A Bag of Destiny

We can never take back the stone after it has been thrown.

We can never take back the words after it has been said.

We can never take back our actions after it has been done.

And we can never turn back time after it had passed away.




After visiting her family from San Nicolas, Maya dela Rosa, a 25 year old flight stewardess is going back to Manila to continue working. She had always enjoyed her job, because she knew from the start that she was born for it. Her parents might’ve struggled getting her through college but she helped them by studying hard and getting a scholarship. Ever since then, she set her goal – she wants to repay what her parents sacrificed for her and she just wants them to be proud of her.


Her flight is now delayed. So she went to a coffee shop and bought herself a cappuccino, and she also bought some cookies. The place is packed but good thing that she found a table at the corner of the store.


After she was seated, she put her things on the table and got her book inside her bag so she’ll be entertained while she waits for her flight.
“Excuse me Miss . .” she looked up and saw a chinky eyed man looking at her. He might be Chinese she thought.

“ . . do you mind if you share this table with me? My flight was delayed, you see.”

“Uhm, I don’t mind, Mr. Take a seat.” She said while she smiles. Might be her flight stewardess ego kicking in.

“My flight was also delayed, Mr.” She said.

“Richard.” He flashed her a small smile. Cute din pala ‘to. “I’m Richard Lim.”

She nodded. “I’m Maya dela Rosa. Nice meeting you Richard.”

“Likewise.” He answered.


Maya returned reading her book. She grabbed a cookie from the table and eats it. She then saw Richard also getting a cookie from the table and he’s also reading a book.
Teka, teka, teka. Bakit naman siya nakuha ng cookie ko?!


She then gets another one, and after a while, Richard also gets another cookie.


Aba! Makapal na ang mukha nito! Pogi pa man din tapos ganito. Grabe!


After eating another cookie, she gets another one and Richard gets another one. It’s like they have a routine, whenever Maya gets one, Richard will also get one.


And the last cookie was left at the table.


Ano kayang gagawin nito ngayon?


Finally, Richard reached for the last cookie. He divided it into two, offering the other half to her.



“Last na ‘to. This half is yours.” Sabi ni Richard.


She couldn’t contain her anger.


 The nerve of this guy?! Matapos niyang ubusin ‘yung cookies na binili ko, lakas loob pa niyang aalukin ako nung kalahati?!


She doesn’t want any commotion so she just stood up and stormed out leaving Richard alone.



She finally boarded on the plane.

Home bound at last.


She opened her bag to take her cell phone out so that she could turn it off. But to her surprise, a bag of cookies is inside her bag.


“What? Bakit may cookies sa bag ko, ehh ‘di ba kinain ko na ….”


Then she remembered.


After she bought the cookies, she put it inside her bag.


“Oh God. So it means na ang kinakain ko kanina . .”


Yes. She ate Richard’s cookies.


She covered her face with both of her hands.


“Arghh Maya!! Ang ewan mo talaga!! Nilagay mo pala ‘yan sa loob ng bag mo tapos kinain mo ‘yung pagkain nung taong nakiupo sa’yo! At ang mas masaklap pa, hindi man lang siya nagalit, balak pa ngang ibigay sa’yo yung kalahati eh! Tapos anong ginanti mo? Ayun! Sinungitan mo tapos nag-walk out ka bigla! Ay naman Maya dela Rosa!!”


She was so ashamed of what she did. If only she could turn back time. If only she could return the actions that she made and replace them with new ones. But she can’t. How she wish she could just see him again so that she could apologize to him.


She slept throughout her flight. She’s finally in Manila. She just wants to bury herself in her work to forget what had happened today.


How could you be like that, Maya? Nakakahiya eh!


She’s now outside the airport and is now waiting for a taxi.


But destiny’s too playful.


“Ms. Dela Rosa.” Said a familiar voice. It was too familiar.

She turn around and saw him.

“M-mr. Lim?” she stuttered. Great. ”Mr. Lim! Fa – fancy seeing you here.” Of course he lives in Manila! I should’ve known!

He gave a soft chuckle. “You look pale all of the sudden. What’s wrong?”

Maya took a deep breath. “Uhmm. Mr. Lim, I want to … apologize for the way I behaved at the Coffee shop earlier. I .. I . . You see, I thought they were mine . . so . .”

He now laughed. “Is that so? I’m sorry; I didn’t intend to laugh at you. It’s okay, no harm done.”

She gaped at him. “Yun lang ‘yon? No harm done? That’s it?”
He smiled. “Oo, ‘yun na ‘yun. It was just some cookies, Maya. It’s not like a lost a fortune for those.”

“Ehhh, wala ka bang ineexpect na something in return?”

“Something in return? Like what?”

She got the bag of cookies from her bag. “Eto oh.” Sabay abot kay Richard.

He again laughed at her. “What’s that? Peace offering? Take it, Maya. Baka gusto mo pa nan. Mukhang nakulangan ka sa kinain mo kanina eh.”

She blushed. “There must be something that you would want me to do!” said her.

I don’t know why but I’m still ashamed of what happened.

“There’s nothing. Believe me.”

“There must be! Kahit ano, gagawin ko, promise!” she raised her right palm. And after realizing what she said, she wants to take it back. Jusko Maya! Baka kung anong ipagawa sa’yo! But like before, she can’t take back words she just said.

“Anything, Maya?”

She nodded. “Oo. P – pero ‘wag ‘yung . . “ she can’t continue saying it.

Pano nalang kung mapahamak ka? Baka may ipagawang kakaiba ‘yan sa’yo! Pano kung alukin ka?

“Fine.” He finally said. She gulped. “Let’s go for a date.”

“D – date?”

“Yes. Dinner. At 8PM? Give me your address so that I can pick you up later.”

(O diba! Dumadamoves! Hahaha.)


She couldn’t do anything but to give him her address. And here she is now, standing in front of her mirror, wearing her black dress and currently putting her makeup.


“Yan kasi Maya. Kainin ba naman daw ang pagkain ng iba. Napasok mo tuloy.” She said to herself.

“Teka, eh bakit ba ako nag-aayos ng todo? Para namang sobrang ineexpect ko ‘tong date na ‘to. Pasalamat yang si Richard at pogi siya kundi baka nag one-two-three takbo na’ko.”


She heard a knock from her condo. She hurriedly went to the door to open it. And there he is.


His back was to her but she can really say that he’s looking very dashing tonight. Finally, he turned, and she was proven right – he looks so handsome. He’s wearing a black tuxedo over a green shirt. For a second, she thought that he was actually looking forward to this date, and so is she.


“Ready?” hearing his voice brought her back from her reverie.

She just nodded and he took her hand, holding it with his.


Richard brought her into a restaurant. It was classy, she thought. Good thing that she wore that dress.


At first Maya thought that the dinner will be awkward and all but she was wrong. Richard is actually a good company. They talked about a lot of stuffs and she was also surprised that they have a lot in common.


Maya learned that Richard is an eligible bachelor. He works for himself because he owns a company she knows by heart – the Lim Aviation Services. He’s an engineer and he was in San Nicolas because of a site visit.


“Chard, bakit hindi ka nagalit nung . . nung kinain ko ‘yung biskwit mo?” Maya asked out of the blue.

“I honestly don’t know.” Sagot niya. “I’m not usually like that. Kung matagal mo lang akong kilala, you’ll know that I have a short temper. Ewan ko ba, I can’t explain what happened to me.” He looked straight to Maya’s eyes. “Siguro. Gawa nung feeling na parang I’m sharing something with a very intimate friend. Parang pakiramdam ko non, natural sa’kin ‘yung ginawa ko na parang may asawa akong handa akong bahagian ng kahit anong meron ako.”

She turned red. She can’t actually believe na kinikilig siya sa mga sinasabi ni Richard.

“Ehhh, you could’ve easily said na pagkain mo pala ‘yun.” Sagot ni Maya.

“Eh ikaw eh, kumuha ka na lang basta eh.” He teased her. They both laughed.

“Why did you asked me out on a date?” tanong ulit ni Maya.

He smirked. “I have to admit, I’m attracted to you.” Maya blushed again. “Nung una kitang nilapitan, I was like, ang swerte ko naman kasi maganda pa ‘yung makakashare ko ng table. Tapos biglang nanguha ng hindi kanya.” He laughed.

Maya covered her face with her hands. “Kailangan ba talagang ipaulit-ulit ‘yun? Hiyang-hiya na nga ako eh!”

He laughed again. Then he asked “Maya, why did you say yes sa offer kong date? You could’ve easily said no.”

She felt her cheeks being heated. “E – ewan ko. Wala na naman akong choice diba? Saka feel ko, mapagkakatiwalaan ka naman. Saka . . “ she stole a glance from him. “ . . ang pogi mo kaya. Syempre, ‘di na ako tatanggi!”

He chuckled.

Richard then took his wine glass and raised it. “I’m glad all of these happened. It’s a good thing you ate those cookies of mine.”
Maya blushed. She also raised her wine glass. “It was the best mistake that I’ve made. Cheers!”


Little did they know, because of that bag of cookies, a new love story started to bloom.




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