It All Makes Sense 5

A/N : This one will be short.



After Maya accepted Richard’s proposal, every thing was like a breeze. Maya was also teased by her co-FAs because of the ring on her finger. They are all psyched about Maya getting married. Even Maya’s heads were all happy for her. Though they are always reminding her that she can’t be married that soon. She still needs to fulfill that one year policy of Time Airways.

Meanwhile, Richard and the Lim household is very excited for their pamamanhikan. Richard was excited, not just because it’s Maya’s hand that he’ll be asking but also because his whole family will be there with him. He suddenly found himself reminiscing about his and Maya’s adventures when they were still strangers up to where they are right now.

It might be a rough road, but I’m glad that I took it with her.


“Are you sure na hindi ka na sasabay sa’min?” Richard asked. He’s currently fetching his fiancee for work.

“Hindi na Sir Chief, kasi dederetso na agad ako sa’min. Naayos kasi yung flight ko eh.”

“I’ll miss you.”

“Asuus! Saglit lang mawawala, miss na agad?” she said but couldn’t contain her kilig.

“Of course! Kung pwede nga lang kitang iposas sa’kin, ginawa ko na.”

Maya went near him and kissed his cheek. “Naman tong husband ko oh!”

Husband. Richard smiled at the thought. “Let’s go, my wife?”


Maya was surprised when she arrived at San Nicholas. It’s like there’s a feast and it’s all coming from their house. There are also many people gathered around their house. And as she got out from the tricycle, their attention was shifted to her.

“Maya, mag-aasawa ka na raw?” a neighbor asked.

“Ay, opo eh.” Opo! Mag-aasawa na ko!!

“Nasaan na yung mapapangasawa mo?”

Mapapangasawa? Ang sarap talagang pakinggan eh! “Ay wala pa po siya, mamaya pa po ang dating.”

“Bunso!!” Kute quickly went to her side. “Ay, excuse me lang ho, padaanin po natin ang ikakasal.”

“Kute naman eh!”

Kute reached for her hand. “Asan na yung singsing?” she finally saw it. “Wow naman! Ang ganda ah!”

“Thank you, Kute.”

Cristina Rose lifted up her face and Maya saw that tears were forming in her eyes. She hugged her sister.

“Kute naman eh! Wala pa ngang kasal, iyakan na agad?”


Later that day, Richard and his family finally arrived. As expected, their neighbors were all there to have a good look at his soon-to-be husband. For the first time, Maya felt like they were a celebrity couple. They could hear their neighbors saying that the two of them look good together and that Richard is so handsome.

Pogi talaga yang Mr. Lim ko! She thought. She couldn’t have been more prouder.

The whole family went to look for the churches in San Nicholas. Her heart flutters as Richard was always beside her, with his arm around her shoulder.

Kung ganito ba naman kami pag kinasal, hindi na ko tatanggi.

“Do you want to have our wedding here?” He asked her.

“Hmm. Pwede na. Eh Sir Chief, hindi naman importante kung saan tayo ikakasal. Ang importante sa’kin, makasal tayo.”

Richard gave her a smirk. “O sya tara na, pakasal na tayo ngayon.”

Maya laughed. “Ikakasal na ba talaga tayo Sir Chief?”

Richard looked around, as if absorbing all of this himself. “Yes.”


“I would like to make everything formal.” He started. It’s early evening in San Nicholas and he finally started their pamamanhikan. He’s holding Maya’s hand, as if she was his strength. “Nay, Mamang, Cristina Rose, I would like to ask your daughter’s hand in marriage. I promise you will all of my heart, I will take care of her and I will love her forever.”

Maya’s parents, together with Richard’s parents, smiled when they heard what Richard said. Even though his statement is short, they could really feel that it’s what his heart wants to say. It’s what he wants to do forever.

“Oo, Richard. Ipinapaubaya ko na sa iyo ang anak ko. Ibinibigay ko ang blessing ko.” Nanay Teresita said.

“Ako rin, Richard. Tiwala ako na aalagaan mo si bunso.” Cristina Rose followed.

“Kailangan ko pa bang sumagot? Eh kahit noon pa lang eh nagtanong ka na, o-oo pa rin ako.” Mamang said lastly making them laugh.

“Salamat po. Asahan niyo po na hindi ko pababayaan si Maya.” Richard then stood up and did mano to Teresita and to Mamang.

“Welcome sa pamilya namin, Richard.”


After Richard’s formal pamamanhikan, they went downstairs where there’s a feast waiting for them. Richard and his father, Roberto, were invited by Lino to take shots.

“Pagpasensyahan niyo na po ang alak namin.” said Lino.

“Nakatikim ka na naman nito, diba Ricky?” Roberto asked him,

“Ahh, yes Pa.” Well, the truth is that he hadn’t yet tasted lambanog. But based on his observation, the guys drink it with shot glass. This might be strong.

As the night goes on, their family decided to give messages. Kute was the first one, followed by his siblings ending up with Abby.

“Ngayon po, ikakasal na ang Mahal na Prinsesa sa Mahal na Hari. At magiging mommy na po siya ng Mahal na Prinsesita. I love you Ate Maya, I love you Daddy.”


“Nay, napasubo ata yung mag-ama sa lambanog.” Teresita told Conchita. She could clearly see that they were already drunk.

“Sir Chief, lasing ka na. Tama na ‘yan.” Maya said.

“Hindi ako lasheng.” Then he stood up. “Let’s dance?”

He grabbed Maya’s hand and they went in front. Richard was doing funny steps proving that he is indeed drunk.

“Sir Chief, tama na! Nakakahiya!” Maya said with a laugh.

RIchard gave her a smirk and pulled her towards him. He then kissed her forehead. “I love you.”


“Maya, nak. Dito mo na patulugin yang si Richard, ihahatid na lang daw ni Cristina Rose sina balae.”

“Eh nay, san matutulog ‘to?”

“Edi sa kwarto mo. Lakad na, tulog na yan oh.”


Maya brought Richard to her bedroom. She lied him down, removed his shoes and his eyeglasses. She sat beside him and couldn’t help but admire her sleeping fiance.

“Hay nako Sir Chief. Ang cute mo pala pag nalalasing ka saka ang kulit mo! Pero wag kang mag-alala, kasi mahal na mahal pa rin kita.”

Maya leaned to kiss his forehead when Richard hugged her.

“S-Sir Chief?”

“Let’s sleep, Maya.” He said as he hugged her tighter.

Maya smiled. Kailangan ko na palang masanay.With that, they fell asleep in each others arms.


“Nay, si Maya ho?” Kute asked when she got back.

“Ay, nasa kwarto, hinatid si Richard.”

Kute immediately went to the room and saw them sleeping. She couldn’t help but to smile as tears formed in her eyes.

Congrats bunso. Mamimiss kita. Pero hindi ako nag-aalala ng sobra, kasi alam kong hinding-hindi ka sasaktan ni Richard.


2 thoughts on “It All Makes Sense 5

  1. Ahhh!!! Kinilig ako dito! Shobra! wahh.. Good Boy namn yang soon-to-be husband mo diba Maya? wahha Puting Kumot?? nah.. wag na muna, Sa HONEYMOON na lng.. waahah.. Mukha na akong baliw dito! XD Thanks for this po! ’til the Next One.. 😀

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