The End Where I Begin 5



“Guys, I want you to meet Ms. Maya dela Rosa. She’s one of our newly hired flight attendant. I hope you guys will get along well.”


Maya is finally hired in Royale Airlines. She’s so psyched that she’s finally going to live her dream.  It’s her first day of work. After Ms. Ina introduced her, the other FAs approached and interviewed her. They are all happy to meet a new co-worker. A few minutes later, they parted ways to do their jobs.


Maya is assigned to Cebu to Manila flight. As expected, she did very well for her first flight. Ms. Ina was really impressed. She has high expectations to Maya and just after a few weeks, Maya proved that she could meet those expectations, no matter how high it is.


Maya became quite popular during her stay at Royale Airlines. It’s not just because she’s doing really well in her work, but also because she is attractive. Many guys had planned on courting her, but Maya will just brush them off. She was told by her co-workers that she should give them a chance, but Maya just told them that she doesn’t like any of them. Maya believed that someone will come who will truly match her. And she’s still patiently waiting for him.


Then he met James Ventura.


She was on the same plane as him. They finally arrived at Manila. All of the people inside the plane are already outside. Maya went back inside the plane because she forgot that she left her pin near the place where they rest.


“Hala, asan na ‘yung pin ko!” she said worriedly.


“Uhm, Miss?” she looked up and saw a guy standing in front of her. “Are you looking for this?” he showed her the pin that he found.


“Ay naku! Salamat ha! Akala ko nawala na, mapapagalitan ako ni Ma’am Ina.” She explained.


The mysterious guy gave her the pin.


“I’m James Ventura.” He said.

“Maya dela Rosa.” She replied happily. “Piloto ka?”

“Malapit na. Trainee pa lang ako eh.”

“Ahh. Galingan mo James ha! Para makakasakay ako sa eroplanong papaliparin mo.”

James smirked. He found Maya to be extremely amusing.

“Do you have plans for tonight?”

“Ha? Bakit? May nangangailangan ba ng flight attendant? Ayos lang, bakante naman ako, saka – “

“Hindi, Maya. I was wondering kung pwede tayong mag-dinner?”

“Ha? Bakit may dinner?”

“Nothing. I just want to take you out to dinner.”

“Ehh …”

“C’mon. Pagbigyan mo na ko. Ako naman ang nakahanap ng pin mo eh. You owe me.”

“Sige na, sige na.”

“Good! I’ll pick you up here? 7PM okay?”


That’s when it all started. Naging masugid na manliligaw ni Maya si James. Lagi siyang nasa tabi ni Maya. Kahit na humihindi si Maya kay James, he still continues to court her. Hanggang sa na-inlove na rin si Maya sa kanya.


“Oy Maya. Ano? Nakahanap ka ng katapat mo no?” sabi ni Hanna, her fellow co-FA.

“Anong katapat?”
“Asuuus! Makadeny naman. Si James ang tinutukoy namin.” Sabi ni Rose. Another FA.

“Wala naman talaga eh!!” Maya answered like she’s not affected, but the redness of her cheeks proved her wrong.

“Namumula ka kaya!! Hahaha.”

“Ay nako, ewan ko sa inyo!”

“Pero ano na ba, Maya? Kayo na ba?”

“Hi- hindi no!”

“Pero love mo na noh?”

Maya was silent.

“UUYYY!! Silence means yes!”

She turned red again. Yes, she’s finally falling in love with James.


Later that day, she went to a picnic with James. They are in Luneta, under a big tree, eating some foods that they bought at a grocery store.


“Maya.” He called her.

“Hmm?” she looked at him.

James smiled. “I love you.”

Maya just stared at him, mouth open.

James laughed at her. Then attempted to close her mouth. “Baka pasukin ng la – “

“I – I love you din James.” She said shyly.

It’s now James’ turn to stare at her. “Girlfriend na kita?”

Maya nodded.

“YESSS!! YEEEES!! WHOOOHOOOO!!” James shouted with joy.

“Hoy ano ba James! Nakakahiya!”

“I love you Maya!!”



It’s been almost a year since Maya said yes to James. And with James, Maya experienced a lot of things that were alien to her. James is extremely touchy. He would always put her arms around her waist, would hug her if he has the chance and he would kiss Maya passionately in public places. At first, it’s okay with her, but now, it’s quite bugging her. She clearly knows what all of those things would end in result.


They are now celebrating their anniversary. James planned a romantic dinner with Maya at a hotel. Then after that, James asked Maya if she could go with him in his room upstairs to get some files. Maya willingly agreed to him.


When they reached inside, James suddenly kissed Maya leaving her in shock. She was trying to break away with the kiss but after a while, she just let the kiss continue. Then she felt his hand trying to lift her blouse.

“James.. Itigil na natin ‘to. Baka kung saan pa mapunta.”

“Shhh.” As he continuously kiss her. “Do it with me Maya. I love you.”

“James – “

“Please Maya. I’m not going to leave you, I promise. We’ll go grey and old together. But please let me have this moment.”


Maya finally agreed to James, returning his kisses feverously.  The two of them united as one. And soon, they drifted off to sleep.


Weeks later, Maya experienced nausea, dizziness, and she experienced days where she’s not really well to go to work. It was her mother who told her to go to the doctor. Kute, her sister/brother went with her to the hospital. It was then when she learned that she’s four weeks pregnant. Her sister was so shocked to have heard the news because she knows that her sister will not sleep with someone so easily. But Maya confirmed that she did sleep with someone, with James.



“James, may sasabihin ako.” Said Maya. She invited James for a dinner later that evening.

“Ano yon?” He said.

“Bu-buntis ako. Ikaw ang Ama.”


Maya was shocked to hear his reaction. She thought that he would happily accept what happened to her.
“Anong buntis?!”

“Di ba, may nangyari –“

“NO! This is wrong! Hindi!”

Maya’s tears suddenly fell from her eyes.

“This is wrong, Maya. I-itigil na natin ‘to. Let’s break up.”

“Akala ko ba hindi mo ko iiwan?” she said, almost a whisper.

“Noon ‘yon Maya! Nung hindi pa ganito!. God, this is wrong! I’m sorry Maya. I have to go.” He left some money on the table and also gave her money. “Pang taxi mo.”


Maya couldn’t believe what just happened. She thought that finally, they will be a family. But it was all on her mind. She was wrong. She was so wrong.


Maya went home and cried to her Nanay. Kute was giving her some sermon, but after a while, she said sorry to Maya. She realized how much pain her younger sister is going through. And she must support her no matter what.


Kute was the one to approach James a few weeks after Maya resigned. She asked James for help, even financially will do. He said yes but they never heard from him again, especially when he learned that Maya is having twins.


Maya finally gave birth months later. She gave birth to two healthy boys. She named them Luke Andrew and Nicolo Angelo. She took care of them for a year. Then after that, she gathered up her courage to apply to Time Airways.


She was close to not being accepted, but she explained her situation to Ms. Belmonte. She said that she badly needs work because of her sons, and that they don’t need to worry because she will commit to work wholeheartedly. Ms. Belmonte caught Maya’s determination so she let her work in Time Airways.


Maya, same as before, works hard every time she has flights. She shut down every man that dared to court her. She devoted herself to work, and decided to finally put an end to her life, that she’s just going to work and work again and again for the rest of her life.


She also shut down all possible ways of meeting James. She doesn’t want him to see her kids. She’s afraid that he’ll take them once he sees them.


She never thought that time will come when she’s going to meet him again. And here she is now, standing in front of him. The man who was the reason why she cannot put another beginning to the end of her story.



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