Have Faith 16 – The Comeback

A/N : Napaaga po ang tapos ng Finals ko. Hihi. Thank you po sa mga comments! Ituloy niyo lang po yun, ang saya pong magbasa eh. Sembreak ko na po! Kaya limitado na po ang pera ko para sa Smartbro. Sniff. Enjoy po!


“Uhm, Maya? Maya right?” Richard said when Maya did not say a word after he spoke. “Are you okay?”. He looked at his father as if waiting for him to say if the woman is ill or something. He even got more worried when he saw tears forming in her eyes.

Roberto moved to go beside her when Maya finally moved. She bowed her head and lifted her hands to her face as if wiping her tears. The people in the room fell silent and just watched her. Maya finally looked up with a smile on her face.

“Sorry po. Mababaw lang po kasi yung luha ko. Na .. na-overwhelm lang po ako kasi finally po nagising na po si Sir Richard.” Maya lied. She knew she was crying because the man that she loves so much cannot remember her anymore.

“Maya, I told you, Richard will do. You even call me Tito. There’s no need to put ‘Sir’, diba Ricky?”

“Hi-hindi na po, Sir Robert.” She said when Richard was about to respond. “Sige na po, uuna na po ako. Baka po kasi ako lagnatin eh.” She quickly stood up and grabbed the towel with her shaking hands. She was about to walk towards Esmeralda when a hand grabbed her arm, stopping her. She looked back to see who it is. Her eyes welled up when she saw that it was her former angel who’s stopping her.

Maya saw a light of hope. Natandaan na niya kaya? Na-delay lang ba yung memories niya?

“Uhm, if we did know each other,” he started, blocking that light Maya saw. “I’m sorry kung hindi ko matandaan. I .. I -”

“Hindi niyo naman po kailangang mag-sorry Sir.” Maya said as she tried her best to keep that smile on her face. “Hindi pa naman po tayo nagkakakilala. Naikwento lang po kayo ng papa niyo sa’kin.” She tried to say quickly. Each word tears a piece of her heart.

“Sigurado kang hindi pa tayo nagkikita? You look familiar to me.” Too familiar.

Maya nodded. “Sige po.” Then she gave the towel to Esmeralda. “Tita, Tito, uuna na po ako. Magkita na lang po tayo sa office bukas.”

“Sige Maya.” The elder Lim said.

“Ingat ka, hija.” Esmeralda said.

Richard got tongue tied and did not say his goodbye. There’s something in her that caught his attention.

She’s too familiar. Where have I seen her?


Maya woke up with a headache the next morning; her eyes feel heavy and she could feel that her stomach is screaming for food. She sat up from her bed and saw that she’s still in her yesterday’s working clothes. Memories of what happened yesterday flooded her mind, welling up her eyes again.

She remembered that after she bid her farewell to them, she quickly head outside and waited for a taxi. Even though it was raining, she refused to get her umbrella inside her bag and decided to be drenched in the pouring rain. It was because she knew that the rain would hide her tears. When she reached home, she headed to her bedroom and cried more. She hadn’t realized that she fell asleep.

Why is everything so unfair? It’s like a knife has been struck in my heart. It is all too painful. I’ve lost him as my angel and I even lost him even if he got back. Ano na Maya?

She decided to stop her tears and to get up from her bed. Parang may magagawa pa ko.  She headed for the bathroom and dressed for work. It’s the start of her routine again.

He was trapped in darkness. He wanted to escape so he forced his self to open his eyes. Brightness welcomed him making it hard for him to figure out his surroundings.

Where am I?

He turned his head, looking for answers when he saw something above his head.

An IV? Am I in a hospital?

He tried to get up from his bed when a familiar voice called his name.


When he turned, he saw that it is his mom. She was beside him in no time and hugged him tight. She was also crying, too.

“Ma, I can’t breathe.” He said. Then he felt pain on his arm. “Ma, I think may naiipit ka sa braso ko. Aw. Ma, masakit!”

“I’m sorry son.” Esme immediately let go of his son. She held his face. “You’re back! I can’t believe this. Wag kang aalis ha? Tatawagin ko yung doktor. Padating na rin ang Papa mo. Dito ka lang ha?” Esmeralda kissed his temple before leaving.

What’s wrong with my mom? He wondered. Am I really that sick to the point that she cried for me?

A few minutes after, a doctor went inside the room along with a nurse. He checked if Richard is feeling better, if his vital signs are stable and observed the different machines in the room and after a few more here and there, he gave them a smile.

“Well, Mrs. Lim. It is indeed a miracle. I can finally saw that your son is out of danger. We can transfer him to another room tomorrow or if the patient insist, makakauwi na siya. I’m sure he’ll prefer the second option since he’s been here for too long.” The doctor said that made Esmeralda cry even more.

“How are you doing?” the doctor asked him.

“Never been better.” He answered. “I have to ask though, why is my mother crying? Ano bang sakit ko?”

“You can’t remember?”

Richard shook his head. “All I know is that I was somewhere dark and when I woke up, I’m in here.”

“You can’t remember your accident?” the doctor asked again.

A crook formed with his brows. “Accident? What accident?”

The doctor scanned the papers he’s holding. Then he looked back at him. “I never expected this. It seems like you developed amnesia, retrograde amnesia, perhaps. I don’t know how you developed it. Nabagok ba yung ulo mo nung naaksidente ka?”

“I .. “ he tried to remember. But it was blank. “I can’t remember.”

“Hmm. Your hippocampus might’ve been affected by your accident. Anyway, what’s the last thing you remember?”

He felt silent, and search deep in his memory the last thing he can remember. When he seemed to be losing hope, he saw a figure. It’s all blurred. He cannot remember where it was, or when it was. There’s just a person in his memory.

“There’s a woman.” He said. “I don’t know who she is but .. but I’m positive that she’s a girl.” He paused as if trying to figure out what else is with her. “She’s writing .. or doing something, I don’t know. She’s sitting then she lifted her head to look at me.”

“Interesting. Anong itsura?”

“I don’t know. It’s blurred. Yung outline lang yung kita ko. The rest, malabo na.”

“I see. Well, maybe hindi amnesia ‘yan. Siguro na-repress mo yung memory mo.” The doctor said.


“Yes. You see, our brain is a complicated organ and doctors like us can’t really experiment with it kasi hindi siya katulad ng ibang organs na pwede na lang i-dissect so I can’t really tell you how it happens. Now, I there’s this thing called repressed memories where a person unconsciously repress his memory. Ibig-sabihin kinakalimutan niya lahat ng naaalala niya. It’s a peculiar case for you, Richard kasi ang usual na taong may ganitong kaso ay yung may mga trauma. Like abused children. They’re holding a painful memory so they chose to just forget it. But for you, wala ka namang traumatic experience, yet nataboy mo yung memory mo.”

“Sakit pa ba yun doc?  Or Richard can live with it?” her mom asked.

“Well, he could live with it since ang nalimutan lang naman niya ay yung aksidente niya at walang namang ganong kalaking event. I’m sorry Mrs. Lim, I can’t explain any further. If you like, pwede kayong magkunsulta sa isang Psychologist para mas lalo niyong maintindihan.”

“It’s okay doc. Thank you.” Richard said.

“Tumawag na lang kayo if meron pa kayong concerns, okay? Excuse us.” The doctor said and then he was gone.

“Ma? Anong accident yon?” he asked his mother when the doctor was gone. Her mother sat beside him and told him about his accident. Richard was quite shocked to hear what her mother said but it also answered the questions in his head. While her mom was talking, his father arrived and also hugged him tight. He can’t also believe that Ricky’s finally awake.

“So, I was asleep for a year?” he asked. Her mom could only nod. “That explains why.”

“Explains what, son?” Roberto asked

Richard gave her mom a smile. “Gutom na ko eh.”

For what seemed like after a hundred years, Esmeralda and Roberto laughed. How it felt good to laugh again. Luckily, Roberto brought food with him when he arrived. Richard ate quickly for he was really hungry. In the middle of his dinner, a woman came inside. She was soaking wet, indicating that she was in a hurry to get here.

He got stuck looking at her face. She has those eyes that she could stare for eternity. He thought that she entered the wrong room but he was mistaken when his father called her. Throughout the time that she moved inside the room, his eyes were only fixed on her.

“Ricky, have you met her? Siya si Maya dela Rosa. She’s my new Accounting Head.” His father introduced him. So Maya is her name.

They were staring at each other so Richard broke the silence, thinking he’s being rude. “Hi. I’m Richard Lim. Have we met before?”

He noticed the tears that formed in her eyes. Damn it, Richard. Kababalik mo pa lang, may pinaiyak ka na agad na babae. Maya was leaving when he grabbed her arm and weirdly, it felt right to hold her. “I’m sorry kung hindi ko matandaan. I .. I -” he trailed off. What would I say? That my brain has malfunctioned and that I completely forgot everything?

His only regret was letting her out of his room. And when she was gone, he turned to his dad. “Pa, sa LAS siya nagtatrabaho?”

“Yes. Why do you ask?”

“Can I come back to work tomorrow?”



P.S. Fact po yung repressed memories. Based on my psychology class.


15 thoughts on “Have Faith 16 – The Comeback

  1. Work agad, richard? Hehe

    Im hurting for maya. Nagising nga di richard pero hindi nya maalaka si maya. Siguro if they see each other often, babalik memories nya na kasama si maya.

  2. Wala bang recovery period after ng coma? Magpalakas ka muna ng tuhod Richard! ^_^

    Maya, wag masyaong emote. Please hold on to the promise you,made with your dear angel…

  3. Right, he feels an unexplainable “pull” towards her. Then slowly, the memories can come. And he’ll also fall in love with her all over again 🙂 next. Chapter pls.

  4. wow! nice story…. sana may karugtong agad… double treat sana.. since you know sem break nyo na… hehehehe…. in Richard’s heart it is still Maya…. ang last memory nya ay ang mukha ni Maya, di nya lang makita ng buo… i guess pag bumalik sya sa office at mare-enact ang last scene na iyon with Maya, babalik ang lahat… pero di ba dapat magpahinga at magpagaling muna sa Richard bago bumalik sa trabaho. Maya, dapat maging matatag ka… at least alam mong buhay si Richard at finally mahahawakan mo na siya. sa puso ni Richard, si Maya pa rin ang laman nito kaya don’t be sad… suportahan mo lang sya. Your love for him will bring back all his memories back, maybe not as being an angel but the day before the accident, that he realized that he loves Maya even from afar pa… kakaexcite ang mga susunod na chapters…

  5. ang tunay na pag-ibig, hahamakin ang lahat kahit na ang kamatayan… kaya di pa kinuha ni Lord si Richard kasi may misyon pa sya at ang misyon na iyon ay ang mapakasalan ang babaeng nakalaan sa kanya at si Maya iyon… kapitbisig lang sa pag-ibig. parang 100days to heaven lang ano… bumalik si Anna Manalastas bilang isang bata at napunta sa pangangalaga ni Sofia… yun pala ang misyon nya ay maibigay sa tunay niyang anak ang kumpanya niya.. not knowing that si Sofia lang pala iyon… hehehehe 🙂

  6. Richard hindi ka pa pwede mag-work. isang taon kang nakahiga yang muscles mo kelangan ng konting exercise for rehab. i understand na nasasaktan si Maya. Pero bago umalis si Richard, inexplain nya na pwedeng hindi nya sya maalala, nagkataon lang kasi na yung memory nya e hindi nawala. She should and i know she would understand. hindi ka naman nalimutan totally. you look familiar daw. give it time Maya. Don’t dwell too much on that. focus on what lies ahead. matagal mo tong hinintay. make new memories instead.

  7. …dear author…

    …qng pang lowd lng s smartbro ang kailangan mo, cge sagot q n yan i post mo lng agd2 ung nxt chapter!…nk2biten :(…pero ang sakit non ky maya :(…

  8. Will try to post another one tomorrow. Ngayon ko lang po nasimulan yung 17. I can’t do a double treat, mabagal po magprocess ng kwento yung utak ko. Stay tuned!
    P.S. Thank you po sa pagsasabi na kailangan pa niya ng rehab! Haha! kung hindi ko po nabasa yun, baka pinagtrabaho ko na agad si Richard. Haha.

  9. Ang ganda naman ng pangyayari. At least, even if his mind can’t remember, his heart does. Maya is his destiny so kahit siguro, pabalik-baliktarin ang mga pangyayari, they’ll still find each other. Sige, Chris sundan mo na agad ha. Parang two stories in one yung ginawa mo ang galing.

  10. Christine, pwede naman na dalawin ni Maya si Richard DI ba? She should be on this mission…. Either to help Richard remember, or make him fall for her again. 🙂 So dalawin Nya, befriend him again, and be sweet. And be patient. 🙂 basta mahal Nya, so Kailangan… Ipag Laban Nya DI ba? This time against lost memories.

  11. i can feel maya’s hurt…sobrang sakit sa dibdib…hayyy….ayan na naman nadala na naman ako sa story….basta update nalang pls? antay antay nalng for the next development sa pagkikita nila sa work….thank you and GOD bless!

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