Seize the Day 5

Two days after and there’s still no news. I can’t focus on my work because Maya is the only one I can only think of.  I can’t eat. I can’t even sleep. I can’t live knowing she’s out there and I don’t even know if she’s still alive. The waiting is killing me. It’s all too much. I even tried calling her phone which I know is impossible to reach her. But I simply don’t know what to do next. I’ve tried every possible ways. And with each day passing, my hope of finding her is getting shorter.

“Sir, I have news.” Said Liza while she enters my office.

“Is it about that aircraft again? Please leave the folder at my table –“

“It’s about Maya, sir.”

I looked up. “What about her? Do they have news? Did they find her?”

“Magkakaroon po ng flight ang Time Airways. They have a hunch kung saan posibleng nag-crash yung eroplano –“

“Book me a flight with them. I don’t care what the price is. I need to be there.”

“They’re not giving tickets Sir eh.”

I got my coat and I stand up to leave my office. “I’m going to Time Airways. They have to give me tickets. Kung hinde, mananagot sila sa’kin.” Then I left.


I went straight to the office of Time Airways without asking for their permission. “Isama niyo ako sa flight.” I told everyone in the room. I saw familiar faces. Maya’s post teachers and co-FAs. And there’s also a pilot – James Ventura.

“Mr. Lim, we can’t –“

“KaiIangan kong sumama!” I screamed. Nothing can stop me. Nothing will stop me.

“But Mr. Lim –“

“I already said it! I’ve been waiting for what seemed like a hundred years to hear news about that plane. I need to go.”

“I’ll talk to him.” Said Ventura. Lumapit siya sa’kin. “Mr. Lim, hindi po kami nagsasama ng mga outsiders. It’s only for –“

“Please. I’m begging. Nasa flight na ‘yon si Maya. I need to see with my own eyes if she’s still alive. These past few days seemed like hell because she’s not around.” Hindi siya nasagot. “I know na may mga hindi tayo pagkakaintindihan. And for once in my life, I’m just asking you for this favour. Please. Ayoko nang mag-intay pa. I can’t live without her.”

He’s just looking at me. “You know, Mr. Lim, ang swerte talaga sa’yo ni Maya. Alam kong nagalit ka sa’kin noon kasi liligawan ko siya. But I’m glad na hindi ko na tinuloy. Kasi hindi ako mananalo kung makakalaban kita. She loves you so much Mr. Lim. C’mon, aalis na yung plane. Hindi ako magiging hadlang this time.”

“I owe you one, James.” And we’re off to the plane.

I hope that Maya is alive. I’m coming Maya. Kaunting hintay na lang.


The flight seems to be so long. I don’t know if it’s just me or it’s actually taking them too long. Most of who are in the plane are Maya’s past teachers, and some other FAs. They’re all taking glimpses of me, but I don’t care.


“We’re going to land in a few minutes, so please put on your seat belts.”

 Finally, we’re going to land.


Isang island ang pinuntahan ng eroplano. I don’t know what will happen, but I’m sure of one thing – I need to find her.


“Mr. Lim.” Nilapitan ako ni James.

“Call me Richard. Bakit dito tayo nag-land?”

“Dito kasi natagpuan yung eroplanong sinakyan nila. So there’s a possibility that they are all here.”

“Nakita na namin sila!!” sigaw ng isa sa mga FA.

James and I ran with them. Nakapunta kami sa isang part ng island kung saan nagtipon yung mga pasahero’t mga crew. I kept scanning everyone’s faces. But I can’t see Maya. I scanned again, and again, and again. There’s still no Maya. Is she dead?



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