Have Faith 10 – Realizations

A/N : I was hoping to post this after 12Midnight para birthday ko na talaga. Haha. Inaantok na po kasi ako. At hindi ko pa po alam kung may pasok po talaga bukas sa Cavite. Sniff. Elem to HS lang po kasi ang sabi. Maglalakbay pa po ako mula dito sa Calamba.

Pasensya na po kung maikli. Parang overview lang po ito. I WILL post Have Faith 11 later tomorrow, depende po kung magkakapasok ako or kung aalis po kami (holiday po kasi ng 24 dito sa Calamba), at kung matapos ko po si Have Faith 12, ipa-publish ko na rin po. Treat ko po ngayong Birthday ko. 🙂


Richard was with Maya during her ride back to Manila. He was there, sitting beside her the whole time, watching over her. He was glad to finally see Maya doing better. But he can also notice that Maya is missing something.


Who could it be? Is it Simon? Damn Richard, are you jealous again?


Richard assured that Maya was safe before he left. He needs time off. He wants to be alone. He needs to rethink things as he is confused himself.


Maya will be fine when I’m gone. She was fine even before I came into her life.


Richard decided to take a stroll at a nearby park. Even though it’s early in the morning, there are already a lot of people. He put his hands inside his pockets and started to walk. He simply missed this – no rush, no problems, no troubles, and just walking and appreciating God’s gift.


As he was walking, he couldn’t help but to notice kids playing. The first thing that popped from his mind is “Don’t they have classes?” Then he looked closer and found out that they were still toddlers.


Richard sat on the grass to finally start his thinking. He’s still watching the kids and realized how he missed the feeling of a simple touch.


I wonder what I’ll feel while I’m sitting on the grass. I forgot the feeling of the sun’s warmth. I forgot what it’s like to feel the wind on my face or even a drop of rain. I forgot what coffee tastes like. He could only sigh. I miss being me.


How can I be so .. so careless?Why did I die so soon? If ever I can go back to the past, I would screamat my old self and told him that I shall not die so soon! Yes, somehow I’m glad that I’m an angel, but still, I would’ve love to stay being human..


For once, I regret what had happened to me. I wonder what really happened to me. Was I sick? Did I get murdered? Whose fault is it? Was it mine? Or was it an accident?

An accident?


Is as if his memory slapped him on his face. He decided to close his eyes. And when he did, he saw his last moments on Earth.


 I was someplace high. I was in the air. Was I flying? No … I’m .. I’m on a helicopter. Yes. We own that grey helicopter. I didn’t mind the breathtaking view, for I was just focused on the road. I’m thinking about something. Was it something or someone? Why am I smiling? Is what I was thinking the reason why? Wait .. why .. why is the pilot sweating? Are we in trouble? .. Yes, we were in trouble. He .. he said that he can’t control the vehicle anymore. I .. I was so scared. I still have something to do back then. What was it? I can’t seem to remember but I know it’s something important.Yes, I remembered that I was about to jump when I saw the pilot stuck inside. He .. he’s telling me to jump but .. but I went back inside to help him. And .. and that’s the end. We hit a mountain. There’s fire .. explosion .. smoke, everything! I just felt that I hit the sea. The pilot was coming near me, but , but I passed out.


When he opened his eyes, he was gasping for air. That’s what happened to me?


He tried to recall those memories again and that’s when he fully confirmed that it is indeed his past. Did I die because of that? What about my family? What happened to them? Did they mourn over me or they didn’t care because I’m a black sheep?


I want to remember my family.


No! Stop it, Richard! You can’t remember your family yet. You might be gone soon! Just wait Richard. He continued to argue with himself.  He gave a sigh. This is harder than I thought.


Why do I  have so many questions?


He decided to think of other things and the first thing that came to her mind is Maya. Am I really in love?

He closed his eyes, remembering Maya’s face, her smile, and her eyes. He found himself smiling at the sight of her in his memory. He recalled their first encounter, his first touch as an angel, the first time that Maya cried for him, and he remembered the way she feels in his arms. I want to touch her again. I want to feel her again.

He then recalled Maya’s accident. There’s no comparison to what he felt that time. He’s not just scared that he cannot fulfil his duty. But he’s simply scared at the thought of loosing Maya. How badly he wants to comfort her when her phobia attacks. He just wants to gather her in his arms, to kiss her head and to tell her that everything’s going to be alright no matter how many times he says it. Even though they got into an argument, he’s still there, worrying about his mortal.

It’s a shame that I’m just here for a while. I’m going to leave her soon. I wished that I’ve met her when I was still me. I could’ve asked her out. I could’ve made her fall in love with me and I could’ve told her that I’m in love with her.

Richard smirked at his realization.

It’s all clear now. Yes. I am in love.

As soon as he admitted that to himself, he frowned.

I should be happy, but why do I feel so sad? Like I’m carrying something that is so heavy? Oh, right. We can never be together. I’m just somebody who people just pass through, an immortal that people cannot see, a used-to-be man that cannot be heard, and an angel that has no wings. Maybe those are the reasons why.

But I must not lose hope. Because Maya will always be there to listen to me and to treat me like I’m still living. She couldn’t have been more perfect. That’s why I fell. I fell in love.

He gave a final sigh. If only I was human.

 I love her but I can never be with her forever.

I have to let you go.

“Hija, are you okay?” Roberto asked as he saw Maya froze when she finally saw their son. He got even more worried when he saw that tears are falling down from her face.

Maya gently put the picture back to its place. “Excuse me po.” She said. She headed for the veranda. It might’ve been unbecoming to them but she just needs to be alone for a while and to let everything sink in her mind.

She saw stairs leading down when she reached the veranda. She went down and discovered that it leads to a garden. She saw a bench and sat on it, and then she continued to weep.

Bakit ako nasasaktan? Dapat nga masaya pa ko kasi nakilala ko yung anak nila diba? She said to herself. Pakiramdam ko tuloy, ang laki ng kasalanan ko kina Sir Robert. Ang tagal na nilang iniintay si Richard na bumalik pero heto ako, lagi siyang kasama, ni hindi ko man lang inisip na baka naglalakbay lang si Richard. Tapos ano pa Maya? Ayaw mo siyang umalis samantalang alam mong mas kailangan siya ng pamilya niya.

Baka mamaya, kapag bumalik siya sa katawan niya, hindi na niya ako maalala o kaya baka hindi na talaga siya makabalik sa katawan niya.

Hindi!Ayokong mauwi lang sa wala yung pinagsamahan namin. Ayoko mawala sa buhay niya. Ayokong umalis siya. Ayokong mawala si Richard.

Pero bakit Maya?

She closed her eyes for a moment, and tried to picture Richard’s face. He always makes her feel safe. Like whenever he’s around, nothing can harm her, not even an ant. He’s a good company. Maya loves their exchange of stories even though it’s quite dangerous for Richard’s part.

How she misses those chinky eyes of his, his smile and especially the words coming from his mouth. Every word he lets go seems to make Maya’s heart to flutter. Somehow, Richard can show her what it’s like to be taken care of, and Maya doesn’t want to let go of it.

She was drifted back to that shore, where they shared their first touch. Maya recalled how it felt so right to be in his arms that time. It felt like she belonged there. Like it was home. She wished she could’ve stayed longer, she wished Richard could’ve stayed human longer.

But she knew all too well that their time is limited.

Bakit ba ako naiyak? Ikaw kasi Richard eh! Dumating ka pa sa buhay ko ngayong anghel ka. Bakit hindi pa kasi nung buhay ka pa? Sigurado ako, kung nakikita mo ako ngayon, pupunasan mo tong mga luha ko at yayakapin mo ko. Parang nung niligtas mo ko. Hindi mo lang alam kung gaano ako kasaya nung nayakap kita. Hindi mo lang alam.

Mahal kita, Richard.

Mahal kita, pero kailangan kitang pakawalan.


thoughts? Promise po, mamaya yung HF11.


28 thoughts on “Have Faith 10 – Realizations

  1. hap.. hap.. happpy birthday tooo you… kantahin mu nlang tulad ng pag kanta nila doris at sabel kay Maya.. good health, study hard and GODBLESS! 🙂

  2. I’m happy of their realizations…that they’re already in love with each other. thanks for this update Christine…and Happy Birthday to you!

  3. Happy Birthday Christine! I hope you’re having a good one. May God continue to shower you with his overflowing grace and continue to abound you with His love and mercy. Continue to be inspired so you can be an inspiration to everyone around you.Ü

    As for this chapter, finally they’ve both realized and admitted to their own selves that they’re already in-love with one another. I wonder as well who Richard was thinking before the helicopter crashed. Could it be that he already met Maya before or does he have a different special someone when he was still alive? It may cause conflict if he’ll come back to life. Hopefully, in the event that he comes back to life, that he remember Maya and the love that he has for her.

  4. Happy Birthday!!!! 😀

    Ganda naman ng gift mo para sa’min 🙂

    Walang magagawa si Maya, she has to let him go. Besides, siguradong magkakatuluyan din sila. Parang yung movie na Just Like Heaven. Ganda nun 🙂

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