The End Where I Begin 9

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After Maya left, he quickly got on his Camry and started driving.

Hindi agad uuwi si Richard. He needs someplace to be alone.


James tried going to the different bars near Richard’s house, but he can’t find him. When he seems to be losing all hope when he reached the sixth bar that night, he finally saw Richard, sitting on a stool.

“Richard . .”

Richard looked at him. “Oh? What do you want James? Nasa’yo na si Maya ah. Gusto mo pa bang kunin si Alex? Fuck this, kunin mo na lahat! You already took my life, might as well take everything.” He replied. He’s obviously drunk.

“It’s not that, Richard. I – “, Realizing he can’t really be clear with Richard at his state, he decided to give up.

“Ano na? See? You can’t even tell me anything! Pareho talaga kayo ni Maya. Bagay talaga kayo.”

“Richard, let’s go. You’re drunk.”

“And why would I trust you? You’re the same guy who took Maya from me, for Pete’s sake! Why would I trust you?”

James only sighed.  What he simply did is he left Richard, but he took a sit somewhere inside that bar and waited for him to be completely drunk until he can’t walk alone.

After another hour, Richard attempted to stand up but he stumbled. Good thing James caught him.

“Fucking let go of me!”  he screamed but his words are quite blurry.

James didn’t mind what Richard said and brought him inside his car. When Richard reached inside, he fell asleep instantly. James took him home. Alex helped him in bringing Richard inside his room.

“Nalaman na ba ni Kuya yung sa inyo ni Maya?” Alex asked when James invited her for coffee at the veranda.

“Yes. He was so furious when he learned about it.”

“And you even told Maya na wala akong alam sa inyo?”

“Yes. That’s what I told her.”

“Golly James! I’ve known your story ever since we’ve met and that’s the first reason why I brought you back here in the Philippines. I thought that you would go search for her and eventually bring her back. Pero I’m sorry, ha? I never thought that she would be my Kuya’s girlfriend.”

“It’s ok, Alex. Thank you nga pala. Kasi kahit papaano, may nagawa akong tama.”

“And how about your sons?”

“I’ve met them, but they haven’t met me. Ok na siguro ‘yon kasi may kinikilala na naman silang tatay eh.”


“Your Kuya. And speaking of your Kuya, I think I better rent a place, because I strongly think that he can kill me if he sees me tomorrow.”

“Hindi yan no. I know my brother well enough. Tititigan ka lang nyan ng masama. Then hindi ka niya kakausapin.”

“Are you positive? Sigurado kang wala akong pasa bukas?”

“Oo naman no. Saka aaminin ko na rin sa kanya ‘tong pakana lang ng tatay mo. Ewan ko ba dun, ayun tuloy, may girlfriend na ata si Simon. Nakita ko  Nakita ko sa facebook nya eh kaya ang lungkot ko nung mga nagdaang araw.”

James laughed. “Don’t worry. Kung gusto mo iakyat kita ng ligaw eh!”

“Baliw ka talaga, James, kahit kailan.” She scowled.

“Matulog ka na nga Alex. And I also need to get some sleep. Kailangan kong magprepare sa mangyayari bukas.”

Richard woke up with a terrible headache. It’s been a while since he felt that kind of pain. He got up and took a shower. It was then when he remembered what had happened last night.

I should tell Alex.


He quickly went downstairs to find Alex and James having breakfast.

“Kuya! Good morning! Kamusta ang headache natin? Join us for breakfast!”, Alex said.

“Thank you Alex.”, he then shifted his gaze at James. “I’ll eat later. I’ve lost my appetite.”

Richard went to his office to work. Well, not exactly work because he cannot think of anything except for what happened last night.

“Kuya?” he looked up.

“Kape o.” Alex said as she placed a cup of coffee at his table.

“Thank you. Listen, Alex, I need to talk to you –“

“Kuya, break na kami ni James.”


“Break na kami ni –“

“Are you okay? It’s okay if you want to cry, I’m your brother after all.”

Alex gave a soft chuckle. “Kuya, it’s okay. I don’t really love him.”

“What do you exactly mean by you don’t really love him?” Richard is now confused.

“I don’t love him, Kuya. It’s as simple as that. Akala kasi namin magwo-work out kami since we’re friends and also kasi parang napagkasundo kami ng Dad niya pero hindi naman kami meant to be eh.”, Alex carefully picked out the words that she’s going to say. She doesn’t want to slip words that would just trigger Richard’s anger. She just wants his brother to be happy after all the things that he have done for her.

“But -”

“Kuya, I think there are other questions that you would want to ask me.”

Richard took a deep breath. “Do .. do you know about James and Maya?”

Alex smirked. “Yes, Kuya.”

“You knew and you didn’t even tell me?” his tone raising.

“Kuya, calm down. I think they need to explain everything to you, and not me.”

“I don’ t want to talk to them –“

“Kuya, wag matigas ang ulo. Isusumbong kita kay Mama!”

“Alex –“

“Just please do it for me, Kuya. Pakinggan mo muna si James. Then maybe, talk to Maya after.”

“Why would I kung sasabihin lang nilang sila na? No way! They would just hurt me more!”
“Kuya, wag nang makulit.” She stood up. “Ah, have I told you na binasted ni Maya si James? Kaya promise me na you wouldn’t punch James or whatsoever, ok Kuya?”

Richard remained speechless.

They didn’t work it all out?


“P – promise.”

Then Alex left with a smile on her face.

For a second, Richard saw a glimmer of hope. Then it was all gone when he remembered last night’s incident. He’s somewhat relieved that Maya and James didn’t work out, but still, Maya kept a huge secret from him.

Richard looked up when he heard a knock on the door.

It’s James.
“May I come in?” James asked.

Richard could only nod.

James hesitantly walked inside, while Richard returned his look at his laptop.

“Richard .. I . . I ..”

“Just go straight to the point James. I’m not allowed to hit you. Nag-promise ako kay Alex.”

James took a deep breath. Thank you Alex. “I want to apologize. For .. for barging into your life, for barging between you and Maya. Ang tanga ko kasi. Ang akala ko … ang buong akala ko kaya ko pang ibalik ang lahat sa dati. And now here I am, a man who made a big mistake, and a man who ruined a perfect couple. Yes, Maya and I were seeing each other for a couple of days but she finally turned me down last night. Lagi ka niyang iniisip, alam mo ba ‘yon? Na kahit nandun ako, ikaw pa rin ang iniisip niya.”

Richard is still not responding.

“I’m leaving.” James continued. “I’m going back to America, for good.”

This made Richard to look at him. “What about your sons? Hindi ba responsibilidad mo sila?”

James smirked. “Na .. nahuli kami ng kambal kagabi. Nagising sila kasi ang akala nila, narinig ka nilang magsalita. They even used the term Papa, pertaining to you. Nasaktan ako nung narinig ko ‘yun. Pero ngayon, alam ko nang hindi dapat ako masaktan. I was never a father to them. They only know me as their Tito. I’ll be watching them from a far. And besides, makakampante ako kasi ikaw ang soon-to-be father nila.” He teased.

“Not anymore.” Richard simply brushed it off.

“Richard. Maya dumped me because she loves you. Hindi mo ba nakikita yon? She could’ve chosen me para mabuo ang pamilya namin, pero what? She chose you. Mahal ka niya … well, that’s a point for you at mahal ka din ng anak niya, … another point each so you have a total of three points. 3-0 ang score between you and me. Ang linaw.”

“But why didn’t she told me from the start na ikaw ang tatay? That I have to let each day pass not knowing that?” he replied.

“I honestly don’t know, Richard. Maybe you should ask her. It’s time that you reconcile with her. Please excuse me; I need to book my flight.”

Richard was left still wondering at what Maya’s reason would be. Deep down, he was glad that James did confirm that they didn’t work out. It was all clear to him now. But there’s still a fog that hides Maya’s reason.

I need to talk to her.

“Kuya?” Alex entered his office with Alex.


“Are you better?”

Richard gave a smirked. “Quite.”

Alex was delighted to hear her brother’s answer. “Yes! I told you, Kuya! Uhmm, Kuya, can I ask you for a favour?”

“What is it?”

“Abby wants ice cream but I have to drive at Dad’s place today. May ino-offer kasing business proposal. So, do you mind if you and Abby go to the mall?”

“Uhm, Alex I need to –“

“Please po Tito?” Abby said.

Richard let out a sigh. “Okay Abby, pero we have to be quick okay? May pupuntahan si Tito eh.” He said. How can he turn down the little girl? And besides, it’s been a while since the two of them went out.

“Thank you po, Tito!”


Richard and Abby went to the mall, which was also the first place where he and Maya first met.

What a coincidence.


The two went on the supermarket to look for ice cream. Little did he know that his other half is also there.

“Tito Papa!!!” Richard quickly turned when he heard that. He knew by heart that there are only two kids in the world who calls him that.

“TITO PAPA!!” finally, Richard saw them. They are quickly running to him. Richard bent down to welcome them with a hug.  Somehow, the twins made him feel better because he knows that soon, Tito will be removed and the word Papa would remain.

“Sinong kasama niyo?” he asked when he let go of them.

“Si Mommy po.” They both answered.

“Tito, gusto ko po ng chocolate ice cream.” Abby told Richard. Then she noticed the twins. “Hello.” She greeted.

“Hello!” Luke greeted her.

Richard turned to look at the little girl. “Abby, these are Luke and Niccolo. Remember the toy car in my office? It belongs to them.”

“Ahh. Hello! I’m Abby.”

“Let’s go look for your mom?” Richard asked.

The kids went along with Richard in search for Maya.

“Miss! May nakita po kayong kambal? Ganito lang po kaliit tapos pitong taon po?” They spotted Maya worriedly approaching people inside the mall. She’s so worried when the twins disappeared from her side.

“Mommy!” Luke shouted!

“Luke!” Maya quickly approached his boys.

“Saan ba kayo nagpunta? Eto na naman tayo eh. Sa susunod, wag na kayong aalis sa tabi ko, ha?” Maya worriedly said.

“Hello po  Tita Maya.” Abby greeted her.

“ .. Abby?” Maya was confused why Abby is there, and she was shocked to see who’s with her.

“ .. Richard .. “ Maya was almost in tears when she saw him. She doesn’t even know if James did anything.

“ .. Maya.” Richard on the other hand was quite happy to see her. He now realized that James is right. She is his. She belongs to him. He simply loves him.

Richard and Maya, along with the kids, went to a fastfood chain to eat. The kids were the ones who chose it because of the little playground inside.

“Tito can I play po?” Abby asked Richard.

“Sige, but saglit lang ok? And take care.” Richard said.

“Thank you Tito!” Abby said.

“Mommy, Mommy, can we also play?” Luke asked.

“Sige na po Mommy. Pleaaase?” Niccolo added.

“Sige na, sige na. Basta stick close to Abby ok?” Maya said.

“Yehey! Thank you po Mommy!” they said.

“Ingat ha! Wag makikipag-away!” Maya said as they descended.

It was when the kids were gone when Maya realized that she and Richard are alone at the table.

“Uhmm .. Richard –“

“Can I ask you a question?” Richard interrupted.

Maya nervously nodded.

“Why didn’t you tell me that James is their father?”

“Ehh kasi …” Maya started, then she took a final breath. “Natakot ako. Natakot ako na baka pag nalaman mo, iwan mo rin ako.”

“I already told you before that I’m not going to leave you diba?” he replied immediately.

“Ehh anong nagyari kagabi? ‘Di ba, iniwan mo rin ako?”

“That’s a different story! Kung sinabi mo pa lang sa umpisa, edi sana hindi nagkaganon, we might’ve avoided all of this suffering.”

Maya remained in silence.

“Maya, sana sinabi mo na lang sa’kin. You shoul’ve trusted me –“

“Ehh wala na nga eh, tapos na. Tapos na lahat. End of story na. Kung gusto mo pa ring umalis, umalis ka na. ‘Wag ka nang tumulad kay James noon na pinaasa lang ako kasi ang sakit-sakit kapag iniiwanan ako.” She replied furiously. She’s getting annoyed in all of this. She knew that Richard would leave.

He already left me alone last night.

“Maya –“

“Tama na Richard. Kung sisisihin mo pa ko, wag mo na lang ituloy kasi tapos na nga. Wala na rin tayo. Ikaw pa nagsabi kagabi diba?” Maya said, on the verge of tears.

“Stop.” Richard held both of her hand. “Stop, ok? I just want to know why. I’m not leaving. I’m not leaving, ever. Forget what happened last night. I’m sorry. But you know what, we’re even.”


“Yes. I assumed that you and James are having an affair while you assumed that I will just walk away if ever you told me the truth. We’re even, Maya. Pareho lang tayong assumero at assumera.” He teased.

Finally, a smile crept on Maya’s face which also brought a smile to Richard’s  face.

“James explained everything to me. Ok na, I understand everything. Kaya sa susunod, sasabihin mo na ang totoo ha?” Richard said, imitating the voice Maya uses when she lectures her twins. “If you still want your story to end, I’ll accept it. You know why?”

Richard is now looking  intently at Maya’s eyes.

“Because I can start a new chapter. And this chapter will be the best one yet because it will include me.”

Maya’s tears finally escaped from her eyes.

“I love you, Maya.”

Maya smiled.

“I love you too, Richard.”

Richard hugged her. It’s like it was the first time that they’ve said I love you at each other.

“Pakasal na tayo.” Richard teased.

But seriously, Maya, marry me. He thought.

“Kasal agad? Eh kakabati lang natin?” Maya teased back.

I will, Richard, I will marry you. Kahit na ilang beses mo pa itanong sa’kin ‘yan. I will always say I do.



10 thoughts on “The End Where I Begin 9

  1. communication and honesty are really important ingredients in every relationship…
    am i reading the ending na? please do an epilogue….
    thanks for sharing this series with us….:)

  2. Hay salamat naayos din. Kasi nga communication is the key to everything. Tapos na nga lahat at maayos na pero sabi nga “Learn from your mistakes”, kaya sa susunod magusap kayo ha. Lesson learned today 😀

    Thanks for the update! This is not “The End” right? 😀

  3. Thanks for ending the conflict Christine. Isipin nyo nga naman, sa last chapter lang e, hinihiwa ang mga puso natin sa mga naganap tapos dito sa isang iglap lang, ayos na ang lahat. Hayztss, buhay reader nga naman…:) kaya nga love natin ang ating mga writers eh. hahaha.

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