Have Faith 9 – Lim

A/N : Aagahan ko na po ‘to. Pasensya na po kung maikli lang, marami po kasing requirement sa’min. Finals na po kasi. Babawi po ako sa birthday ko. Hihi.

I may not be able to update It All Makes Sense. Sowee.

Ganda po ng title no? May idea na po siguro kayo kung anong meron sa chapter na ‘to.

Enjoy po!


Maya surprisingly slept well last night. She quickly took a bath and headed downstairs to cook. Her phobia has settled down a bit. She doesn’t freeze that much whenever she saw a window or a door closed.

It’s all in your mind, Maya. It’s all in your mind.


She cooked breakfast for the whole family even though they are still asleep. She’s too excited today. She felt much better after last night’s sleep. It’s like her phobia disappeared overnight. She wants to tell Richard what had happened after their fight but went she sat down on the table; she realized that she’s alone. No Richard, no guardian angel, no one to talk to. She’s alone.

The ride to Manila was fine and all but she was bored to death. For the first few minutes, she was still uncomfortable but then Richard’s face went inside her mind. She became calmer when she saw his face, even if it’s just in her mind. She’s been missing him terribly. It’s like her day is not complete if she didn’t see him. She got used to talking to her angel whenever they are on the road and that would keep her from the feeling of boredom.

Nasan na nga kaya si Richard? Bumalik na kaya siya sa heaven?


Maya felt guilt. Their last conversation was the last memory she wanted him to have. And yet, he’s finally out of sight.


“Good morning po, Sir Robert.” She said nervously when she stepped inside Roberto’s office. She’s scared again, now that she knows that Richard is not with her anymore, Roberto might be back to his usual self.

“Good morning Hija.” He smiled. Maya was shocked to see Roberto unchanged. Thank you Richard. “Have a seat. Nagawa mo ba yung pinapagawa ko?”

“Ah, opo. Eto na po.”

Maya gave Roberto the report she’d been doing during the weekend. With Richard.

Roberto smiled as he reached the end of the report. “You did well, Maya. As expected.”

“Thank you po.”

Roberto stared at her for awhile. “Ba-bakit po? May dumi po ba ako sa mukha?” Maya consciously asked.

He shook his head. “No. It’s just that, you remind me so much of my son. Kung nandito siya ngayon, siguro natuwa na rin yun sa’yo.”

“Salamat po.” Maya said but she saw the pain in Roberto’s eyes. “Eh Sir, pwede po bang magtanong?”

“Sure. “

“Eh personal po eh.”

“It’s about my son, isn’t it?”

Maya could only nod. Roberto gave her a weak smile and sighed. “My wife had difficulties during pregnancy. Laging naaagasan si Esmeralda. I still remember that there was this time where we almost gave up. But I told her not to. So we prayed and prayed and prayed. That was when our son Richard came.”

Maya’s attention was caught when her angel’s name was mentioned. “Richard po ang pangalan ng anak niyo?”

“Yes. Ang gusto ni Esmeralda, isunod daw sa pangalan ko kasi ako raw ang nagbigay sa kanya ng pag-asa noon. She also wanted our son to give hope to others, when the time comes. Si Ricky lang ang naging anak namin kaya binigay namin lahat sa kanya. Sa awa naman ng Diyos, maayos naming napalaki yung bata. Ibibigay ko na nga ‘tong kompanyang ‘to sa kanya kaso .. kaso naaksidente siya.”

Roberto paused for a bit. “He’s going to have a site visit in Clark. He decided to ride our helicopter. Then the most unfaithful thing happened. Nawalan ng control yung piloto ng helicopter. Nabangga sila sa isang mountain range.”

Tears are forming in her eyes. And she could also see that Roberto is trying to hold back his tears. “For weeks, wala kaming balita sa kanya. We thought na nakarating siya ng maayos sa Clark then we saw the news.We all thought na wala na si Ricky. But God created a miracle. He’s still alive.”

“Bu-buhay pa po si Richard?”

“Yes hija. He’s admitted in a hospital. Almost a year na pero hindi pa rin siya nagigising. He’s on comatose. Gusto na ngang mag-give up ng mga doktor sa kanya pero ayaw namin ni Esme. He’s our only hope. Kaya I’m sorry hija kung lagi kitang napag-iinitan ng ulo ha? May pinagdadaanan lang kami.“

Maya could only nod. “I’m sorry, Maya. It’s just that I blame myself. I should’ve told him to take his car instead of riding that helicopter. Edi sana, he’s still with us. Sana .. sana ..”

Roberto could not contain it anymore. Tears fell from his eyes. Maya quickly stood up to comfort the old man. She might not know this man personally but she could feel that Roberto truly loves his son.

“Sir, tahan na po, hindi niyo po kasalanan.”

“How can you say that, hija?”
“Eh kasi po nandito po si Sir Richard alam ko pong sasabihin din niya yun. Saka malulungkot po yun kapag nakita kayong naiyak.”

Roberto gave a soft chuckle. “You’re right.” And he wiped his tears. “Pasensya na sa abala, hija. I think you still got work to do.”
“Okay na po ba kayo?”

“I would be lying if I said yes. Sige na. Ah, Maya. Please tell no one about the things I’ve told you. I trust you.”

“Oo naman po, makakaasa po kayo.”

Maya was almost outside when Roberto called her again. “Maya.”

“Yes po Sir?”

“Do .. do you mind if you go to dinner with me and my wife? I’ve told her about you and she really wants to meet you.”

“Uhm, sige po Sir. Kailan po ba?”

“Are you free this evening? I could ask Joma to pick you up.”

“Sige po Sir.”


Maya is currently putting on her make-up. She’s wearing a blue blouse and white pants. Roberto told her that the dinner will be just at their house and there’s really no need for formal clothes. Maya didn’t know what got into her. She just said yes to Roberto’s offer while a part of her doesn’t want to. Maybe, just maybe, it’s fate that I obliged.


A sleek black BMW was waiting outside when she went down. A man was waiting and looked at her when he saw her.

“Ma’am Maya?” the man said.

“Uhm, Maya na lang po. Kayo po si Kuya Joma di ba po?”

The man nodded, then opened the car’s door. “Tara na po. Naghihintay na po si Don Roberto.”

Maya nodded and entered the car. Goodluck sa napasukan mo Maya.


The travel to Roberto’s house was quiet, as usual. She really misses Richard. It might have been just a few days since he was gone but she misses him terribly. She started to notice the closed surroundings and she’s starting to panic so she broke the silence.

“Ku-kuya Joma. Ki-kilala mo ba yung anak nina Sir Robert?” she stammered.

Joma looked at her through the mirror. “Ah, opo. Si Sir Richard.”

“Ah, na-naikwento kasi sa’kin ni Sir Robert. Eh na-naaksidente daw?”  Gahh, Maya, calm down. Everything’s fine. You don’t have to stammer! Her phobia is eating her again.

“Opo. Isang taon na po atang nasa ospital.”

“A-anong i-itsura niya?” What? Seriously Maya? But she had no choice but to ask the first question that pops from her mind. I just have to get rid of this phobia. I just need someone to talk to. Nakakainis ka naman Richard eh! Bakit kasi alangan ang oras ng pag-alis mo!

“Uhm. Matangkad, maputi saka singkit. Chinese kasi Ma’am. Di’ba Lim po ang apelyido nila?”

“Richard Lim.” She whispered. Somehow, the name sounds perfect.

“Nakilala niyo ba siya Ma’am?”

“Ay, hindi po Kuya Joma. Si Sir Robert na ‘yung naabutan ko dun sa LAS.”

“Ahh. Eh di parang nakilala niyo na rin siya Ma’am. Eh kasi halos pareho lang sila ng ugali ni Don Roberto eh. Pero simula nung naaksidente si Sir Richard, matamlay na lagi yung mag-asawa.”

She suddenly remembered her angel. Having the same name as the son of his boss, she couldn’t help not to think that her Richard might be the same Richard.


Masungit? Nah. Hindi yun yung anghel mo, Maya. Ang kulit kaya ni Richard, Tapos laging malakas ang trip, akala mo bata. Saka bibihira ko makitang sumimangot yun. Minsan seryoso, pero hindi nasimangot. Nang-aasar pa nga eh!

She also remembered what it like was to be in his arms.

He made me feel safe, laging nandyan, laging nandyan para magpatorete, para magpabilis ng tibok ng puso  ko ..

 Tapos .. tapos dahil sa’kin, nagalit tuloy siya.

Hay nako, anghel kong singkit.

“Nandito na po tayo.” The voice of Joma brought her back from her reverie. The car entered this huge house. She was amazed on how the house was built. It’s simply beautiful.

Roberto was waiting for her at the front door. He welcomed her with a hug when she got out from the car.

“Thank you for coming, Maya.”
Maya could only return a nod and a smile.

“Let’s go inside? My wife is waiting.”

Maya was even more amazed on the interior of the house. It’s well furnished and well kept. She saw a woman inside who was looking at some picture frames. She turned when she heard their footsteps and smiled at Maya when she saw her.

“Esmeralda, this is Maya dela Rosa. She’s the woman I was talking about.”
“Magandang gabi po.” Maya greeted.

Esmeralda engulfed her in a hug. “Hello hija. I’m glad that I finally met you.”

“Ako rin po Ma’am.”

“Call me Tita, hija. Ito naman, masyadong formal.”

Maya gave her a smile. Then her gaze turned to the picture frames Esmeralda was looking at earlier. Maya was astonished at what she saw.

“Have you met him hija? I know it’s just a picture but that’s our son.”

She came closer just to look at that portrait. She needs to be sure. She has to be sure. The two elders followed her, curious by Maya’s action.

Maya carefully grabbed the picture when she’s near to where it is. Tears sprung from her eyes. She recognized that face, that hair, those chinky eyes and that smile that always makes her heart stop.

“He’s our son Maya. Si Richard Lim.”

Maya doesn’t need to hear his name just to know who he is. She’s sure that the man in the picture is her angel. It is her guardian angel. He’s her Richard.





9 thoughts on “Have Faith 9 – Lim

  1. yes, there’s still hope… Maya should tell her angel-Richard to go back to his body na… 🙂 thank u sa update & God bless on your studies.

  2. Ayyyy!!! May pag-asang mabuhay si Richard!! Comatose lng naman sya dba?! Pag naalala nya lahat babalik na sya sa katawan nya?! Ayiiieee excited na ako sa susunod na part!! Thanks po for this!! Til the next one!!

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