It All Makes Sense 6

A/N : Hi guise! Isang masayang gabi sa inyong lahat!

I just want to shake things up a bit. I was hoping that this would happen in the series, I was wrong </3. But still, I shall post this!


Richard woke up with a start. An unfamiliar place greeted him. Where am I? I’m definitely not in the hotel. He felt someone breathing near his neck. His head is banging and the thought of someone near him is making his headache worse. But when he turned, all of those aches were gone. He smiled at the sight of her, sleeping peacefully near him, her arm resting on his chest, and his arm around her as if he was protecting her.

He lifted his other hand to caress her face. What a beautiful sight to see after I opened my eyes. I can’t wait to finally spend each morning like this with you, Maya. He went nearer and kissed her forehead. Maya stirred, and after a while, her eyes opened.

“Good morning.” Richard whispered, wanting Maya to be the only one who can hear him.

“Good morning din Sir Chief. Kanina ka pa ba gising? Dapat ginising mo na ko para nakakain na tayo.” Maya whispered back. They are trapped in their own bubble.

“It’s okay. Hindi pa naman ako gutom.”

“Ahh. Eh ang pakiramdam mo? Ayos ka lang ba? Ang dami mo kayang nainom kagabi.” She chuckled at the thought of Richard last night.

“Don’t remind me of what happened last night. I’m already embarrassed of what I’ve done.”

Maya laughed. “Nahiya ka pa nun? Ehh ikaw nga tong nagyaya na magsayaw kagabi eh!” she teased. An embarrassed Sir Chief is definitely new to her.

“No! Stop it Maya! And in my defense, wala ako sa wisyo kagabi.” He said, trying not to stifle a laugh at his own follishness. “Besides, you’re making my headache worse.”

“Ay, masakit ba ulo mo?” Maya immediately sat up and put both of her hands on his head and massaged it. “Ikaw kasi eh. Ayaw kasing paawat. Hindi raw lasheng!”

Richard smirked and closed his eyes. He finds Maya’s massage relaxing. I’m way too excited to have you beside me, Maya.

“BUNSO! BUNSO!!” Cristina Rose shouted as she banged on the door.

“Teka lang Kute!” Maya said and hurriedly went to open the door of their bedroom. She saw Cristina Rose teared up and looking so worried. “Oh? Bakit Kute? Anong nangyari?”
“Si .. .si Mamang. Si Mamang ..”

“Anong nangyari? Kute naman oh, kumalma ka muna!”
Having seen what’s happening, Richard got up from the bed and went near Maya just in time when Cris spilled the beans.

“Wa – wala na si Mamang, Maya.” She said as she continued to cry.
Maya felt her heart beat went wild. “A-anong wala na si Mamang? Saan siya nagpunta? Nangapit-bahay ba?” Unexplainable tears were forming from her eyes.

“Bunso .. pa – patay na si Mamang.”

Everything is happening too fast. A coffin immediately arrived at their place, and in no time, the remains of their beloved Mamang were inside. The hospital confirmed that their Lola is dead, as she suffered from heart attack when they were all fast asleep. Maya felt like she never cried this much before. It felt like there are no more tears that can come out from her eyes.

“Maya, you should rest.” Richard went near his fiancée and hugged her from behind.

“Okay lang ako Sir Chief.” She said.

Richard could only sigh. “No you’re not. Inayos na namin ni Cris yung sa punerarya saka sa mga pamisa. You have nothing to worry about. Namili na rin sina Mama at si Nanay para sa mga pagkain. The kids are welcoming the guests. Everything’s been taken care of. Matulog ka muna, Maya.” His tone is full of concern. He never saw Maya like this. Not even when she was still staying at the mansion. This is worse. She hasn’t slept for two days straight, and she seldom ate. And the worst part is that she’s been treating him coldly.

“Sir Chief –“
“Maya, everything’s okay. Everything will be okay. Nandito lang ako.” He assured her.

Maya turned around to hug him back and more tears flow from her eyes. “Bakit ganon Sir Chief? Ang billis ng mga pangyayari? Ang saya saya pa natin tapos bigla nalang naging ganito sa isang iglap. Ano bang kasalanan ni Mamang? Ano bang kasalanan ko?”

“Shhh. Wala kang kasalanan, Maya at mas lalong walang kasalanan si Mamang. Gusto lang niyang magpahinga. At alam niyang ito yung best way para dun.”

“Eh bakit ngayon pa? Ang sakit-sakit naman Sir Chief eh!” she continued to cry.

Richard could only hug her. “Come.”

He led her back to that bedroom where their bubble was formed. They sat down on the edge of the bed as Maya continued to cry.

“Tama nang iyak Maya.” He said softly. But she won’t stop. She can’t stop.

“You have to be strong.” Then he sighed. “I know how you feel. I was also like this when I lost Alex.”

This made Maya to stop sobbing for a while and to look at the love of her life.

Richard could only give her a weak smile. “It also happened too fast. Like this one. Nawala na lang siya sa’kin sa loob ng isang araw. And I could not do anything but to mourn. I was also blaming myself; I don’t know what I have done to deserve such pain. And seeing you like this reminded me of myself. Stop crying, Maya. My heart is torn at the sight of you like this. Kailangan mong maging malakas para sa kanila, at para sa sarili mo.”

He shifted to wipe her tears. “Alam kong hindi ito ang huling iyak mo, pero can you promise me that you’ll try to lessen it? I know that no matter how hard you try to move on, hindi mo siya magagawa overnight. Pero wag kang mag-alala. I will be with you through the way.”

He kissed her head. “Don’t worry. Sabi nga nila, whenever someone leaves, someone new will come. And I’m a believer of that. When Alex left, I thought I would never recover. I thought that she left with all of my happiness, pero what happened? You came. You changed me. You made me laugh again and made me realize that I just forgot that I still have my happiness. I hope you’ll remember this Maya.”

He stood to fix the bed and made her lie down. “Go to sleep. Kailangan mo yan. Don’t worry, I’ll never leave you.”

Richard’s words seemed to have an effect to Maya. She finally stopped crying and has put a warm smile on her face. She’s now the one who cheers her family that they can get through this, through their kapit-bisig.

Richard was also extra attentive to her. Maya is quite back to her normal self but he just couldn’t get rid of the thought that she may not get through this. He can see it in her eyes that something is still not right.

“Son, are you okay?” His father asked him as he is resting on the couch outside the house. It’s been a tiring day for him. He was all over the place, helping and making sure that things were fine. He needs to do this so that Maya would not worry too much.

“I’m fine, Pa. It’s Maya I’m worried about.”

“She’ll get through this, Ricky.”
“I know Pa. But what if she doesn’t? I was like this before wasn’t I? And it took me five long years just to recover from Alex.”
“I know son, pero Maya has something that you don’t have before.”
“What Pa?”

Roberto smiled. “She has you. And I know that you’ll do anything, I do mean anything, just to help Maya to move on.”


The funeral happened. It is where Maya’s last tears were shed with Richard by her side all through the day. He is hoping that after this, everything will be normal again. No more cold shoulders, no more tears, just him and her.

“Ano nang plano niyo sa kasal?” Roberto asked as they were having snacks back at the Dela Rosa’s residence.

“Sayang no? Excited pa naman si Conchita sa kasal niyo ni Ricky.” Esmeralda said.

Maya stiffened. “Uhmm, saka na lang po muna natin pag-usapan yung kasal. Matagal pa naman po eh.”

Richard was surprised at Maya’s response. This is what I was talking about.

“Excuse me.” Then she stood up and went outside to call. “Hello Liza? Yes .. They’re doing fine. Listen. Cancel my flight tomorrow. .. Yes, yung sa’kin lang. Yung sa mga bata, tuloy. I’ll be staying a few more days here. Just email the documents that are important and I’ll take a look at them. Thanks.” He put down the phone and when he turned, he saw Maya looking at him.

“Let’s go?” he said as he approached her.
“Magpapaiwan ka?” she asked.

“Yes. So I can be with you.” He replied with a smile.

“Ay, hindi na Sir Chief. Marami ka nang trabahong naiwan. Saka ayos na naman kami. Ayos na ko.”
You don’t look fine to me, Maya. “But –“
“No buts, Sir Chief.” She gave him a weak smile and then returned inside.

He could only sigh. I might’ve lost someone more important other than Mamang.


“Bunso, kakain na.”

Maya went to take her seat and when she looked at her mother, she saw that she is looking at the vacated seat beside her.

“Nay, walang ganyanan.” She said

“Oo nga, Nay.”

“Hindi matutuwa si Mamang nito, Nay! Ilang araw na yung lumipas eh.” Then she stood up and took the photo of their Mamang.

“Mang, pagsabihay niyo nga po si Nanay, nagsisimula na naman po ng drama.” Teresita saw the picture and cannot help but to laugh.

“Teresita! Ang luha! Babahain na naman dito sa bahay!” Kute said, imitating the sound of Conchita’s voice.

“Kayo talaga. O sya kumain na tayo.”


Later that day, they were cleaning up their Little Pards Chibugan. Maya was trying so hard to make her self busy so that she can forget everything that had happened.

“Bunso. Bunso!” Kute repeatedly said but Maya could not even turn. So she went in front of her. “BUNSO!”
“Ay, bunso!” she startled. “Ano ba Kute!”

Cristina Rose laughed at her. “Sorry naman! Ikaw na tong busy.”

“Eh para madali tayong matapos diba?”
“Kung sabagay. Ehh, kumusta sina Richard? Nakadating daw ba ng maayos sa Maynila? Eh yung mga bata? Saka sina Tita Esmeralda?”

Maya froze at the mention of her fiancé’s name. “O, baket?” Kute asked when she noticed Maya. “Nako, bunso, wag mo sabihing –“

Maya didn’t even let Cristina Rose finish her sentence. She ran upstairs to their bedroom and hurriedly look for her phone. It’s been two days since Richard’s household left and since that day, she was focused in keeping her family happy that she forgot about him.

As she was frantically searching for her phone, she couldn’t help but form thoughts in her mind. Paano kung tumawag si Sir Chief? Paano kung nagpaiwan yun dito? Paano kung nagalit siya? Paano kung … kung .. kung nag-crash yung eroplano nila?

She became more nervous when she finally found her phone. It’s battery has only two bars and it’s still alive. She was stunned at what she saw.

290 Missed Calls

124 Unread Text Messages

She immediately opened her inbox. Then she pressed the ‘up’ bottom to start reading his messages from the start.

We’re already here at the airport.


Why are you not answering my calls?

Are you alright?

We’re leaving. I’ll text you when we land.


We’re back at Manila.


I’ve been calling you. Why are you not answering my calls?

Are you okay?

Is everything alright?

How’s everyone doing?


Don’t make me worry, Maya. I beg you. I don’t like it when I think of scenarios of why you’re not answering.

Are you mad?

Did you cry again?

Have I done something wrong?

Answer my calls, please. I’m begging you.

The texts go on and on and on and on with each text making her eyes teary. The texts end up with this last one that made her regret that she returned neither his calls nor his text.

I love you. I love you so much. Always remember that.

She unhesitatingly pressed call but was surprised when the operator answered saying that she doesn’t have sufficient balance.

“Wrong timing naman oh!”

Maya hurriedly went through the doors and she accidentally barged into Mamang’s cabinet. A box fell and so is its content. She saw a beautiful white wedding gown. She had no doubts that it belongs to her Lola. Teresita happens to be passing by when she saw Maya holding that gown.

“Kay Nanay yan.” She said. “Naikwento nga niya sa’kin na, ang gusto niya, iyan daw ang isuot mo sa kasal mo, Maya. Sayang lang talaga at hindi ka niya makikitang naglalakad papunta sa altar.” Tears flowing from her eyes.

Maya stood up to give her mother a hug. “Nay, ayos lang po ba kung bumalik na po ako sa Maynila? Dadalhin ko po yung wedding dress ni Mamang.”


Four days seemed to be like hell for Richard. I should’ve stayed! I should’ve stayed! I know damn well enough and yet I still left! He’s been like this ever since he left Maya. She was not returning his calls and neither do his texts. God knows what happened to her. I just want her safe.

He’s so worried and also quite mad at her. A simple ‘ingat’ will do, yet she could not even send that! I’ve called her countless times and she answered none of them.

“Sir, there’s someone –“

“Tell them I don’t want to meet anyone right now. I’m afraid I’m not a good company today.” He cutted off what Liza is saying. I just don’t want to be around people.

“Kahit ako?” His head suddenly shot upward when he heard the voice he’s yearning to hear for these past days. Liza sensed that the two are now going to have a long talk so she left her boss’ office and made sure that no calls and no one shall interrupt them.

Richard sighed. He’s relieved that Maya is fine but she couldn’t help but be mad at her. He returned his gaze on his laptop.

“Sir Chief .. “ Maya said. Her heart’s breaking at the sight of him not even looking back at her. She sat on the chair and reached out for his hand. “Sir Chief, sorry. Sorry talaga. Nalimutan kong kunin yung cellphone ko sa kwarto –“

“That’s the reason why you haven’t answered me?” he’s trying his best to keep his tone. “Hindi mo alam kung gaano ako nag-alala, Maya.”

“Sorry na. Sorry talaga Sir Chief. Na-focus yung atensyon ko kina Nanay. Nalimutan kong may isa pa akong pamilya. Nalimutan kong may lalaking naghihintay ng boses ko o kahit ng text ko. Sorry na talaga.”

Richard took a deep breath and finally looked at her. “I was so worried, Maya.” She can see the hurt in his eyes. “I thought I lost another woman in my life. Akala ko pati ikaw, mawawala na rin.”

Maya stood up to gave Richard a hug, but to her surprise, Richard pulled her and made her to sit on his lap. Then he hugged her tightly. “I missed you so much. So much, Maya. Please don’t do that again. I don’t know what will happen to me if you do this again. Apat na araw pa lang, pero feeling ko mababaliw na ko.”

Maya hugged him back tightly. “Sorry talaga Sir Chief. Para akong nabuhusan ng yelo nung napaalala sa’kin ni Kute kung nakarating na raw ba kayo sa Maynila. Sobra akong nag-alala habang hinahanap ko yung cellphone ko. Hindi ko alam kung nakarating nga ba kayo dito ng ligtas. Natakot ako na baka mawala na rin kayo.”

Richard stared at her after her statement. “Bakit?” Maya asked.

“Bagay na bagay talaga tayo.” He teased.

“Ha? Pano mo naman yan nasabi?”
He gave her a peck on her lips. “Ayaw na ayaw natin mawala ang isa’t-isa.” He hugged her again.

Maya gave a laugh. “Ikaw! Kababalik ko pa lang bola na agad!”

Richard smiled. “It’s good to hear you laugh again, Maya. I really missed you.”
“I missed you too Sir Chief.” She kissed him that surprised Richard.

“Tara, mag-lunch na tayo. Sabi ni Liza, hindi ka pa raw nakain.” Maya said when Richard did not say a word.

“Sure, tara na?”

Maya nodded. “Pero pwede mo ba akong samahan after?”

Maya stood up and reached for the bag she brought with her. “Ipapa-repair ko ‘tong wedding gown ko.”

Richard smiled. “So, you’re finally interested again in our marriage?”
“Oo naman! Magiging si Mrs. Maya Dela Rosa-Lim na ‘ko. O diba? Ang sarap pakinggan?”

Richard laughed. “Yes, yes, it has a nice ring to it. Anyway, saan mo nakuha yang wedding gown mo?”
“Ah, kay Mamang ‘to. Ayos lang ba sa’yo, Sir Chief? Para kapiling pa rin natin si Mamang sa kasal natin.”

“I don’t mind. Pero hindi ba parang si Mamang ang pakakasalan ko?”

“Sir Chieeef! Hindi no!”

Richard laughed with Maya. “I’m just kidding.” He closed their gap and put his arm around her waist. “If it makes you happy, I’ll not stand in your way.”

“Kaya the best ka lagi eh! I love you Sir Chief.”

He kissed her. “I love you, Maya.”


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  1. Awwwww… They are both sweet!

    Ndi talaga mapipigilan ang nag shut down ng isang nawalan, in any way or form. Time is the only way to make a person move-on.

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