It All Makes Sense 3

A/N : I’ve decided to revive this fanfic! Whoooo! Sa mga nasabihan ko po na one-shot lang ‘to, good news po, hindi na po! haha. Gagawin ko po siyang isang open fanfic na kada may maiisip po akong sarili kong version mula dun sa series sa tv, dito ko po ilalagay sa IAMS.

Ayan, feeling ko po mahaba to kasi eleven pages po siya sa word document. Pasensya na po sa mga maling grammar, bukas na lang po ako mag-eedit if ever. Pinilit ko pong tapusin ‘to kasi feeling ko po pinag-aabang ko po kayo ng sobra sa Have Faith. Sa September 6 po ng gabi ang labas niya! Para tapos na po exam ko haha.

For the mean time, ito po muna. Cliff hanger po yung ending niya kasi sa series po ako babase. Kung ano pong mangyari dun, dun ko po kukunin yung ibang patutunguhan ng fanfic na ito.

Magandang gabi/madaling araw/umaga po! Ako po’y matutulog na kasi nagtitilaukan na po yung mga manok dito samin. Haha!


“Chard, belated happy birthday! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to call you yesterday. Busy kasi ako eh.” Raffi said when she answered Richard’s call.

“Thank you, Raffi. Listen, do you know someone or maybe a good place where I can buy a ring?”
“A ring?” Raffi said with confusion.

“Yes. For Maya.”

“OMG!!” Are you, are you –“

“Yes, I’m going to propose to her.” Richard said and she just heard Raffi shriek on the other line.

“Oh golly Chard! So, asan ka ngayon?”
“I’m in the house, papaalis pa lang ako. Gusto ko nang mag-hanap na eh.”

“Eh si Maya? Wala ba siya sa bahay mo?”

“No, she’s not here. He’s with Papa.”
“Speaking of your Papa, ano nang lagay?”

He smirked. “I think we’re all fine now. Yesterday at my birthday, Papa told me that he now needs to get to know his soon-to-be daughter-in-law.”
“O my gee Chard! I’m so happy for you both! So, about the ring, I know a friend. I’ll call her up today and maybe you two can meet up?”

“Okay Raffi, thank you.”

“You’re so welcome! Bye!”

Richard is so delighted to know that Raffi can help him. After what his father told him yesterday, he has never been surer in his decision except for this one. He wants to spend the rest of his life with Maya. He wants her to be his last and he wants him to be her last.


“Esmeralda, ayos na ba lahat ng gamit mo? Wala na bang naiwan?” Roberto asked as they are getting ready to leave the hotel.

“Hmm, I think wala na.” Esme answered.

“Ay, Pa, ito po bang libro sa inyo po?” Maya asked as she walked to them. She’s carrying this green book.

“Ah yes. Thank you Maya. Maasahan talaga ang daughter-in-law ko.” Roberto said proudly.

“Pa naman eh.” Maya said as she blushed.

“Hay nako, Maya, masasanay ka rin, hija.” Esmeralda said.

Maya could only blush even more with what Esmeralda said. She could not be happier than being accepted by her Sir Chief’s parents. And the best part is that they want her to call them as Papa and Mama as Richard does. It was something that she hadn’t seen coming.

The three of them are now on their way to Richard’s mansion. Esmeralda and Maya are on the back seat while Roberto is in the passenger’s seat.

“Maya, would you mind if gawin nating blue yung motif ng kasal niyo ni Ricky?” Esmeralda asked.

“P-po?” Is the only word she said.

“Di ba maganda yung blue? Or if you’d like, green. Pwede rin.” Esme continued.

“Esmeralda, wag ka ngang excited dyan. Baka wala pa sa plano nung dalawa ‘yan.” Roberto said.

“Hay nako Roberto. Wala namang masama eh. Besides, nadadama ko na na magpo-propose na si Ricky.”

“Ay naku, baka wala pa po sa plano yan ni Sir Chief. Busy po yun sa trabaho di po ba? Saka mas maganda na pong hindi madaliin ang lahat.” Maya said shyly.

“Kung sabagay.” Esme said. “Basta Maya ha, ikaw ang gusto kong daughter-in-law. Tatandaan mo ‘yan.”


“Liza, have you called the number I texted to you?” Richard asked the second Liza answered her phone.

“Ah yes, Sir. I was able to get you a meeting tomorrow evening.”

“Hindi ba pwedeng ngayon?”

“Eh Sir –“

“I need the meeting today Liza.” I just need to choose a ring for her. Hindi ako matatahimik nito.

“I’ll see what I can do, Sir.”

“I appreciate it, Liza. Thank you.”

He suddenly heard a car engine outside his house. He looked at his watch and saw that it was still early for his kids to be off from school so he stood up to go outside.

“Ricky!” her mom said went she saw him.

“Ma!” he said and gave her a hug.

His father also joined the hug.

“I’m glad you’re all back.” Richard said.

“Kami rin, Ricky. Ang mahal kasi sa hotel eh.” His father teased.

“O sya, papasok na kami at mag-aayos pa ng gamit.” His mom said.

“Ako na ho ang magdadala ng bag niyo.” Richard offered.

“Ay hindi na.” His father said, and then looked at someone behind him. “We can manage.” Then they went inside his house.

“Pa, yung libro po ninyo –“

Richard suddenly turned around when he heard that voice.

“Hi Sir Chief!”

Richard could only smile on the spot he is in when he saw the love of his life.

“O? Bakit?”

He closed the gap between them, got Maya’s hands and put it on his shoulders and encircled his arms around her waist, giving her a hug. “I just missed you.”

“Miss agad?” she said as she hugged him back. “Eh nagkita naman tayo kahapon ah.”

“I know. Kung pwede nga lang hindi na kita paalisin para hindi ka naaalis sa paningin ko.”

Maya blushed. “Sir Chief naman oh! Parehong-pareho kayo ng Papa mo.”

“And why is that?”

“Pareho kayong mahilig mangbola eh!”

“Maya naiwan ko ba dyan yung –“ Roberto stopped when he saw the two on each other’s arms. He could only admire them from afar.


My son is really in love.

“Ay Pa, naiwan po ninyo.” Maya quickly removed her arms around Richard’s shoulders and went to Roberto. Her cheeks are red because of embarrassment.

“Salamat Hija.” Then went inside again.

Richard quietly sneaked before Maya and stole a kiss on her cheek from behind.

Maya quickly looked at her back and saw her chinky-eyed boyfriend, smiling from ear-to-ear.

“Ay Sir Chief ha.”

“What? I have every right to do that. And also this.” He cupped her face and kissed her on her lips.

“I love you.” He said after.

Maya just stared at him.

“O? Natulala ka dan.”

“Eeeh kasi Sir Chief, ito yung first time na nag I love you ka na walang too.” She said shyly.

“Walang too?” he confusedly replied.

“Oo. Eeh kasi diba, usually ako yung unang nag a-I love you, tapos sasagot ka na lang ng I love you too. Eh ngayon, ako na yung sasagot ng I love you, too Chief ko.”

He smirked. “Even if I don’t say it first, it doesn’t mean na hindi kita mahal.” He then looked straight into her eyes. “The truth is, I do love you, more than you know.”

Maya spent the rest of the day in the Lim’s residence. They were currently having dinner when Richard’s phone rang.

“Excuse me.” He said at his family and went to his office.
“Hello Liza.”

“Sir, I’ve set you a meeting today but it’s at 9PM.”

“Ok, thank you Liza.”

He went back to the table with this smile on his face.

“Dad, bakit parang ang saya-saya niyo po?”

“It’s nothing, Luke. May naisip lang ako.” He said.

“Pa, Ma, can I talk to you?” Richard said after their dinner.

“Ah, sure.” His dad said.

“Sa veranda na lang po tayo.” Richard said.

“Sir Chief, sasamahan ko muna si Abby.” Maya told him. He nodded.

“What is it, son?” His father asked when they were seated at the veranda.

“I know na this is not the right time to say it after all the things that have happened but I don’t think this can wait.”

He took one last breath. “Pa, Ma, I’m proposing to Maya.”

When Richard said those words, huge smiles crept to his parents’ faces.

“O Ricky, sabi na’t tama ang mother’s instinct ko eh.” Esmeralda said.

“Why Ma? Ayaw niyo ba?” he started to worry.

“No no. Actually, we couldn’t have been happier!” Roberto said. “So, have you chosen a ring?”

Richard smiled. “I’m glad that you’re happy, Pa. Well actually, I have to leave this evening. I have a meeting with a friend of Raffi and discuss about the ring.”

“Ricky, patingin muna ako bago mo ibigay ha?” Esme said.

“Of course Ma.”

“You should go. Baka ma-late ka pa. Ihahatid mo pa si Maya diba?” his father said.

“Yes po, Pa. Sige po.” The he stood up and gave his parents a hug.

“Thank you. Thank you for accepting us.”


“Ano pong nangyari dun sa Mahal na Prinsesa?” It was Abby. She’s now getting ready to sleep and she missed to hear her favourite story.

“Nakilala na nung Mahal na Prinsesa yung Dating Mahal na Hari saka yung Dating Mahal na Reyna, baby.” Maya said.

“Sila po ba yung parents nung Mahal na Hari?”

“Oo baby.”

“Ano pong nangyari?”

“Eh yung Dating Mahal na Reyna, pinadaan muna sa pagsubok yung Mahal na Prinsesa. Marami siyang tinanong tapos tinatarayan niya yung Prinsesa.”

“Natakot po ba sya?”

“Oo naman baby! Pero hindi niya sinukuan kasi iniisip niya na para rin sa Mahal na Hari yun. Kaya ayun, nung nagtagal, bumait na rin sa kanya yung Dating Mahal na Reyna.”

“Eh paano po yung Dating Mahal na Hari?”

“Parang ayaw din nung Dating Mahal na Hari dun sa Mahal na Prinsesa baby. Iniisip kasi niya na baka maging masungit at malungkot ulit yung anak niya kapag naghiwalay sila nung Mahal na Prinsesa, kaya nung nagkabati yung Mahal na Prinsesa saka yung Dating Mahal na Reyna, sila naman nung Dating Mahal na Hari ang hindi nagkaayos.”

“Eh ano pong nangyari?”
“Nalaman nung Dating Mahal na Hari na mahal na mahal nung Mahal na Hari saka nung Mahal na Prinsesa yung isa’t-isa kaya napag-isipan niyang mas makabubuti yun para sa anak niya. Saka nalaman din niya na walang tatay yung Mahal na Prinsesa sa kaharian nila kaya ang ginawa nung Dating Mahal na Hari,  sinabi niya dun sa Mahal na Prinsesa na simula ngayon, siya na yung kikilalaning tatay nung Prinsesa.”
“Mabait naman po pala yung Dating Mahal na Hari.”

“Oo baby. Mahalaga lang sa kanya yung Mahal na Hari na anak niya. Ayaw niya siyang masaktan kaya nya nagawa yung mga yun sa Mahal na Prinsesa -”

“Oo baby saka makulit yung Mahal na Prinsesa, hindi siya nagpatalo dun sa Dating Mahal na Hari.” It was Richard. He was listening to Maya’s story when he found the door ajar.

“Hi Daddy.” Abby greeted him.

“Hi baby.” He seated himself on the edge of the bed, in front of Maya.

“Kanina ka pa nakikinig Sir Chief?” Maya asked.

“Yes. At narinig ko lahat ng pangbobola mo sa kwento.” He teased.

“Oy hindi kaya! Totoo kaya lahat yun.”

“Baby ang totoo kasing nangyari, nakulitan na yung Dating Mahal na Hari kaya tinanggap na niya yung Mahal na Prinsesa.” He joked.

“Sir Chief!! Hindi ganun yon! Abby, wag kang makinig sa Daddy mo, joke lang yun.”

“It’s okay Ate Maya. At least po ginawa ng Mahal na Prinsesa yun kasi mahal na mahal niya yung Mahal na Hari, di ba po?” Abby said. Maya was amazed by the Little Lady’s cleverness.

“Yes baby.” Then Richard turned to Maya. “At mahal na mahal din siya nung Mahal na Hari.”

Maya felt herself blushed at what Richard said and to top it all, he said it in front of Abby.

“Ehh Ate Maya, Daddy, kung mahal po nung Mahal na Prinsesa at Mahal na Hari yung isa’t-isa, magpapakasal na po ba sila?” Abby asked.

“Ehh baby, malalaman pa –“

“Yes baby.” Richard interrupted Maya. And when Maya heard his answer, she just stared at him.

“Yes, Sir Chief?” Maya was quite shocked.

“Yes. Eventually, They will get married.” We will get married, Maya.

“Yehey! Sabi na po ganyan yung ending eh!” Maya was brought back from her reverie when Abby shrieked.

“O – o sya baby, matulog ka na.” Maya said.

“Goodnight po Ate Maya. Goodnight Daddy.”

“Good night baby.” Maya and Richard said at the same time.

When Abby closed her eyes, the couple stood up and left her room. As they got outside, Richard entwined his hand with hers making Maya look at him in confusion. Richard only answered her with a smile and he brought her with him to the garden. He led her to the bench where they accidentally slept together when they celebrated their first monthsary.

“O, akala ko ihahatid mo na ko?” Maya asked.

“Gusto mo na ba? O sya tara na.” He stood up.

“Ay, hindi, mamaya na. Nagtampo ka naman agad eh.” She stopped him by holding his arm. Richard sat down again.

“So, Papa at Mama na pala ang tawag mo sa kanila.” He teased.

“Eehh yun ang gusto nil Sir Chief eh!”

“Don’t worry, it’s perfect.” Perfect like you, Maya.

“I remembered something.” He said.

“Ano yun?”

“Luke told me na nung nasa Subic tayo, kinuhanan mo ako ng picture habang natutulog ako.”

Maya covered her face with her hands in embarrassment. “Pati ba naman yun Sir Chief kailangang ikwento ni Luke?”

He laughed at her. “Patingin nga.”

“Ehh Sir Chief baka magalit ka.”

“Hindi ako magagalit.” He held her right hand. “Promise.”

Maya took her phone using her left hand while Richard toys with her right.

“Ito Sir Chief oh.” Maya said as she showed his picture.

“Kailan yan? I can’t seem to remember.” He lied. He needs to get Maya busy so he could do his mission.

“Hindi mo maalala? Ito yung nung  ….”

As Maya started with the story, Richard quickly took a ribbon from his pocket and quickly put it around Maya’s ring finger.

“Sir Chief! Ano bang ginagawa mo sa kamay ko?” She said when he noticed Richard.

“Nothing! And I was listening. That was the time na naglalaro kayo sa beach diba? Tapos inantok ako at natulog. Right?”

“Oo yun yun! Tapos …”

Richard again took her right hand, entwined it with his and kissed it, then he looked at her hand. “You have really small fingers.”

“Sir Chief! Tama na. Hindi ka naman ata nakikinig eh. Nakaka-distract ka ha.”

He gave a laugh. “I was listening. Saka wala namang mas hihigit pa kaysa sa picture mo nung natulog ka nung pumunta tayo sa Clark.”

Maya covered her face with her right hand. “Sir Chief naman eh! Wag mo na kasing ipaalala yun!”

He kissed her head. “Sige na. I won’t mention it again, happy?”

Maya wrapped her arms on Richard’s and put her head on his shoulder. “I-delete mo na yun.”

He laughed again. “Ayoko nga.”

“Hmp! Kung hindi lang kita mahal eh!”

“Kaya naman mahal kita eh.”

He took her left hand and looked at it. The next time I hold this hand; there’ll be this ring that will declare to the world that you are mine, Maya.


Little did the lovebirds know, Richard’s parents are watching them from the veranda.

“I’m so glad that you’ve made the right decision, Roberto.” Esme said.

“I’m also glad with it, Esmeralda. I don’t really want to be a hindrance to Ricky’s happiness.”


“Sige na Maya, umakyat ka na.” Richard said to her as they made it to her condominium.

“Inaantok ka na ba?”

“Oo eh. I’ll see you tomorrow?”


Richard then got out to open Maya’s door. He kissed her cheek and finally said goodbye. He quickly drove to this cafe where he and Raffi’s friend will meet. When he opened the door, the lady recognized her.

“Mr. Lim. “ the woman said and held out her hand.

Richard accepted it. “I’m Consuelo Abueg.”

“Please take a seat. I’m really sorry if this is so sudden, Mrs. Abueg.”

“Please call me Connie. It’s ok Mr. Lim. I am also sorry because I’m so occupied today. But Raffi told me to meet you within the day or else she would kill me. Raffi also told me that this is not the first time that you have done this?”

“No. I’m a widower.”

“Ah, I see. So what would you like this time, Mr. Lim?”

“I’m choosing a platinum ring. With a point five carat round cut diamond .. “

Their conversation went on and Richard finally chose a ring for Maya. He was so happy that finally, she’s going to be his soon.

“Do you know the size of her finger?”

“Uhmm.” Richard took the ribbon from his pocket and gave it to Connie.

“Ah. She’s a size six. Ok Mr. Lim, may ipapabago pa ba kayo?”

“I’ll just meet you up again tomorrow if it’s ok? I want my kids to be a part of this, if you don’t mind.”

“Oh sure, just give me a call.”

“Alright. Thank you.”

The next day came and they’re currently having breakfast.

“Uhm, guys I need to tell you something.”

“What is it Daddy?” Abby asked.

“Can’t it wait Dad? Tulog pa ata sina Lola.” Nicki said.

“It’s okay. They already know about this.”

“Ano po ba yun Dad? Bakit parang seryoso po kayo?” Luke asked.

“I am serious about this. I .. I am serious about me and Maya.”

“What about it Dad?” Nicki asked again.

“Well, you like her diba? And she can make us all smile. So I’ve decided to propose to her.”

There was a moment of silence and after a beat, his two girls just shrieked.

“O my gee Daddy!! Is this true?” Nicki said.

“Onga Dad! At saka nakapili na po kayo ng ring?”

“Easy! Yes, this is all true and yes, I already picked a ring but gusto ko pang hingin ang opinion niyo tungkol dun.” He said.

Abby continued to shriek. “Yey! Magiging Mommy ko na si Ate Maya!!!”

“O my gee talaga Dad!! We’re so happy for you!!” Nicki said.

Richard was so delighted in his kids’ reaction. He never thought that they would warmly accept this stage.

“So Dad, ano pong modifications yung ipapalagay niyo sa singsing?” Luke asked.

“I don’t know. May idea ba kayo?”

“Hmm, how about putting her name sa loob Dad?” Nikki suggested.

“Ang corny naman nun Niks! Dapat yung pangalan ni Dad yung naka-engrave!” Luke said.

“That’s a good idea.” Richard said.

“Daddy, how about yung Sir Chief na lang  po? Kasi diba po yun yung tawag sa inyo ni Ate Maya?”

“Oo nga no Dad? Yun na lang. Sir Chief.” Luke agreed.

“Ang talino naman ni baby! O gee Dad, this is so romantic!” Nikki said.

“Ay Dad, kailangan na po naming umalis. Baka ma-late pa po kami.” Luke said.

“Okay, Pero guys, secret lang natin ‘to ha? Wag niyong sasabihin kay Maya.”

“Yes Dad!” The three said. But before they leave, they hugged their father.

“We love you Daddy! We’re so happy for you!”

Richard left a little early to go to a certain place to talk to someone.

“Alex, I have news to you. Tanggap na nina Mama at Papa si Maya. At first it was a bit tough. You remembered when you met them diba? Especially with Papa. Nag-away pa nga kami eh just because he doesn’t want Maya. Even Mama joined the whole argument. But in the end naayos naman ang lahat. Papa invited Maya to have dinner at our old house and when they came back, Maya was calling them Mama and Papa already.”

He crouched to touch Alex’s tomb.

“I’ve .. I’ve decided to propose to her, Alex. Ayoko nang magsayang pa ng oras. I can feel that this is what my heart wants. I want her to be mine forever. I know that nothing can compare to what we had but there’s something between me and Maya. Don’t worry, the kids are in good hands, I promise.”

He then stood up to bid farewell.

“Thank you for leading me to her. I will always be grateful.”

“Alex, magpapakasal na ko ha.”

“Roomie! Tara shopping tayo.” Emman said.

“Ha? Shopping? Bakit? Anong meron?” Maya replied.

“Kailangan bang may dahilan ang pagsa-shopping? Dali na girl, naiistress na kasi ako sa dami ng gawain. Kahit samahan mo lang ako, pleaaase?”

“Eh Emman –“
“Ay, may lakad kayo ng Sir Chief mo no? Wag na –“

“Eto naman. Tara na nga, magbibihis lang ako.”

Richard decided to meet up with Connie that afternoon so that the ring will be finished in no time. He’s currently waiting for Connie that day. Little did he know that Maya and Emman are in the same place, shopping.

Emman immediately saw him when they were looking for clothes in a boutique. Connie arrived then which only shocked Emman more.

“Hoy, Emman, may pink shirt dun baka gusto mo –“

“Ay Roomie, ano, ahh lipat na lang tayo, dun tayo sa malayo dito.” He immediately said when he saw Maya coming towards him and afraid that she might saw Richard.

“Ha? Bakit? Ano bang meron – Ay, Emman, nandyan si Wilson no?”

“Si Wi-Wilson? Bakit naman –“

“Emman, wag ka nang mahiya. Patingin nga dyan.”

“Roomie! Wag –“

It was all too late. Maya already saw Richard together with a woman.

“E-Emman, di ba si Sir Chief .. “ Maya’s felt a pinch on her heart when she saw him with another woman. Kaya pala siya nagmamadali kagabi.

Roomie, sorry ha. Ikaw kasi eh, nagpumilit ka pa –“

“Ayos lang Emman. Buti nakita ko ‘to.” She said, her heart getting more broken after every second that pass.

“Ano na? Aalis na ba tayo?”

“Hindi. Dito muna tayo. Gusto kong makita tong babaeng to.” She observed the woman from afar. Maganda, maputi, naka skirt. Ganito ba talaga ang tipo ni Sir Chief? After all those times, Maya. Akala mo ikaw yung gusto niya, hindi pala.




“So Mr. Lim, have you consulted your kids about the modifications?”
He smirked, remembering his kids earlier. “Yes. Can you do engraving?”

“Yes, we do engraving.”

“Uhm, can you engrave “Sir Chief”?
“Sir Chief, Mr. Lim?”

“Yes. It’s kind of her endearment to me.” He actually felt himself blush at what he just said.

“Okay. Is that all?”
“Yes. Thank you.”

“Uhm. Excuse me, but I can’t help to see from here na parang may dalawang taong tingin ng tingin dito.”

Richard said his brows, then he stood up to go near Connie’s place and look ahead. Later on, he saw two heads popping – it was a man and a woman.  He immediately recognized the eyes of the woman. It was from someone he really loves.

“Uhm, Connie. I think the woman you’re seeing is my future Mrs. Lim.” He told her.

“Oh, I see. Anyway Mr. Lim, I need to go. I have another appointment. I’ll just call to tell you when the ring is ready.”

“Alright. Thank you so much.”


“Maya! Tara na! Nagpapaalam na yung dalawa, perfect time na para gumora! Tara na dali!” Emman said.

“Teka lang Emman –“
“Maya, nakita na ata tayo kanina! Kapag hindi pa tayo umalis dito, pupunta yun dito, makikita tayo, gets?”
“O sige na sige na. Tara na nga Emman.” She had no choice but to leave. As she leave, she is carrying her heart that is now broken into pieces.

“Hello Sir Chief?” Maya answered his call when she and Emman got home. Her voice is sadder compared to the jolly one she have.

“Uhm, Maya, nasa condo ka ba?”


“Good. Can I come over?” Richard on the other hand is anxious to know if it was indeed them he just saw. He can’t afford to lose Maya now.

“Uhm, wag na Sir Chief, bukas na. Pagod ka na ata eh.”

“No. I’ll come over, ang aga pa –“

“Wag na nga Sir Chief eh. Saka na tayo mag-usap.” Then she ended the call and continued crying.

That was the confirmation Richard was waiting for. She indeed was the one at the mall.

Damn it Richard! Another carelessness! Do you know that you might lose her because of this? And your engagement might not even go as planned?

He decided to call Emman.

“He- hello Sir Richard?” Emman answered the phone. He’s currently in the living room while Maya is in her room.

“Emman, nandyan ba si Maya?”
“Ehh –“
“I need to talk to her, please.”

“Ehh Sir Richard, baka magalit po si Roomie kapag –“

“I’m proposing to her soon, Emman.” He decided to tell him since its all going nowhere.

“I want to marry her Emman. And yes, kung kayo man yung nakakita sa’kin sa mall, yes ako yun. And the woman I’m talking to is Raffi’s friend who makes rings. I was with her because we were discussing about my engagement ring for Maya.”

“Ay, ga –ganun po ba Sir Richard?”
“Yes. And I know she’s crying. Please help me. Papunta na ko dyan. I just need to talk to her.”

“Sige po. Titingnan ko po kung hanggang saan yung maitutulong ko.”

“Thanks Emman.”


After a few minutes, Richard arrived at Emman’s condo. Emman let her in and he knocked on Maya’s door.


“Sino yan?” she asked, and you can easily observe from her voice that she cried.

“Si Sir Chief mo. Papasukin mo naman ako.” Maya went to the door to open it, but had second thoughts so instead she leaned on the door.
“Ah, ano Sir Chief, umuwi ka na. Tutulog na ko. Goodnight.” She said as she wipes her tears.

“Can we talk? Please. Alam kong kayo ni Emman yung nakakita sa’kin kanina sa mall. Could you please let me explain?”

There was a beat of silence. “Ayoko nang pag-usapan yun Sir Chief.”

“Maya –“

“Break na tayo Sir Chief. Sumama ka na lang sa kanya. Ayoko nang masaktan.” She said.

It was Richard’s greatest fear – losing her. After hearing those words, he wants to kill his self right there on that spot.

“Maya, please, let me explain. I beg you. Don’t do this.” He pleaded.
“Sir Chief, wag na. Ganito rin yung nangyari kay Edz eh. Pinapadali ko na lang kaysa umabot pa ng taon. Papahirapan lang natin yung sarili natin.”
“No Maya. I’m not having an affair with her. Kahit itanong mo pa kay Raffi!”

“Wag mo nang idamay si Raffi dito, Sir Chief. Umuwi ka na.”

Richard could only sigh in defeat. But he knows he can’t lose her yet.

“Sir Richard, pasensya na kayo, kasi –“

“Emman, can I stay here tonight?”

Richard called up his parents to know that he’s going to stay for tonight there. He has this theory that Maya has to leave her room at a point and that’s the only chance he has. So he waited and waited.

It was 2AM when Maya woke up to the sound of her phone. It was Raffi who’s calling.

“Maya! I’m so sorry to disturb you, but I just had to gossip! So! How are you and Chard?”

Maya felt tears form in her eyes when she heard his name. “Break na kami.”

“WHAAAT? What do you mean break na kayo?” Raffi said. Oh Chard, you’re in so much trouble.

“Break na kami. May ibang babae siya eh. Nakita ko kahapon sa mall.”
“What do you mean ibang babae? Anong itsura?”

“Matangkad, payat, maganda –“

“Wears skirt, naka-pony tail and may dala laging ipad?” Raffi interrupted her.

“H –ha? Paano mo nalaman?”

Raffi laughed on the other line. “That was Connie, Maya! She’s a friend of mine and I can assure you that Richard is not having an affair with her. She’s married and has two wonderful kids. I’m sure na business yung pinag-uusapan nila.” More particularly, about his proposal to you.

“H – ha?” Maya is still shocked about what she heard.

“Maya, hindi ka niloloko ni Chard. He’s serious about you. Ikaw lang ang nag-iisa sa puso niya.”
“Hala! Ehh paano yun? Nakipag break ako?” Maya is getting worried now. Ayan kasi Maya! Assuming ka na naman!

Raffi laughed. “Don’t worry, Maya. I’m sure na hindi tinanggap ni Richard yang break-up nay an. I bet he’s already planning something.”

“Si –sige. Naku naman Raffi!”

“Kalma lang! Basta Maya ha.”

“A – ano yun?”

“Imbitado ako sa kasal ha? Sige Good bye!”

“Ra-Raffi! Teka lang!” she said, but it’s too late, Raffi ended the call.

Hala Maya! Paano na to?


After a few minutes, Maya decided to go to the kitchen to drink milk because she couldn’t sleep with those thoughts in her head.

She was surprised when she opened the door. A song was playing on Emman’s CD player. And when the intro was almost over, her Sir Chief emerged from afar, singing.


Magaan na ba ang ‘yong paghinga
Bumalik ka na sa’kin
Klaro na ba ang isip sinta
Bumalik ka na sa’kin

Hindi ka na nagparamdam
Buhat ng cool off, ako’y nahibang


He grabbed her hands and kissed it.

Sige na please wag nang mainis
Bumalik ka na sa’kin
Sorry mahal, ika’y nasaktan
Bumalik ka na sa’kin

Bumalik ka na sa akin


“Maya, I’m sorry but I can’t accept that break up. I can’t afford to lose you. The woman I was talking to earlier is a friend of Raffi’s. We’re just talking about business, nothing more. Wala nang ibang babae sa buhay ko, ikaw lang. Well, with the exception of Abby, Nikki, Manang Fe and …” he suddenly realized that there are many woman in his house.

Maya could only laugh despite of the tears that formed in her eyes. “Alam ko na Sir Chief. Tinawagan ako ni Raffi.”

“Ti-tinawagan ka ni Raffi? What did she say?” Oh geez, did Raffi told her about my plan?

“Wala. Sinabi lang niya na kaibigan niya si Connie. At may asawa’t anak na siya kaya sure siyang wala kayong affair.” Then she hugged Richard. “Sorry Sir Chief. Nag-assume na naman ako. Promise, sa susunod, makikinig muna ako sa’yo.”

Richard hugged her back. “Promise yan ha.”

Maya nodded. “I love you Sir Chief.”

“I love you Maya.” He said. Then he cupped her face and he kissed her.

“Tayo na ulit? Wala nang bawian.” he teased.

“Oo Sir Chief. Tayo na ulit.”

“O sya, tayo na’t matulog. Wala pa kong tulog eh.”

“Ehh? Hindi ka pa natutulog? Kawawa naman tong boyfriend ko.”

“Eh ikaw kasi eh. Ang ligalig kasi ng girlfriend ko.” Maligalig kasi ang future Mrs. Lim ko.

A/N : Some lines were taken from the actual show. Ang dami ko pong favorite scenes eh.

The song used is Bumalik Ka Na Sa’kin by Silent Sanctuary.

Until next time po! Goodbye for now 🙂

P.s. Pa-follow po sa twitter. @christinemaala


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