Have Faith 8 – His Thoughts

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Richard felt something heavy in his chest. He did not intend to end up things like that with Maya. Why does she have to be that stubborn? Why can’t she just accept the fact that she is not well? I hate seeing her like that. The Maya I know is not like that.


He’s currently sitting at the roof of the Dela Rosa’s house. He wants to be somewhere high and he also wants to be alone. His temper has now reached its limit and who knows what words will soon come out of his mouth if he did not decided to leave.


I just want her to be better. I’m not controlling her! What I want is for the better, can’t she see that? I just wanted to help her because if it wasn’t for me, she could’ve avoided that accident. I felt like I’m responsible to what had happened to her. I already gave my wings and yet I feel that it is not enough.

What would it take for it to be enough Richard?

The truth is he doesn’t even know. All he knows is that he’s concerned for Maya. He actually thinks this is all weird, him caring for his mortal.

Is it normal for me to care for a human?


Do you just feel like you’re just obliged to care for her or do you actually care for her?


Yes, I care for her, truly! I want to be there to answer her questions; I want to be there to assure her that everything will be okay; I want to always look out for her. I want to be beside her to hear her laugh, to see her smile, to see her eyes twinkle, to hear her say my name.


Wait. Are you in love Richard?


Richard was bewildered when he reached his conclusion. Is he in love with her? Is he in love with Maya?


It can’t be! I’m her guardian angel. I can’t be in love with her! Even if I do, I’ll just end up being hurt. We can never meet. We’re in the position where there’s a barrier that neither one of us can pass through. And even if I did find a way to break it, how can I be so sure that she’ll meet me halfway?


Wait, so are you admitting that you’re in love with her?

No! I .. I .. I don’t know. I –


His thoughts were disturbed when he heard the door of the house open. It was followed by the sound of Arturo’s voice telling them to be faster. Richard watched them from the roof. He was watching them as they made their way to their car. Arturo started the engine of his Fortuner and stayed inside. Moments later, Teresita went outside, taking Maya with her. Cristina Rose was the last one to leave the house.


Where are they going?


“Ang tagal niyo naman eh! Nakakahiya sa doktor!” Arturo said.

“Eto na, Tay. Sasakay na nga eh!” Cristina Rose said.


Richard quickly and carefully went down. He went pass through the material and seated beside Maya. He was surprised when he noticed that Maya couldn’t see him.


Maybe it’s because I don’t want her to see me.


The journey to the hospital was agonizing for Maya. She was fidgeting her hands the whole time. Richard wanted to comfort her so bad but he decided against it.


The next time you make yourself visible to her, Richard, you have to be sure about your feelings towards her.


Richard could hear Maya’s thoughts because of its loudness. He smirked when he realized that Maya was concern to his whereabouts. Somehow, he confirmed that Maya cares for her back.


He suddenly remembered the early banter of Maya’s family, especially the part where Cristina Rose asked her if she has a crush on him. He can remember Maya’s reaction like it was just a few minutes ago, and what made it better is that Maya was always stealing glances at him which in the end, made him feel like his cheeks were burning. The whole thing was so memorable because it was his first blush. He remembered that for once in his human life, he did not experienced such sensation as this.


Maybe I’m in love. But no, I have to be sure.


Richard felt so proud when he learned that they are headed for the hospital and that Maya is going to a doctor.


Ginalit mo pa ko, pupunta ka rin pala dito.


He was with her the whole time. He’s always near her but Maya couldn’t see him. He listened carefully to each word that the doctor says making sure that he could scold her whenever she disobeyed the doctor’s orders.


He followed her when Maya went to her room with her father. He was looking at them both and couldn’t help but to smirk. How he wish he could actually meet her father. After all, Arturo wants him for Maya as to what he said when they ate.


When Arturo decided to leave, Richard sent whispers in his head telling him not to shut the door and he succeeded. He is now left with Maya. He decided to sit in front of her to look at her mortal.


She really is a pretty face. I want to stare at it for as long as I’m here. I want it to be the face I see whenever I open my eyes.


Cristina Rose knocked, startling Richard. He immediately stood up and sat on the other side of the bed, still looking at Maya. He hadn’t noticed that the siblings’ conversation is over and when Cristina Rose left, she closed the door. Richard quickly turned his attention to Maya and saw that she froze. He quickly stood up and reached for the door. He faced another trouble when it sank that his hand will just past through the material.


Gee! Why is being an angel so inconvenient at times like this?


He turned to look back at Maya. She’s still sitting there, frozen. C’mon Richard! Think!

Richard closed his eyes.

C’mon door. Please open. Just .. just a little opening will do. I beg you. I know that you’re not a human being or someone who can understand me but I beg you. Open!

It’s as if magic happened – the door opened. Thank God!

He quickly sat back in front of Maya. He was surprised when she stared at him and said “Thank you, Richard.” It made his heart flutter.

Could she see me? But, how?

His questions were answered when Maya returned to her attention to her papers. It was a fluke, Richard.

Maya is now getting ready for bed. He sat beside her, as if guarding her. He sighed. I have to be clear with my feelings. I have to do this alone.

He was about to leave when he heard Maya. “Please stay with me, Richard. Stay with me until I fall asleep.” The angel could only smirk. He lied beside her and put his arm a little above Maya’s waist and he kissed her hair. “Go to sleep.” He whispered.


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  1. Tnx for the updqte of your story. Sana meron din pong her thought.
    Cinrats po s inyo. Yan ang mabuting studyante kahit gaano kabusyhindi pinapabayaan ang pag aaral. Keep it up! God bless po

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