It all makes sense 1

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Days passed and the fight between Richard and Roberto is still not resolved. Even his mother, Esmeralda, joined the fight. She is now mad at Roberto for acting like a child and not accepting what his son wants.

Bakit ba hindi niya makita kung ano ang nakita namin ni Ricky kay Maya?


This fight also affected the relationship of Maya and Richard. It was when Maya returned from her San Nicolas flight. She was so happy when Richard stole a kiss from her, but when she found out that he broke his promise (that he’s not going to fight with his father), she too got mad at him.

And now you can now imagine their situation. Esmeralda staying at a different hotel than Roberto who still stubbornly not accepting Maya. Maya who is mad at Richard, who is worried about his parents and also to his relationship with Maya.

Little did the boys know that Maya and Esmeralda are secretly planning Richard’s birthday party, even though Richard made it crystal to his mom that he doesn’t want to celebrate it. She still wants to continue it and she’s also planning the boy’s reconciliation.

“Maya, hija, what do you think? Paano kaya natin mapapapunta si Ricky sa party niya?”, asked Esmeralda. They were in the middle of planning Richard’s party.

“Ehh kung i-text po natin si Liza?”

“Hmm. I doubt eh. Kung sabihin mo kaya kaunin ka don?”

“Ha? Ehh galit nga po ako sa kanya diba?”

“Oo pero, ikaw lang talaga yung way eh. I can feel that he will come running kahit nasan pa siya basta ikaw ang pupuntahan. He loves you dearly.”

Maya blushed after hearing the last sentence that Esmeralda said. “Ehh Tita –“

“I insist Maya. Saka diba isa rin sa mga goal natin yung magkabati tayong lahat? O first step na natin kayo ni Ricky.”

After realizing that Esmeralda is right, Maya nodded in agreement.


Today is finally the birthday of her beloved Sir Chief.


She decided to call him. Not only because it is part of the plan, but she misses him badly. They haven’t heard each other’s voices after their fight.


“Maya?”, he said when he answered. Maya realized that she did miss his voice. Not only his voice, she simply misses Richard.

“Hi Sir Chief ko! Happy birthday!”

“Maya ..”

“Asan ka ngayon? Nagtatrabaho ka ba? Special day mo, dapat rest day!”

“Maya ..”

“Sir Chief, wala ka na bang ibang sasabihin kundi Maya?”

She heard him sigh on the other line.

“Maya .. I .. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

Maya could feel Richard’s agony. He did suffer from their fight.

“Sir Chief –“

“I know I promised that I wouldn’t argue with Papa. It’s just that he’s so hard to understand. I can’t think of any reason why he can’t accept you like Mama did and –“

“Sir Chief –“

“I know you’re mad at me but –“


He finally stopped talking. It is the first time that she called him via his real name.

“Sir Chief, kalma ka lang. Ganito, may itetext ako sa’yong address. Puntahan mo, nandun ako, ok?”

“Ok Maya.”

“Miss na kita, Sir Chief.”

“I miss you more, Maya. I love you.”

She smiled after hearing him said that. It is the first time that he’s the first one to say I love you.

“I love you, too. Pumunta ka ha?”
He finally smiled. “Ok, attorney.”


After the call, Maya texted the address to Richard where they prepared his party.



“Tita, papunta na daw po si Sir Chief. Mission accomplished po!” she texted Esmeralda.

“Salamat hija. O sya, off with our plan na.”


Few minutes later, Richard arrived at the venue. He’s wearing a black polo shirt.


“Ayos na pala yung suot niya eh.” Maya thought.


The frown on his face was replaced by a smile when he saw her. Maya, on the other hand, couldn’t contain herself and ran towards him giving him a tight hug.


Richard also hugged her tightly. The two of them terribly missed each other. It’s been days since they were in each other’s arms.


“I missed you so much Maya.”, he whispered to her ear.

“I missed you din, Sir Chief ko. Wag na tayong mag-aaway ulit ha?”

“Yes, my love. So let’s go?”

“Huh? Saan?”

“We’re going to have dinner. Birthday ko diba?”

“Ahh. Ano .. sa loob na muna tayo. May naiwan kasi ako.”


“Ay, pero kailangan mong .. kailangan mong suutin to.”


Richard took the paper bag from her. A vest, a cowboy hat and a scarf is inside.


“Para san ‘to?”

“Ahh .. kasi required dun sa loob. May costume party kasi.”

“No. I will not wear this. Tara na.”

“Ayan ka nanaman Sir Chief eh. Mag-aaway na naman tayo.” Sorry Sir Chief. Kailangan lang.

“Fine. And then we can leave?”

Maya nodded.


Richard put on the vest and the cap. Maya was the one who put the scarf under the collar of his shirt.


“Ayan! Bagay sa’yo, Sir Chief. Pumogi ka.”

He smirked. “Wag mo na kong bolahin, Maya. Let’s just go inside.”


He held her hand and together, they entered the room.




The room was full of people from Lim Aviation, his engineers, his staffs, and also his family – from his little Abby to his beloved mother. There were also a lot of children playing.

Luke and Nikki came forward bringing him a cake. All are singing happy birthday.


“Make a wish Dad!” said Abby.


I just wish everything to be right.


Then he blew the candle.


“Happy birthday, Ricky!”, her mom engulfed him in a hug.

“Thank you, Ma.”, he said. “Are you the one to be blamed on this?”

“No, hijo. I’m part of it, pero I think kilala mo na kung sino talaga ang may pakana.” Esmeralda said while turning her attention to Maya.

“So it’s you.”, he said to Maya, smiling from ear to ear.

“Ako nga ba? Oo ata.”


He hugged her tightly. “Thank you. Thank you so much, Maya.”

“You’re welcome Sir Chief.”

Richard kissed Maya on her head.


“Ayieee! Si Dad oh!”, teased Luke.


He could only chuckle to what his son said. He then held Maya’s hand.

“I would like to thank everybody for being here. It is a surprise indeed. And I would like to say thank you to my family, from the bottom of my heart. I knew these past few days had been rough, and somehow, you still managed to do all of this. Thank you.” He turned to Maya. “Thank you.”


The feast began. The food available was not only for them but also for the kids. It is indeed a charity event, which also brought smile to everyone’s faces.


“Maya, I still need to talk to you.”, Richard said while they were seated at a corner of the room.

“Sir Chief, ok na lahat. Bati na tayo.”

“Really? Wala nang bawian ‘yan.”
She let out a soft chuckle. “Oo naman Sir Chief. Basta sa susunod talaga, pag nag-promise ka gagawin mo.”

“Yes attorney.”

“O sya, teka lang, pupuntahan ko lang si Abby. May gusto ka pa bang kainin?”

“Wala na. Be back soon ok? Na-miss kita eh.”
“Opo Sir Chief.” She gave him a kiss on his cheek. “Happy birthday ulit.”

Then she left.


She was on the buffet table, picking out foods for Abby, when he saw Roberto also picking foods. She decided to approach him.


“Uhmm. Tito, ano pong gusto niyong putahe? I-try niyo po ‘tong adobo. Si Tita Esmeralda po ang nagluto niyan. Saka yung cookies po doon, bi-nake ni Nikki, pang-dessert po ninyo”

Roberto only looked at her.

“Uhmm, Tito –“

“Maya, can I ask you something?”

“Oo naman po.”

“Mahal mo bang talaga si Ricky?”




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