she heard her.

“Uhm. Start from page 11.” Richard told her. “Ma, I -“

“It’s okay, son. Just drive safely okay?” Esmeralda said.

“Yes, Ma.”

“And son. Bring Maya here sometimes. I think you need to update me with your status.”

Realizing what her mother meant, Richard blushed and said, “We’re doing business!”

“Whatever business it is, I’m sure na masaya kayong dalawa about it.” she continued to tease.

“Ma!” he sighed. “Sige na. The sooner we end this call, the sooner we can finish. I’ll be home soon.” Richard hung up and turned to talk to Maya but she’s not there.

“Maya?” he called but there’s no response. He heard a voice outside. It is where he saw her talking on her phone.


“Oo Simon .. eh titignan ko muna ha?” he heard her say.


Simon? Why does that name seems to give him a pinch in his heart. It’s like whenever he hears that name, something inside him wants to shout at Maya and to tell her that she needs to end the phone call right now. And that he wants to track whoever that Simon is just to punch him on his face. He went back inside and sighed.

Oh yes, the green-eyed devil is back.


15 thoughts on “Have Faith 20 – Pang of Jealousy

  1. Ganda …. Nxt na puhleassssseee 🙂 the turn of events keep on getting beautiful so happy to read this story:-) one of the best!!! Please continue writing exquisite stories that bring joy to readers like us!! Regards and two thumbs up 😉 i love this story so much!

  2. i really love this story and i always check if there’s new chapter posted (good thing there is)…i hope it will not end yet…nakakakilig kasi 🙂 thanks ms. author for a job well done knowing that you are a student pa…keep it up 😉

  3. Hmmmm full of kilig! Gusto ko mag-linger muna sila sa reminding the past phase, more sweet moments mix with a little of jealousy on the side para may pinch of excitement…. The story development turns me so giddy, gusto ko yung character ni Richard….. will be patiently waiting for the update…..thanks

  4. sabi mo matatagalan ang pag update mo kc something came up? wag naman…wag naman sanan mgtagal pls?? thnx for d update…galing naman kahit nsa fon at nsa galaan sa SM nakagawa ka ng update…galing galing….one more time??? khit busy ka cguro pde mo magawa sa phone? hahaha! God bless and thnx!

  5. Will try to post HF21 kung matapos ko po or kapag nagpa-load na po ako ng SmartBro haha! Yes po, something came up. We have our annual songfest po sa simbahan. And sadly, umuwi na po kasi ng Cebu yung choirmaster namin so parang ako po yung natayong choirmaster. Nagtuturo po ako and at the same time, may ia-accompany pa po akong ibang choir. Paspasan po yung practice kasi sa Oct. 25 na po siya, then the rest of the days bakante na po ako. Weeee.

    Sobrang thankful po ako sa inyo kasi parang pag nagta-type po ako ng panibagong chapter ng HF parang feeling ko pinapahaba ko na lang po. Iba po pala yung dating sa inyo, more kilig pa pala. I was thinking of ending it soon pero masyado pa po akong maraming gustong ilagay. This is the longest fanfic that I’ve written so far at natutuwa po ako ng sobra sa outcome, lalo na po sa mga response niyo! Thank you thank you thank you po talaga! God bless po!

  6. thanks for the update CJ! i so loved it… sana more bonding time with Richard and Maya & their parents… konti na lang i know babalik na ang alaala ni Richard… can’t wait sa anniv. ng LAS… for sure Richard would really fall for Maya, when he sees her…. haaaaay…. love love love… ang sarap mainlove. 🙂

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