The End Where I Begin 2

After buying a blue plush car, Richard and Maya are now on their way to Richard’s house. She was amazed by the looks of the houses where Richard lives. And she was more amazed when she saw his house.


“Bahay mo ‘to?”, asked her.

Richard nodded. “Paano?”, Maya asked again.

“Anong paano? Of course I worked hard for it.” Richard proudly said.

“Ano bang trabaho mo?” Maya asked as they make their way inside his house.

“I actually work for myself. I’m the CEO of Lim Aviation Services.” He answered as he opened the door to let Maya in.


Maya stared at him. She knew that without LAS, there’ll be no Time Airways. And if there’s no TA, she might not be in the position she’s in. Maya couldn’t believe that she’s been arguing with Lim Aviation’s big boss.


“Natulala ka dyan. Why?” Richard said.

“Wa – wala.” Then she went inside.


As expected, Richard’s house was big and is excellently furnished. What more will you expect with the CEO of LAS?


“Tito!” a girl’s voice said that made Maya turn around. She saw a little girl running down the stairs.

“Tito!” she said again when she reached Richard. “Did you buy me one?”

“Yes Abbie. Here.” Richard gave him the paper bag he’s been carrying.

“Yehey!!” the little girl said with delight. “Thank you po Tito!! I’m going to play na po with Ate Sabel!”

“Ok Abbie.” Richard said while smiling.


Abbie was starting to climb the stairs when she turned around and made her way back to them. She stopped in front of Maya.


“Hello po! I’m Abbigail Lim po.”

Maya bent down. “Hello Abbigail!” she said cheerfully. “Ako si Maya dela Rosa. Nice meeting you.”

“Nice meeting you din po Tita Maya. Abbie na lang po ang itawag niyo sa’kin.” Then she looked at Richard, and back at Maya again.


“Yes, Abbie?”



“Is she your girl friend?”


Richard awkwardly looked at Maya and Maya bowed her head hiding her cheeks that are turning red.


“Uhm, no baby. Uhm, remember the little boy I told you last night who was lost? Maya is her mommy.” Richard said.

“Ahh. Akala ko po kasi, magkakaron na po ako ng Tita.”

“Ehh pwede mo pa rin naman akong maging Tita, Abbie.” Maya answered.

The little girl smiled widely. “Yey! Thank you po Tita! I’m going to play na po. Babay po!” then she left.


“Ang cute naman ni Abbie.” Maya said.

“I know.” Richard said. “Come. The toy is in my office.”


They made their way to Richard’s office.

Maya saw pictures of him, a picture of him with Abbie, and a picture of him with two elder people which she thinks are his parents, together with a woman.


Ang ganda naman ng asawa niya.


“Here you go, Maya.” He said as he gave her the plush toy.

“Thank you, Richard. Sige na, uuna na ko. Baka hinahanap na ako ng mga anak ko.”

“Ihahatid na kita.”

“Naku, wag na – “

“Maya. Please? And can I also see Luke?” Richard hopefully said.





“Mommy!” the twins said as Maya entered their condo.

“O Luke, eto na ‘yung laruan mo ha? Last na ‘to. Alam mo namang kailangang magtipid ni mommy, ok?”

“Yes po Mommy!”


Richard watched them from afar. He’s currently sitting at the couch. He really likes how Maya approaches to kids.

“Hindi ba magseselos yung isa kapag wala siyang laruan?” Richard asked.


Maya turned around. She forgot that Richard came with her.


“Hindi naman. Eh kasi malaki-laki na naman sila, nakakaintindi na kahit papaano kaya ayos lang kahit isa lang yung laruan. Kung naabutan mo lang sila nung maliit pa sila? Naku, maririndi ka sa kakaaway nila dahil lang magkaiba yung kulay nung laruan.” She said happily.


Luke suddenly approached Richard.

“Hello po. Kayo po yung bumili nung laruan ko kahapon diba?”

Richard smiled. “Ako nga, Luke. Hello din. I’m Tito Richard.”

Luke grinned. Then he went to his brother and came back to him.

“Ito po si Nicolo.”

“Hello. I’m Tito Richard.”

“Hello din po.” Then the two went away to play and Richard joined them.


Maya was so amused by what just happened. Did she really saw her twins introduce themselves to a person? Because from her experience, they’ve never done that. She was amazed that they were already attached to Richard.


“How do you know which one is Luke and which one is Nicolo?” Richard asked Maya as he went back to sit on the couch.
She smiled. “Madali lang. Si Luke, mas malaki at mabilog yung mukha, si Nicolo, hindi masyado. Tapos si Nicolo, may balat sa may braso, si Luke wala.”

He smirked. “Kapag ako nagkaanak, I also want twins. Para hindi sila nalulungkot, laging may kalaro.”

Maya also smiled. She agrees with Richard. But what she doesn’t like is that their father didn’t accept them.


“I have to go, Maya. Abbie might be looking for me.” Richard said.

“Ahh. Sige Richard. Salamat ulit ha. Saka pasensya ka na rin kasi nagtaray ako. Eh kasi naman ikaw eh.”

“I already said sorry didn’t I? Anyway, sorry again. And thank you for letting me come here with you. You should take them at my house and let them play with Abbie. I’m sure, Abbie will enjoy the company.”

“Sige, susubukan natin ‘yan. Salamat ulit ha. Ingat.”

“Good bye, Maya.”




Maya is now having a rough week. It’s been a week since she bonded with her kids and her strange meeting with Mr. Lim and she hasn’t seen him since then. Her schedules are always one after the other and she couldn’t find the time to take care of her twins. But she always tells herself that her sons are the reason why she’s doing so many shifts.



It’s plane maintenance day on Time Airways. And she was asked to go with Ms. Belmonte to welcome the inspectors.


Besides her and Ms Belmonte, there are also the other crews of Time Airways waiting for their arrival.



A black car stopped in front of the hangar. Three men went outside the car. She couldn’t see them because she was signing some important parcels in behalf of Ms. Belmonte.


“Mr. Lim, thank you for being here.” Maya heard Ms. Belmonte say.

She suddenly looked up and saw Richard standing in front of her.



Richard smirked when he noticed her. “Ms. Dela Rosa.” He said with delight. “It’s nice to finally see you again.”


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